You could be T1 and honeymooning, have you had an antibodies test?


You might be honeymooning. Some diabetics have a brief timeframe where the body starts producing insulin again. That will end again at some point.


I honeymooned completely off insulin for 1.5 years. I was rediagnosed as T2. Then honeymoon broke suddenly and back to T1.


If you’re recently diagnosed your body is in a honeymoon phase where it still produces some insulin. The more you tax your body’s ability to do this, the shorter it will last. It’s best to take your insulin and keep the honeymoon effect as long as possible as it will ease your control.


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The test for type 1 is a blood test for antibodies. If you have them you have Type 1. But: in the beginning your body still produces a little bit of insulin.




As others have said it is a most likely honeymoon, did the doctor explain what this is?


As others have said, this is quite possibly a (pretty fantastic) honeymoon phase. It's definitely worth talking to your endocrinologist about it (especially if any follow up testing needs to be done to make sure youre indeed type 1). For the time being, make sure to keep monitoring your blood sugar and correcting with insulin if it becomes necessary (start with small amounts following your doctor's recommendations). Unfortunately, honeymoons don't last forever so you may find yourself needing more and more insulin gradually. Good luck and hang in there :).


You're honeymooning mate, congrats! Keep up the good diet and regular aerobic exercise (running, cycling, swimming, you name it...). This way you might actually be able to prolong your honeymoon period. I've kept this up and had mine last for 5 years from 19 til 24. And when the insulin dependency sets on, don't be afraid. With good diet, regular exercise and a little bit of experience predicting your metabolism, it's not so much of a pain to handle as it might seem. Take care.


No means a build up somewhere I get this after my period when I’ve had to inject rapid acting a lot and it catches up. Will end with a nice little high don’t worry


My son has this when he is sick of when his body is dealing with some infection.


Condolences on your diagnosis. I was diagnosed at 18 too, 37 years ago. I was on oral medicines for several months since my body was still making a little bit of insulin. I have had tests done that show my body does not make any insulin now. I hope that you have a good life and are able to manage well.




It was like this with me as well for a while, I was diagnosed 7 months ago, and I still have days where I barely need insulin, so seemingly this can last pretty long!


Honeymoon period.