I'd knock them all over at some point..I have enough trouble with just one active tray.




Omg this picture gave me anxiety!!! I hate even having the color I’m working out if I’m not actively working on my project


I have 4 cats. That would be a definite catastrophe. I will occasionally have two colors out, but usually stick with one.


Same! 4 cats - wouldn’t go well. I do use gel pads under my tray to help keep them from moving when my cats stroll through.


I have magnet rounds somewhere. I'm going on a hunt for them and sticking a piece under my trays. I have a small old metal cookie sheet I can use. One of my costs likes to sit at the table and watch. Occasionally, she gets curious and starts touching her paw to see what this thing does. Sometimes it's the trays. Other times it's the wax cup. I have a small 12-slot holder and 10 big trays with lids. I can't live without them. I'm thinking of getting 5 more. They truly are a game changer for keeping dust and cat hair off your drills.


I also have 4 cats, so one tray at a time.


Absolutely not! With my vision & brain issues that would spell disaster big time!


Oh my gosh, no, I am way to clumsy with my hands for that. One at a time for me.


This gives me anxiety hahah


I do. I like to use an erasable marker on the trays to mark the color code.


Ooo that's an idea! I usually label bags


I don't have the space to do that so I stick to one colour at a time 😅


I would love to because it would make pouring drills out easier BUT I'm so clumsy and have knocked over my drill tray more times than I care to count, so I usually stick with one, two tops.


I'm too clumsy for this, I've already knocked over the one tray I'm using more than once.


I do but my two cats say no, so no I don’t get too 😂


My cat would never let it happen or I would lol


My husband made me larger trays that hold about 7 DP trays each. I have four, so I can work with up to 28 colors at a time (more if I use the small green trays). I normally work with about 14 colors at a time but there are times I work with more. He also made me a way to store them, so I can leave them in the boats and put them away, and then pick back up immediately if I want to.


I’d love to see a pic of this!


Sent you a PM with pics.


I'm too clumsy+ I don't have enough trays/containers to take them all out


I might give this a go. I have cats too but I might cut a but of cardboard and use it to cover them or something. This looks like it might be a bit quicker tbh. 🤔


I work on top of a cardboard science fair board. When I’m not working, I close it around my work & set my bin of supplies on top to keep it safe from my cats.


Nope... I got a cat who likes to be into EVERYTHING. There is no personal space with this feline (she literally follows me into the bathroom and will sit on my lap as I'm using the toilet), let alone having a dedicated space for my drills or anything for that matter XD


Nope, for 2 reasons: 1) I am one clumsy bitch 2) I have 4 cats who LOVE knocking all of my supplies off of the table while I’m working 🤣😭


I line seeing all my drills but I put them in small circle plastic jars with lids from the dollar store (they come 6/pack). I put a little label on top of the jars with DMC code/symbol and I’ll uncover a small section and lay out the colors needed for that section in trays. Then I move onto to next section etc.


I have a little tray that holds 24 colors, and then I just grab the tray I need when I'm doing.


I do that too. I have the trays for it.


*stares at the photo in horror* That is a catastrophe waiting to happen - so, with a cat and painting at my dining room table, this is an absolute no-no for me!


With a cat and an adhd boyfriend around? This would survive 3 mins tops


Lol no. I have toddlers


yes....but I have these furry things called cats 🐈 and these flying things called birds that love to destroy my nicely organized drills for no comprehensible reason.


Oh what a mess I would make 😬


i have a clear acrylic box with little clear acrylic jars with lids (about 1 inch across) i dump all my drills into the jars and label them with washie tape and their number. i do that all before i start so it’s all ready! then i pour the drills i’m working with into the tray and keep the lid on the jar. i’m way too clumsy to do it any other way 😂


I have those too but I use them to store my extra drills. I use the small bags for the project I'm working on


Oh I just noticed yours are in ziploc bags that you labeled! I was thinking they were just all chillin in their open ended bags you have to cut/tear open! 😂 so basically the same thing just in bag form. I don’t use multiple trays although I see where that could be beneficial! I’ll have to try that!


I really like doing kits with lots of colours and as few big colour blocks as possible, so this method really works for me. Plus I don't have a cat, and that seems to be the main problem for other people!


I haven’t worked on one in awhile because I have been in and out of the the hospital a ton but I ordered some smaller ones and a drill kit with everything you need in a case so hoping with that I can work on some while I await a heart transplant! I have a giant cinderella one that I’ve had for over a year but life got so busy I set it aside. Hoping this coming year I make my way back to it and get it done


Oh goodness, that's horrible for you. I hope you keep well. Chat anytime 😊


It’s okay! I see it as a new chance at life! Thanks, will do! :)


No, I have kids, cats, and I'm a klutz!