Mercenaries and minions are immune to the explode on death effects - it is smart to invest in them, especially in a hardcore setting. Only the undead stygian dolls explode on death - it is physical damage. Unique monsters have a fire and physical based corpse explosion when they are fire enchanted. They explode with a frost nova when they are cold enchanted.


Only things that explode on death are the little Dolls in act 3 and fire enchanted uniques. Let your merc finish them.


Don't be near the bombs when they go off. Dolls are the biggest ones threat. The corpse explode from elites isn't usually too bad but it can be if they are fire or multi element enhanced but usually if your res is good they don't kill you. But it's always good to pop a rejuv before they pop to top off your health if you can't get away from them as they die


Have your Merc kill them or have a storm shield and full fire resistance.


Pray being out of Range, or have enought life to resist the impact


For the little skellies teleporting away from them is the best response. For safety maximize your block chance. If you really want to engage then try not to hit a bunch of them at once. For fire enchanted just max out fire resistance - and keep your distance when there is a conviction aura and/or lower resist curse on you.


There is a diffentiation: If the (unique) monster is fire enchanted it will trigger corpse explosion on death. If it is not fire enchanted, only stygian dolls will explode (dolls always explode, also normal mobs). The corpse explosion is half fire and half physical damage, so fire resist and damage reduction (e.g. from stormshield, string of ears/verdungo, shako or ber runes) lower the damage you take from this. Note that physical damage reduction is capped at 50%. These are all things you should know when playing on hardcore, or you will be very frustrated.