Yes, they do




I want to get on bupropion but it’s not licensed by the NHS for depression in the UK :-(


I want this one too as it's supposed to be the best one for seasonal affective disorder, but like you I'm in the UK. I'm really angry that they only prescribe it here as a stop smoking aid.


Legit. I asked my GP if he could put me on it as it counteracts some of the side effects of Setraline, and they said it was mainly used for smoking cessation 🙃 I’ll give them another call on Monday see how it goes though I’m not too hopeful


Wellbutrin gave me seveeeere anxiety. Scared to step out of bed anxiety. So don't be sad u won't get to try it, it might not be good for u anyway.


I don’t really experience much anxiety due to the antidepressants I take, my main issue is that I have very little motivation plus sexual dysfunction, and Wellbutrin apparently helps with those two things


I never had anxiety before wellbutrin. I hope u feel better soon 💓 depression is horrible


Thanks you too 💕 depression is a bitch but gotta keep pushing 💪




Wellbutrin works for me also. But I also take Adderall and Olanzapine, and Propranolol for anxiety.




That could be it! I guess it’s different for everybody.


This!!!! SSRIs and SNRIs have too many side effects, Wellbutrin is perfect and I feel rly happy on it and have plenty of motivation. I’d mention it to ur doctor


Everyone is different so I’d work with a doctor. They will try what see what’s works best for you.


If your serotonin is in normal levels, no. The next thing to consider is endorphins/dopamine deficiency. Good luck getting drugs for the last 2 deficiencies, at least, the legal way.


I want to say yes. But for the wrong reasons. They help by making you feel nothing. You can’t be sad if you don’t feel anything at all.


This is not what I experience; normally I have so much anxiety that I shut off all feelings. On a low dose of fluoxetine now and I feel much more than before. Which just shows that they do different things for different people I guess.


Put me into remission. I am schizophrenic & bipolar


Yes, for me they do. Just have to remember that they don’t take everything bad away from you. I would be somewhere else without them. It took so long to find the right medication, but in the long run it was worth it.


I’ve been taking citalopram for the better part of ten years. It’s helped me manage some of my worst habits and make a decent bit of progress on my personal coping ability. Let me be clear: it’s a bit of a trek to figure out which works for you. But when you do, it can be a major boon. With less intense anxiety, my depression and guilt don’t have the lobbying power to spiral my day into darkness. It’s never a perfect fit, but it’s there to mellow out some of the worst feelings. You can get more done with them. A decent goal is to work on your personal skills and or attend therapy with an adjunct of antidepressants. It helps the lessons stick. Best of luck.


Yup. The right one helps. Does not fix. It’s like if you broke your legs and it’s s brace for them. So you can learn to walk again with a little more possibility but it’s still work afterward.


Definitely talk with your doctor first. If you tried pills a long time ago there might be something better now. Exercise has also been helpful for me too, along with pills. I used to just take pills for anxiety but when I also started taking anti depessents that helped a lot. Maybe there's something else you need to be treating too?


I saw a documentary about it on SWR (South German TV, alas there are no english subtitles available when I checked on youtube) were the bottom line was that they do in some cases but I have no experience myself.


It depends on which medication. Not all medication work for everyone. I had to try 5 different medication before finding the right now. I can honestly say that I can’t function without them at the moment.


I’ve tried so many. None helped.


Depends on the person, the medication, and the dose. Definitely talk with your doctor about it if you're interested. I did and they got me started on Zoloft right away. I wouldn't say I'm cured or anything, but I cry a lot less and can handle myself a bit better I've noticed after about a month and a half. I still I don't think I could handle something like having a job again, but I'm no longer as depressed at home and that's a start. I didn't want to take antidepressants but I gave up fighting it. I personally haven't regretted it, luckily.


They won't make you happy or solve your psychological problems magically but they do help. When I take them for a long time i sometimes forget how bad it is without them. Takes time and you should find AD that suits you.


They do and actually help a lot but depending the person it can be hard to find the right one. I used to take sertaline firts and it helped but i felt like a zombie i slept a lot and for long periods of time, then i changed my doctor and i was very honest with her about how i felt ,y thoughts and how the medicine worked, she changed it 3 times and it was a process to change the medication since ypu have to lower doses then start with the other one and gradually up the dose if you need it. I have always needed higher doses of medication for it to work, but I'm finally ok with this one and it helps to give me some energy and not make me feel tired, and also have some anxiety meds in case i need it only not to take daily. It was worth it. I have other problems so the depression is still there but at least is contained and i don't have bad thoughts anymore