Why are men lying?

Why are men lying?


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Lol this is why I am on reddit come here for these stories🤣... cannot believe he would try to pull a stunt like that and think everything is going to be great lol


Reddit is full of angry short men. And women who say they don't care about a guys height. But because a couple of girls on Tinder say they prefer taller guys. All the short guys get all angry and think women are all self entitled bitches because they all want tall guys, This is why these guys lie about their height. Because they can't differentiate between some women, and all women.


Because it’s all women’s fault.


youll get downvoted for this but youre 100% right


I was being sarcastic, but if enough people take me seriously, I’ll get plenty of upvotes.


no man on this sub would ever admit its a personal flaw they can work on or change to get a relationship, its always everyone elses


Sadly yeah


Find better men in better places than an app. Work, school, church, etc....Good luck.


because they want an attractive girlfriend and feel entitled to one just bc they are a man




Yo. I'm 5'10". I'm taking this compliment for myself, thank you, sweet thing. Also, I've never put my height on a dating app, ever. Would that actually really help at all?