Help me be not be stupid and fall for a girl who's straight up told me I have 0 chance......and then we talk for 2 hours straight

Help me be not be stupid and fall for a girl who's straight up told me I have 0 chance......and then we talk for 2 hours straight


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It seems like you're sure this won't work out. You can't keep crushing on her and stay her friend at the same time. If you feel there is a chance with her, go and ask her out once for a final time. You won't move on if you stay at the same place


Hello OP, Trying to run from your emotions is a near guaranteed way for your brain to view them as a threat, and therefore, important. Imagine a hot celebrity flirts with you at a bar. Seriously...think of it. She invites you to her limo. You gonna say “no”, I’m in love with this one girl who won’t give me the time of day when she’s sober? No! You’re gonna go have an amazing story and some fun! And you know what, you’ll still have positive feelings about the other girl along the way. You cannot make a sweet poison disappear. But you can dilute it. Dilution is the solution. Add more experiences, and stories, and wild nights out to your pond. Accept you really like/love this girl, but go out and love others! Here’s what will happen: with other experiences you’ll put this relationship in context, and realize you can be in love with others even more! So don’t run form the feeling. Take a deep breath...accept how you feel, and go set up three other dates. Get out there, OP!


You just gotta keep dating other people. That’s how it is.


What do you mean "lose her as a friend" she's an old crush you haven't spoken to in a year.


I meant I wanted to not cut off contact again...but it seems stupid now


Because it is


Keep talking to her but make no moves unless your definitely sure.


She's in cali, im in Michigan. Though we talked of how she needed advice on this irish boy she met online and I needed advice on what to do with these girls I met at a festival. Afterwards we went back to flirting. She's extremely sarcastic to the point where its hard for me to tell what she wants. I want to belive shes not interested but just being flirty as thats easier to handle vs her actual wanting to date. Taking tour comments seems like the plan is to talk, but don't put much effort is without cleared data (may seem robotic but this is how my mind works) I tried talking to other people but there's been nothing like the spark between her and i.