Man, McBeth is ruthless when it comes to his competitiveness. Getting in Nikko's head for next year already, suggesting that he can't even be intimidating.


God I hope that's what this is lol




McBeth was one of the biggest critics of the PDGA's handling of Bradley Williams' incident in 2016. He even started a boycott that led to the DGPT Championship being an unsanctioned event.


REMEMBER! Nikko did not meet after the altercation to plead his case or come to an understanding with the TD or Jeff Jacquart*. Would not be surprised if that is part of the equation here. *I originally said Jeff Spring who isn’t who tried to talk to Nikko after the incident.


And let’s not forget the dude has had temper tantrums for awhile with no repercussions. Has always struggled to hold himself professionally.


Yeah this is hardly “first time offender”. This is serial offender numero uno. This is only the first time we the public have had clear audio-visual proof.


Also, this isn't the first time he's flipped his lid AND he admitted fault. Such a bizarre response from PM.


This needs to be upvoted more for visibility.


He attempted to intimidate the official. Doesn’t mean he was successful, but it sure looks like he tried.


Right. And stared the player down? Looked like remaining calm to me. What do they want the judge to do? Put their tail between their legs and cower away?


Paul should know waaaay better having a baseball background as well. Umpires take a ton of shit after they toss a manager and often just have to calmly let them get it all out staring down a screaming adult.


His baseball background is probably *why* he feels the reaction is overblown. In Disc Golf, this is somehow a huge scandal. In a baseball game, this wouldn’t have even resulted in a single-game ejection worth mentioning on the day’s highlight page.


If they think what Nikko did was bad, they should see Rocco Baldelli the other night


But umpires in a professional getting are paid. I don’t think these TDs and officials get paid. I think they’re just volunteers.


Nikko even did it twice. The official walks away and Nikko gets in his path again and up in his face, attempting to escalate an altercation. This is a terrible take by McBeth, especially in trying to frame the official's response as somehow problematic in any way. The official couldn't have handled better such an unexpected threatening outburst. All he did was stoically uphold the call and not get baited by Nikko balking at a fight. There's no tolerance for that.


Add the language and cultural barriers to the equation and McBeth’s take looks even worse. English is probably not the officials first language and could have been trying to process the exchange and formulate a good response in proper English. Cultural norms are quite a bit different as well, which only adds to the complexity of the situation. Official handled this well, better than just about any official in any sport. It is possible that he is not a Professional Official either, just a volunteer.


I want to emphasize the cultural barrier! I don't know what you guys regularly do in the US, but at least here in Finland that sort of behavior is.. just.. totally WTF. I've never seen a not-intoxicated adult behave like that in a professional environment. The only place where you could witness that sort of childish anger and intimidation is in the queue for the grill or fast food place (nakkikioski) during weekends after 3AM when the bars have closed, and those guys are always drunk as hell. The official handled it just right, that's exactly how you handle toddlers when they have a tantrum.


And for Paul to say "Shouldn't officials know that players are under high stress?" is just childish. Players are responsible for their conduct. I can't lash out at my boss, lose my job, and then say "oh I was under high stress you should have known this". McBeth is using the "boys will be boys" defense


Well put


Precisely! So he rolled a 1 on his intimidation check, roll for initiative. Still attempted it. Beyond that, being intimidated and showing intimidation are two different things


Just because Nikko rolled a 6 on his intimidation check doesn't mean he wasn't trying to be intimidating.


"I didn't *successfully* rob the bank so clearly that charge should be thrown out"


“Oh please, what even *is* attempted murder? Do they give out Nobel Prizes for *attempted* chemistry?!”


6 is generous that was more like a 3. *You get in the officials face but he seems unbothered. You then tell him to step away and he complies, making you look like a tool.*


Okay... Does it seem like he's staring at me?


I’m gonna give him the business! *Rolls a 2*


Nikko: I want to roll a stealth check so the camera's can't see me! DM: That's not how steal....ug, why do I bother.


Don't forget he has the Short Man Feat. Add's +10 to intimidation against halfling babies and blind people. If only the official was a blind halfling baby....if only...


Was he "staring him down" or just looking at him in confusion and disbelief for how absurd a reaction he was receiving for calling a routine time violation that he had already been warned about.


I think he was just keeping an eye on an imminent threat in his direct vicinity


Exactly. If someone is acting unhinged and behaving in a threatening way near me, there's no way in hell I'm going to turn my back on them.


> there's no way in hell I'm going to turn my back on them. The Markeiff Morris approach if you will


You must be Jokicing…


That is also how I viewed it, but it is hard to know. Regardless the biggest issue was Nikko got in his face and then when the official walks away he gets in his face AGAIN. Seems like plenty to label it as intimidation.


Ocular patdown.


Nice one Mac


This. Someone's physically balking up at you and being threatening you don't turn your back on them and let them possibly ambush you.


It’s definitely wasn’t a “stare down”. Nikko is just super insecure. He thinks cameramen are staring him down when they film him after he messes up. So…


He's not staring Nikko down. He's like 'really?' in Finnish. I know, I'm Finnish. ps. GO NATO XDDEBINXDDD


that was the vibe i got. like 'wtf is he serious?'. but also, 'is this guy gonna attack me? im not turning around and finding out' mixed with a little 'f this guy'


I know I’d be confused as fuck if a dude came at me and told *me* to step back.


There was definitely some F this guy, I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction of me breaking eye contact but it wasn’t a “fuck you come at me” type stare down. It was more of a “I’m calling your bluff” type move. And Nikko didn’t like having his bluff charge called out.


what's funny is reading your flair after I have the thought of. "man, Nikko really made us folks from the states look bad there"


I also wonder if there was a language/cultural norms component of this. Like maybe the official was second guessing himself and if the way he explained the violation warranted such a reaction from an American.


Yep, ref was the guy who was getting stared down. He got stepped into the ref's face, told the ref to back up, and then continued to harass the ref as they walked away. It's all very clear on video.


> Was he "staring him down" My interpretation was not that he "stared him down" but that he merely stood his ground (for an appropriate amount of time) against a bizarre and unexpected bit of aggression.


Paul said "Nikko told him to step back, and he only did a Half step back" lol wtf Paul


Just because the official has a backbone doesn't meant that intimidation didn't happen.


The parts where he blames the official is really embarrassing.


I don’t agree with what McBeth said about intimidation but according to the PDGA rules a Class A Offense should have a standard 24month suspension +12month probation where as Class C is 6months+3month probation So Nikko’s penalty is slightly more than a standard Class C offense but labeled as a Class A offense


So... it's class B?


Classless B


Hahaha, well done sir


For whatever reason Class B is for different stuff in the PDGA rules


class A also says "*Aggravating factors may lead the Committee to consider penalties up to or including a permanent ban. Mitigating factors may lead the Committee to consider lesser penalties*." ... so it's really anything :)


Lotta things I disagree with here. 1. I think the clip is the most standard form of intimidation I could ever come up with. Aggressive tone, not accepting the rules violation, following the official afterwards. 2. Whether or not the official IS intimidated has nothing to do with it. 3. Paul should know better than anyone that we don’t have OFFICIAL “officials”, we have volunteers. This guy was not trained to defuse a situation like this, and he most likely was not being paid. I think what the official did was actually much more reasonable than how most people would react. 4. The encounter was instigated by the official because it was a rules violation, which is the reason he’s there in the first place. Honestly (and this is a guess, by no means a fact), I think Paul just wanted to take a dig at the PDGA. Weird opinion


Like another said, the official is not a volunteer, which I think is why Paul is critical of him. The thing is, I’m not really sure how he would prefer matej to have handled it instead. Other responses would either make it look like he actually was intimated, or was aggressive back. What he did was perfectly acceptable.




Finland is the home of personal space. Nikko’s behaviour is about as fish out of water as you could ask for.


Also no comment about Nikko refusing to speak to tournament officials after the incident, which IMO negates any excuse for emotions in the moment


My first thought as well was that Paul wanted to take a dig at the PDGA. Just from what I remember him saying, I don't think he likes them very well.


+1 I feel like Paul wants to throw his weight around to make changes to the PDGA. This here is a shit take for PM though.




The official is Matej Verl, he's the PDGA Europe Tour Manager. He's a paid PDGA official.


Wild guess he hasn't been paid enough to deal with that.


Paid, not paid?! Matters not!


Bingo -- just because you failed to be intimidating does not mean intimidation was not your goal.


The mental gymnastics happening here... "Claim intimidation"? What Nikko did in that video is a *text book* example of intimidation. I get that Paul is trying to defend a long time friend here, but he's way, way off base. >Stares down the player instead of trying to diffuse the situation No, that's the official standing his ground while Nikko tries to mad dog him like he's about to swing. When the official starts walking away (diffuse the situation), Nikko pursues him. What did Paul want the official to do? Cower in fear and apologize while kissing Nikko's shoes?


People might be shocked to know that Nikko and Paul go way back.


That's so funny to me because when I met Nikko a couple years ago he didn't hold back when telling me how much better he is than Paul


Paul seems to not understand that Nikko tried to intimidate the official, at no point does the official need to be intimidated for the intent to be there.


Paul's a great player, but kind of a dumbass when it comes to things like this. He was also overly dramatic when Bradley Williams got suspended. Threatening to not play on tour.


Maybe this is his first official suspension, but doesn't Nikko have a history of tantrums and unprofessional behavior?


Nikko has a highlight reel of his tantrums… This is the first time he has to be responsible for his emotions and it’s long overdue.


That's like saying someone who gets arrested for drugs for the first time isn't a first time offender if they smoked weed in the past




I agree with your point but judges will give harsher sentences if they think the person's attitude dictates the need. A primary reason people wear suits and act on their best behavior at court.


I wonder how many times he's had his ass kicked.


Clearly not enough


I'm not saying I would have, but I know a lot of people who would have dropped him without a second thought if he stepped up like that. Let's be real, though: he only stepped up like that because he knew the ref wouldn't do anything. Edit: to be clear, I don’t mean *on the golf course*, acting in an official position, would or should people strike him. He’s taking advantage of social norms here, is part of the point. There are places where this behavior would get a response


This. The official was not intimidated but perplexed. I think if he wanted to he could have taken care of the situation. But some people especially bigger people like that guy, who get challenged a fair amount from smaller people do not take kindly to this sort of intrusion and things could have gotten messy. I mean you are just serving your chin up on a platter...


I'm confused. Why would Nikko have stepped up to the official if he wasn't trying to intimidate him? Like, not only did he step towards the official, he stepped right up to his face in the stereotypical, "you want to fight about it, bro?" move that every short-tempered insecure dude has ever used in every dumb conflict they've ever experienced in their entitled lives. I know Paul's his buddy, but even he should recognize what Nikko tried (and failed) to do here. He wanted a reaction. But unluckily for him (and unlike him), the official was an actual professional.


I think by the official being relatively cool-headed (given the situation of Nikko being in his face) he was doing the proper thing by answering everyone of Nikko's questions. Nikko showed pretty agressive behavior by getting in the judges face and the judge had the right to look over his shoulder as he walked away in case things got more heated on Nikko's end. No instigation by the official. Although I don't think this is class a I think the ruling is fair. Big L for Paul on this one.


Surprisingly shit take from Paul here. Just because the official wasn’t a pussy doesn’t mean Nikko wasn’t being aggressive and intimidating. It’s also not the officials job to defuse the situation, it was his job to call him on the time violation. Also athletes get a pass because they’re under stress? I’m in the trades and would argue it’s much more stressful than playing a game, people can and do die if I make mistakes. Yet I wouldn’t get a pass if I did that to any boss I’ve ever had. I also wouldn’t get a suspension I’d be permanently fired.


Marshal has 2 jobs here: Call the rules, and protect himself. He's not responsible for making sure Nikko's happy with rule enforcement. He's responsible for making sure Nikko doesn't hurt him when he turns around.


This. Side eyeing nikko while he steps away from him does not constitute staring him down, it’s more aptly him making sure nikko doesn’t do something even dumber and chuck his frisbee at matej’s head that he goes to pick up, for example.


My first thought when Nikko walked away was "Is he going to his bag for a knife?" That is an absolutely bizarre thought to have surrounding professional disc golf.


The PDGA could say the sky is blue and Paul would post to social media about why they're wrong.


> Surprisingly shit take from Paul here He's always been really bad about player accountability. People forget that he threatened to sit out from PDGA sanctioned events until Bradley Williams' suspension was lifted. He's pretty anti-PDGA


Yeah all I got from his statement was “wE’rE pRoFeSsIoNaL aThLeTeS, sO wE’rE sPeCiAl”


"how dare an official stare at someone they're assessing a penalty to" Like god damn, Paul.


This take is exactly how I think about it.


First offender? Or first time being penalized? Cuz those are not the same thing


Big L from Paul here on multiple levels I'm afraid. Official's behavior under a stressful situation was immaculate and Paul says why did *he* instigate the issue??? GTFO


I've been generally neutral on Paul but this is pretty lame.


It’s fucking stupid and a rewriting of what happened. Nikko ran up to the official after the official walked away.


Agree, big miss for Paul. Very surprised he’s going after the official like that. It’s seems like the purpose of this statement was he thought the punishment was too much - ok, I’m indifferent on that since there are many others who know the rules better than me, but to shift the blame on the official is just mind boggling to me, he could have said he thought the punishment was too severe without mentioning the official at all




Professional athletes will always ban together. That's why you have players unions in all the major US sports. It doesn't matter what he thinks behind closed doors. Athletes will always support one another publicly when they're getting disciplined by their governing body.


Paul could oppose the suspension without trashing and official. He chose to go after they official too.


Yep I've been a fan of his for over a decade and this is a huge letdown for me.


Paul, Professional athletes have to handle stress. Professional athletes have to handle adversity. Professional athletes have to control their emotions. If Professional athletes cannot do that, maybe they shouldn't be Professional athletes. Just tossing that out there.


Don’t forget Professional athletes also have to adhere to the rules


It’s only “officially” a first time offense for Nikko. Everybody knows he’s been pulling bush league intimidation games like this for years, just getting away with it.


What a surprising and bullshit stance. Intimidation is the act Nikko performed. It doesn’t require the recipient to be sufficiently “scared” of the offender. And no, the official did not “stare down” Nikko. He stood there and calmly stated the case against him, despite Nikko getting in his face. Nikko’s lucky it wasn’t a longer suspension, because it would be if it were up to me. Also, SUSPENDED?! Doug, kick him off the tour!


This is, again, why playing professionals should not be involved in decision making pertaining to other players. Paul may be the greatest of all time, but his decision making comes from an inherent bias of player viewpoint -- even though he's historically shown an incredible understanding of rule intricacy. Players who are having the rules enforced on them should not be the ones in charge of enforcing the rules.


Sure the dude wasn’t backing down… just because Nikko failed intimidation doesn’t mean he wasn’t attempting to intimidate.


The ref walked away, and nikko got in his face AGAIN


Eh, I disagree with Paul on this one. Having strong emotions in the moment doesn't mean a pro should face a lenient penalty if those emotions lead them to intimidate an official. And Nikko def attempted to intimidate, in his own dumb and awkward way. Plus I think the deterrence value of signaling to other pros that this behavior might end their season outweighs any argument about 9 months being too harsh for Nikko's specific actions.


Precisely. Part of being a professional is having the ability to control your emotions. There is no scenario in which Nikko's petulant behavior is justifiable.


I think McBeast should stick to what he does best…throwing frisbees, and leave the running of tournaments to the PDGA. He is normally a consummate pro and statements like this reflect poorly on him.


“The official doesn’t step back like someone who is intimidated” that’s the justification, really Paul?


McBeth is way off the mark here. It doesn’t matter that Locastro isn’t intimidating, the point is he tried to threaten an official over something the official was RIGHT ABOUT.


Curious if anyone actually agrees with Paul on this because as far as I can tell, no one does.


I think Nikko went wrong when he stepped to the official. Yes the official backed away and kept watching him. Nikko could've let that go but didn't. His next mistake was refusing to cooperate with the officials after the altercation. It really didn't help his case any at that point.


Nikko was no doubt being intimidating. How that official responded has no bearing on what nikko himself did. I disagree here. Players need to know that this shit is serious and you don’t do it. 12-18 months sets a tone.


McBeth is entitled to his entitled opinion. Shrug. I disagree with him, personally, but I respect his right to say things in posts that match my favorite disc/foil color combination.


Pretty shit take.


Wow, these are all just bad takes. There is only one that I see that makes me think, "Yeah, I could see that." Otherwise, this is hot garbage. 1. It's not the official's responsibility to immediately cower in fear and run away. Ever seen any American pro sports, like ever? Yeah, they always stand their ground for a few seconds. Baseball, basketball, hockey, pretty much every major sport with referees. Football is the only one where that doesn't happen often, for a couple reasons. One being that penalties in football have greater consequences (getting ejected from a single game is no big deal in a 162 game MLB season compared to a 16-game NFL season). Also, the field being so big and time between plays means the referees are constantly on the move to their position for the next play, so downtime is infrequent. Not easy to get in a referee's face while he's moving. 2. The official *did* defuse the situation, within seconds, actually. 3. Nikko was obviously trying to physically intimidate the official by stepping in his face, which is universally perceived as a poorly veiled threat of physical violence. Just because the official was not intimidated doesn't negate that. 4. It is most certainly not the official's responsibility to avoid angering players who are throwing temper tantrums. Placating those personalities isn't done in any major sport for a reason. It shifts the power dynamic, making the players feel like the referees don't have control of the game. We can debate how officials should act in terms of avoiding physical interaction, but there is absolutely no room for debate on this. Furthermore, the correct response for an official in most sports would be to maintain control of the situation while preventing further escalation if possible. That is a core tenet of the conflict resolution training referees receive. There is more at stake than simply the risk of a fight between two people; there is a risk of losing control of the game & entire situation. Ever seen a massive brawl in a sport context? Absolute pandemonium can break out way easier than you think if the officials don't maintain control of the situation. So, this isn't a standard conflict resolution procedure that an ordinary person would use in their everyday life; instead, this training emphasizes the need to maintain control of the situation. To top things off, Paul's view of officials becomes even more absurd when you consider that official was a volunteer, as are the majority of officials in the present era of professional disc golf. I think the official's reaction to Nikko's threat was perfectly adequate. He re-asserted the official ruling, made it clear that the ruling was not subject to change, and then de-escalated within seconds when it become clear there was no longer any alternative to conflict resolution. 5. As for the official instigating, I actually may agree to a small extent. On first watch (and increasingly on subsequent watches) I thought the official had a bit of a venomous tone, as if he was chastising Nikko, rather than simply addressing him in a professional, neutral tone. Officials absolutely should never try to bait players or goad them on. That actually is policed pretty well in baseball, as every once in a while an umpire loses his cool at a disrespectful player. The official may have had a slight edge to his tone when he addressed Nikko for the time call, but Nikko drastically escalated the seriousness of the situation by threatening physical violence. Thus, the possible issue of instigation by the official needs to be kept well separate from any assessment of Nikko's behavior. This clearly isn't a case of an official setting a trap for a player, who then responded in kind. Even if there was a hint of professional malice layered into the official's tone, stepping to him and threatening violence is well beyond 'responding in kind.' I don't know what kind of life experience McBeth has, but something tells me he has never been stepped to. This reeks of naivety, someone who has been completely sheltered from violence. What an unrealistic worldview. I don't normally say this kind of thing - and I cringe doing so now - because I think it's so cheesy, but I just lost some respect for this man.


> the official had a bit of a venomous tone You might be right, but my first impression was that it was just rally English.


I also thought that too, that it might simply be a cultural or linguistic barrier to observation. Hence why I am erring on the side of caution with my assessment of the official. That being said, no one is here to debate the official's behavior, so really it's a moot point. I think I've made a good argument that Nikko's escalation comparatively dwarfs any possible breach of professionalism by the official, rendering the official's tone irrelevant by comparison. And as far as Nikko's punishment is concerned, that's all that matters.


The official was Czech. Sweet and lovely guy. I must imagine it's a hard call to make and an intense situation. The guy wouldn't hurt a mosquito. How I saw it, the official was just bewildered at the situation and was just not sure what to do, perhaps keep an eye on the person who just got in your face? That's not staring down, Paul...


I appreciate you taking the time here to carefully dissect and pin point your key observations . I think most of it is pretty spot on, and all of it at least definitely applies to the situation enough that it warrants bringing up. The only thing that I am a little bit less inclined to fall in total lock step with is in your 2nd to last paragraph, and questioning Paul’s life experiences which you may be right about but I don’t know if Paul’s response is a total result of him “never being stepped to”, or a sheltered naïveté. It all might play a role but the one thing missing from your thoughts on the matter - a thing I find rather prevalent in small, select communities like pro athletes or individuals in some other unique profession is a strong level of protective fraternity. And while that instinct to ‘stick together’ usually can be seen as coming from a good place and a net positive where individuals feel supported - it can often times veer into unhealthy places where someone who exhibits questionable behavior is protected and shielded from peer scrutiny. The idea of, “yeah, ____ **is** kind of an idiot…but they’re *our* idiot…🤷🏻‍♂️”. A pro disc golfer of that history and caliber still has friends. And may have influence that people outside the inner circle of pro players don’t see. My feeling is it’s at least worth entertaining the possible notion that some (not all) other pros might still be hesitant to come out and boldly condemn Locastro because of how they feel about him personally, as a fraternal member of a select group, and the idea that they need to stick together / support each other. That coming out against one of their brethren might somehow (not sure how in this case but I could see there being some irrational apprehension) negatively impact them, their brand and what they’ve built for their own career. They could feel this way for a myriad of reasons but oftentimes when you see it from other groups, the justification is that no one else ‘knows what it’s truly like’ to be in that situation. No one else understands the emotions, stakes, etc. Just a thought I had.


That's a valid perspective. There definitely is a lot of that going on here, evidenced by at least 2 things: 1. McBeth makes a generalization about all professional players. 2. He only addresses the official, with no mention of Nikko specifically. He is clearly trying to balance the scales of public opinion, possibly even trying to defend the honor of that fraternal community you mention, but his positions lose credibility by being unreasonably pro-player. His takes would be much more palatable if he also gave a realistic admission that the player in this case took things too far.


Agreed and well said. This is the kind of thing disc golf needs to coral of you want to be taken seriously, because as a newcomer, this reaffirms my feelings of gatekeeping that goes on amongst veteran players and excusing their dickish behavior on the courses.


I wouldn't have stepped away after someone steps to me and says "Walk away, Step away from me" trying to intimidate me. Second, he wasn't staring him down, he was keeping a damn eye on the person who is threatening him. You don't turn your back after a threat.


Bad take by McBeth.


Explain to me why it is the responsibility of the official to back down from a cunt being a cunt?


Sorry Paul. Any other sport would've ejected him right out. That official was right to stand his ground against a little bitch. He calls out other players, but can't handle it when it's dished out to him? Nah bro, Nikko deserves every bit of what he gets.


Thank you couldn't agree more...


Reddit shocked to discover pros like fellow pros


Everyone is more shocked about the hypocritical takes from their king.


The behavior was intended to intimidate, Paul. IDGAF how you feel “while competing”, it’s no excuse for thuggish behavior.


Everyone wants the boss to crack down on the slackers.....until they realize theyre gonna have to work harder too.


The official does step back when asked in an attempt to de-escalate. Nikko chased him down. As for "staring the player down", who is going to turn their back on someone who is acting in such a needlessly aggressive manner? You would have to be a fool. Simply keeping your eyes on someone as you back out of their way is not, in his words, "instigated the issue". Bizarrely bad takes from McBeth. Only part he gets right is Nikko being a first time offender. All that being said, I think 9 months is pretty reasonable. I'm sure people on both sides will complain though.


Just because the official didn’t really step back that much doesn’t mean it wasn’t intimidation. Whats he gonnna do, run from him? The officials reaction is a completely reasonable one. Nikko was being threatening & my guy just treated him like the child he was behaving as. Side note: Nikko was ( And any other American for that matter) representing the U.S.A in that event. Way to make us look like idiots internationally


If this had been Texas States it coulda been way worse for Nikko. That official handled it perfectly.


The Ref literally walked away and Nikko followed and still stared him down. Just because the Ref didn’t back down doesn’t mean Nikko wasn’t trying to intimidate.


Literally in any other professional sport in the world, rugby, basketball, cricket, soccer, golf, tennis. Literally any sport. If you get up in the referee/umpires face like that in an agressive or threatening manner, they are rightfully throwing the book at you. I don't think the suspension was long enough to be frank.


This is a bad take. The official is just supposed to stare off into space as a little angry man approaches him? Wtf is Paul talking about? Intimidating is exactly was Nikko was trying to do, walking forward and very obviously challenging the official into responding in some way, verbal or physical. In any scenario, sports or at a coffee shop, doesn't matter, body language speaks way louder. If some dude was walking towards you with that tone, you wouldn't feel threatened? Nikko has been on thin ice for so long I'd hardly call this a first time offense.


This folks, is what we call victim blaming. Fucking lame.


Awful take. It was *clear* intimidation.


Welp…lost a little respect on this odd take…..


Seems like Paul saw a different video than the rest of us


Official backed away, and Nikko followed him…. Where was the official not tryin to diffuse situation. Paul’s wrong on this one. Also, I think 9 months is a lot when he never touched the guy… but, he needs to know his actions have consequences. All this to say, I’m glad I don’t have to make any calls on it.


Why would an official (or anyone) turn his back at a clearly disgruntled and heated player who just got up in his face? Of course he is going to keep an eye on him, or what Paul describes, "stare down".


He wasn’t staring Nikko down lol, he’s an official it’s his job to watch the guy and make sure he doesn’t do anything else. This is a bad take from Paul. But also, PDGA looks kinda stupid doing this just two days after we all watched Gannon take forever to play every single one of his tee shots.


Paul McBeth is a chode too, but he does a better job of concealing it. Mask dropped right here though


ABSOLUTELY NOT. Huge disagree with PM here. Nikko clearly got up the in the guy's face, FOLLOWED him, and stared HIM down. The official was just doing his job. A job that was well overdue because Nikko for YEARS has been well known for being a toxic and slow card mate. Doesn't seem like PM saw the same video / is living in the same reality.


Paul coming in with another unforced error


Doesn't he know that the altercation caught on camera was just a small part of the whole situation?


Athletes aren't known for intelligence, as this proves.


Hard disagree.


When you step to a man's face, and the tell him to step off...yes. You're trying to intimidate. Just because a grown man wasn't afraid of the kid doesn't change that.


He's supposed to be professional, not act like an immature high schooler, guy needs therapy


He lost me at “first time offense” Nikko is a joke.


Getting close to someone, yelling in their face, and attempting to instigate a staring match is, in fact, intimidation. Nikko disparaged the official at best and threatened him at worst.


Apparently enforcing the rules is instigation according to McB.


What does Paul think the official should have done? I was surprised at the length of the suspension but this victim blaming bullshit is ridiculous


I think it's fair, the official called him on a rule. Nikko gets upset and says step back to the official, which the official does. Then Nikko wants to walk him down and get in his face a second time. That's the thing that I would call intimidating. Also when it's called the official had plenty of space between the two while Nikko steps up closer with his hands behind his back obviously upset. Now if someone seemed threatening towards you wouldn't you keep an eye on them. Not to mention Nikko is the pro that should have realized "I violated a rule and was called for it, move on" Also look at it like this, the official didn't re-engage the situation Nikko did, then he did not want to discuss it with the TD. If he was in the right he would've took it up the chain.


Nikko is a first time offender in the same way Al Capone was a first time offender.


A dipshit take from Paul McBeth? I am SHOCKED.


I'm wondering if McBeth didn't see the video or was given additional information (maybe not true) from another source. Plus he hates the PDGA and after the Hall of Fame snub he's probably still a bit cranky. Edit to be clear: Still a terrible take


"Stress levels elevated"... what the fuck? As *professional* disc golfers, this is literally what they do for a living. It's what pays the bills and feeds them. One would think that the thing one does for a living is the one thing they can remain professional in. Stress from competing is a given and a pro should be able to compensate. I am a doctor working in urgent care. You wanna see what actual stress looks like? Come check out my typical monday. Bad take, Paul. Go watch the video a few times and ruminate.


If Nikko had let the official walk away, yes, McBeth maybe has a point. But Nikko did not let the official walk away so... surprisingly bad take from him.


I'm starting to think that Paul is conflating being a professional and sticking up for your fellow athletes, as opposed to the actual ethical argument which prompted the ban in the first place.


Having had crazy people up in my face trying to intimidate me before, standing your ground and staring at the intimidator let’s them know you are not frightened of them. It’s a natural human reaction when someone gets in your face like that. The continued staring was because the person has displayed they are a potential threat to your well being and turning your back on them could potentially be dangerous. It’s a fight or flight response showing that it the escalation continues there will be a fight. It’s a non-violent self defense mechanism to tell the intimated that not only are you not intimidated, you need to watch that person as they have demonstrated they are a potential threat.


yea that is not a good take from ole mcbeth


Yeah nah - Nikko definitely had the opportunity to diffuse it but instead followed the guy to continue to get in his face. The guy doesn’t have to be intimidated for it to be intimidation. I’m surprised it was 9 months not a year. Paul and Nikko came up together so he is gunna feel for Nikko as they have a personal relationship. In order to garner support from the endless stream of volunteers who pull these events off they have to discipline this dude.


Paul been drinking. Definitely not a class C. Angry Elf was threatening. Just because the official didn't back down and stood his ground doesn't mean the Angry Elf wasn't being a threat.


Am I missing something? He backed up and nicco moved forward invaded his personal space and then told him to move again, classic bully and intimidation tactic. There’s just no logic here, if Macbeth thinks the official should have done more to deescalate than he is admitting there was an escalated situation, which was caused by Nicco being aggressive. I’d argue having someone get in your face and then demanding you back down is the escalation, he moves back and states the rule plainly again, deescalation, followed by Nicco moving forward and escalating the situation again. Nothing about the nicco thing bothered me, person acted like an idiot and official handled himself well, walked away without escalating and they handled it after the round. I find this comment infuriating, he is a leading voice and this take couldn’t be more stupid. It’ll never happen but I hope he gets suspended for a week for criticizing an official that did everything right.


And I just lost a shit-ton of respect for PMcB.


Dudes a great player but I doubt I would have a beer with the guy. Happy cake day btw.


Glad he's being made an example of. Totally victim blaming here by Paul which is super fucked up.


Nikko is a habitual line stepper. I like him as a player and wouldn't wish any harm towards him, but he had it coming!


Bad take from the Goat


The official didn’t look scared or act scared so that’s why it wasnt intimidation? Hahahah crazy argument. Does the official need to act like a pussy ass victim to penalize Nikko? Nah, Nikko had it coming bruh.


Bad take Paul.


Why would Paul even touch this with a ten foot pole? His voice adds nothing to this conversation other than get him into this mess.


Clown ass take, Paul.


I could agree with Paul if Nikko hadn't chased the guy down to get back in his face, that's where it really crossed a line.


~~Not defending these takes as I think they're bad at best but the next slide does give context for Paul's reasoning at least which turns the takes from bad to not good.~~ https://imgur.com/nfqtZHK.jpg Nvm reread the does and watched the clip again. Big yikes


No it doesn't, he describes something that didn't happen.


The 2nd slide he digs even deeper into a bad take.


Dude are you in drugs 🤔


McBeth looks like a fool here.


Super bad take here. He is my favorite player but I lost a lot of respect with this one.


I’m super disappointed in Mcbeth. He is encouraging this kind of behavior and decreasing the likelihood of our sport gaining real attention. Officials are desperately needed on each card. Rules level the playing field. Nikko got in the officials face. Not the other way around. He has no right to demand anything of the official. Dude cat even take a warning. What a little cry baby.


I respect Paul a lot as an elite player, but more importantly as a consummate professional in the sport for a long time now. I could not more strongly disagree that Nikko's actions don't constitute intimidation of a professional. The rules don't specify what exactly "intimidation" means in any further detail, but Nikko's actions were in my judgment exactly what the ordinary english word "intimidation" means. At the same time, I care a great deal more about how long the suspension is than what rating class it is given by the PDGA. Intimidation is listed as deserving a 24-month suspension, which does feel too harsh here. I agree with a 9 month suspension, as anything from at least 6 months to a year felt right to me. In the end, I think the punishment here is pretty much right. Paul's argument that Nikko's behavior doesn't constitute "intimidation" seems clearly wrong to me, but largely inconsequential.


clown take.


Always thought Paul dressed like a clown. Now I see it was actually his uniform.


So if someone doesn’t cry at a funeral does that mean they’re not actually sad? So because this official stood his ground means he wasn’t uncomfortable or uneasy about nikko screaming three inches from his face? This is a horrible take by Paul. The official was incredibly professional in keeping his calm and standing his ground. Of course he was staring back at nikko-the official was threatened and needs to make sure nikko wasn’t going to take a swing at him. Why would you take your eyes off of someone screaming a few inches from your face? I don’t know how to call what nikko did anything other than intimidation and threatening.


I wouldn't have stepped away after someone steps to me and says "Walk away, Step away from me" trying to intimidate me. Second, he wasn't staring him down, he was keeping a damn eye on the person who is threatening him. You don't turn your back after a threat.


Yeah, official did a great job of not being intimidated. Nikko pops his chest like that on me and I will smile and move him back. If it escalates from there so be it but it was definitely intimidation.


I agree. If someone came up to me in the street the way nikko did to that official I would immediately assume they are trying to attack me and take defensive action. I’m amazed people can spin it any other way.


Lol Paul’s lost it


Wow, what a shit take. Don't meet your idols, I guess.