The ringed city dlc is awesome, i didnt enjoy the base game too much neiter btw.


I found gael today and you were right. Sister friede fight was awesome, one of my favorites in trilogy and gael even tho is difficult is fun, i see no bullshit with him. Im really annoying it and begenning from ringed city with the eclipse and apocalypse shit was something i missed from main game.


>Sidequests were comucally hidden compared to sekiro it ds1 They may have been more hidden, but imo DS1 had a different problem where a lot of the quests would fail just because you progressed them far enough and were not ready for some random thing to happen


i feel like early game is kind of eh excluding abyss watchers especially on subsequent playthroughs but everything after catacombs is great imo. ariandel is sadly kinda mid but the final boss is awesome. ringed city is amazing all around. edit: everything besides iirthyll dungeon and yhorm fuck those