DBD on Steam Deck when? 🥱

Is there anything we can do to get BHVR working on that damn anticheat shit that has made DBD unplayable on Steam Deck? i'm getting lazy to play on my laptop fr


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For real they really should work it out, Dbd was the game I was most excited to play on my deck, I was gutted when I found out it wouldn't work, and you know it could handle it fine as it does other games that are so much more intensive. I guess it's due to some worry with cheaters or something.


Never. Everyone keeps on saying theres a compatibility mode for linux EAC but forget that it has multiple flaws and would open the game up to more cheats


The anticheat already has tons of flaws and is exploited constantly. No one's gonna bother developing cheats for Linux when they can do it way more easily on Windows, and reach a *much* bigger audience. Like seriously, pretty much no one develops cheats for WINE. In fact, Linux compatibility is already enabled for the Epic Games version, which is way more vulnerable to cheaters because it was given away for free at one point. There's no reason not to enable it for Steam.


Damn, that's unfortunate. But i'm still hoping for a miracle.


Well you got your miracle


I've been playing on the deck ever since dbd works with proton experimental ❤️


It already works with the Epic Games version if you copy DeadByDaylight/EasyAntiCheat to DeadByDaylight/DeadByDaylight/Binaries/EGS. I'm not using the Steam Deck—just general desktop Linux—but I've been playing on Heroic for a few months now and it's been going quite well.


Unfortunately mine is the steam version


You could also buy it on Epic and link your accounts. This way you don't lose your progress.


Yea but supporting bhvr for being lazy (and epic in general)? Fuck that lol.


But you can install windows on Steam deck and play DBD.


I'm not a fan of adding another OS into my Steam Deck but if i wanna switch to windows, i don't really wanna spend money to download all my games again :(


You can look into dual booting it