Been using cold arrow A1 this ladder paired with Insight and honestly it's fine. She rarely dies, so as an aurabot I kinda prefer her. St late game tho, with better gear and lvls, A2 will probably be better and has access to stronger stuff like infinity.


There are builds that benefit more the "new" A5 Merc with the correct stuff. But yes most builds use A2 merc


I played a few builds that used a A1 rouge with Faith and a couple with act5. Still haven't found a build where act 3 Merc is bis.


i ran all of the last ladder season with an A1 merc on my orb/fire ball sorc. i had a little issues with the ancients, but i dont play for speed, so i did have to backtrack often to try and gear us both! gonna try to run A1 again with my pally this time. first time pally build, so we will see how it goes


Act5 merc with decent weapons was great to deal with lightning immunes on my javazon Agressive AI goes brrrrr


The problem with mercs is two fold. For starters the act 2 merc tends to have the best auras/utility. What compounds the problem is that some of the best gear for mercs is on polearms such as insight and Infinity. Insight can be in bows too but that limits you to the Act 1 merc which is often not ideal. The only way to fix this is make the best/common merc runewords acceptable in all weapon types and swap the Act 2 merc auras to other mercs. Which is probably never going to happen.


There's *gotta be* a better way out of the A2 MERC meta hell....


It's been like this for 20 years, it's not changing any time soon. I would also like some variety in mercs and they have tried a little bit to make the A5 merc slightly more viable but until they fundamentally change existing Runewords or the Act 2 Mercs auras it will always stay that way.