You know you can reroll your stats without restarting your game


Costs Tongues tho


why are people down voting you? you're right? btw you can find I think a total of 3 pale tongues in the whole game with out pvp. There is one by where you fight the fire demon with the onion man. Edit: figured it would be important to note that its on one of the body bags in the back of the area, its visible on the floor, and one well placed fireball should bring it down.




You can find 3 offline on corpses i thonk respecing 3 times is enough


Doesn’t it cost 4 tongues for re-spec?


Only cost 1 tongue and you can do a glitch to get infinite re-spec. After you finish re-specing, it will take you back to the Rosaria menu and just quit the game instead of exiting the menu. Then we you re-enter the game, you will still have your pale tongue and the available slots but you stats will have rerolled.


Wish I knew this years ago I love to swap builds mid playtrough


You’re beautiful thank you so much for sharing this information


Whoa - does this work on console?


Yes at least ps4/5 i dont have a xbox


There is a free Pale Tongue in Undead Settlement near where you fight the fire demon with Siegward, and another near one of the Giants near the Deacons. Not much, but you can get a couple reallocations without farming or fighting


Absurdly low? It has a base chance of 5%, going to 15-20% with easily achievable gear, and there are 2 of the guys that drop it right next to a bonfire. You can get about 1 a minute fairly easily.


I only started actually playing about a month ago and had a very similar experience. I started as a knight but out of sheer ignorance refused to actually learn the game and tried to brute force my way through the game, got as far as vordt and had enough. This was a couple years ago. Last month I decided to give the game a go again. I started as a sorcerer and made it to the undead settlement but was having too much trouble there. I then started a pyromancer and made it up to irithyl as well. I had realized I too hadn't distributed my stats properly and I was really struggling in the area. I then made a new knight, with the knowledge and experience I had gained. That character is now level 216 and on new game +3. I have rolled them to other builds but I always come back to my strength/tank build with my greatsword and havel set.


Fellow new player here. Yes, this game is insanely hard at the beginning (for a "noob"), but once it clicked, it just feels amazing, doesn't it? I wish you good luck and fun with the archdragon area and the dlcs. Even the last "main bosses" were MUCH harder than the rest of the game. At least for me.


Fellow new player. I have tried souls games here and there. This is the first game I committed to. It’s the best single player game I have ever played. The reward for learning how the game works is unrivaled. I am already excited for my second play though before I have finished my first.


I haven't tried any other souls game, but Im on journey 5, but I do have to agree with you. The only single player game that truly captivated me with its boss fights, although I do have to say, the rave lord Wolnir was kinda dumb.


Strength/Vigor builds will take you very far, dex builds are where more skillful rolling will come into play, and pyro builds will be a mix of skill and spacing. Enjoy it man! If you need any help just DM me! - pc player


Am also pc player, and happy to help :)


Your morale will take a huge hit when you try PvP, but keep at it. It is a game that demands fortitude.


I have absolutely zero interest in PvP, so that won't be an issue.


Pvp has interest in you, though. Don't let it discourage you, the biggest switch in my attitude was when I had my ass handed to me for a 100th time, and instead of thinking "get in the sea, you prick", as per usual, I'd say to myself "wow, that player was really good, I think I actually had fun getting my ass kicked".


This is true but pvp right now, at least for me. Always full squads when I invade, always hackers or twinks when I get invaded I don't mind twiks, the other day a guy heaving boulders at me was pretty hilarious


I love a boulder spew build, probably my favourite twink to play. I'm currently playing through the whole game with a bunch of pals, so if you invade us I apologise forward for a gank. They are fairly new, and quite crap at pvp, so I keep at the back. Cave us in, let them learn.


No need to apologise for full squads, its just part of the game. I'm crap myself but Inwould never back down from a fight


My experience as well. Game is unfortunately better played offline.


Honestly, at this point in the games life cycle, pvp seems like it’s trash outside of pontiff balcony duels. If you’re just starting you’re better off it’s playing offline once you get close to sl120. You either just get constantly invaded by tryhards while you are experiencing areas for the first time, or never ever use embers and suicide to lose boss ones you get. It’s a shame you lose ground messages and seeing blood spots and stuff but it’s just not worth it at that point.




I understand. You are doing a no-ember run?


Well I'll be embered up for the 3-5 minutes between killing a boss and being bulldozed by the new enemies in the next zone, so yes, emberless...


This is the way! All the souls games I play end up like this haha


If you do go past the Pontiff area, to fight Aldrich, embered, you may encounter PvP. There is a few rules that you should follow, just to be respectful, and thats 1. dont use estus 2. bow and be generally respectful (no point downs, they will mop your ass into next week) 3. wait for people to buff up their weapons. They should also wait for you to buff as well.


Don’t you dare go Hollow! You only need a little jolly co-operation! \[T]/


Did you beat the twin princes yet? First timers as well as myself Ace a really tough time with them. Cake walk now




Have fun with mr. darkeater bro


My introduction for new players: "Welcome! You're gonna hate it... Then you're gonna love it."


This here, this, this, is "giting gud." good work, I can feel Miazaki smiling down on you.


Rosaria, find a pail tongue by the demon you kill in undead settlement and reallocate stats. when your done press done and DO NOT BACK OUT OF THE ROSARIA MENU. manually close the game. Its a glitch so your stats reallocate but you dont lose your tongue and you can do it infinitely as long as you always do the glitch when reallocating


you can also find a pail tongue by the giant right before the stairs behind it.


Do more pvp. It is the next step for gitting gudders. Invade don’t co op (because co op and blue sentinel/dark moon is for bitches). It will be rough at first, but It is the final step to git gud. I look forward to seeing you out there fellow red


Also a new player here got the game on Christmas. I've already done numerous playthroughs with different builds. Ive found getting level 20-25 Vigor early is super worth it just so we're not getting 2 shot by everything. Also helps having 20 or more Endurance just so your able to attack and roll more often. I dont wanna tell you how to allocate points in your build just found these tips helped me when I first started.