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Interested in the athena if it’s still available. Have some zones, buzzz and undertaker that I’d trade for it


I’ve got a archer ace race disc and a boss with the commander stamp.


Sorry, going to pass since I don’t throw those molds


Interested in Athena, possibly cloudbreaker, but the color devalues it for me a bit. Let me know if you are interested and want to see pics in any of the following - open to selling without trading if athena is taken In heat I have a highlighter yellow z flx 173g 8.5/10 In scorch I have a 1st run blue Z (with 6/10 used condition) 174g and a bottom stamped yellowish creamy colored swirly esp with Albert Tamm signature 173g I also have a 7/10 light blue ace race sting then, not fitting your color criteria, but I'll mention anyway: I have a handful of cool zones: a white Z glo from DGLO. Also a pink and a pink so light it is almost white TS z swirl zone with MDGO bottom stamped. In buzzz I have a couple full art stamps that are MI state champ qualifier discs (I decide I only need to keep the matching minis since I don't throw buzzz)