Buffoon. I’m just joshing. Honestly congrats! Sure you didn’t do it right, but you did it in a much more difficult way, which is a bit more admirable. Good shit dawg!


Haha thanks. I just thought that was Yhorm's "thing", that it was supposed to be a marathon fight.


I’ve never done it your way, but honestly you inspire me! I wanna try it now.


I've got hundreds of hours in DS3 and I've never had a straight up brawl with yhorm....now I kinda want to


\> that it was supposed to be a marathon fight. Nah that's just a DLC boss. Which i personally find annoying but I'm sure others like


You're not the only one don't worry, impressive that you beat him that way none the less.


I tend to end up doing things the hard way in Dark Souls, playing with my brain off after work to relax.


Hah I'm kind of the same, my first run through i used the hidden body spell and the silent ring for the entire game. I very much played like a tourist. I got punished a lot for suddenly becoming visible in a bad spot lol and then some enemies see right through the spell. Provided quite a few laughs.


Same for me the game is relaxing in one sense, but stimulating in its challenge and also nerve wracking at times.


First instinct wouldn't be to pick up a weapon that's lying in the boss room and beat the boss with it, so no need to feel like an idiot.


Yeah I honestly didn't even see it till after the fight, I fought him mainly around the fog-door and center of the arena.


Only reason you’d know is that the storm ruler is from Demons Souls. It’s also chilling in the back end of a boss arena and necessary to beat the boss. For future reference. In a souls game if you’re ever doing trash damage to a boss start looking for a gimmick.


Yeah I thought there must be something up with the damage and I sorta looked around, thinking maybe it was something I could break like Seathe's crystal, but didn't see anything. So I thought maybe if I killed all the white robed enemies outside, or if I tried to destroy the big altar with the flame in it that shot fireballs, and then I rexplored the area outside looking for an item or something that might lessen his resistance, but nope. I just completely missed the little glow ball by his throne lol so I brute forced it.


Congratulations on doing it the hard way and now u know for next time


Oh yeah next time definitely use the sword cuz otherwise that fight is kinda annoying.


It's pretty neat that you can actually figure Yhorm out so that the battle is manageable without the storm ruler, it's really fun


On your next playthrough try and complete Seigward’s questline , which culminates in that boss fight


Siegward would've made it easier


Yeah I think I botched his questline already. Even in DS1 I never completed that quest either lol.


Yea it ends at yhorm


His and sirris are the hardest 2 to complete i think.


Bandit Blade, yo. You can stunlock those pesky NPCs and deal massive bleed damage to em with R1 spams.


Hes there to fulfill a promise to an old friend.


It kills him in 4 - 5 hits, yeah. I personally grab it and homeward bone back to firelink and get it to +4 and go 2 shot him.


Nice I want to try that I’ve thought about upgrading it and I guess at that point in the game the resources to get it to +4 aren’t scarce.


You usually get that amount from just killing the tit lizards.


Gordon: What are you!? Op: An idiot sandwich 🥪! No, I'm messing with ya. I was spoiled on the Yhorm fight before I ever set foot in Profaned Capital. I remember trying to kill him by your methods for fun, but ultimately decided 'screw that'. GG


I didn't know that about the bow that's awesome, thanks !


Yeah I was just head-shotting him and was very surprised when he fell over and I could riposte. 99 arrows weren't enough (missed a lot) tho so I went back hitting him with my UGS. At least his arms take more damage than his legs, tho they can be a little hard to hit, but even that can cause a topple at least. It was stressful lol.


Good stuff , thanks again


I have a rule in my DS3 playthrough, that rule is to kill yhorm without the ST. Using magic as a sorcerer, black pyromency, lightning, bows and even regular weapons is much more fun than the ST


I did the exact same thing my first time! I just thought he was a crazy tough boss, then my brother tells me 'wait, didn't you see the sword?' Excuse me for not stopping to read messages and pick up items during a boss fight haha


When you accidentally fight yhorm legit


Yeah.... Its still not exactly a cake walk with the sword without help. Be it npc or player, if you don't have someone to distract him so you can get your stamina back up (as each use of storm ruler's weapon art uses ALL of it, but it starts recharging with almost no delay), Yhorm is always on top of you swinging away. This is especially an issue in phase two where ALL of his attacks gain an AOE fire effect. That being said, there used to be a glitch where you could get 20 players in his room to fight Yhorm. There's actual video proof of this where they killed him with just throwing knifes trained on his head. Yhorm couldn't move cause they stunlocked him into oblivion.


You are the real Dark Souls. Congrats!


After a few runs, I've crafted a way for a consistent sub-10 minute fight using an UGS. Every build that can have any UGS with decent enough damage, I'll use that over storm ruler now.


Damn. I thank the onion.


Congrats you did it the hard way! Other than feeling like an idiot, do you feel upset? displeased about the fight, like I did? :D


Honestly I wasn't even mad lol. I got into a nice rhythm with his attacks and it was tense but honestly kinda fun. Would I do it again knowing what I know now? Nah.


I got the sword, and tried the sword. I must have been doing something wrong, because it kind of sucked. I did it your way, except magical so I didn't run out of face hits.