Thoughts on this season so far?

I am afraid of Eris and will do everything she tells me to do.


I am afraid of Eris and will do everything she tells me to do.


I’m less afraid and more another a word






I could only read that in Lance’s voice and now I’m sad


Let me guess, you are also one of those people who are aroused by Savathun even though her face is a literal skull?


Less Savathun and more Xivu Arath's psuedo-BDSM screaming in my ear all of last season.


It unlocked a new kink I didn’t think I had. Thanks Bungie!


Was I the only one who replayed Ghosts of the Deep to get all of her recordings again... and again... and maybe again? Were they all able to be gotten again? I know one in the first underwater decent after the first encounter I grabbed like 6 times.


If one was on the way I grabbed it. And I’d activate the statues in deep dive, not for the quest, but for… other reasons.




Nah, I've got a wife of over 15 years, but thanks for your unwanted, close-minded opinion!


Bruh, then why do you simp for a fictional alien character that is supposed to be scary?!


It's called joking on the internet, or meming. Are you unfamiliar with that concept?


found yt live chat


Find god


As an ex-Catholic turned Lutheran-I’m good 👍


Because* her face is a skull




Scared and horny together. Scorny. Wait...


Haha 😂


I am both




Glad this is a safe place cuz I thought I was the only one....especially when she said..bring me my tithings... Yes daddy....


Scared is the best way to be horny!


She doesn't scare me nearly the way Oryx scared me. That transformation was gnarly though




Story seems cool, always love an Eris season. Haven't done the seasonal activities yet but I'm sure they'll be about the same vibe wise. The boomer exotic is neat and the tarot card system seems neat. All the weapons and armor look pretty sweet but I haven't looked at their rolls yet. Just gotta hope the connectivity issues I've been having aren't still around but I'm not too hopeful


Boomer exotic. Thought of something different in my head.


Waiting for that Okay Boomer meme for raid DPS


While it's damage doesn't seem crazy to me the fact it doesn't have to reload and increases fire rate as you do damage I can see it being a strat with 6 people. We shall see


The rolls on the seasonal weapons are pretty decent, though nothing game changing tbh. The new High Ground perk might end up being pretty good once we know the exact damage buff it gives




Hand Cannons got buffed pretty heavily, but I will say I agree. The first one I got was a pretty terrible roll but I used it for a bit just because it looks so cool, and I gotta admit it feels pretty nice as far as HCs go. I just wish it had better perks, it doesn't have hatchling which I was very hopeful for. Multi kill clip is probably the best one it's got, and the first column perks are pretty terrible all things considered. I'll have to compare the feel to my TL Fatebringer later today, because when I did a stat comparison to it, as I do with all hand cannons, my Fate was better in literally every single stat, which is normally the case. Fate is a powerhouse and I can't believe I didn't think to use it yesterday.




That reminds me, I got a golden tricorn trust at the end of last season and I'm hoping that's gonna hit real hard with gunslinger.


Nah man that seasonal weapon setup looks a little bit interesting but nothing as stylish as the shadow keep weapons. The good old days of awesome seasonal weapon skins are over. The last good one was the fallen season, those weapons look unique, with unique sounds, simply head and shoulders better than everything that's came after it. It's the only set that I care to get blueprints of pretty much all of them. Great sets of perks volt shot ETC Otherwise, they have used every single reprised frame repeatedly at this point, they definitely don't look interesting safe for the hand cannon and maybe the fusion. Overall just another set of more or less lazy recoloring. Ah well. Game is just about over anyway. Wrap it up.


It hasn't even been a full day lol


Fr like I’ve played for one hour slow your roll


Came here to day this. Lol maybe check in on the first weekly reset or something?


I'm just now finding out that a new season just dropped. Not everyone is on 24/7, geez. And this season must have not had much hype. How am I just seeing this?


That one’s actually wild. Cause they showed it right after they did The Final Shape reveal in the D2 showcase. I agree tho not everyone is on 24/7 or can keep up with all the info, I haven’t even got the chance to log on yet and probably won’t till next week


Yeah, I knew they were coming out with another season, but I had no idea it was so soon. I seem to remember hearing about this stuff weeks in advance for previous seasons.


I've already reached Rank 159 and finished the whole seasonal story SMH I'm burned out and also pissed that there's nothing to do. /s, obviously


Why would that stop you from having an opinion? Edit: ok have you guys ever played a season before? We know how these go. It's a season. Think for yourself, when was the last time your first impressions drastically changed over the course of the season? Likely never, because what you do in the first week is makes up 80% of what you do throughout the rest of the season You'd think people would catch on to the formula after 21 of these, but apparently not.


You cannot have a well informed opinion on the content if you have only seen 10% of it.


I'd have to disagree. Obviously we don't know absolutely everything but we probably know about 80% We've had so many seasons at this point, it's pretty straightforward to extrapolate how the rest will go. We know how the 2 activities work that we'll be playing the entire season. We know what loot there is, we can see all the rolls to determine what's worth crafting. We know what GM's will be farming, and we know what new toys we'll be using (the strand fragments and the new exotics) We're going to be doing the seasonal activity for 6 weeks, every week she'll tell us to come back next week for more tithes. The only thing we don't know is how the last week plays out. We even know the loot we'll get from festival of the lost because it's already in the API.


Ok so the story doesn’t exist?


So we can't have an opinion on the season because we don't know how the story ends?


Obviously not you strawmanning donkey, but youre making it out as if we can only form an opinion on the basis of seasonal gameplay


I like the content. So far it seems really good and it’s nice that it lines up with the fall/Halloween time. I hate that it came with a bunch of issues, though, like the need to disable loadouts for however long.




You can just manually change all your gear and mods...I realize it's annoying but the load outs will return and you can just swap there later.




honestly considering the absolute coding nightmare that implementing something like loadouts can be I'm surprised this is the first major outage for the feature


Games on the PS2 had load outs. But when Bungie does something everyone else has been doing for years we have to act like they’re charting new territory.


I never said it was charting new territory. But if you think the fact that a feature has existed in games for a while makes it simple to execute, especially when introduced to a game that was originally built without it, then you haven't thought it through correctly.


Just use DIM. All you have to do to apply a loadout is going into orbit.


It’s been like 13 hours omg, people outside of the US didn’t even had a chance to play lol


We actually did. It launched around evening for Eu. But yeah it's not even been a full day. Chill out


The update went live at 7 PM and I only got through the queue 2 hours later, so I managed to run only the first mission before going to bed. I got home from work like 30 minutes ago. I would assume most of people in Europe with job had the similar schedule. So no, most people in EU have not even touched the game yet.


Assuming most people don't get off work at like 4-5pm as most do I see? :p


I know... \*Five minutes after The Final Shape release\* So, what's everyone's thoughts on the ending?


"What do you mean everyone can't just speedrun it? Aren't there guides?"


Season stuff is pretty easy to do the story and two other activities in a short amount of time. If it wasn’t for me having to update after work the 30 min would’ve been enough time for me to finish more than the story and 3 man activity. That said, this is kind of like the wait staff at a restaurant asking how “everything” is tasting when you didn’t even have time to finish chewing your second bite, lol.


In fact, here in Brazil it launched at 14:00 hrs from yesterday (something like 2:00 PM for Americans) and the game was already pretty full over here. But myself, I only managed to play the season intro with my girlfriend around 22:00hrs (something like 10:00 PM for Americans). My first impressions? I thought the armor was really weird and even ugly, I might change my mind in a few months, I remember really liking the idea of ​​having my guardian adorned with the whole HIVE aesthetic when I started playing there in 2020, maybe I'll create a new set of ornaments to use as a pattern this season (Am I the only person who does this?).


I won’t be able to play until Friday due to military only releasing us on weekends.


> this season so far hasn't even been live for 24 hours


Seriously... what the fuck is up with people and wanting to Olympic jump to conclusions...


What the fuck is up with people not understanding first impressions? It's a season. We know how these work by now


People are stupid & can't realize anything without anyone telling them first.


And more often than not it’s Datto doing the telling


It's reddit... People don't respect people asking questions that they don't already have an answer to 😂


Goth mommy said to bring her tithes so I must murder all of the hive babies for a chance for her to look at me




In the grim dark of the far future THERE IS ONLY TITHE


Loll 🤣😹🤣😹


Very cool, but I'm not a huge fan of how we are powering up eris, she's supposed to become powerful enough through the sword logic to beat Xivu, the hive god of war, who has crusaded through the universe for billions of years, killing countless? I just hope they don't make eris the be all and end all of the final fight against Xivu


I’d disagree. I think it fits perfectly in lore. We havnt been able to act because any act of war will power xivu but now with eris we are redirecting that war energy to eris. At the least it gives us an avenue to Pursue our agenda without powering up xivu. At the most we can use eris to weaken xivu. I think it’ll take us AND eris. But eris I’ll be the catalyst to at least weaken xivu.


Even with eris and us I don't see how we can remotely equal millions and millions of years of interspacial genocide under the sword logic


a lot of power goes into feeding the worms so that they dont starve, a problem that eris sidestepped


Well keep in mind that the current veteran Hive have been building up paracausal sword logic energy for a billion years, and their power goes to who kills them. So while Xivu Arath might be beyond our current reach her immediate underlings aren't... We don't have to build up sword logic from a weak power base like the Hive did at the start, we can just steal a billion years of power from the powerful Hive that we kill. This way, gaining enough power to challenge her isn't insurmountable in a fairly limited timespan.


This. Like I used to think literally just the act of conflict powers up Xivu not just conflict with her so even if we’re powering up Eris Xivu is also getting something too But apparently that’s not the case.


STOP SENDING STRONG TRIBUTES WHEN IM THERE AS A RANK 5. that shit turns into *THE* ugliest, slowest slog I've ever been put through in my life. Also, I made it to rank 5!!!! I'm gonna see if the game can push me to rank 1.


We had a dude keep doing that to us in our first non-story attempt, and along with the attrition and martyr modifiers, it was such an unbelievably miserable experience. Like, I’m happy for Datto, I guess, but fuuuuuuuuck me, I wish it was more like Deep Dives and each player had a vote on difficulty.


Maybe try bounty prepping I started off at seasonal rank 20 after dumping 3 characters worth of bounties


This is exactly what Elsie was trying to warn us about.


There is a end of activity dialogue that adresses that actually


Guardian - "So anyways Elsie, I've got to bring more tithes to Eris, we transformed her into a hive god to help fight xivu-" Elsie - https://youtu.be/VsJc2ZhbXIg?si=G_AmJYYpIRXZpvxl


I thought the same thing as soon as I saw the showcase. Like well, here comes the dark future full speed ahead I guess.


Nah we are so far off the dark future at this point if we lose then it wont be that ending. That timeline starts with us being attacked by Eramis with a darkness army, the cabal led by Calus, non-light Savathun, and then the traveler leaves. Eramis lost on europa and doesnt have her army and guardians were never corrupted, we are allied with the cabal and the only alternate leader to Caitl is dead, and savathun will soon become our ally as there is zero chance she sides with the witness after getting a ghost.


Exactly. And in that timeline that future happened around season of the splicer I believe so we are way past that even occurring. In that timeline the vanguard abandoned eris. In ours we didn’t. She never transformed in that other timeline. But she is in ours but not corrupted.


Yeah, they are pushing the "friendship is key" narrative very very hard. A lot of the dark future timeline stuff talks about abandonment, distrust, and lack of bonding. Especially with the Elise and Ana stuff. This is the only timeline where Ana and Elsie met and made up before Ana was corrupted.


“Im am Eris not taken by darkness but vengeance” she makes it pretty clear she isn’t corrupted. Merely super pissed.


I squealed during the transformation. So dope. Deck building? Yes please!


When she said bring me your tithes i immediately said YES MA’AM!!!! o7


I thought "tithes" was a weird and new expression for man eggs, but I'm here for it.


Story is amazing, I’ve always though about how beneficial it would be to lean into the hive arcana, I hope Xivu survives the season, she should get her own expansion or “episode”.


best in a long time


Best since seraph I think, this game needed this breath of fresh air The new strand aspects are awesome for all characters and they’re all potent with the right kit The new exotics are some of the coolest we’ve received in some time And the story is definitely gonna be cool


Luv me boomer


Personally the pre order fusion is my favorite, that thing puts out some dummy damage


Absolutely expectedly with the Lucan moth


Bruh its nuts with any void warlock build that is based around your grenades.


I love that new Fusion! It allows you to have a full Strand loadout (or Stasis). Super fun to use with Strand Warlock. Plus, like you said, it does some DAMAGE with that charged shot. Normal firing mode is great as well, though.


Hold on, strand aspects? What? This season hit me by surprise and I knew nothing going in


Go to nimbus


Well to be fair...every season has been the best since seraph so far


Defiance was most definitely not better than seraph


Best since not better


Seraph was garbage. I don't know why everybody keeps acting like it was interesting or awesome. Stupid story, mainly because you built up the warstats just for it to get turned off like a con Edison bill. Ironically that's the same reason why that bum useless Rasputin was in that shell anyway. He was built up since Destiny 1 as this super amazing force and he didn't do a damn thing but have you run around in his bases trying to put his bits together. So seraph is amazing because what, you were once again building up the bits? And then he gets feelings and says turn me off. Oh look she's crying They flip the switch. Wow. Awesome stuff. And the robot sister gets all smushy with feelings. Just terrible, they completely wasted her. Best thing about serve was Clovis Bray. He's the only character that has lived up to his potential as a psychopathic madman. Everybody else was supposed to be awesome but ended up just being totally mid or suppressed by just having nothing to do in the story.


24 hours after we are judging the whole season? This is a problem the community has.


Its a season


like the guns and og weapon models, like the armor


I really like the activities and narrative way better than deep dives




I like the seasonal progression so far. Core modes are a bit basic so I don’t expect it to stay fresh for long unless they are withholding features.


Like last season, this season is off to a super strong start, and i’m excited to see how the activities evolve over time. The story is really interesting and could end up being really great. Altars Of Summoning is incredible, especially since you can seemingly do it endlessly. Savathun’s Spire is cool too, but i’m curious to see if it gets more variety as the season progresses. Missions on the Timeline are fantastic for new players, Strand aspects are neat (as a Titan main i’m in love), and the new weapons and armor are at least a step up from last season. Off to a great start, hope they can keep the ball rolling.


The timeline is also great for folks like me who played at launch but missed pretty much everything until a few weeks ago. I’d heard about some of the story beats, like Cayde’s fate, but had never played them. And I’d never tried ice powers until the timeline mission last night.


You can never really tell how a season is going to be by its first week. Season of Plunder had a really fun first week but by the end the season was incredibly disappointing. I’ll say that it appears to be off to a good start. We’ll see if it stays that way.


Its Not Even 24 Hours Wtf


Some things, I'm loving. Ran the Glykon last night with my cousins son, as he'd never played it. I LOVE that mission and am glad it's back. The seasonal story stuff, though, seems kind of samey and I've had other players in my clan voice a STRONG dissatisfaction over that fact. "It's literally Witch Queen, all over again"


I wasn’t playing when this originally dropped, did a blind run of it yesterday and it was so much fun, pretty refreshing after a season of Avalon 😂


What’s going on with Eris is a wild and great story beat. The activities are nothing new but fun enough. Attrition being a modifier for Altars if Summoning means I won’t be playing it that week. It’s just an annoying modifier. It’s not a modifier. It’s a debilitating handicap. It’s unnecessary.


I hope Eris makes it. I am disappointed that the strand HC does not have hatchling. As another poster out it: it's like not putting headstone on a stasis primary. There seems to be a LOT of filler arcana as I think there are only a dozen cards (looking at card spaces in HELM) New Rogue Lite activity is neat but encounter count is pretty small. Did 3 chests in a run and saw all of them so hopefully new stuff opens up. Rogue Lite activity really should have had the pledges active like Blind Well. Right now it stats with T3 being the first place to deposit then slowly opens up for T2 and T1. Most players will just run and deposit (you get bonus rep for doing so) without realizing (had two randoms last night do that) The trailer for the season has/had me more hyped than the TFS stuff yesterday (I know it's not directly tied to OPs question).


New strand banner is funny


Season of the deep is finished? Gonna have to log back in during the weekend


ive been doing uni work TwT


You are kidding, right?


Thoughts on the season? My brother in light it has hardly been a day since it’s been out! Give it some time to marinate!


I’m liking the past day, but Istg if Eris dies at the end I will personally turn Xivu into a random ass gun with consistently terrible stats so that no one will ever even use her and she can rot in all of our vaults.


Im I love with the opening mission and first queen spire run. If this season can hold that momentum of absolute intensity and killer lore. Im sold. The Eris transformation makes me deeply uncomfortable. Like… she was never going to get a happily ever after, but I don’t think she’s coming back from this. Pretty sure before Final Shape hits we’re gonna lose some more OG Destiny characters. Also the weapons this season have real impact. Got the hand cannon and scout last night. Big fan. Don’t love the seasonal nade launcher, but that’s just because I don’t really use them with the exception of swarm and the pirate season one. Witch queen was one of the strongest releases D2 has had in terms of story and content. This season is alright with me.


Opening is good so far, decent exotics launched with it, and fun new strand aspects. Granted only 1 mission in so low on references for quality but so far its good. I agree it's a bit early to fully get a grasp of it all but I don't blame you for wanting opinions on Opening day Might be personal bias but I always enjoy using the enemies stuff against them, so doing our own Hive magic and and using a boomer is just nice to me. Not to mention the "endless" mode for the summoning ritual is fun and easy to just go mindless in for an hour or while waiting for vex strike force. Cool armor overall, still on the fence over the hex wood armor but maybe once I get it I'll like it with some mixing and matching (heels for my titan are fantastic!). Titan arms sound neat at first but now people are making it hit 1mil and that's cool. The moth gloves are great, visually and game play wise. Have yet to test the warlock void soul ones but it sound good for low to mid content. Just waiting patiently for the silver ornaments to drop later this season from the playlist Weapons have been fun as well, that new handcannon feels great due to the handcannon buff. And I love the looks of them all. Never enjoyed deck building but this seems more passive than anything else so I can just do it in the background and forget so thats nice


Great. Would be even better if I could change my fucking loadouts without spending my evening dicking around with all my armor and mods but hey.


I like the story so far, I love both exotic weapons, and I’m ever so impressed by the creativity of Bungie’s art department when it comes to designing the most garbage looking hunter cloaks (that’s mean, sorry Bungie artists, I still love a lot of what you do).


I also wonder what people think of Tessellation for PVE? I’ve been using it with Armamentarium loading one grenade charge via alternate fire then procing volatile rounds and using the alt fire. If you hit a big group you can basically get both grenade charges back instantly. Pretty dope.


I've been using it with strand just so I can have a fully strand loadout, and I've been pairing it with the grapple since I don't use that grenade very often and can get it back fast with fusion kills. So much fun, and it helps to deal with things at range with my stronghold build equipped.


Its been a day but first impressions are solid. No seasonal checklist and the freedom of getting cards and offerings from anywhere in the game is nice. No power increase is always welcome and the story is genuinely interesting compared to feeding some coral to Sloane.


So far really cool. I like seasonal stuff so far, the cards are a cool addition can’t wait to explore it. The season pass exotic is Few and Far between the most fun for a long time, and the most exotic feeling since witherhoard. If it’s catalyst is good, I can see a lot of people, myself included using it for a while to come.


Pretty good season launch overall, despite a few problems such as loadout locking and error codes, but it's still pretty solid. ​ Season of the Witch offers 2 activities, a new weapon pack, new armor, a reprised D1 raid and more surprises to come... I hope! Activities ----> The season offers 2 new 3-man activities: Savathun's spire, which I could sum up as an assault but with the enemies' spawn rate completely cracked, the activity mixes parkour(parkour!), puzzle and lots and lots of fighting, so take a grenade launcher, equip your weapon with a Sweaty confetti mod and...let off some steam. The other activity is Altar of summoning, a mix between blind well, astral alignment and an arena, but without the flaws. I could sum up this activity by saying that it's...Doom eternal on Destiny, likewise here the enemies' spawn is very angry, so you won't have a second to breathe until the next summoning, both activities are pretty generous in term of loot. ​ Weapons: Very cool design as usual, but unfortunately the same flaws as previous seasons, the weapons are too underwhelming and I'd say useless in Endgame, personally there's only the Hand cannon that I like and intend to use often. On a positive note, I have the feeling that deepsight patterns are very generous this season. Armor: "Welcome to the hive" - Immaru. lore: it looks very solid and bold, Bungie is trying new things and that's really nice. I'd give it a score of 7/10, already much better than Season of the Deep's launch, and maybe even the best season yet? let's see if it survives seasonal fatigue.


cool themes, but I am really not seeing the changes that were supposed to make this season different than any other.


I like it so far but God I'm tired of hive focused seasons Like I get it's plot important, but could we please get some content around other races, I'm just sick of it always being Scorn, Cabal, and Hive. I would love to see more vex content. We haven't really gotten any where the Vex were a threat since Splicer, but even then they weren't the driving force. I'm not counting Lightfall's and Beyond Light's "Oh yeah, the Vex are here too btw" cause they really were just kinda there for the sake of being there, but at least it was a bit better in Beyond Light. And yeah the Fallen get a lot of screentime too, but I feel its just less... In your face when it's fallen? (Not plunder, we all can admit that sucked). Main thing is, I just want to see the Vex get more screen time since most of the Vex related content was during Curse of Osiris and basically all of it is gone.


Loving it - other than blueberries insisting on doing tier 3 altars of summoning even though they are running double primary and we've failed 3 times


I’m stoked on the rotating exotic quest and glad they didn’t take away my frog friend.


Monte Carlo bayonet stab. 10/10


Multiple days with no loadouts after a new season drops is a huge fucking L for Bungie


Really fun the new 3 man activity is so fun the new gun are really fun to use


Bad loot, but solid seasonal activity. The ability to dip in and out of Altars whenever you feel like you are done is awesome, as well as the fact that the mode technically never ends. I’ve always wanted a horde mode in Destiny, and while this technically isn’t one and doesn’t really scratch the itch, I think it’s the closest we’ll ever get to one and in my opinion it’s a good compromise.


I like being moth man


my brother in Christ it's literally day 2


Eris is my wife and if she dies because of this I will personally pull a Misery on Bungo


Story is interesting, wondering how it will go in the end since i hope for god we're not actually killing Xivu this season and rather breaking her away from the Witness or something, activities are decent, witches tower is cool but it's not too different from deep dive just up not down, ritual is okay and can be challenging with the highest offering. Seasonal weapons have left me with disappointment, or rather they left me whelmed, they look good despite obvious model reuse so i can give them a pass there but their perks... why is bungie so adverse to giving reload perks on seasonal weapons third column especially when there's new ones in the season? Like i just won't use weapons in PvE without one because they feel bad. Deck building... i'm a bit cautious on this one, i thought at first it will be we have a deck of 5 and we gradually get them randomly as we rise up the tower which would be cool and a power fantasy, but in fact it's just we get one of them per encounter and lose them after which i find a bit underwhelming, it's no different from having a random modifier really. I don't know whether it will change or there are perks we can unlock in the future that add to this but right now i'm a little disappointed, feel like they held back. Overall i think the thematic and activities have left a good first impression, some things i'm cautious about but it's a decently strong start.


The exotic mission rotation is really cool and useful. Also I am tired of hive.


1) I think it’s all cool as hell. 2) Altars of Summoning. WTF. Hope *that* never becomes a Nightfall.


I LOVE the armor dropping, very cool Lucent Hive look! On Eris: I THOUGHT THOSE WERE JUST SHOULDER PADS.


Really like it, like the card system and the new activies, story is great, i made fan fictions and edits today which is stuff i haven't been compelled to do since right before Lightfall, Final shape looks phoned in as fuck but hey I'm willing to take a good season hopefully two before i jump off


It just started


Eris is cooler than ever I'm excited to see the dommy mommy savathun again and I really like the new ui changes


Angry you can't even complete rituals without other players and no one is there to play


It’s been 1 day


I'm only here to get to the end. I've invested 7 years into destiny. I unfortunately have to see it through to the end. Lol.


The leveling crafted weapons is much cheaper than I thoight itd be


I’ve completed the season pass and am currently sat on my sofa role playing as Zavala


Bruh, it's not even a day yet ..how did you finish the entire pass?


I feel that the summonings should be a public event everyone could join not a 3 man fireteam but you know “no resources”


Are we sure Eris is a good guy? She's giving off bad guy vibes.


I am looking forward to final shape I honestly think that new supers are better than new subclass and all that now I am just thinking if ungie gets 50 or 100 bucks from me. This season will be interesting I always liked hive and tis season seems like the end of xivu so I am exited I M not fan of that ornament set tho


I already feel like there isn’t much to do. I think I’m just tired of “run these two activities over and over.” Weekly story seems cool but it only takes an hour or so to run and then what.


Bruh, its a season update, not a full fledge DLC


Sure but they were saying they were going to “break the mold” and it seems like the same old seasonal activity and vendor but this time the upgrades are cards vs a time gates vendor.. doesn’t seem that different imo


there is plenty to do with rotating exotic missions and various catalysts to go after and play around with new exotics and strand aspects. There won't be the pinnacle grind anymore which does cut out a lot of replayed content. But there's enough to do if you don't tryhard it, imo


Ah there’s a lot to do if you don’t play the game a lot and shame on you if you do, got it!


I played all of defiance and had nothing to do by the end of it. I also grinded out the majority of Deep. I am not shaming anyone. It's a simple fact. If you tryhard grind the entire game prior to this point, and then do the same this season, there will be a lot less to do further in. I'm finding things to do. There *IS* less, because like I said, no Pinnacle grind either. But I LIKE that. There's enough, I can play it casually, and catch up on other games I play instead. You don't need to play destiny all day everyday. Even if you wanna play video games all day - which is totally fine by me, you do you - you could still play other games. You do not need to live and breathe destiny. It's a FOMO game and I'm glad I don't need to be sick of it by the end of the season to get everything done.


The majority of people can’t play more than a few hours a day. This game isn’t for the hardcore that do everything in one day. The majority of people that buy these games are the casuals. That’s where bungie, Blizzard, Fortnite etc make their money.


Sadly this is the direction Destiny has been heading, might be time to step away from D2 after killing the witness.




Annoyed that it's crota and not wrath coming back. Also annoyed they brought back all the original destiny 2 red war guns besides origin story, my favourite gun from the start of d2. Besides that feel like the story will end up with eris dying and savathun taking over or she becomes a hive god. Which I am excited for. As the hive was the last original race we needed an alliance with. Besides the vex, but we now have Asher back I feel more excited for this season than last season.


feels... repetitive? another season, another room with a "table" that gives yet another bunch of bounties and yet another type of engram which you can focus to get some seasonal armour and weapons. Another set of activities which are similar to any other just with a different "map". I like the story and the small cut scenes... will play it a bit more to get a better feeling on it but so far even though I like it, I can't say it's AMAZING...




It’s literally day 2 dude get a fucking life


Straight 🗑️ I’m done with this game!


Do it, delete it and never come back


Oh I did buddy don’t you worry about me , toxic avenger 👍🏽


The most obvious thing happens again, people still surprised and in awe even tho everything is lackluster as always


Turning a space epic into a pagan ritual with actual witchcraft references is a giant L


Have you read *any* lore? Like, at all?


But that’s the part of the hive that is interesting…..


Worst season ever. Free Dungeon instead of a Raid.


You literally haven’t even played it yet


I cleared it a few times back in D1 and this tool is definitely overreacting but I am a little disappointed that its not Wrath of the machine. Crotas end is neat and all but I would have preferred it not come out right after the cakewalk that is RoN


Have you? It's trash dungeon until proven otherwise.


They reworked vog to give it actual mechanics, what makes you think they won’t rework Crotas?


Vog is still basically the same raid. Crota has always been a strike in length and size. Unless they literally add more encounters and areas, which k highly doubt, then its still just a trash dungeon disguised as a raid




I don’t know i feel bored but i think thats just me to be honest, story is crazy cool


Eris got the armor set I have always wanted




Im in love with the world designs, jumping through Savathuns tower is awesome, the epic fantasy space castles got me just staring at the scenery.


It’s hasn’t even been 24 hours calm down