Obligatory DS 1 bonewheel. The vagrants with the homing missiles are also annoying


Just seeing them in DS3 invokes fear in me. They're super nerfed and it does not matter. I have fear.


These are not bad, they have low health and not much agro, so bow and arrow is how to handle them. Bone wheel are worst. I don't like the dogs either. And i almost forgot, the ice/thunder unicorns in DS2. Those are the worst....


Nobody leaves horsefuck valley unscathed.


Summon a brony and let them have his way with those f\* hasbro rejects. They deserve what comes next.


I played DS3 first, and heard much about how hated the bone wheels were, but I thought they were okay in DS3, wasn't sure what all the fuss about them was And then I tried DS1 catacombs, and holy shit those bone wheels are something else


Mostly cuz the game throws like 6 at a time. In Painted World the well with illusory walls of DS1 they’re fine


I was gonna say its worse in the paintes world because theyre in like narrow hallways which is just obnoxious


Pinwheel’s lackeys showed no remorse. They just kept spinning!


But…funny bonewheel


I literally just laugh when it hits me 😂😂


Every time I get hit by a Mushroom Parent it makes me laugh lol


It’s a skeleton in a wheel that rolls around. How can it not?


Ice hedgehogs are worse than Bonewheels as they're more agile, even if they aren't as fast. They also inflict bleed, and can attack while not rolling. They also do contact damage, which can interrupt animations and further stunlock.


Those things hit like a truck. If I wanted to fight Sonic the Hedgehog and his variants, I'd play a Sonic the Hedgehog game.


I don't think you fight Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog.


In quite a few of the games, actually, you do indeed fight Sonic


Actually Sonic, or Robotniks poor excuses for clones or robots of Sonic? ​ I have not played them all and the only Sonic I remember fighting is the final boss in Sonic 2.


Mind you that it has been a long time since I’ve played any Sonic game, and I was never terribly interested in the first place, so I may have some of this wrong. That said, off the top of my head, I believe that you fight actual Sonic while playing as Shadow in both Shadow The Hedgehog, and Sonic Adventure 2’s dark story.


To be fair, you can also easily bow them down.


But...muh Unga bunga. Q.Q


Maybe _you_ can. _I,_ however, am a Hero with a big sword and unobscured face. Hands tied.


you just invoked so many bad memories😟 THE ICE HEDGEHOG MFS I HATE THOSE BITCHES!!!!


In my last run, I played a high poise/high endurance paladin with greatshield. It was a pleasure to tank away the bonewheel attacks.


The silver knight archers in anor londo


You are literally untouchable if you just run in a circle with the bone wheels, besides, they are just so… dark souls


excellently, if you draw them to the corridor just before the Pinwheel arena there's an invisible threshold that they literally cannot cross. They end up just spinning on the spot while you're free to pyromance them at leisure from just out of reach


I have a hilarious clip of me going through the little cutscene where you turn the wheel and then just get destroyed by 8 of them.


This. Jailers are the worst DS3 enemies by far but they don't even come close to the level of bullshit of the bonewheels.


Those ice hedgehogs from the DS2 dlc are worse


Those are still my number 1. Felt like an enemy from OOT that you use the hookshot but there I was without a hookshot


Strong contender.


Them and the horses


I kill those with a bow. Every time.


Oh god the fact that I'm not through with the game and the worst enemies are in the dlc scares me.




>constant horseshit This is called "foreshadowing"


Honestly think that dlc is pretty good too outside of the reindeer area.




Fair enough. I really enjoyed the level design.




ABSOLUTELY, the jailers you really just need to kill them before they see you. The only way to attack the hedgehog is at a distance hoping they don’t reach you before you finish the fucking animation


So true (even if ds2 is my favorite game of the soulsborne license)


You mean Sonic the meth hog.


They're brilliantly designed, I hate them but they absolutely achieve what they're designed to do, which is make players miserable. My first run died in that prison in fact


Same, I love to hate them and their nasty ass vibes. Their creepy walk, their awful noises. Terrible! And great!


The prison was one of the most frightening locations for me in any souls game and these assholes were a critical part of why I found it so frightening. From their movement to how they reduce your stats with their attacks - I think they are really well designed.


Reminds me of Deepnest in Hollow Knight. I hated that area so much because of how fucking unsettled it made me, but I can acknowledge the love and care put into making it as uncomfortable as possible.


The creep factor starts with that jumpscare in one of the jail rooms near the bonfire. Then you meet these masked, tall humanoid abominations with their OP max health reduction that is often hard to understand the mechanics of at first go and they look scary with their slow and intimidating approach. Then, there's a dozen zombie jumps from the jail rooms, mutating zombies and the constant wailing of that one weird monster in the cells on the other side. Then, you get to the bottom floor and there's like 10 jailors patrolling the area and again scary monster noises. It is somewhat of a short area but definitely made me tense and scared. I had to quit at the bonfire after the jumpscare at the start and come back in a day or two.


Agree so much. This is top-notch souls-style horror


They punish you for not being careful, which to me is Dark Souls to its core.


“Poor design” is the phrase I hear more and more from the Soulsborne community, it always comes across as just whining about not being able to Git Gud.


For sure. They are super memorable, always intimidating, yet doable if you just play carefully. If anything, criticize the totally forgettable cannon-fodder mobs. I struggle to think of any but that's kinda the point.


"I didn't kill it first try so obvs it's bad design"


Me: Wait it’s all poor design?? Miyazaki: Always has been🔫 👨‍🚀


And honestly, the concept fits *soooo* well in a prison. Their gaze literally weakens you and incapacitates you, that is such a perfect ability for a jailer


Brainsuckers 😳 I shiver just at the thought


Those fuckers bitchslap so hard


They get triggered insanely easily and will not only take your HP/life but also remove an important currency; insight.


Two words, Winter Lanturn. From BloodBorne


That’s like 10 words


6 actchualee


Bless you


How rude of him to not thank you :(


Fr bro needs a thankerchief


Sorry, it’s the flu


No it’s duck season


Thanks for the heads up. That would of took my head off




But but the period. The period.


What's SUPPOSED to be the tactic on these? I typically just cower in fear because their song is nightmare fuel. Also the frenzy building sound effect is torturous. Fucking hate everything about these things.


I equip all the frenzy resist you can and can usually kill them before it goes off


Parry. Your health doesn’t drop if you’re in the Visceral animation.


Time a parry so frenzy procs while you have i-frames performing a visceral and you don't take any damage from the frenzy.


Winter Lanterns are actually really easy once you realize if you parry them while your frenzy goes off you don't take any damage




Very true, but they freak me out sooo much, so easily a "Worst enemy in Soulsborne games" contender.


Didn't the joke weapon plank shield also block Frenzy at one point?


yep it did. At release it would block frenzy before being patched out. I don't remember when it was patched but it wasn't too long after release. Really sucks it was an interesting bug, like you were blocking your eyes from the frenzy


I've just completed bloodbore and it was my last soulsborne game to complete. Those damn winter lanterns were the only thing that made me ragequit the game one night


Winter lanturn is a on sight hell no kinda thing


Fuck those guys holy shit


Not poorly designed though.


I hate the Winter Lanterns- just looking at them is terrifying to me. But they're not poorly designed- they do what they're supposed to do and they do it well. Plus, you can learn how to defeat them.


Them and the stupid brainsuckers


These guys are definitely in my top 5 worst souls enemies for sure. I wish there was a ring in one of the dungeon cells you could find that negated their health-reversal (probably in that big open area at the bottom where there’s like 10 of them). It would make for a really fun “hunter becomes the hunted“ dynamic as you break out of the jail and turn the tables on these guys.


There’s really not enough of them to warrant a ring, though. The dungeons would have to be, at least, twice as long for that to be enough of a relief to be worth putting in the game, let alone wearing.


In DS1 they made a ring for one boss....


Or the one for once area


Are you referring to Four Kings ?




It serves a different purpose though as the ring doesn't make the fight easier - it makes it possible hence it's there to block progression whatsoever. If jailers were just killing player on sight then your analogy would've been right (I bet some tryhards still could've made it through without the ring lol)


Yes, a boss. And the ring was critical to telling the story.


Besides the room with like twenty. Hate that room.


Theres a bunch of useful shit in that room too, a mimic that drops a titanite scale, the prisoner, and other items. I spent so much time dying and coming back to that damn room


Let the red eyes out. He will fuck up a bunch of jailers for you


There is a sword right after this area that is made to beat one boss. Rarely anyone uses it after and it makes that boss feel silly.


All though that would be fun it would make the area a joke on ng+


Once when going to grab my souls in that room I accidentally opened the cage with the lycanthrope inside. Apparently he's pissed about being locked up cause he killed ALL of them while I stood by and watched


Bloodborne sharks would like to disagree


If your caught in that well with no way to parry them then may God have mercy on you


You can parry the Guras.


Gawr's when parry chained: # a


Shark Giant difficulty fall hard if parried.




People seem to be confusing "worst design" with "annoying/difficult"


yeah for sure. There's far worse enemies due to hitboxes or just so many at once that it doesn't seem like it's supposed to function that way. Like annoying part of bonewheels isn't that they're tough, it's that their hitbox is like 4x what should be expected by their model, and having to deal with such ginormous hitboxes and learn the exact path to take to avoid them doesn't seem intended. It extends way out in front and to the sides but only when they're rolling and not for hits.


Dark Souls 3's late game in particular lives on *"so many at once"* as a difficulty mechanic. The Bonewheels' fine tradition of outsized hitboxes on rotating enemies carried on to the Chariots in the Hero Graves in Elden Ring too, but it's not nearly as blatant.


Agreed. I will agree the Jailers are annoying as hell to deal with. But I would never say they're poorly designed since their health drain can't kill you (I think it leaves you with 1 HP max) and it's a line-of-sight attack so hiding behind a wall would stop it. Plus they're slow to attack and can be backstabbed. Annoying, but great design. Outrider Knights, Corvians and the dual dagger snek men on the other hand...


Corvians give me PTSD


Including OP lol


I see people saying enemies from bloodborne, unfortunately as an xbox player I am unable to agree or disagree. But the jailers are a terror for a new player for sure. Personally I LOVE irithyll dungeon, unpopular opinion, so I have fond memories of these guys even if they made my life hell


Winter lanterns are enemies with mushroom heads. If they see you enough, your head explodes (literally). Sharks are DLC enemies, some giant ones have anchor weapons similar to the one you obtain in Elden ring. I'll let you imagine how had it is.


Oh fuck I totally forgot about the sharks. Fuck those fucking stupid motherfuckers.


They are an environmental challenge. Their health drain only happens when in line of sight (when they light their lanterns) therefore proper timing on your movements and hiding behind walls is the intended way to approach them. If you're not doing that, you're not fighting them correctly.


> Their health drain only happens when in line of sight (when they light their lanterns) I don’t know if you know, but their drain is actually physical (but invisible) projectiles, small spheres the size of their staff’s head. You can dodge through them like any other projectile, think Bloodborne gunners.


I did see a video showing the hitboxes before, yes. However, being able to dodge it is indeed news to me. :o


Here you have it, my friends. https://youtu.be/wvqqA2tvwLA


To be honest I always just bumrushed them. Anything creepy or annoying = rush that shit down before it does something


Nah first time always kill everything, after that just run past them


Solid point, and I agree about the health drain. But it's that and the ***GODDAMNED BRAND*** that does it.


Just give ya a little *poke*


Just a little *boop*




Also, their walking animation, it just looks like it was done to be slow, but then sped up


Haha. Fair enough :p


I useally just run up and backstab em works like a charm


This applies for every single Souls game they decided to put these enemies in.. The slimes that drop off the ceilings. These enemies are my pick for the worst designed enemy exclusively for pure physical damage classes. These enemies take such a beating that you end up breaking your weapons on them. Get cornered? Guess I'll die!


gotta have firebombs ready


Love the section where you basically have to bait 8 of them, one at a time. If you go out and actually try to be a badass, they melt you in seconds.


That's what they are designed for. They are an anti brute force mob. You have to be clever not strong to get through the irythill dungeon


Did this yesterday. Melted everything in Profaned Capital and came back through that door and said, “Let’s do this”. Charged in… Died in seconds.


I can't call it "bad" design. It's just gimmicky and very punishing. I kinda like it because it really made me slow down and approach the level with extra caution. Also they look really cool, so automatically gets bonus points for that.


I disagree, they're very easy to rush and weak. Even their inspiration, the jailers from demons souls are worse. I would say thralls/imps are the worst, or the royal revenant.


The soul suckers or whatever they are called from the demons souls prison world.


Ds2 fuckhorse valley's fuckhorses. Also the sonic the hedgehog from the hit DLC Burnt Ivory King, fuck those hedgehogs


Not even top 5 most annoying imo


Lay it on me bro. Change my mind. I want lists. I want justification. This is sports radio now.


Royal Revenants Bloodborne Sharks Lobsters Bonewheels Reindeers


One armed purple dudes from Sekiro


especially when there's two or three


"Let's fill an area with fast-moving enemies when we designed the combat to be most effective and satisfying in one on one fights. And if you try to bait some of them they'll whistle, alerting their dogs and the other ninja."


yeah its super annoying when a one armed purple dude has two or three arms


Surprisingly really easy once you know how to fight them. Hit R1, then deflect their attack. Every 4th attack they'll do an overhead kick which you can deflect and hit them to stagger out of the sweep that follows. Rinse and repeat. This works on the boss variants of these mobs too.


I wanted to tell OP that the Royal Revenants would like a word 😂


I'd add ER's "swords for feet birds"... Honorary 6th?


You nailed it bro.


>Royal Revenants > >Bloodborne Sharks > >Lobsters > >Bonewheels > >Reindeers yes., This guy dies.


Shark giants, fat naked chalice guys, outrider knights, undead giants, archdragon stone lizards. The list goes on. I don’t really find the jailers annoying, I’m usually able to kill them before they try anything and I’m even able to run past them without any harm.


Oh yeah they’re reasonable easy to avoid (except for if you’re going to free that dark pyromancer and have to wade through the thicket of them), but what a pain. The Shark Giants are generally fairly easy to avoid one-on-one but yeah that double team in the well is truly awful. The other ones seem reasonably fair to me. Outrider knights are fast but really predictable.


I’m always able to run past the jailers to free Karla and get the profaned coal.


I hate those stone lizards with all of my being


If we include Elden Ring, revenants are worse.


Did you know they can't hit you if you use the curl up emote.




Very true also not a fan of the adjudicators from ringed city. The 500 archers at the lake may be my least favorite part of the dlc


At least it can't actually kill you from range. On the other hand, Winter Lanterns...


Winter lantern, I win


Those jailers we're the bane of my existence now they are cake it's about knowing when to run away tactically speaking


I don’t mind these ladies. Fuck the blighttown toxic blowdart fuckers though, if they didn’t despawn on death I’d probably have quit the game


I just recently said how these are some of the worst enemies in the game, I totally agree! I also dislike the giant hand monsters in the same area, way too much health on those bad boys.


Those hand monsters are literally one my favorite enemies in souls, they’re so gross but oddly cute in a deranged way


Theyre just huge little babies tryin to get a hug :(


Bad but highly condensed. Dogs are the worst imo. They're everywhere and broken.


Too many dogs is ridiculous (wolves in Ashes of Ariandel are pretty grim), but a few dogs is an effort to teach the player rhythm and spacing, I think (and how powerful weapons with a poke R2s are).


All true. I don't like how they pop in to you even though they couldn't do it naturally. They're so janky that can even kill themselves by popping through walls.


The greatwolf boss got me so salty I put bleed resin on my katana in my win. Yeah like 80 bleed. I was that angry.


I always found the Ashes of Ariandel wolves easier than the dogs. Even when they howl and aggro all the others to you, they generally only attack one or two at a time, while the others just circle around you. They have fairly low health, so if you play conservatively, you can pretty efficiently take them out one by one with just a couple hits


I swear souls players have never heard of a shield in their lives.






I thought this was one of the truly great things that DS3 had to offer.


Honestly never got the hate behind these guys, I don't think I've died because of them a single time. I think the enemy I hate the most is those stupid rock guys on archdragon peak that shove you off the ledge.


Imagine if they were in Lost Izalith.


Never had any problem with those Jailers, one the easiest enemies for me IMO. However those ice hedgehogs in DS2 Ivory King DLC makes me want to throw my controller and myself out of window.


Let me guess, he pinned you to the ground with his glow iron about 15 minutes before you wrote this post?


Outrider Knights. They put me on the ropes no matter how good I get at this game. Can wax any boss, but those icy SOBs really stress me out. I need to meet the Sharks. Never did the Bloodborne DLC! Winter Lanterns are up there though!


Will never forget when I first played ds3 and on my first playtrough I got invaded in dungeon and the guy was wearing jailer set and soldering iron. He was walking in circle with other jailers where Karla is locked up. I never even notice him since he was wearing untrue dark ring. That was some coolest invasion I ever had to date. I even manage to beat him running away from all of them and kicking him down where you go to giant giving me my first pvp win in ds3. Was memorable tho.


They are actually quite brilliant because they make you play a certain way. You can try to ungabunga them but you will just lose a shitload of HP in the process, but if you spend the time to lure them separately they really aren't that big of a deal. Dangerous? Yes. Poorly designed? No.


Doesn't look like a dog to me!


Archdragon Peak Rock Lizard


I don’t think they’re the “worst designed” necessarily, but they are most definitely one of the most aggravating/annoying. The part with the group (8-10) of them can kick my butt, sure, but I get their “deal”. It’s fine and all that, but I can’t wait to get away from them forever ha.


They are definitely one of the most annoying. But I'd argue that they are designed *well* in a sense of them being extremely dangerous. The whole "staggering you when your health is reduced" into "sizzle time" is super frustrating, but it gets the job done. All that said, I fucking hate these things and always run past them.


Lol its seriously not that hard to deal with him


Idk if you meant annoying, sure I agree there. Worst designed? No way the design is unique and awesome, id say one of my favorites. I get so sick of shield and sword enemies.


Enemies like this, that are horrific, can be frustrating but they really make the area unforgettable. Lothric Dungeon is one of the most memorable areas in souls-like, no dungeon in Elden Ring even came close to it's atmosphere


Catacombs Imps from lands between said hi 😈😈


FFFFFFFFFFFfuck jailers Thank you for coming to my ted talk


Those mfs tbat snipe you down from half of the map in Nokstella


Bloodborne brainsuckers:


Wdym by designed? Artistically or gameplay wise? The character model is cool and fits with the aesthetic of the level. And if by gameplay mechanics, they are designed to be annoying as fuck and make ur day hard. They di that until you know how to deal with them....like everything in the souls universe


I think you guys don't understand what design means. It's original and hella good.


Curse frogs gets me every time damn they are ugly and scary ds3 ones are a joke tho try the ones from ds1 they fuck you up in 1 sec


While I agree they are absolute bullshit and deserve to burn in the pits of hell, which basically means they accomplished what were trying to do, nothing can beat those horrifying, eldritch, abominations know as winter lanterns. And that video Zulie the witch made with a detailed winter lantern, showing the doll beneath them only helps aggravating the situation. Honestly frenzy is the second scariest stat right after curse/ petrification (from DS2)


They're the reason I speed run the prison. Fuck that area.


Well designed because they are suppose to be terrifying. The 1 HP makes them actually scary and a challenge since they have lowish HP with a simple move set. Cool design and fits the area very will. I would say the ghost mini bosses in Sekiro are the worst IMO. They are ridiculously hard with out the AA kill move and can just one-shot you with the dumb status effect.


The giant wolf boss from the ashes of ariandel in dark souls 3.. that fucking wolf always pisses me tf off.


Mist nobles from sekiro are kinda the same way, expect you have some ways to stop the enfeebled condition. I just hate that they are surrounded by other warriors and your vulnerable through the entire animation and you stay on the ground. To my knowledge you dont even get to stand up after. Oh, and it negates your resurrection.


Guess you haven't fought the skeleton wheel fuckers in DS1. Also, I like the Jailkeepers. This section of the game is one of my favorites.