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Hes/she was enjoying their game. You invaded and tried to disrupt that. It's fair game to kill you however. If you wanna fair pvp drop a red stone sign.


Like I said in the post, they were there for pvp. I invaded multiple times, sometimes 5-10 minutes apart. I always invaded in the same place and I almost always got them. They weren’t trying to go anywhere, or do anything. It looked like they were just waiting for people to invade them but hell, idk maybe they were doin something else.


That is called a gank and is something a lotta guys do in all the souls games. In most pvp heavy subs people hate them, but in places like here or bloodborne/dark souls 1 where pve is more the focus they wont get what you're talking about. Maybe here they were doing it to build up character and world tendency, but for the most part gankers take advantage of passive play and the numbers advantage to try and fuck up invaders. Best thing I can suggest in demons souls is maybe rush deeper into the level and force them to face you on your terms, equip health regen items to heal up without wasting resources, use stealth (thief ring and cloak) to get a cheeky backstab on the host or his phantoms, wait for a second invader, or finally, just build yourself to do a bazillion damage in a single hit and hope to god it works lol.


You just gotta learn to dodge that shit and take out the biggest threat first. Had the same thing happen in the old monk fight last night. Host came in with 2 buddies, let them fight for him as he spammed spells. I rolled and blocked took both of them out and made short work of him. Expect anything when you invade, even if it's spammy, you are the interloper.


That’s fair enough. Idk if you’ve played the game obviously but do u know how in ds3 there’s this little semi circle behind pontiffs boss room? If you were to go there at any given time the entire ground is red with invasion summon signs. It’s pretty much a fight club. I just wish demons souls had something like that, but as to what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t appear that way.


I used to PVP there all the time then I switched to Undead Matches. I was doing lots of PVP in DS3 before I got my PS5 and started playing Demon's Souls. I wish PvP was like it is in DS3.


110% agree


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