Here is my Suggestion to slightly tweak the UI into making it better. Thoughts?

Here is my Suggestion to slightly tweak the UI into making it better. Thoughts?


honestly survivor portraits were a neat idea, but idk why they couldn't make them grayscale like the old faceless icons so they fit thematically.


They could have literally grabbed the jpeg from the perks and use those instead. I believe almost every survivor has a perk with their face/body on it. ​ EDIT: use the adept icons instead


Even better, the adept achievements


Holy shit I didn't even think of that. They literally have the perfect thing to use and they still fucked it up. They could have kept the old UI and just slapped in the adept achievements as icons. It's incredible how incapable they are.


"A good idea? You're fired." -Idk Behavior or something, I'm not incompetent


Not competent you say? Welcome to BHVR! You got the job!


He said “not incompetent”. Doesn’t surprise me you work for BHVR


BHVR rly out here getting absolutely toasted on they own subreddit


I almost had an r/whoosh moment reading this comment...


Welcome to BHVR!


It's literally the among the first comments the first day this UI was announced. They had who knows how many weeks to just continue to ignore a perfectly valid suggestion everyone agreed with. It's amazing, honestly.


It truly is amazing.


I think the change is eventually going to include cosmetics. But to my mind, that takes away the minimalistic approach that the game was trying to go for. What's their name? Who cares, they're getting hooked.


What I don't understand is, if you are going to do things badly, as a preparement for doing things better in the future, why not just say so? So that the players can comprehend the choices made.


Welcome to bhvr, this is one of the reasons I gave up on the game.


Those are exactly the ones I'm talking about. They already have the assets.


I think the best idea would be to use the adept images, and the old injured icons. They already exist and they would honestly look amazing


But why not fix something that’s not broken? Like generators, they’re not broken, you just gotta fix them.


probably did it this way so you can see their cosmetics in case theres 4 claudettes or something


But you can't see the cosmetics on this one either, so doesn't really make a difference


On top of going backwards by spreading out important in-game info to make it harder to find, something that feels like they completely overlooked is that the portraits obscure the stopwatch timer for things like pig's reverse bear traps.


It doesn’t the timer works just fine lol the brighter color timer gave me urgency running to the last available box to get the damn thing off with 5 secs to spare.


Bit dumb if the cosmetics don’t match


That's why a full color portrait was a silly idea.


Cosmetics for the portraits? The portraits are pre rendered so making art for them all is really inefficient. Even a game like Overwatch doesn't make custom portraits.


well on ow you can only have one of each hero on a team. and the portraits in each players hud is based on whichever skin they have on


technically you can have more than one of the same hero through no limits. But yeah players hud does reflect it. Didn't notice that somehow.


That's basically what Left 4 Dead does for it's survivor icons, and it works really well there It wouldn't fix the layout being such an unorganized mess, but it would at least look better than it does currently


And you can't even see who the survivor is when they're injured, with the claw marks across the icon. Pointless.


And the icons are buggy as fuck. I downed a bill yesterday and the icon showned feng


Yall are missing a thing: you know why those portraits are in color and why we can't customize our perks anymore? Because bhvr will probably try to capitalize on those features


“get ya customized LEGENDARY perk skins for 20 quid!!! or grind through the rift and drain yourself to get what we think are better ones on the PREMIUM LINE!!!”


I swear that'd be fucked up if they do that


I mean CSGO did it. In CS and CS:S you could famously use your own sprays, skins, whatever. Now Valve bans people for modding their own skins and sells them to people for hundreds of dollars a pop and those idiots buy them. You really think behavior wouldn't do that?


Oh god. Now I remember some of the questions from the last player survey. It's all making sense now 😦


Because the community would like it. That's now how BHVR operates.


They're not malicious, just ignorant.


If the choice is between maliciousness and ignorance, they're definitely malicious. They received little to no positive feedback regarding the UI changes and still committed to releasing it. They DEFINITELY heard our complaints, across multiple social media platforms, and they actively chose not to listen because their stubborn asses believe they know what we like, despite hearing the opposite. That sure as hell is not ignorance. For proof, [here's the definition](https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03roJYCSIBh1hdebYj2g-tFIwwMvg%3A1612936614958&ei=pnUjYI33Oa2qrgTc2ZrgDA&q=ignorance+definition&oq=ignorance+defition&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsAMyBwgAEEcQsANQAFgAYN8raABwAXgAgAFWiAGSAZIBATKYAQCqAQdnd3Mtd2l6yAEIwAEB&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwiN4uqP0d7uAhUtlYsKHdysBswQ4dUDCA0&uact=5).


Well honestly when I have obsession perks I legit have no idea who's who till I hit enough of them to find out


That's what grayscale survivor-specific icons would fix.


If you're on pc hit escape and you can see the players name and character


On console there's nothing lol just regular ui on bottom so it takes a min to figure it out. New pictures aren't that bad can be helpful but the hit boxes are insane. Even when I'm the killer I'm like..wait how'd I hit u


Oh shit just found out about the new UI, I've been taking a break from the game >New pictures aren't that bad can be helpful but the hit boxes are insane.


You can check on console too


Hit start then go to the left-most menu called "Match Details" or something like that. It will show who is playing which survivor, as well as what offerings were burned if you missed that.


Agreed. It’s been one day and I have already been hit through a few pallets and windows


And they could keep it for dying state, maybe like 2 crosses over them?


Or just slightly recolor it. Anything that's not an eyesore.


In seriousness just use the Adept portraits and use the old icons next to them to indicate healthy, injured, trapped, etc. If they did that I’d be happy.


you mean if they used common sense?




Bhvr be like "is that a perk suggestion?"


lmao more like "is that *Latin*?"


BUT PEOPLE MIGHT NOT RECOGNISE THE SURVIVORS BY THOSE PORTRAITS! /s That’s what some are saying ... You get these things into memory pretty quickly, I really doubt it would be a problem.


yeah the glowing stuff was not good, would love to see the adept portraits used more since they look so pretty too


they could make something like doom 2, where the portrait would display the character from adept achievement when full healed, slightly damaged when injured, and something a bit more dead (with jaws ripped and no hair) for the dead ones. it had so much potential, why bhvr?


I always wanted them to use the adepts. It’d look much more fitting with the style of the HUD rather than just art of the characters. I like the new scratch effect to show when they’re injured, but it does block the character a bit so maybe have 8 slots (small ones) so that you could have the character on the left and the health state on the right (including effects like deep wound, torment, madness etc)


Some solid ideas here. Very unique and original too. How hasn’t BHVR hired you already?


Maybe they are too good for BHVR


Over qualified


I'm convinced BHVR is made up of people fired from UbiSoft Montreal for gross incompetence.


These people should all create their own game studios.


> How hasn’t BHVR hired you already? I assume the OP's willingness to listen to feedback, and outright good sense preclude him from the position sadly.


It's a bit risky idea, certainly breaking lots of guidelines, concepts and preferences. I am not sure if people would like it, it looks like something from next century. Our society is not ready.


In all seriousness, the biggest issue I have with the new HUD is that the clarity of information was not improved. Arguably, it's been made worse. Some information, like Mending timers, is now smaller and thus more difficult to parse, even if you scale it up to max value. Overall it feels almost totally unnecessary. I did hear they overhauled the system behind it, so perhaps this makes it easier on them to build upon it. That or they needed an excuse for their UX team to do something.


Yeah, the previous survivor bar was a lot easier and clearer to use. Now it's kind of hard to tell just by looking at it from the corner of your eye, before it was obvious who had what because there was a drastic difference on how the icon looked. And the hook counter thing really doesn't do much for killer. Its kind of cool but I looked at it once or maybe twice and it didn't do anything. I feel like the entire UI revamp might have been an excuse to give the survivors a small buff in the form of a hook counter for other survivors.


Exactly, the mending timer and struggle timer is so difficult to see now


There's been a recent trend of developers prioritizing really shitty UI. Rocket league was the most recent for me before this where the menu's become cluttered in their attempt at being "modern". Annoying as hell trend. I hope it dies faster than people can recognize it.


great idea let's hope they implement this immediately






Making an optional setting to switch between the UIs is a bad idea for a game, especially for one like DBD when they constantly bug out each feature in the game. Having to maintain two different UIs is not the main priority of the game, and we don't need a pointless feature that gets attention when other things should have a higher priority. When they say "that's too hard" they aren't saying its incredibly hard to implement, they mean its not worth doing it for the benefit it brings in the long run. Developers generally don't like having customizable settings like this anyway because then players get mad when there is another feature that gets changed and they want a toggle setting for that as well. It leads down a rabbit hole of pointless effort. With all that said, I have no idea why they felt there was a need to change the UI. They often make some weird choices, but whoever was in charged like this new UI and its most likely going to stay that way.


I'm really sorry now because you made such a thoughtful and relatively long comment (for this subs standards) but the other two guys didn't talk about freely switching between Old UI and New UI, they were talking about the option to move individual HUD elements around so players can choose where which information is shown. 😅


Looks warm and familiar, like an old friend's embrace.


this ui is a bit risky to make but if they implement it. it will be amazing


This^ I bet they would never add something as amazing as this concept. So much better than what we have!


concentrate all information in a single place? how hasnt anyone thought of it yet, ur truly a genius


It’s so bad I have a 70 inch tv and I can barely see the bar under your name to see how long you have been on the hook!


Put the portraits at the end imo. That’s where I need help identifying the trolls.


The worst part is the character portraits barely help, in most swfs people wear cosmetics so they look nothing like the portraits, in more extreme cases, Cheryl who can literally switch bodies still shows her default outfit which is confusing as hell. Shoulda been what cosmetics they were happening kinda like in overwatch


But that's work, maybe in 2 or 3 years


I agree the screen's way too messy. When you're in mid-chase you don't have time to look all across your screen 🤔🤔


Make the effects more noticeable. I will get hit with sloppy butcher but won’t realize it till I get healed. It’s so small in the top right of the screen that I do not notice anything up there.


fresh - iconic - usable - clear - readable - unobtrusive BETTER NOT USE IT


The problem is I can see white very clearly and easily, could you make it red on red instead? That way I wont be able to see anything and it will be perfect


Just put everything back to where it was, keep the hook counter, ez


Shit, I never realized how much I miss the old UI. Do we have a poll on the number of people that actually requested modifying the UI as opposed to say, you know, like all the godamn bugs and glitches and imbalance? It’s like I never knew this UI was so high up on the community list of complaints.


That "lead UI designer" at BHVR had better watch out, looks like you're gunning for their job.


I took the old UI for granted. Jesus fuck it’s so bad now.


Why bother? It’s not like BHVR is gonna take this into consideration anyways.


Here's your big problem. You're having thoughts and opinions. That's a no no in the devs eyes. They clearly know best and you're just a simple minded peasant who needs to """"""""aDapT"""""""""" to the amazing changes.


I don't know...seems like kind of a lofty ask.


It took me a second to realize that this truly is just the original UI, but very much an improvement from the new one.


Careful! If you voice this opinion on the steam forum they will PERMANENTLY BAN YOU from the forum and delete your posts! These devs are ridiculous. RIP, DBD


They are really banning for that? Even if you are respectful in your post?


This is my high level observation: \- The recently released UI design looks like it is designed to attract a wider audience who are use to this UI in other games (definitely a lot of MMORPG UI elements here). Unfortunately this gives risk to alienate the current player base who wanted a more immerse visual without the HUD clutter. This feels and breathes like a solution designer and sales team trying to copy other games. (This happens a lot and it sucks, especially when a new solution designer takes over and go through a round robin again of explain why design is made the way it is) \- I agree with everyone else's opinion to replace current portraits with Adept portaits to remain consistent on the theme. Unfortunately I have no idea what their plans are if this a start of revamping the HUD and just giving us piece meal to get feedback. \- The moment I see "5 REMAINING" on the top, the intention, again, feels like trying to attract wider or new audience. Maybe they realized most people do not go through the tutorial and do not know what exactly is that symbol. This is a common spot in other games to display "goals". If they want to keep that full wording, having it at the bottom of the screen would be a good alternative. \- The carry item and add-ons being large, again, is to bring new players familiarity. Though this design of being large and in its own empty corner will get pretty pointless after a few rounds, IMO, unless they decided survivors could carry multiple times. (who knows, maybe carry a toolbox and key). \- The previous UI design was better at bringing "immersion" experience as everyone is located at the bottom 20% of the screen, leaving the top 80% with just the game itself. I personally thought it was refreshing and close to giving a nice clean 16:9 visual above the hud. Unfortunately it runs into a problem if being packed too densely. This can potentially prevent HUD size changes. Though HUD customization is ideal, we do not know what restricts them (technology? code feasibility? maintenance?) or other game devs from doing it.


Only good thing about the new HUD is the hook counter.


i hate the way the mending thing is now it’s hard to see if the teammate has it


Crazy idea, what if we put tally marks below their names that count the hooks? Tiny but noticeable. But that might just be to crazy for BHVR.


get rid of the shitpost/meme flair this should be a real suggestion


yes that would be a neat idea, that would be neat asf bro. (lets pretend it's not what we had before this trash update and maybe they will be dumb enough to put it back) (i mean they were dumb enough to pull this update and confirm that there's no turn back)


Why has no one ever came up with this? This is brilliant!


The number of generators isn't in the corner anymore?


You sweet summer child


I haven't played since deathslinger. What happened?


dbd is a horizontal game, old UI had everything at the bottom of the screen -> that means it was never interfering with your vision. Putting ANYTHING in the middle or on top is distracting and actually interfering with your vision and doing so is also SO incredibly incompetent that I have absolutely no words to describe how wrong is it.


The entire game has a white out, greyscale HUD aside from a few odds and ends. The new UI entirely throws that out the window.


This is inspired, how did you come up with something like this? BHVR should take notes.


I hate the fucking movement now as survivor. It wasn't broke before... It feels less responsive! Am I crazy!?!????!


Minimalistic and it is not gaudy, gives out all the pertinent info. Mabye we could have a small 3 hook marker under each survivor, it would be kind of like our current hook counter, but actually useful.


I love how everyone agrees that old ui was better but bhvr will never give it back


Discord blocks the new icons now too, so forget about seeing who any of your friends through your Discord names. Also hit boxes are wack. Also the new Game Map rework might as well put a big sign on it that says “No loops. No walls. No fun.”


You know you can change where the discord pop up goes, right? Go to gaming settings, then select overlay in discord. You can put it in any corner of the screen!


I did not know that, thanks!


My bigger gripe is with the animations. I don’t like the HUD but I can get used to it. The animations hurt me on a deeper level


Watch them say they cant revert it if they wanted to and besides they already put too much 'time and resources' into it


LITTERALLY nobody complained about the old UI. Idk why the devs would try and fix something that wasn't broken


Like put it in the corner, why is the new UI so scared of the edges of your screen. My perks are out so far they cover my weapon on killer LOL!


Man bhvr gets tore apart and every hour of every day and they still try. They’ve got some heart


New UI is better (hook counter) and worse (symbols are less clear, all corners are taken up). So, I'm simultaneously happy and sad with the changes, but tbh they could be worse


Honestly the new Hud isn’t that bad I think y’all just don’t want to evolve. A lot of the times I see stuff for old players which is good you should always cater to you base but if they want new ppl playing they gotta keep evolving (which y’all should like if you want the game to stay alive)


They had loads of suggestions for 4 weeks and did nothing, so this is a waste of time.


How about keeping the hook counter and putting it on the left side of the gen counter, moving the gen counter a little to the right?


This needs a million upvotes. I like the portraits and the hook counters are fine, but I like where you put the locations for the info.


Like the UI idea, have some silver that I got for free


Can we just talk about the fact that there are no portraits for downed survivors? I really thought that it would just be like a still image of the downed survivors model


I haven't played the game in a while so this post was very confusing to me


They changed the HUD and some of the survivor animations and it looks like a mobile game now


I thought customisable portraits would have been a legit idea, I mean I have spent a shit on on cosmetics. If you're gonna make me look at these ugly portraits let me at least make mine cute.


This is 10 times better than anything they will ever do.


Damn! You are so smart!


Nah man that would be insane and would take at least several patches to be applied




made some good points here


you're hired


I agree


UI sucks hard lol I cant concentrate


genius. sign me up


I disagree with this, I like the new locations for everything expect the generators


I really like the new UI. Everything is bigger.


i’ve just left the game it feels horrible and seeing nancy trying to square up to the killer confuses me


Is it wrong that I feel like the new UI makes the game look cheap? Especially when our against the beautiful graphic updated maps


I see real potential here


the new hub is so bad.. how did this pass the PTR??


Whoever put that generator icon right at the top far away from everything else needs firing..


Why do I agree so much... like did they have to spread everything out AND make it harder to know who’s in what position in the game? I can barely tell if I’M injured now. (last part was a joke)


Red exhaustion heart on red colour is a cherry on the cake. This mobile update is a disaster


Honestly i like this, better than the previous one😂


I don’t thinks it that bad tbh. This sub seems to be overreacting to the changes to the hud


I actually like the new layout. It’s a refreshing change. Maybe give us an option within the settings to be able to switch between them.


I don't mind the portraits but that everything is now scattered over the screen is a pain. Can't properly keep track of everything -.- And the scratch marks on the icons are bad too.


This is genius! How did you think of this?!


Such an Amazing Idea They could make the hook counter below the Survivor names


Even with the portraits I have no idea what nea is nea and what claudette is claudette!


Downvote if you must but I just turned the in game hud scaling all the way down (to I think 70% since that’s as low as it goes?) and I really like the new hud. Could use another iteration or two to fit more thematically as far as portraits, but everyone raging about Gen count not being next to survivors needs to relax. The .5 seconds it takes to look from survivors to the gens had no effect on the games I played yesterday.


The survivor portraits are the best part, so I completely disagree with you there. I'm a killer main and holy shit it was hard for me to remember who was obsession and who wasn't. Now I have an incredibly easy portrait to see. Other stuff I'm indifferent with honestly, it all seems okay.


I’m personally someone who tends to get distracted quite easily, and this new UI makes my brain want to jump in a million different places at once. It’s beyond frustrating.


I’d like the portraits if they could actually show you what that teammate really looked like. Like tempeh changed to match that persons cosmetics. But as it stands the new UI does not tell you any more information than it already did, and it’s more spread out so I can’t see all the info I need with a single glance... I don’t usually complain about changes to this game. But I’m not a fan of this one.


I think the new UI is better. Doesn't mean they can't change things, though. I think the idea of using the minimalist (adept achievements) looks to truly capture the aesthetic they're going for.


Just add a hard mode and no icons but extra blood points. Or a random survivor/killer perk mode. And go in blind and figure out what you have as the match progresses. Just a idea to spark other ideas really.




the new menu looks like a mobile game ... and i'm not here for it , there is no need for everything to be so far apart when you're playing on pc or console like legit if you're on a big set up you gotta physically move your head to look


i'd much rather prefer to look at multiple corners of the screen for important information, much better the new way


Something that was pointed out to me earlier. The portraits help with knowing exactly who the obsession is if there is one so I'm not really against the portraits anymore. I just hate the location of them.


Nice karma farm


Probably gonna get downvoted but I actually like the new hud :/


Is it that you prefer the new HUD over the old one or you just don't mind the new one? And if you do, what about the new HUD is better? I'm genuinely curious. I haven't played dbd in a couple of months and don't want to waste my bandwidth installing it again just to immediately uninstall.


I like the new hud better tbh. The character portraits are helpful for determining who is being chased or who just got hit. I also like the way they show that you’re hurt in the Portraits. Idk I just think they look a bit better, though I wouldn’t mind if they switched back


I think the new information is definitely a good thing. The main issue is that the new HUD elements could have just been inserted into the old HUD. There are also amateur level mistakes with the new HUD that really stand out (such as the elements being too spread out and not even aligned with each other). I think the biggest annoyance is more the aesthetic of the HUD and that new elements could have been implemented using community feedback. As it is, it feels like Behaviour hates us for disagreeing. Last month's controversy didn't help either.


It’s almost like we used to have this...hmmm. Bhvr is something else I swear


It's funny because we used to get posts on this sub all the time about UI changes, then they actually did them now people want to go back.


because they did not just change it. They Did make it worse


Its genuinely not bad. Are people just incapable of moving their eyes?


Most games learn from mistakes and evolve. BVHR just does that but backwards.


It really feels like nobody has any fucking idea what they want. Some want change, some don't. Some want new information, some don't. Some want it streamlined, some want it spread out. Nobody is happy and because nobody can agree, we are all stuck with what we get.


I like the new UI


Ch-change bad?


Let’s just hope they add a customisable hud later on so we can put the shit where we want it


I played a game or two earlier, and I honestly wasn't a big fan of the new HUD, but they were not toooooo horrible. I wish They left the gens on the left though, up top-centre feels odd and not correct.


Hey we should at least give bhvr props for accepting feedback to change it from how it was on the ptb. Like hiding the survivor's portrait with scratch marks to show that they're injured.


Literally move the player icons back down to the bottom, even bottom center, and it's fine imo. I don't even mind the generator counter up top.


Positioning could be better yeah but I disagree entirely with going back to non-character specific portraits. Why on earth would I want less information as either side?


Don't fix what aint broken. Just played my first game on the UI, nothing wrong with it per se, but such a drastic change would've needed better reasoning.


I agree that the change was bad, but I don’t mind the new injured look


Nah too ambitious


That would be if the system wasn't completely reformed


i think y'all really need to give the update at least a day before basically suggesting it should go back to normal...


honestly they made it feel like it’s a goddamn mobile game, the new animations feel a bit cartoony and really takes away a bit of the horror.


What's the new one look like? Does anybody have a screenshot?


I haven’t played in a month or two- I’m assuming they changed the UI? I was really confused, I’m like “isn’t this what currently is?”


I like the portraits of survivors instead of just unknown heads


You can literally see them while they are on the hook lol. Every character is unique.