Axiom/MVP Eclipse 2.0 Glow (#1) and Kastaplast K1 Glow (#2) are by faaaaaaaaaar the best and top two glow discs/plastics out on the market, hands down, and i feel there is no close competition from any other manufacturer. The Trilogy Company's (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside Discs) Moonshine is an absolutely garbage excuse for a glow disc/plastic as they dont glow for shit. While Innova's glow plastics sucks glow-wise as well, i really do feel the colored-glows actually glow exceptionally well and glow quite a bit better, brighter and longer than their regular "white" glow plastics (i have a few pink colored glows and a seafoam greenish color firebird and they still have some glow to them by the time i walk down the fairway to my disc, but the white glows are already dimmed out.) Prodigy's Ace Line glow plastic actually isnt too bad either as with the Discraft Halloween Edition Z Buzzz which glows pretty decent for being so clear/see through as they are. Besides these, i personally dont have much experience with glow discs from other manufacturers, nor do i know for certain which other companies have a glow discs lineup available. I will say that with Discmania venturing off on their own now, i do hope that they roll out with a line of nice, high quality, high visibility, bright glow discs, anything better than their past Innova produced glows. They deserve it, and i hope they produce a line of glows that can compare and compete with Kastaplast K1 Glow and Axiom/MVP Eclipse 2.0 Glow. I dont throw much Discmania, but i do feel that all the hardcore Discmaniacs deserve top of the line glows in their arsenal.


To add to this, RPM discs glow as bright and long as the MVP/Axiom discs. I had never heard of them until my buddy pulled a few out. I was shocked at how good their glow plastic is. My buddies and I will also buy rolls of glow in the dark stickers and put like 4-5 of those on the tops and bottoms of our discs. Works surprisingly well and holds a glow a lot longer than the glow plastics. I kind of prefer this method because then I get to throw the discs I already know and don't have to learn a bunch of new discs. This is what we use. [link](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0743434LY/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_JHMPN9YMXBKM4JS0KEN5)


Do you have a problem getting them off after?


I mean it's a sticker. You peel it off and use something like goo gone to remove any left over residue.


Are RPM glows really that good? I've gotten my hands on a couple regular RPMs and they felt pretty good, however i have never thrown them, and then i had seen they also had some glow discs but have not been able to find any in stock anywhere nor had i seen many reviews about them. So i was always curious and interested in them. I used to utilize glow dots and even taping a battery and led on the underside, but got tired of often having to guesstimate where the disc went once the glow dots flipped out of sight. Just decided to invest in glow discs available in my regular throwers then began investing in the K1 Glow and Eclipse 2.0 when they were released. Id rather learn how the new glow discs fly and still be able to see where they go everytime, even if i shank one off my line. Plus i have often hit trees and seen't my glow dots pop off at the tree in a nice baby fireworks-like poof, then end up finding my disc 50+ft away with 1 glow dot left on it barely glowing even with use of a UV light lol


Yeah, RPM is surprisingly good. I'd definitely recommend their glow discs if you haven't tried them out. They're right up there with kastaplast and MVP/Axiom.


Eagles Iron Samurai 3 is set to release next month/December and it will be in Color Glow C-Line. Will be a good test for their new glow plastic.


Was really impressed actually with the Glo Z plastic on those Buzzzes


This 100%.


Get an Envy and Reactor in Eclipse 2.0


I got the Reactor Eclipse 2.0 and it's amazing, bonkers how bright it shines and it's great for forehand and backhand throws.


I just got a fresh one and can't wait to take it out for some glow rounds once it stops raining.


Terrible weather, right? It's been raining here in Tallinn for the past 24h straight, didn't stop me from playing a round tho :D


The worst. I have a 4-day weekend now, and of course it's gonna be raining for most of it. I had planned on making a trip to play some courses farther away, but the rain might stop us from going. Rotten timing.


Insanity now as well!


any MVP eclipse 2.0


Rpm atomic glow is very good as well


Gateway’s glow plastic is pretty awesome.


Axiom Eclipse 2.0 is easily the best glow plastic in terms of brightness and duration of glow. Kastaplast is second. I have not seen anything else that even comes close to those two. I might put Gateway in a distant third.


I've noticed that all glow plastic is better recently. I think MVP and Kasta changed the game. Even newer Innova plastic glows decently.... That being said, the 2.0 glow MVP is unmatched. Kasta next


My options for molds are quite limited here in Canada so I've resorted mostly to using glow tape and other than it not looking as cool (and not being PDGA approved) I have no downsides and can use any mold I desire.


Top 3 that I bag are: Glow 2.0 crave and insanity Rpm glow piwakaka Glow 1.5 mantra, freetail, praxis, pathfinder, longhorn, animus Color glow Sexton and FD3 are too bad either


I've played a lot of glow rounds and I know for a fact that Kastaplast and MVP Eclipse 2.0 are the best on the market. Don't waste your time and money buying some crappy glow discs that will not glow. Just go straight to Kastaplast and MVP Eclipse 2.0 and you will never regret!


Lone Star's glow plastic is as good as Kasta K1, it's really bright, holds the glow well and it feels great. Still doesn't match MVP but it's really good plastic and discs.


Kastaplast makes the best glow in my opinion. Honestly saw it side by side with MVP, Innova, and Discraft. Kastaplast by far out glowed the rest.


In my experience it is RPM Kastaplast and MVP/Axiom. My glow Pekapeka outglows my Eclipse 2.0 envy by just a bit