vanguard demon killed me, how to I become human again? (spoilers)

vanguard demon killed me, how to I become human again? (spoilers)


also it’s better to be in soul form and jill yourself in the nexus every time you are human to maintain pure white world tendency, which will make your game easier. always wear the cling ring. you will find it soon.


It can also be easier in human form because you can summon phantoms (other online players) to help you. Boss fights can be super easy with two other people helping.


i assume they are doing solo as most people do their first time around. if you are fine with getting help from others, go ahead and summon people


A) Being alive is a hazard for new players in this game. B) Stone of tye Ephemeral Eye will bring you back to life. There is at least one that can be found in The Nexus. C) If you continue past the dragons you will find the Cling Ring, an item that lengthens your life while dead.


Should've gotten the cling ring well before the dragons.


True, it's at the first shortcut, not the second.


thanks guys this helped me find it


Dragons are not the correct spot to be. You can't kill them.


Keep progressing through the level. The dragons are more of an environmental hazard at this point and cannot be killed.


Can’t you kill the one with a bow at that point Edit I remember it flies away


You kill the phalanx boss, just progress through and you will fight it eventually. I personally dont go into body form as i like to have pure white world tendency just to make the game a little more bearable. You could also use stone of ephemeral eyes to get body form


don’t kill the dragons. continue across the bridge and progress the area.


Use cling ring and just play in soul form. Thank me later.


thank you guys this helps a lot.. so ita ok that im hollow right? and why is it good to be hollow and not human?


If you die in body form it lowers world tendency making the level harder for you.