Need advice in asking girls out

Need advice in asking girls out


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Be direct. That’s literally it. “Hey, how you doing? Sorry to bother you, I’m [name]. I just thought you were really cute and was wondering if I could have your number.” The key here is confidence of course. Get in, ask what you’re gonna ask, and then head out. It’s terrifying and feels absolutely ridiculous. Best case scenario, she says yes and you now have her number and can get to know her and hopefully plan a date if you connect with her. Worst case scenario is that you get rejected. And then you do it again and it becomes a little less scary the next time. Either way you win.


"Hey let's grab a coffee together one of these days. What does your schedule look like?"


Here's a tip that a very wise person gave me long ago; Start by complimenting people you encounter that you have ZERO interest in dating. If you go to a store and the cashier is, say, 30 years older than you and looks like a mom or grandma, tell her you like her hairstyle or that her eyes are a nice color, just try to notice something nice and tell them. Then smile and wave goodbye and go about your day. First, you probably made their day, it's a very nice habit to get into. A lot of people don't get openly complimented often, and it can be such a huge boost (I know it makes my day!). Second, it makes you much more comfortable talking to people that you DO want to date, as you've grown accustomed to showing an interest or noticing things you like. Edit: A more specific answer to your question is to simply ask, "Hey, can I ask you something? Are you seeing anyone or dating or anything?" If she says "Yes.", just smile and be understanding and go about your day. If she says "No", then ask her if she'd like to get a drink or coffee sometime.


Don’t get attached to the idea of being with this stranger, treat them like a stranger and if they say no oh well what do you have to lose? You can also offer to give them your phone number that way they can decide wether to call/message you or not


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It’s better to give your number to them instead of asking for their number! Flatters the other person and leaves them feeling safe because they have an option!


Thats interesting... havent heard that b4... so i would say something like... could i have ur number? Or if u prefer, i could give u my number and u can decide what to do from there on!


You could say something like… here’s my number. Would love to get to know you over dinner sometime! Let me know if you’re interested! Giving them like a choice between them giving out their number or yours is imo just confusing!


And ugh... would u write ur number on a piece of paper and give it to her? Lolol Sorry i just think about possible scenarios