[OC] Decay of pendulum in elliptical swing

[OC] Decay of pendulum in elliptical swing


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Beautiful examples of natural phenomena. Did you personally take the photos? Any info on exposure time, and general setup & methodology? Thanks!


I did take these photos! Although I know I’m not the first person to document this. I made a oversimplified video that glosses over the process you can check out [here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PhotographyProTips/comments/npxx11/beautiful_pendulum_long_exposure/) Really is simple to do and reveals beautiful patterns that can change dramatically depending on multiple variables. I would encourage you to give it a shot (pun intended). Feel free to DM me if you run into any problems. Exposures times are 444” and 248” respectively. Edit: changed to seconds.


Do you mean minutes or seconds ?


I meant seconds. My mistake, thanks for pointing that out.


These would have made beautiful blank VHS cover sleeves.


As required of all OC on this sub, these are long exposure photos I took capturing the path of a pendulum in decaying elliptical swing as viewed from perpendicular to its plane of motion. First photo is a capture of 444 seconds with an elliptical starting swing. Second photo is 248 seconds with a more round starting swing.


You can't just make windows media player screenshot and say it's mean something