Finally we’re here

Finally we’re here


Jokes on you. I ran it to punish tunnelers. I'll still be running it post nerf because it still does what I ran it for in the first place.


run it to punish tunnelers, then don’t get tunneled for 8 games in a row. Get comfortable enough to take it off for a better perk, then immediately tunneled off every hook


Honestly I find this BS, I'm a red rank on both sides, but I almost never get hit with DS because I never camp, unless its last hook, but when I'm playing survivor without DS its Tunnel city.


Yeah. I don’t run ds as I rather use other perks but when there is no obsession, it is tunneling time.


That's exactly the reason WHY people use ds


it’s so weird too, because before DS got reworked it was never like that. No killer saw the lack of obsession as “tunneling time”, it was just a game without having to juggle the obsession. Idk why it turned into the way it is now


I like running for the people - soul guard - unbreakable - head on. Because of the obsession.


Fr, I get hit with ds once a millennia, don't see why the nerf had to be this bad. It needed to be nerfed, like this, but kinda bs you can't heal or unhook. And why is hook saboing here? That makes no sense, who even sabos hooks and what does it have to do with ds


It's like deliverance, i'd like to not have to run it but I get burned so much in solo queue that it's almost mandatory


nah for me it’s like deliverance: if i use it, i get hooked 1st every time. If i don’t, i unhook everyone before i get hooked once


That’s great. The nerf shouldn’t affect you. Its only for people who use it offensively


Offensive strike


Defensive Strike


The best offense is the best defense


The best defense is a swift and and decisive offense


Decisive Offensive Strike?


Counter Strike: Defensive Offensive Decisive Strike


Half Strike 3..... is never gonna happen.


Jokes on you, I haven’t played in 6 months and can’t hit that skill check with my 500 ping!


I think it's great that it's used defensively only now, because In my chases, I play defensive chases instead of offensive chases, so having extra defense whilst I have strong offense makes me invincible, jack of all trades, master of 1.


Don’t forget your prayer beads for +5 holy armor


Haha, prayer beads go swoosh. (I'm referring to the Spirit add onfor those who are confused)


But survivors also have prayer beads tho. Addon for keys haha


OH YEAH .....this is embarrassing Uh....ignore my flair


Dont worry, survivors have prayer beads, spirit still has her anal beads.


What nerf?


It will now deactivate when you heal/do a gen/unhook


do you watch schitt jcund


no, but that name sounds a lot like scott jund


Who is that Scott June person, I'm subscribed to DamnNoHtml


Idk the unhooking conditions are not great I mean now you can facecamp without worrying about ds also healing ? Gens, totems are fine but also sabotage ?


they wanted to make it like a real unti-tunneling perk only. If you can sabo a hook it means that you aren't getting chased. about the facecamping problem I think it changes nothing. If a killer hook you, you got unhooked and then he camp the next survivor and you rush for unhook him in front of the killer DS won't save you. the killer will down you, go for the unhooked guy then wait for both DS (ofc this only apply if the killer literally facecamp the sirvivor)


It's getting nerfed?


Yeah they announced it today. It basically deactivates if you do anything objective wise, repairing, cleansing totems, healing another survivor, or unhooking a survivor. It's just going to work if they actually tunnel you now.


bhvr actually listened to killers for once, im shooketh


I'm eagerly waiting for the unexplainable bugs that emerge after that change


Its almost if we take up 50% if the games content


Or more likely, someone brought a load of killer skins recently


Yeah but we will always be outnumbered in a sense because 4 vs 1 so we really only count for like 1/5th of the games population while survivors count as 4/5


I suppose thats true. Larger crowds shout the loudest.




It is in the Q&A Twitch stream they did yesterday, just go to their Twitch channel.


Is it completion of a objective or the second you touch that totem deactivated? I’m hoping latter over the former because you know smart assses will just 99 gens to save their last 15 seconds or whatever


Insta deactivates.


What about using lockers?


That works fine


Exactly if you don't play cocky with it it does exactly what it's meant to do, and will continue to do, so it'll still be very strong, just not infuriating for the killer.


With the nerf less people will run it so they will expect it even less


There’s no joke, that’s what ds is for dumbass Ds wasn’t supposed to be this all mighty 60 second invincibility perk it was suppose to punish tunnelers, people who the second you get unhooked smack you back down and rehook you, so yeah


Why be unnecessarily rude to me dude? There was no call for this angry comment you directed towards me. Save your rabid DS salt for those that actually cheesed it. That was never me as indicated by my original comment. Brush up on your social skills.


Yeah same I'm super happy to have it just do what it's supposed to do. Happy to also never eat a DS again.


Yeah same


im a killer main and i try not to tunnel but holy shit i eill tunnel you if your the cunt who gets unhooked i hook someone else than uses ds to try to block me than ds me because of that and just be a all around cunt about it


Honestly agreed. I run it to punish camping bubbas who down me after unhook through borrowed time. I don't run into fucking lockers to force a grab unless they haven't stopped chasing me since my unhook and a locker happens to be there.


i use it cause i agree with you tunnelers are annoying af but the higher ranks you get there and tends to be less tunnelers but when this nerf comes i’m taking it off


Why some of y'all acting like it won't counter tunneling anymore? It will literally be the same except it will be deactivated when you aren't being tunneled lol.


They don’t understand what tunnelling is.


What do you mean getting chased again after being caught isn't tunneling? The killer should ignore me for a minute after every unhook


Dude blocked them while killer was carrying another survivor and got whacked. Tunneled so hard guys.


Fuck that noise, If you get caught because the killer has no other wounded or reasonably catchable targets that’s your own fault People really gotta stop hook bombing and killer tunneling is far less of an issue


Yeah honestly survivors need to call out each other for that shit more. Killers get so much shit for just playing while survivors have to work together but seem to want to throw each other to the wolves all the time.




I've been accused of tunnelling by survivors when I've found them by chance rather than one of the other 3. It's not my fault you hang around the same area I'm patrolling.


Every time I play leatherface someone says that im tunneling


This is the way.


What do you mean? The killer hooking 3 people and I’m doing the last gen and I hit him with my 59s DS isn’t tunneling?


Exactly lmao


in a few years from now we'll be talking about old DS and how OP it was and then some OG will comment about old old DS


Ah yes, the good old days of getting juggled to a hook


It’s just so tiring getting tunneled because no one in your solo q match is the obsession.


If theres no obsession, someones getting tunneled to death. Fuck that


DS should either not be an obsession perk, or there should always be an obsession even when theres no DS


Survivors should not be told via the UI which is the obsession. Then start making more obsession perks and make them super creepy weird behavior.


I really like this


NGL, Otzdarva backing up menacingly at a Feng across half of Lery's is nightmare fuel.


You got a video? I didn't get the reference ):


https://youtu.be/r-xgO_sodRI This vid, I believe


I’ve said the latter half of your comment before, because it should be a staple in each game to remove encouragement of tunnelling. Yet I posted it and got downvoted by salty killer mains. I too play killer, and feel like a dick knowing I can get away with tunnelling if I’m having a rough game just because they don’t have what is the most oppressive perk. Otherwise I will leave them be or slug at the least.


I'm new to the game, but what does obsession mean?


It's good for STBFL and PWYF though


I always assume someone has DS there’s been so many times of me playing around DS when there isn’t even a obsession


Its a safe guard against bad/tunneling killers. Its much more acceptable than no ed or insidious or just straight up face camping.


Y’all don’t realize most people don’t WANT to run ds, they feel like they HAVE to in order to actually be able to play and enjoy the game.


They run it to not get tunnelled, which it still does do. You're not getting tunneled if you get unhooked and can immediately go on a gen; at that point if you get caught on the gen and chased that's all on you. You decided you were safe enough to continue doing gens, and the killer is not obligated to just ignore you doing objectives


But but my full minute of invincibility:(


The audacity of the killer to not ignore me working on the gen right in front of them. What a toxic killer omg. 🤯


Hey, you just have to follow the survivor rule #5426! It isn't that hard.


My bad bro, my deepest apologies.


Just give me the hatch and we're good


Sometimes we unhooked someone and we finish the gen that was near the hook because it was really close. We are few people there, and the killer comes by just few seconds later and is tunnelling the wonded one again, despite everyone trying to body block. Not everytime you are not being tunneled, you are trying to do gens desperately


Hey just like most m1 killers. Most killers dont want to tunnel for kills but when 3 gens pop after like 2 hooks they're gonna need someone dead. Bhvr keeps nerfing gen defence perks like ruin+undying like its no wonder why ds is a thing


Well ruin undying was just flat out unfair lol. It was good on every killer, and bad RNG with undying was the deciding factor for a lot of games.


Says a lot about the game when the best perks that the Killer's can bring are not only so they have more time to actually do something, but can also be removed from play withing five seconds of the match starting. Damn, I wish I could nullify survivor perks like that.


I’ve maintained they should just start giving killers outright nullification perks to counter survivour perks Gonna be no meta when all the popular shit has a direct counter of “No fuck you, no free revives”




Well said


For me it’s honestly just a blank slot because I always miss the skill check anyways I need one like the size of the gens


But they want to tunnel without consequences..


I agree. I rarely ever use it but I don't know what's been going on lately but I've been tunneled to death more games then I care to count the past couple weeks


If you're being legitimately tunneled then why don't you run it? It prevents that from happening and will still do that after the nerf


Doesn’t really prevent it, just makes you survive a bit longer. If a killer wants you dead you will be eventually


Let's say I do run ds, I use it, killer knows it gone now. I am dead just as fast as he knows I don't have it to begin with


That can just as easily be the case with current DS. That circumstance is more that the killer is acting like a dickhead and isn't the fault of the perk.


I still see it as a team game. Player just need to punish tunneling the same as they do camping. Pressure the gens. This is all assuming 4man SWF, because solo is just free 4ks all day apparently. (where are all the good survivors?)


well a lot of veteran players and more experienced players have taken a break out of boredom, so that could maybe be a link


Well a killer only tunnels if the unhook happens, if you are pressuring Gens then they are camping. Cause no killer that is just tunneling would let Gens get worked on cause they will start a chase


If you're being tunnelled within a minute it works the same, locker DS included. You just can't get unhooked, search a chest, let the killer down and unhook someone else, unhook them yourself and finally moonwalk to sit on a gen with the free stun still active.


>can't get unhooked I know you typed that wrong but it's very funny to think "okay, I'm getting unhooked and the killer is coming. I'll hit them with the ds and get away. Wait, why it deactivated?"


I more meant it as a sequence of events. You get unhooked which activates DS, then have all the time in the world to heal/search a chest/do a totem AND unhook another player who was being chased instead and STILL have the old DS active.


My potato teammates are enough thanks


Finally DS is an actual anti tunneling perk, survivors who use it to actually counter tunneling are happy and killers are happy The only people I’ve seen complain about it are the ones who clearly just used it offensively or as a shield


I’m a surv main and I don’t use ds, it just feels like a waste of a perk slot, reliable teammates is all I really need, so like many, the nerf doesn’t affect me


that’s why I use ds during solo q; I simply do not trust my teammates to have my back. I’d rather “waste” a perk slot rather than waste my life because bill decided to unhook me two feet away from the killer WITHOUT borrowed time


I had a bill unhook me today without BT. Dude was running left behind instead...


Yeah, I'm a killer main and the one way to beat any killer is to stay on gens until someone is left on ground or been hooked and almost at struggle phase or the killer is chasing someone else, I'm also in red ranks with survivor the biggest difference between 20 and 1s, 20s follow the killer during chases or walks around, 1s 90%faces on gens. But I use ds, I used to do kindred, we'll make it all that stuff. Healing, gens, totems are kinda fine where they are, totems may be hard to find sure. But I believe what really counts is stalling the killer as long as possible. And that's what my build is all about.


I'm all for the change... if you're able to do something listed, you're obviously NOT being tunneled...


Sometimes I go without it because I want to try out builds, but coincidentally, I *will* get tunnled without it. I’m still not very good at the game so it’s difficult to loop lol


Jokes on you! I don’t even have it :(


I don't get why this is such a big nerf lol. yall saying it's to counter tunnelers and it still will. I mean you're not being tunneled when you finally have time to heal, repair, unhook, sabo or cleanse. IF YOURE BEING TUNNELED YOURE BEING CHASED AGAIN RIGHT OFF THW HOOK. But you're not anymore, you're doing a gen, how is that tunneling??? It's your bad decision to remain unhealed, doing a gen near where you were unhooked, and presenting yourself to the killer who hasn't found anyone yet but you. That isn't the killer's fault. It's yours. You know the killer cant pick you up for the next 60 seconds or else he'd pay precious 5 seconds to finally let you go. If you can't escape without DS then you better change your playstyle and don't be cocky just becayse your DS hasn't ran out yet.


This is tiring because you can say it about literally ANY popular perk in the game.


Everyone who complains about this much needed and years overdue nerf is just exposing themselves as a shit player. I tried playing survivor WITHOUT perks last month for the "Power Moves" achievement. If you think escaping 8 times without DS in red ranks is impossible, you're pathetic. I finished it in a single day. Git gud


its the same thing with noed


Decisive strike always felt like it was framed as the survivor’s answer to noed, but noed always seemed to me to be a slugging perk. Unbreakable is probs the better perk going forward


One day killers will realize that they make the Meta they hate so much. Survivors use the perks they will most likely need in the next match, hence why it's called "meta". Take BT for example, its one of the most complained about perk in the game since years, if camping killers werent so common and killers would only camp once the exit gates are open like they say they do, BT would be such a situationnal perk that no one would really use it. Same thing with DS, there is extremely high chances that your next killer might be a tunneler, in every rank, so using DS seems like the better option. I agree that a lot of survivors weaponize DS during the match and use it for a more agressive gameplay but they initially use it to counter tunneling.


Shocker both sides have jackasses thay create more


But BT isn’t only used to counter camping killers, though, is it? I mostly play killer and in my experience, most of the time BT is used to make stupid crazy saves, like walking up behind the killer and unhooking as soon as they turn away from the hook. And if I am walking away from the hook and see fresh scratch marks nearby leading straight back to the hook, I am not going to keep walking, I will turn around and follow you back to the hook. This is not camping, but I will still be hit with a BT because the survivor did a stupid save. Of course camping killers is definitely a thing, but BT is used in a lot of other situations as well.


People weaponized BT as well by taking a hit for the person unhooking them, so killers who aren't even trying to camp/tunnel are still effected by BT. They didn't make running old self-care or MoM meta either they were just really good perks.


One day survivors will realize that they make the meta they hate so much. After seeing 4 ds/in combos where they all play super aggressively, I feel a little more inclined to play with ruin + undying.


I used to not run DS for a while actually made it to rank one without using it but then something changed in the meta something that caused a lot of tunneling when people don't see an obsession so screw this meme I'm never taking that thing off now


this is such a bullshit argument, coming from someone who was literally tunneled off hook for 3 games straight If you're nothing without tunneling then you don't deserve a rank


The old and new DS are pretty much the same if you’re getting tunneled. The nerf is only for people who use it offensively


so have any of the killer mains in this sub ever played survivor or what


Yes. Rank 1 in both. Could not be happier with the change, good on Behavior.


I am not rank one but hover around 5 with no desire to drop more. I agree. This is a functional change to make the perk work as intended *without* the bullshit side effects of penalizing rapid hookings.




OoO is getting changed at the same time as DS and it’s really good now without being broken, watch the dev stream.


It was *not* a confirmed change for OoO but a concept. It might not make it through


That's not true. The DS change is a concrete change. Object of Obsession they're still not sure what they're gonna do about it and it might take months


Im sorry but what’s wrong with OoO? Seems like a perk just used to get attention off your team, is that not what it’s being used for? Like I use it when I play multiple games in a row and people are getting hooked 20 seconds after each chase. I dont see anyone using it so why are there issues?


You're seeing it used in solos. In that case it's strong but hardly OP. Now take a group of 4 people in a voice call with one using OoO and calling out the killer position the entire game with a kit made to run the killer if they go after him and you have the single most frustrating and over powered thing in the game. Trapper and Hag can suddenly never get a trap on anyone because they all know where you placed them and if you go after any of the three on different gens the ooo calls it out and they get away long before you get there, go after the ooo and 3 gens pop in the time it takes to catch him because he's usually their best runner. Watch some videos of Otzdarva play killer and how insanely difficult his ooo games are compared to the rest for an idea.


More killers play survivor than survivors play killer


On the flip side though you can pinpoint exactly who in this sub has never played a killer game in their life by how they react to the DS nerf. As someone who plays red rank in both sides, this was sorely needed.


Red rank soloq survivor along red rank killer. I dont even run exhaustion perks let alone decisive, some games you get tunneled. Some games you dont. DS is not at all required though, and I've never felt the need to run it as I view it as boring, selfish, and unfun.


Literally over 100’s of hours on survivor without DS. If players learn the game you’d never have to run it. It has no value for good players outside of all the guys docking around for fun abusing perfect position invincibility. Take BT, do trades and if your teammates don’t pick you up, nothing would’ve changed the outcome of that game regardless cause your teammates were bad. DS had no value outside of punishing baby killers, who literally don’t know any better, and dicking around with top level killers by giving us near 100% win rates every single game.


I'm out if the loop but what is OoO nerfs?


I don't really think it's a nerf. You see the killers aura when they see yours, if you are obsession you see the killers aura every 30s which can actually give you information within chases to evade the killer, which OoO couldn't do well before because of the range restriction.


Oh how the turn tables !


I agree


This was me with Urban Evasion, Spine Chill, & Sprint Burst


As a killer main, never have gave a fuck about ds and never will


Sounds like killer propaganda to me




I feel as if I’m good enough to loop that I can live without it now so it is off


What I did to get better and lose my perk addictions was to get some buddies together for customs games with a perk/killer randomizer. Not only was it fun it ultimately made me batter player since I didn’t always have the guarantee of certain perks.


Tfw you have no/one buddy :(((


Yeah I'm glad with the nerf but I have my Twitch in my name so I run it because people like to bug streamers?


Don’t have your twitch in your name then...


Sorry about that. That’s something the devs can’t do anything about. I mean if killers come after you right after hook then the nerf shouldn’t be any different


It's understandable but at the same time I'd rather get tunneled and the killer only get a 1k because if that then them tunnel and get anything more, that makes me feel like my sacrifice was worth it


Finally someone who thinks like me. Yes I’m also ok with being tunneled because I’m confident with my ability to loop the killer. People forget its an asymmetric game and if the the killer spends too much time with one survivor and gets low hooks and 1k, then its a loss for the killer. 3 survivors escape and I still think its a win for the survivor who died since the survivor did a great job buying time.


Exactly at the end of the day if I die I'd want it to be worth it to the team so that they can get out, the killer can be all smug that they got me but in reality they lost lmao


It's not even all that bad to me, I eat them regardless, i see them as a challenge.


Any DS changes I can find are from last year, where were the new changes announced?


Today’s Devstream. It’s on the front page.


Any DS changes I can find are from last year, where were the new changes announced?


The latest Dev Q&A. Doing anything to progress the game like gens and heals will now deactivate DS. Change coming in the next full Chapter


It's called decisive because it doesn't know if it's offensive or defensive.Its Deciding (Decisive) It's Identity.


say the same thing to ruin undying killers and they rage. very good post though, ds unbreakable meta kiddies ruin the game.


I mean. They just not gonna do anything so they can "preserve" the DS.


Love this meme. Like seriously one of the best things I've ever seen. There are some people who tunnel and after the survivor calls it out the killer has the audacity to say "just run ds". This meme is perfect reason for not running ds so thx for creating it <3


Wait? DS is getting changed? Couldn’t believe I’d see the day.


I use DS as a way of defending myself. More often if not I will be running borrowed time. It's safe to say I am, once again, worthy of DS rightt..?


I haven't ran DS since like... Before it was changed


I never used that perk..I don’t think I have it lmao


Great part of the movie 🥲


I don’t use DS when I play with friends but I do when I’m playing soloQ. The amount of times where I get hook bombed, the teammate doesn’t have BT, doesn’t take a hit, then hides which ultimately leaves me to get downed again is a lot more than you’d expect sadly.


Jokes on you I hate crutch perks and specifically avoid using them. I'm that rank 1 surv that has a notebook by my desk filled with min max builds. The most fun one is having all perks make my healing super fast, well except when I get a plague, then I'm literally useless.


Same could be said ruin/undying




What is tunneling?


Can we get DS for both hooks now or nah?


But I'm nothing without my DS Unbreakable 😔😩👌💯🤲👁️💦


Decisive strike is really good for those tunnelers jerks


I've only ran this once, didn't use, and never used it again.


We'll do that when you do the same for noed


I’ve literally started running object so I can’t complain about being tunnelled every fucking match


It’s been a while I have not ran that perk. Tunneled or not and with killer if the survivor that was unhooked has the audacity to run to my face I just slug them and move on for 60 seconds