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Rip Patches. Gone but not forgotten.


Patches is also your source for heavy arrows.


Did you kill patches? He is your grass man in the game btw....


Thief in 4-1 sells half moon grass right? If you decent at not getting hit that should get u through the game just fine.


Patches sells better grass to a very good price. Full moon grass for 1000 souls. He offers half moon grass as well. If you let him alive in 4-2 he moves to the nexus as a vendor. He also sells a ring that regenerates mana.


Well yeah I’m not saying the thief is better, patches could probably be argued to be the best vendor in the game, I’m just saying that there are other options for grass. They may not be as good, but if you do accidentally kill patches it’s not the end of the world.


Sure especially in NG it is not that important. Even later NG+s you can beat with half moon grass only but full moon grass is a update especially for boss fights. Even if patches is dead it could be farmed. I consider Patches a friend though I forgive him.


Same. Wish he was in bloodborne and sekiro since he’s in all the other souls games.


Probably trolling but he is in bloodborne. Not sure about sekiro.


Yeah but he’s so forgettable, he doesnt even try to troll you he just kicks u off a cliff with no warning and to even find his merchant is such a pain.


Plus he sells his all the same items as the bath messengers, but at an extraordinary high price. After I finish getting all I can from him, I usually just kill his ass.


Am I crazy, or did the blacksmith not sell grass (crescent moon only) on PS3? I could've sworn Patches was my only vendor then.


Patches may be a shit, but he’s one of the best merchants in the game.