Hmm, for NSFW, there’s not any sex or nudes or anything like that, but there is a lot of death just for warning (I mean, it is called Death Note). Nothing’s really been removed in the anime for Netflix I believe, just make sure you’re watching the anime not the movie lol.


After episode 26 there is a scene that was not dubbed and added into the Netflix anime it’s on YouTube if you’re interested in watching it, it isn’t super important but it’s a really good scene (this scene is a huge spoiler so don’t look it up until you finish 26)


I dont know about things being removed, but I am just going to talk about it being NSFW. In episode 9, I think it is, Light looks at magazines as an excuse for why he is always in his room. It shows a bit of the pages, but it isn't too bad and there is no nudity. Around episode 32, a female charecter is captured and is forced to take of her clothes so the person knows she doesn't have weapons on her. She is covered up with a blanket before her underclothes are taken off, but it could be disturbing for a younger audience. It has alot of death, but this is mostly through heart attacks, so it isn't gorey. A few times charecters are hit by cars, or fall to their death, which is really the only time there is blood. The show focuses on the mind games between two charecters, so the violence isn't really a problem, especially for an anime. The third into of the show repeatedly says the f word, so you might want to skip that depending on the person. Besides that, there is pretty much no swearing in the dub (from what I remember), but there is mild languagein the manga. Overall, I would say it is a pretty safe bet for someone, especially if they watch Shonen. Compared to, say, Naruto it is much better for kids.


Don't forget to also watch all of the Live Action movies too. They have proper really decent English dub if you don't like the Japanese audio. They changed the story too and it's a nice little deviation from the anime imo. I liked the movie ending personally.


What's the name of the movie?


Two movies cover the story of the anime. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Note_(2006_film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Note_2:_The_Last_Name They really chose some decent actors for the live action tbh. I found both the modified story and ending to be pretty good. There is a 3rd one as well called L: Change The World https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L:_Change_the_World Most of the English dub voice actors for the movies are the same as the anime with a few exceptions.


Thanks for sharing