Just go with low expectations. Dont go thinking you’re gonna 4k if its your first time playing killer. Set small goald. Like work on your aim, mind games, 2 kills a game, etc


I mean, personally i get super shaky (literally) when playing killer, though this is only for the first few rounds, as such, I usually use killers like Myers or Nemesis as a warm up round to get a little more relaxed. In terms of starting out a killer, i would usually recommend warming up by using a killer that doesn’t require a large amount of input like Trapper or Wraith.


Your issue is setting your own expectations to high as well as considering the survivors, I personally play specifically to improve at the game. My only goal is regardless of the outcome have u learned something. It's worth mentioning too that while facecamping is a possible strat to receive any results whatsoever, you are not getting better at the game, please don't fall into the mentality seemingly most killers have these days, when you do earn a win with good play and skill, the feeling of nerves will be a feeling of accomplishment. Winning by ignoring the mechanics of the game will never feel like a victory. Some of my favourite and most rewarding games have been 2 kills, a hard fought battle with myself and all survivors on our toes, those are the games you strive for and supercede easy 4K games


I think you call it tense in english. I always start leaning forward when im about to hit a survivor or i try to look over objects by moving my head up in real life XD. And i get really worked up if the gens get done without my doing some hooks. Actually think im more nervous playing killer than survivor


yeah I get nervous. im responsible for the fun of 4 other people and many of them decide to be dicks to me for no reason I just go in not expecting to get any kills outright. if I do get any, awesome


If I see an obvious stack or multiple flashlights I just get into another lobby


Multiple flashlights is a great lobby to stay in. They are fairly easy to avoid and Survivors are prone to do dumb (altruistic) things with them instead of doing Gens.


I'll take a slightly harder game without people trying to piss me off the whole game


Kinda bc everyone runs circle of healing which is aggravating https://imgur.com/gallery/tNDj6jT . It’s difficult to have a killer match without that perk.


Allow me to introduce you to plague


I main her and it’s so funny seeing self care coh and we’ll make it 😭😭😭😭


With time it gets better. Killer is more intense, u have to be focused the whole time. Id recommend playing to win. If you can let up and give the Survs some fun by all means do it. If they have you up against a wall do whatever is necessary. It does hurt/annoy to have to go to each gate only to be faked out of a hit or tbagged/flashlighted. If thats bothering you just go to basement face a wall and look at Reddit. They will be the losers wasting their own time. For example I get very frustrated on The Game map..its just pallet city. I realize that the survs have almost infinite resources so I do my best and take into account that really not much you can do if they know the map and are quick to drop them. Just part of the game they have advantages but you have the power to capitalize and control what kinda of game they have. They rush you to 4 gens then wanna start getting chased, F em. Go to the basement and let them circle jerk eachother. Worse thing you can do is face camp early cuz someone tbagged u etc..camp if necessary..dont ever get into the "im gonna punish them" for that flashlight mindset. Itll just make u more tilted.


I used to feel the same! I think just over time exposure got rid of the nerves. It’s definitely less “chill” then playing survivor because you’re actively concentrating like 100% of the time and one wrong move could screw up the whole game. But I try and not let that pressure bother me and focus on having fun. In matches where I’m doing awful and completely outplayed I usually just start memeing and trying to have fun. I do the same in response to BMing too— or I just ignore it and don’t give them the salt they’re looking for haha. Basically just keep playing and try and not take things too seriously! Killer is really difficult.


Yes, I used too. But learning that my fun is entirely in my hands helps. Like, if I want to go get a drink in the middle of a match - I can without letting anyone down. Or if I want to learn new maps, I can go in as killer and just walk around without trying to win. Like, someone can out play you or click flashlights at you, but they can't facecamp you to death. Idk, it's just a mindset change that happened for me.


Turn off any kind of communication with survivors it makes the game 100x better.


Just have fun. I put on some kickin tunes, toke it up, and just run around. I get some people on hook, I get some kills, but I really just went in having fun. You might see me dancing around a minute, but I’m just vibin. No worry about the game or score or whatever. Don’t put any false pressure on yourself is the biggest thing. And if you run into sweaty swfs just go on to the next game, takes like 10 minutes. No reason to care. Your points will add up but your stress won’t. Have fun and see you in the fog.


Oh yeah, I do at least. I had a day full of pretty bad killer games and it destroyed all confidence I has as a killer a bit, but just think about how much fun you're gonna have killing surviors, it gets rid of my nerves and turns my nervousness into excitement.


Its the fact that worst case scenario is the most likely thing to happen, u get ormond, ur ruins gone before u take 5 steps along with 3 gens and ur not getting a single kill. Gg


No I Main killer, just follow the rules don't face camp or tunnel and you'll get gg from survivors as its fun for everyone then


You are afraid of failure. The community is killer sided but matches feel survivor sided in game. Set small goals and try to accomplish them. Don't focus on winning. Go for 1 kill and make that a win.