[OC] Most popular fast food chain in the world and their country of origin

[OC] Most popular fast food chain in the world and their country of origin


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Gotta say, I've never heard of Hunt Brothers Pizza. They've got more stores than Taco Bell or Wendy's? Well, I learned something new today. Thanks Internet!


Hunt Bros is found in gas stations and convenience stores - I’ve never seen them as a stand alone restaurant. If you’re in the US, you might have one nearby and never realized it’s there.


They're more in the South!


Agreed, from Charlotte, NC. Never saw one until I went to school up in the Appalachian Mountains. All the dinky, slightly-outside-of-town gas stations had either a Hunt Brothers or subway


App State in Boone?


Hey I live in Charlotte! Also never saw one of those places!


Live in the south still haven’t seen one


They’re usually just a heater with individually packed slices of pizza in a gas station. Sometimes they’ll have a little canvas sign out front, sometimes they don’t even have that and it’s just the heat lamps inside. It’s hard to call it a restaurant. It’s like calling ballpark franks or taquitos sold on heat rollers at every gas station a restaurant chain. I know some Hunts are more involved than that but it’s still… odd.


Ohh okay so then this graph should have an asterisk


But even when that happens, you can order a full sized pizza. Just like at 7/11. It just takes like 7-10 minutes to cook and you're on your way.


I'm in the exact same boat. Only one I didn't recognize, and so high on the list! Also surprised Orange Julius is still so high. Had one in my small town mall when I was a child that went under. Moved to a big city on the west coast and haven't seen once since.


I'm stumped as to how Dairy Queen is not more numerous than Orange Julius. There must be a strong overseas presence of the latter.


Orange Julius is actually owned by DQ and you can get some of their drinks in DQ locations. I think the count for Orange Julius is due to its relatively tiny menu so it takes a lot less to run and fits into just about any space you might have in a mall. They're also big in Pacific Asia.


I’m stumped as to how Dairy Queen is numerous. Everyone I’ve stopped at felt like the wish.com version of mc Donald’s or Burger King


Dairy Queens often set up in towns that are too small for a McDonald's or Burger King.


I have like every fast food on my road and Dairy Queen is easily the worst


Good point on Orange Julius. Furthermore, I've traveled around the country a good bit and the only place I have every seen their stores in in a mall.


They're a southern chain. I'm guessing you don't live there.


I'm intrigued. What makes it a "fast food chain"? Do they supply the ingredients and the franchisee makes the pizza, and Hunt Brothers collects a franchise fee"? I do realize that I could learn all this by doing some research. But that would require effort.


Yes. Imagine an extra counter inside a gas station, where they have some rows of little boxes of hot pizza slices waiting to find a home. It's nothing special, but apparently it's plentiful.


Never heard of it either and I’m in Florida. Apparently there is one about 30 miles from here. There are like 35 Taco Bell locations within 30 miles of here.


I'm in TX, what part of the South are they prevalent?


They're everywhere in Dallas and Houston. Do a google maps search!


Google maps is showing 1 in Houston.


I found at least 6. But they're usually inside some other store like a c-store so there may be many more. I think there's one free-standing store here in Austin, but another half dozen in some c-stores.


That explains it, thanks.


https://www.huntbrotherspizza.com/locations/?city=houston%2C+tx There are nearly 20 locations in Houston. Searching "Hunt Brothers" in Google Maps doesn't pull them up, since they are inside gas stations. You'd need to search for the gas station itself.


Ah, I was looking for Orange Julius, but someone reports that they are hard to find for the same reason.


Live in h town and never seen one , they are not everywhere here , shit there’s probably only one if any


Ya, lived in AZ most of my life, never heard of them - looks like there are none at all in my state.


Same here. Also never heard of Hardees


I haven't researched these in depth, but from various readings and sources, some drivers for why there are more Subway's than McDonalds... It costs way less in franchise fees to open a Subway store. So that's a big driver of the dependent reasons... If your goal is to build up a regional cluster of stores, you can open many more Subway's with a given amount of capital and "HQ team"... For investor visas (EB-5, I think), you need to employ a given number of workers for a given investment amount. So lower franchise fees --> more stores --> more workers. I heard Subway marketed to these investors pretty aggressively.


Great analysis. It occurs to me as well that no Subway ingredients are frozen - so this simplifies the supply chain and operating expenses by only requiring refrigeration. In addition to all the brick-&-mortar locations, there's a crapton of Subways wedged into truck stops and gas stations (with lower customer volume), where restaurants with more overhead are unable to thrive. Sometimes it takes only one ~~worker~~ *sandwich artisan* to keep it running.


Uh there’s def a freezer in subway and a walk in fridge. The bread “sticks” and cookies are kept in the freezer section until they are to be baked. Many Subways are also run by single employees at a time. That’s true and probably the bigger cost saver.


Oh, ty for the freezer correction


Didn't subway also famously open way too many restaurants and has been building back because they've been in the red?


I believe there's also many franchisees who will open multiple locations as there's some economy of scale involved.


I hear it's far more common for an investor group to negotiate for the master franchising rights for a fairly large area. On a related note, I read somewhere that a handful of families of Indian origin control an astonishing % of hotels for some of the mid tier chains.


I did research several years ago looking to buy and setup a franchise. The difference in cost to setup is large. At the time I did it, in my location, it was on the order of 4 times more to setup McDonald's. But the offset is that the income tends to be larger as well.


Subway also does not do geo restrictions like most franchises. They don't limit how far two locations have to be from each other. There are many cases of Subways being across the street or literally next to each other.


McDonald’s owns real estate. Subway does not


As someone who's traveled to China quite often in the last 20 years I'm surprised some of their fast food restaurants aren't on the list. For instance, Diccos which is a Chinese version of KFC.


There are many regional franchises in China, that have many stores in one particular city, or region, but won't be on a list that compares total number.




They do, and a lot of them!


Same goes for subway. At least in the metropolitan areas on the east coast. Each mall has at least one subway on the foodcourt.


Was surprised at how subway is above McDonalds, til i realised there are 3 in 5 mil radius to me, where was there’s only 1 maccas in my whole area, other is at least 30 minutes away


It's one of the cheapest franchise restaurants to own. But HQ takes alot bigger share and they usually don't make much cash. I remember reading that owners make on average of 70 000$. Not sure if they make that in profit or if they need to actually work there. Either way, what you're doing is paying for a franchise fee to basically get a job.


Sometimes you can see a Subway if your standing outside of another Subway. It’s ridiculous.


In europe mcd is king. I have like 4 close to me and i live in the Countryside. The rest has maybe 1 shop im each area max. Some have only shops in big citys. Looked up some numbers for Germany McDonald's 1,484 Burger King 750 Subway 692


There’s actually a chain in the Philippines called “Orange Brutus,” and I just now realized why that’s funny.


Im in Europe and certainly recognise everything from Domino's on upward, and almost nothing below that. Odd one out for me is KFC, it exists here in Sweden but has utterly failed to gain a foothold


They should add boiled potatoes. They had to add rice for their Asian stores to start getting customers.


Wait, you’re telling me they don’t have rice, that McDonald’s Fried Chicken isn’t in the USA and they didn’t have coke float until recently? My whole life is a lie.


I’ve heard the KFC did remarkably well in the Asian market and really adapted their menu to local cultures. KFCs are few and far between, even in the southern US. I eat far more fast food than I care to admit due to working out of a vehicle, but I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually went to a KFC.


Americans sure know how to get someone obese.


We’re so good at it, we don’t even need fast food anymore to do it. All our food makes us fat.


Jollibee changed their recipe and tried to follow in KFC's footsteps. They have ruined the best spicy fried chicken I've ever had in America (even though they're from Phillip) The skin was thin and crispy not overly heavy with batter, it almost tasted like chicken skin chicharron. Their spicy powder was like a dry cajun rub but zestier. Now it's just a thick heavy overly salty crunchy flavorless mess like KFC.


Here in the Philippines, where Jollibee is from they both have very different taste and it also depends per part, I’m more of a chicken leg supremacy person, especially on McDonald’s and Jollibee chicken.


Shame about that, although Jollibee there has unique offerings we don't get here in the Philippines.


Idk how recent they changed it but I had Jollibee last year and it was still miles ahead of KFC. Atleast the spicy chicken was.


If you’re number 1 is from a chain you need to try more places


It was the #1 fried chicken fast food. But now that you mention it, there are almost never any spectacular fried chicken restaurants. Even when they try to get fancy, it comes out dry and salty even though the chicken is fresh. Chef Jonathan Waxmans's fried chicken, who I had the pleasure of working with, comes to mind. In his Californian cuisine style restaurants, located in New York and Nashville, are the closest thing to good fried and rotisserie chicken. Not surprisingly, I enjoy the chicken from World Famous Hot Boys restaurant, better. The spices are just on point. And what is your fried chicken spot?


I never considered starbucks to be a fast food joint. I guess that's what a good brand image does for ya.


Yeah... that's still kinda "iffy" to me. I don't think anything that SB's sells could be considered "fast food" in the traditional sense. *Some* stores (but not even all) sell pre-made, pre-packaged sandwiches. And most sell coffeecake and danishes. But "fast food" usually connotates a meal that is prepared while-you-wait. A latte is *not* a meal, I don't care *how* many shots of espresso you put in it.


Actually, other than the reserve/roastery locations, all of our food is prepackaged. From an employee standpoint I can tell you that we should be considered fast food. The company has been slowly drifting more similarly to a McDonald’s rather than a coffee shop.


To the execs who determine the food at SB… do better. Y’all shit’s nasty. Every couple of years I’ll forget how awful it is and get a breakfast sandwich, and it’s horrendous. I almost never go to coffee shops after buying my own espresso machine, but every now and then it’s nice go get some sugar laden fancy drink. It’s pretty bad when I prefer McDonalds’ worse drinks because I can actually get a tasty meal with it.


Honestly excluding a couple sandwiches I think most of our food is pretty good.


I don't know a single person who's favorite fast food is subway


It’s based on # of locations not actual preference. Subway’s business model relies on market saturation, much like Starbucks, but I think Starbucks’ quality allows them to be less saturated and remain profitable.


I was floored by that ranking myself, would've guessed it was gonna be Micky-D's and then everybody else.


Source; tool: [Annual Reports collected by Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_largest_fast_food_restaurant_chains). The numbers are updated at the end of 2020; Tableau. Also posted [on](https://www.foodydata.com/post/most-popular-fast-food-chains-in-the-world). Edit: The numbers are constant being updated and always changing.


Every time I go to a subway it’s empty


Wow, I figured other countries had something like Jolibee. Apparently it really was a bigger deal than I realized


Jolibee is the Filipino version of "American Food", so is it also technically American?


But you got that rice…


Wrapped in the shape of a bun


"ooh a side burg...oh no it's just rice"


They also serve Filipino favorites like palabok and halo halo, in addition to the chicken joy.


Sure, but it's largely modeled on Post WWII American GI favorites.


Nobody does fast food better than the US! It shows in more ways than one


Quantity != Quality


They are not the same things but not mutually exclusive. You can have both.


I can't believe it's Subway!) After this story with their commercial guy)


Or the ongoing tuna debacle, or the fact that in Ireland they can't legally call their bread "bread", or the fact that they got sued because their foot longs were less than 12 inches. At this point I don't really know how they are still going. Plus, pretty much any other sandwich shop makes a better sandwich, not some half assed sliced bread taco.


None of those things really changed anything… Subways are everywhere. They do have several issues that are mounting but the issues you listed don’t have a large impact on the people who already go there anyway. You’re not going there to get a good sandwich, you’re going there to get fast food.


I dunno, here there is nothing similar unless you consider any fast food to be similar.


Subway franchises are cheap and profitable.


Yep. That's the reason) I like Subway sandwiches, thou)


Are you using “)” in place of “.”? I’ve never seen that before.


My fiancee and I ran a small contest between the two of us to see which big fast food chain has the best chicken sandwich, Jollibee won it, with Chik-fil-a being second. I highly recommend you try them out if you haven't yet, their big yum burger is pretty dang good too.


I don't think they even have **big** yum burgers from the origin country


Be interested to see the breakdown of where these stores are located (specifically how many are outside the US). I've never heard of Hunt Brothers before but wiki tells me it's US-only so that makes sense, despite it having more locations than international Taco Bell.


its weird seeing Wendy’s so very far behind McDonalds in number of locations when I’d consider them their biggest competitor.


I don’t think they’re very global though, I think only in US and maybe a few other countries


Would definitely explain it!


No wonder Subway has gone to shit the last 10 years damn.


The one near me doesn't even offer feta anymore.


I can't believe there are still over 18k Pizza Huts around. That place blows.


Pizza Hut isn’t my go to, prefer Dominoes, but I seriously miss having dine in locations with the salad bar and pizza buffet. Had one next to my community college and I used to go there all the time with a friend between classes to eat and study.


I saw a bunch in SE Asia.


Per their website, the US has around 7400 locations. That means almost 11k scattered throughout the rest of the globe.


I was in Honduras recently. There was a Pizza Hut on almost every corner. They had this little hut in the parking lot. Like a grab and go or something. Same size as a valet hut. But there was a full size restaurant as well. I was very surprised.


Right? I have *no idea* how the one near me stays open. The only business they get is the season-closing parties for the sports teams of 12-year-olds. By the time they reach 13 they're pretty much done with PH and will never go back.


They do delivery. I’m not sure why their in house pizza buffet sucks so bad, because their delivery pizzas are actually really good.


I mean, they've got cheesy crusts which is an instant win compared to the other pizza joints


Now while I have to admit, PH cheesy crust is pretty tasty, it is in reality just them saying "we know our toppings, dough, and tomato sauce just can't compete, so will do this cool thing with the crust".


I don't think I've gotten anything from a pizza hut in at least 20 years. But dominos, not the best around but decent and cheap. Get from them pretty frequently.


Just getting our first jollibee nearby here in fairfax county, va. Looks like fried chicken, was hoping it’d be something different from the standard offerings already. I’m waiting for a fast food spot drive thru to open that offers some vegetables.


Fried chicken and spaghetti.


I haven't heard of half of these.


Wtf is hunt brothers


"America's #1 made-to-order and by-the-slice pizza with convenience stores customers." Seems like they supply the shitty pizza you see in gas stations. A bit of a stretch to call it a "fast food chain."


As opposed to the shitty food you see across the street from gas stations?


It's not shitty. It's actually extremely good. All toppings are included for the price. Size is great for a personal pizza that isn't like a child's sized thing. Ranking them with the main fast food pizza places, I like it leagues more than Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. Slightly more than Dominos.


Literally the absolute worst gas station pizza, not even a restaurant shouldn’t be on this list.


I feel like there's 41,600 Subway restaurants in Toronto alone.


Subway first are you kidding me, sandwiches over allnofnthe other stuff, fuck me.


Number of Locations ≠ Most Popular OP


Yeah that bugged me for some reason, just use the title from the graph.


It's crazy how many subway locations there are. They don't even have real Tuna!!


Eco friendly my man, they are saving our oceans


should've just got impossible meat like BK did, I wonder if there's impossible Tuna?


I'm sorry, but what the fuck is hunt brothers pizza and why am I only hearing about it now?




Please not at 4am in the morning 😳


Wtf is with Starbucks people? It's not good and is extremely over priced.


The graphs shows home many locations there are. The title in the picture (largest) is much better than the one in the actual title (most popular).


The post title is very misleading... The data isn't a measure of popularity, it's purely how many stores exist - as others have pointed out, # of stores is a strategy decision, but doesn't necessarily reflect customer opinion.


Burger King is horrible. I don't understand how it still exists. Same with Subway. Literally the worst sandwich place.


Idk in US but im my country BK is way better than MC.


What's interesting is there's no other large sandwich chain competing (per this visualization). Whereas BK has several competitors. Not sure what that says about the different verticals in fast food.


It's because it's across the world. Need to go worldwide with Jersey Mike's. It's 100% better than Subway.


Great point. I'll see if I can find a Jersey Mike's around. Thanks!


Jersey Mikes, Firehouse Subs, Blimpe, Quiznos, Jimmy Johns. I'd take all of those over Subway. But Subway is real big Internationally. Same with KFC. Which is why they're on this chart.


If Burger King includes Hungry Jacks then I imagine Australia adds a decent amount. When I travelled to the US I thought that HJ was significantly nicer than BK.


This is interesting context and helps remind me that things are not the same everywhere as they are locally to me. I live not too far from Canada and would have guessed that Tim Horton’s would appear somewhere on the list… I know they’re popular in Canada.


I, too, was surprised Tim Horton’s wasn’t on the list. Wikipedia says it only has ~4.9K locations.


and decreasing. tim's is awful now


Not even close although I wish you were right: https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/tim-hortons-china-to-go-public-through-merger-open-2-500-new-locations-in-five-years-1.5549079


Isn't Jollibee still treating their employees badly? Their contractualization are unfair and just plain evil, just so they can earn more than the billions that they already have.


Do a chart of obesity, diabetes and childhood ailments by country too


Number of stores is a quite poor way to compare these because different companies have different enfranchisement rules. Notably, subway has no rules which allows franchisees to open up subways across the street from other subways


Man it’s crazy how vast the landslide is even within the Top 15


How is Subway above McDonald's? I would have guessed it's heavily the other way around. Is Subway extremely popular in some non-western country?


I have 2 McDonald within 10km of me but I have 7 Subways (Australia) so it could be.


I know of 8 McDonald's near me and a single Subway. Same for when I lived in the US.


There’s no reason there should be two Starbucks across the parking lot from each other. Maybe soon there’ll be a Starbucks inside another Starbucks… does this still count as 2? Incept-Starbucks?


We discussed this in my business econ capstone. They ran tests and determined that people were so lazy they would pull more revenue having two Starbucks on opposite sides of the same street as customers wouldn’t have to go through the most arduous ordeal of making uturns. Murica.


Amazing. SMH. This should not count as 2 locations in the chart, though. Btw, what’s a “capstone”?


I went to college in the US, not sure if you’re here or somewhere else. At my university, capstones were mandatory for all programs. It’s basically a course that combines everything you’ve learned over your time in your degree program in a more practical application method of instruction. In my business school, students from all of the various majors in the business school take the course together and form teams. These teams behave like company management and are presented with various business-related problems to solve with little to no direction from the professor. This included Marketing, Business Administration, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Finance, etc. it was pretty interesting. My capstone professor was from the top school in the state, had decades of business experience and had amazing scenarios to work on. The capstone project (final project) was to pick a company and develop a business plan for a new revenue stream, then present it. He brought in several successful local CEOs to critique. I ended up running the economic AND financial projections because the finance person in our group clearly didn’t pay attention during any of their finance courses and the other majors, except maybe supply chain management, weren’t very math/stats heavy.


Didn’t pay attention during school, eh? Sounds like real life. :) Are capstones done outside business schools? I known there’s a software engineering course with similar cross-skill teams, but they don’t include *all* 15 topics in CS, just the ones related to practical programming. And I can not imagine it in the humanities, where, say, a sculpture is rendered by a team who all learned different techniques.


I thought Arby’s had the meats. They aren’t even on the list.


Surprised how many orange Julises there are. I assume that is including all of the DQ locations as the Wikipedia article is unreferenced.


Glad to see that Jollibee is there! 🙂


Subway makes its money from sub par franchisees. They give out franchies like hot cakes to collect money from small business owners like it's an MLM that's why they have so many locations. McDonald's on the other hand makes money off the restate that the McDonald's store is sitting on.


Nothing can beat the classic chickenjoy!!


What the fuck is hunt brothers pizza?


This is false information. Subway us not the most popular. They are a failing business selling franchises to make profit. Many will have to close and a successful add campaign or a change in product is a must.


So, are you saying that their number of locations is wrong, or are you just arguing because you think they're a failing business and don't care what data the graph is showing?


Love me some Jolibee! Not.


And hence why US is the obesity capital of the world.


Now the same thing but the colour is average Glucosamine index. My suspicion is that it is positively coordinator.


The Golden Seagull isn't top of the list. Surprised.


Please wendys catch up so you'll come to Australia


Wait, there's a non- US- based company on this list?! WHERE GO MY 'MURICA?!?


Where in the hell is Hunt Brother's Pizza?! And why the hell don't they use an apostrophe in their name? Now it sounds like they're reving up the congregation to go murder pizzas.


Sorry, everyone, that we let the Subway sheit escape the laboratory.


This graph is biased by the US only because they eat almost only in fast foods (been to NYC, almost no restaurant over there), it would be more interesting if the US was removed


some of the best food ive ever eaten was in manhattan. Best pizza ever had. ( maybe chicago) and best mexician food ive ever had.


My point was that the Americans make the stats of their fast foods grow a lot and it is not relatable in other countries


All shitty places with unhealthy food. Starbucks is the healthiest.


fuck starbucks way overpriced for a shitty coffee.


Does Hardee’s include Carl’s Jr. or are they separate for the purposes of this analysis? Carl’s Jr. > Hardee’s, fite me.


HUNT BROTHERS PIZZA #1 connivence store pizza of the south 😤😤😤 https://youtu.be/kqPOnSdgmds


Philippines practicing capitalism like Daddy America


We don't even have subway here heh


Fast food being a thing tells a lot about a society


I know none of those under domino's


Damn, I for sure thought that T-Bell would be higher. They are everywhere, here in MI and IN.


Make it 20. Let some Canadian chains on the list. Please.