Smite isn’t really a good general build. It’s more of a specialist. Yes, you can raise the damage of smite with off-weapon %ED and with better shield types, but the key thing about smite is that it never misses. Therefore, people like combining a fast attack speed with % crushing blow to remove chunks of monster HP. Honestly, smiters are really good boss (Ubers) killers, and not much more. Caveat: I’m not talking about pvp. Don’t know anything about pvp.


In hell difficulty smiting is not advisable until you have decent exceptional / elite shields. For bossing situations you are also going to need a lot of crushing blow. It ony ever really pops off in hell difficulty once you get grief for the added damage. Like others have said however dont expect for it to be efficient for mob encounters. While it melts bosses with incredible efficiency it does not do well against groups of weaker targets. Smite + zeal is a good combo, smite + foh is also good


Crushing blow is the key here, I guess. Nothing else effects smites damage potential?


The + damage from grief and the damage range of the shield are crucial IMO otherwise smite damage falls off rapidly once you get to the last 30% or so of boss health.


gear and skill placement so we know what you might be doing wrong?


I havnt made 1 yet but im going to very soon. I would say you want atleast 60% crushing blow and/or a weapon that has the us damage mod like grief, iron ward caddy, redeemer etc.