Top tier IMO: Hiltless Sharp Uchi Sharp Kilij Sharp War Scythe Single or dual katana setups are both good These are also worthy of mention but not as good for main weapons: Sharp Secret Dagger Sharp Estoc Sharp Winged Spear


Can the sharp Winged Spear be effective? My main weapon will be a Sticky Compound Long Bow. The War Scythe seems interesting and I don't think I've ever used that weapon.


The Sharp Winged Spear is quite good for PvE. It’s ability to attack from behind shields is its strongest capability. The Sharp War Scythe is top tier. It is the dex version of the Mirdan hammer / halberd but with higher attack rating.


Fatal secret dagger is great too for I think double crit dmg at max upgrade


Yarp. Recently killed Garl Vinland doing ~800 damage per riposte. It’s one-shot 90% of the time. That carries into ng+ also - I’m only SL65 and there’s no regular enemies in the game that can survive two critical hits. Farming marrowstone sucks but it’s absolutely worth it. Pretty sure a fatal estoc has better critical but the dagger’s speed and moveset make it superior for backstab and riposte. I use sharp estoc w/pine resin for larger enemies. In pvp I try for parry and if I fuck it up it’s hyper mode. From there I two-hand blind +5 and go nuts. Nobody expects a clever rat! Regen builds especially are vulnerable because they’re used to buying time with the adjudicator’s shield. Blind in hyper mode can slay the chunkiest with just a few slices and leaves the uninitiated going how the fuck did he just do that. I’m at work and I wish I was home invading !


Uchigatana and kilij Both found in 4-1 past the vanguard demon so easy to get straight away. Upgrade path starts at zero and I think you want to go with sharp since it scales best with dex. Also get a decent bow (compound long bow) and make it a sticky bow for better dex scaling This is literally what I did in my first play through. Grab a decent shield (like the adjudicator shield which is also found in 4-1) and you’re sorted


Best dex weapon imo is dragon bone smasher


I have lots of fun with the sharp estoc and sharp war scythe.


An uchi or one of the special katanas for fast attacks, war scythe for Halberd moveset and range