The battery and RTH beeps are extremely annoying! They're far too loud and repetitive, quieter beeps that don't draw the attention of everyone in sight and less frequent is needed ASAP.


If you’re flying it enough with the alarm going off to be annoyed enough to want to disable it you’re on the path to a lost drone. Buy more batteries so you can land before it even goes off.


Except it starts to go off when the drone is only at 20%. Super annoying.


Weird and unexpected things seem to happen to people who fly under 20%, that’s why they made the warnings steadily more annoying over the past 18 months. “It flew away”, “it lost altitude by itself and crashed”, “the wind took it from me and it fell in the water”, “it went out of control and wasn’t my fault but DJI wouldn’t give me a new one”, etc.. all led to the warnings.


Rip out the speaker