Unique death animations. The game is almost a horror game at some points with really unique, terrifying creatures. It would be so much scarier if the thing that kills you, then eats you or rips you to pieces in different ways. Think of the Irithyll spider monsters…


I was thinking the baby looking bitches in the dungeon. Those things would be terrifying.


Yeah, the demon babies are fucky


Baby looking bitches… haha


The failed dragons?


Is that what the wretches are?


Yeah, looks like. Thats why those who made it go through the Path of the Dragon.


Dude, fuuuuck those things


Like in Dead Space?


Never played it but probably


U should try it, it's pretty good :)


I’ve heard great things and if I’m not mistaken they’re remastering it. I will definitely be checking that out


Yea that remaster is gonna get a lot of people who missed it the first time


I thought it was a full blown remake but i might be wrong


It is yea I misspoke


I'd purposefully die just to see what happened half the time, one time I shot a window out and I was ejected into the vacuum of space before the bulkhead slammed down....well half of me was anyways Edit: had to find it, the first is the one I was talking about. Didn't realize they animated multiple https://youtu.be/H048-cdlm0E


Okay. That’s cool as hell


Yea, like tomb raider


Still have PTSD from that. Getting some spike through the neck and desperately clawing at it before succumbing to death... Dark af.


Some Deadspace death animations. That'd be cool. Only really seems like it when some monster like a mimic chomps on you.


They are already halfway there, a lot of enemies have unique grab animations so it'd be kinda neat if the game knew that you were going to die from a grab, it could zoom in close with a different camera angle to be more cinematic


I hate you so much *upvote*


The blood letter in Bloodborne has a unique animation if you die using it's transform, you'll stab into your self and then fall over keeping the weapon in your stomach and stopping on the weapon.


That would be wicked! Kind of do what dead space did in a sense with those death animations 😱!


Dark Souls with Dead Space death animations would be so f***ed


Holy crap yes this!!




Lmao that's probably the better answer




they have anti cheat it’s just really flawed


Summoning from Firelink where the phantoms can travel with Host.


That would make for some interesting coop. Feel like that would work best with DS1 mechanics of not being able to warp between bonfires


True but it would make coop far easier too. Like when you're playing with friends and don't want to have to keep summoning.


I would like a proper coop, where you can play with friends and they aren't limited to how long they are in your world. Even if they counter balance it with you have a higher chance of being invaded or something


I honestly don't think they should ballance it much more. It's already an easier experience, it's just some fun with friends. Want the challenge? Okay, solo. Want to dick around with your friends? Coop should allow for that. At least that's my take.


Boss rush mode 😄


This, or at least the ability to refight bosses. Playing HK and bring able to refight my favorite bosses made me realize how much I needed this in Dark Souls.


I'm so happy sekiro borrowed this mechanic, but I still think that the unique bosses and changing difficulty should have stayed


PLEASE I really hope this makes a return in Elden ring


they did it in Sekiro. Prolly gonna be a feature in this one as well.


Let’s hope so


I would *love* to be able to re-fight (with zero gain if I win) any boss my character has already beaten. On PC you can hack it with save backups, but it’d be nice if it was a feature in the game.




Powerstance was hype as fuck, I'm happy to see it coming back in eldon ring


Yes! I was so happy when it was announced to return for Elden Ring!


What is powerstance? I've never played ds2 but I've heard it mentioned quite a bit.


actually working weapon two handing


What do you mean? How is it different than 2handing in ds3?


He means two hanging as in having a diffeent in each hand, and attacking with both at the same time, expanding the move set.


Oh damn that sounds awesome. Why would they get rid of that.


Weapon Arts ​ While powerstancing was intersting it wasn't always flashy, plus the requirements for it kind of made things annoying ​ But with the Weapon Art system, as long as you had FP you could almost always use a weapons' special skill without needing the stats \[some exceptions apply\] ​ It is possible they felt that the Weapon Arts system would be more popular than Powerstancing, or perhaps they figured having both would be too complicated Some may contribute the fact that DS2 wasn't well received by a chunk of the souls community as to why they changed things up for 3 \[Soul Memory will forever be a stain\] ​ It is hard to say with 100% certainty what the reasoning was


The issue with weapon arts is that they shot them in the foot by making them use fp; making them at best a rarely used power move - which they don't normally have the strength to back up


i never said the system was perfect there's also the downside of like a varitable chunk of weapon arts that can be parried \[even though they look like they shouldn't be able to be parried because of how all over the place they are\]


you can do to certain combos/attacks even with completely different weapons etc.




In ds2, if you had 1.5x the strength and dex required for a weapon, you could get a special dual wield moveset using it and whatever other weapon you had in your offhand by holding the 2 hand weapon button.


I'd re-add bonfire ascetic, as I'd love to fight some bosses more than once, without having to go all the way through the game again. Example: I suck at the Demon trio of the Dreg Heap, and I'd like to practice with them, but to fight them again after killing them I have to go all the way through the game to the Cathedral of the Deep, then beat Friede before I'm able to fight them again. It would just be so nice if I could near immediately fight them again after killing them.


Something like Sekiro's "Reflections of Strength" would be perfect for that.


I really love the bonfire ascetic mechanic, but my guess is that in ds3 would generate a huge twink problem ( even more than the actual one) because of the fact that let you access a lot of +1 and +2 rings, other than both of the boss's soul possible rewards, without having to level necessarily.


They could change it so bonfire ascetic only revives the boss in a NG+ state, and nothing else. Or just make it like the reflections of strength from Sekiro, where you're able to fight any boss again just they'll scale to your damage output, without you gaining or losing anything, so this way it will just be a pure training tool.


Funny how they figured this out after the fact with sekiro but never bothered to go back and implement it in at least ds3. Especially right now I've noticed the ds3 online community is hotter than it's been in years with the upcoming release of Elden ring. It's been nice having it revived for a time when It likely will be all but ashen after Elden ring releases


Well I imagine that most of FromSoftware's employees were already working on other projects instead, since FromSoftware likes to work on multiple games at once. So I imagine that FromSoftware after the release of Sekiro, they were already working on Elden Ring, along with the new Armored Core game, that was [supposedly leaked.](https://www.resetera.com/threads/from-software-possibly-working-on-a-new-armoured-core-game-update-screenshots-added.536813/) But maybe if they make a Dark Souls 3 remastered, a Reflection of Strength-esque gamemode would be added.


Yea I don't mean to sound ungrateful, they put out several of my favorite games of all time and I'm sure they are very busy with their current projects. From software if your listening, thank you for several incredibly enjoyable games


Are you playing on PC? There's a work around where you can create artificial saves in another folder that contains saves at different points in the game. It's also how you can get around only having 10 characters or save slots. Look it up on yt.


I'm on xbox so that's not possible, but thanks anyways.


It’s a little bit of a hassle but I know on PlayStation you can back up the save to a USB before the boss and do it this way. I’d assume Xbox has something similar.


It has something similar, albeit more complicated. On Xbox you cannot manually choose which device for the game to use, the Xbox has to detect a save on another storage device itself and then it'll give you the option to choose. The only problem is, is that the Xbox is incredibly inconsistent and sometimes the Xbox will not give the option to switch storage devices.


I wish the purging monument would let you revive all the DLC bosses!


why would u need to beat friede for the demon trio o_O


Defeating Friede gives you early access to the Ringed City dlc, allowing me to face the Demon Trio before killing a single Lord of Cinder.


aaah yes i havent completed painted world yet thanks for letting me know


Man, DS2 had a LOT of stuff that was REALLY GOOD that never got implemented again


I feel like proximity chat could turn the mostly wholesome online experience of this game into something toxic. There's a certain etiquette that the limited communication fosters.


DS already has voice chat though? You'd just add the proximity aspect


What really? I've never


Only works with phantoms not invaders


and it's enabled by default or in options?


I think it's off on default not 100% sure. It's in the menu you can just toggle it on or off




You'd also be adding the ability to talk to reds, as it stands now you can only talk to friendly phantoms


*Helloooooo* .... *Thaaaaank youuu*


_Vvery good!_


*Iii'm sorryyy...*


Power stance would be cool


Power stancing, semi-unique riposte/backstab animations, gameplay slightly changing with ng+ cycles.. wait. Im just describing everything they dismissed about ds2, arent I? 🙄


Better netcode.


In pvp if you throw a dung pie the dualsense 5 smell sensor activates and both players smell shit


Take my free award, goddammit


Ive always liked the idea of buffing certain elements by using other elements? Like in Borderlands how slag makes enemies take extra damage but it would be specific to the damage type. Like if you hit an enemy with bleed damage (dont have to proc it) then hit them with poison the poison stacks higher cause they have open wounds or whatever. Its not a real deep thought out idea just something i always thought would be neat.


When you got a shield at your back it blocks arrows. It was a feature in Lord of the Fallen that i really liked. Just arrows, not spells nor anything too much


Boss rush and or being able to replay a boss over and over again. Sometimes a guy just wants to fight Gael without having to play the whole game again


Smol crab as pet. All I want


I didn’t know how much I wanted this until you mentioned it!


More backstab animations that aren't literally just stabs. This gets so old i don't even get joy out of backstabs anymore.


Yeah nothing like running someone through with the blunt end of a scythe


That's just a straight up bad animation for the weapon.


Ds2 backstab, where you kick the bacl of the knee and slam down, or the double cross hit with straight sword


That'd be cool to see in a non janky context frankly. Yknow, if the devs decided to reuse and redefine the animations that were good instead of dismissing them entirely because they were from a failed attempt. Some of those animations are actually pretty damn good. The spear's impale lift for example was just brutal and satisfying. It was the only thing that got me to finally use spears in Souls games, cuz otherwise they were nothing but boring to use.


I've always imagined a covenant just for boss fights. Similar to Blue Sentinels or Aldrich Faithful, but you get pulled from your world to assist someone who just entered a dog door


Imagine a covenant that spawns in a bossfight to help the boss, would only be summoned when you actually had someone from the covenant you mentioned summoned. The boss wouldnt try to attack the phantom but could damage it. That would make a cool concept of teaming with the boss I also imagine there being a bonus of souls if you get to beat a boss in a invaded run


Mana regeneration


This works beautifully in Cinders mod. Makes caster builds just as viable if not more so than melee.


I agree, but the whole MP system would need a complete overhaul. It shouldn't be as simple as adding MP regen to the existing system. Maybe less MP overall and each spell has a different regen time. And some spells will permanently make your mana go away. Mana used for heal spells definitely shouldn’t come back.


A really simple addition. Infinite respecs. No idea why they removed that from DS2. It was one of the best things about that game.


It'll be in Elden Ring i suppose.


Good idea. One thing I would love is some sort of transmog for armors to get both fashion and efficiency (Limited of course, light armors with light armors, heavy with heavy)


The only thing I would want this for is changing armor color, like dyes. So if I want to run ornstein set I can mix and match something other than the brass set to match


There's already a semi-transmog system in place where every set that weighs under 7 tonnes has a defense stat of 0




Yhorms armor


Chalice dungeons from bloodborne


Imagine having to fight a Sullivan beast but with a boss healthbar




Elden ring hype!!! Can’t wait for that and double jump horse.


You can jump?


Dark souls jump is super clunky. Good thing they add sekiro stealth and jump to elden ring. Kinda wish they also add the stealth backstab from sekiro instead of ds backstab but can't have everything


I'd love to see larger-scale PvP battles. Like imagine 15-20 people doing faction wars over certain key points in the map. That would be fun.


An option for your corpse to flip off a boss after they've killed you. I'd feel sorry for sister friede.


kissing. it would be so cool to see each other kiss in pvp. or maybe you do co op and after a boss you both just hug. would be awesome.


Um... what?


He said kissing and hugging hope this helps


Good idea but it doesn’t fit with the big picture


Literally this. I wanna kiss the lips of the phantom that helped me beat oceiros and the tree


Kissing onion knight 😳


For honor vibes?


Assault Rifles.


"Parry this"




I make it so you can still summon white phantoms after Killing the area boss. Im playing through the game with a friend and this has been a problem.


Upgrading armor like the first Dark Souls. Naked fuck with a stick is fun, but there’s a special magic to running around in Havel’s Set +5.


Tbh I enjoyed not having to upgrade my armor in DS3, made a lot of fashion a lot more viable


You can‘t upgrade Havel‘s Set though. Atleast not in DS1. You can upgrade other armors like (elite) knight set and paladin set etc


One thing I didn’t like about dark souls was since you would be upgrading your armor you wouldn’t really tell if what you just picked up is better than what you already have unless you invest a good bit of souls and items to see


Poise? Poise I'd say!


More modes. I'm talking boss rush, hardcore, and something like the Colosseum of Fools from Hollow Knight where it keeps throwing harder enemies at you in an arena




That's true. Definitely would make it so people found less cool details after the first playthrough. But after NG+10 I dont want to go through the whole game just to fight Slave Knight Gael again


The health system from bloodborne. Rewarding aggression for getting health back would fit well into DS3


I think DS3 is already too aggressive. The role spamming is an obvious symptom of it. Id like to see a return of slower combat.


Co-op without being invaded. Sometimes me and my friend just want to fight pve...


Yeah I agree, Ive beaten the game heaps of times by myself and so have my friends and we just wanna play together and have fun not be invaded 14 times by twinks and hackers( some people are actually level and area appropriate but it's rare for me in Australia)


If that was the case invaders won't have anyone to invade except for 4-man gank squads.


Seamless, fogless co-op - with both players able to interact with NPCs that they've already met in their own worlds.


Boss rush mode.


Boss/Enemy/ itens randomiser and boss rush mode.


Grappling Hook lol


Better PvP hitboxes.


The hitboxes are good, it's the latency and the one side hit detection that ruin pvp.


“Erase memory and experience it for the first time”


A way to fight bosses more than once. Don’t even gotta give me the souls for it I just wanna feel as badass as I did when I fought Friede without starting NG+ and going to the cathedral again


Disable R3 from doing camera reset. This was the reason for so many of my deaths in game


Fucking Ultrawide support. It's criminal that any AAA game released in the past 10 years doesn't have support for it when it is such an easy implementation. From Software knows it exists too cause Dark Souls: Remastered has it.


Making the Izalith Staff a pyromancy catalyst


Better moveset for boss weapons


The ability to parry the point down emote


From beyond the grave for a turnaround kill.


I just want the ability to make the lock-on button not also reset the camera... please...


Probably a super unpopular opinion, but a “tasks” tab. Like I don’t even think I’ve found half of the people you can get in the shrine, let alone actually follow their quest lines. This is just my first play through, but it’s the same in Demon Souls and DS1. Something I can keep tabs on if I want to do more. I think the only person I’ve actually kept up with is the the onion armour man and idek if I actually have. Even just to follow the main quest line, something stupid that barely updates like “defeat the lords of cinder” or something, just to know I’m on the right track kind of thing. A LITTLE bit of hand holding. I found the bone of Loretta and didn’t even know I had to return to the guy with it. Shit like that


I’d say that that wouls make the NPC encounters more artificial and less human. But the game could make it so that you actually meet the NPCs without a guide on how to do it. There are so many conditions that have no sense. I feel like I have to do a whole ritual for them to spawn only for them to appear in some random place. They really need to make their placement more intuitive…


Yoel is a good example of this for me. How was I supposed to know on my first playthrough that killing a boss would ruin an entire quest line that doesn’t get mentioned at all. Seems strange


a few npc questlines are linked to triggers like this and it's kind of annoying. you entered irythill dungeon? you might have fucked up Siegward's quest.


A feature to toggle helmets on and off visual yet keeping the stats, I wanna see my beautiful horizontal nose and bulging eyes with a forehead the size of the London Bridge.


I want to hide my jerky face :o




I think it ould he amazing if mad phantoms could follow the host into boss rooms/invade boss fights and either help or betray when they do Could you imagine how chaotic those boss fights would be?


That would actually be really sick. I almost never see mad phantoms or their summon signs likely because most people don't see the point. But allowing them in boss fights could lead to some seriously memorable moments.


A way for invaders to find hosts. So they can't hide in a piece of terrain for 10 hours waiting for us to leave.


That's a thing in Elden Ring; when you invade, the game gives you 10(?) phantom bloody fingers that allow you to teleport near the host. And if you start getting ganked or something you can use another one to teleport away, but still near the host, allowing you to escape gankers, at least temporarily.


I know, I'm talking ds3. Too many out of bounds means I'm never sure if someone is out of bounds or just found a good hiding spot


Man I’ve seen enough quit because of invaders this would really up the ante lmao


It’s be cool if there was like a flare item, sometimes when I’m just sitting around trying to fight people I know the invaders are having a hard time finding me




A item similar to the bonfire esthetics that simply lets you refight the boss for fun or practice. No souls, no drops, just fun.


Hard mode but actually implemented well not like skyrim were there just add health and nothing else


Just wear the Calamity Ring


So like terraria master and expert mode.


Jedi: Fallen Order had the best difficulty implementation.


Cbbe with 3bbb physics


[Here you go.](https://eskrimmods.blogspot.com/2018/01/alpha-souls-of-darkness-v04a-by-teamtal.html?m=1) Comes with bodyslide files for CBBE and everything.


Sir, take this 🏆 Gaming entered another level right now


Friendly fire for teammates


Wex dust on consoles


Online play without invasions. Just wanna play with my buds and not be hounded by reds and mad spirits.


I'd change co-op play just a bit. If you have a password set then you don't have to be embered to see the summon signs of your friends that you shared your password with. Me personally I enjoy invasions while playing co-op since it allows me to help coach my youngest son who is a new player on how to handle invaders. But those that just want to co-op PvE this will take out invasions so they can just get through the game.


Boss Rush Mode


A feature that completely removes red eye and red crystals from the game




Crouching, I just like the idea of playing a thief or ninja and sneaking around the map


Same, makes the stealth classes actual stealth classes instead of holding a wizard stick to make invisibility even an option.




The possibility to change to any spell I want in any time of the game, and not only on the bonfire.


Probably a rebalance to invading so that you can't get invaded if you are doing coop because getting ganked is just demoralizing. Especially when the game decides that the same gankers are the only group available for matchmaking.


Some version of the chalice dungeons. I know I'm in the minority but the overwhelming majority of my 750 Bloodborne hours were spent dungeon crawling. Could've been the smaller amount of possible builds in BB, but when replaying the PVE became stale, the chalices were perfect for getting better at combat in a much more arcadey setting (pull the lever, kill the boss, no cheeky exploration etc.) and juicy loot.


I think with such interesting designs for literally everything in the game, I'd love a gallery. After you defeat an enemy or put on an armor piece, or equipt a weapon it could unlock that thing in the gallery where you can rotate and zoom in and etc. Something small for anyone who wants to appreciate the detail that goes into these games


A system by which you character goes hollow and becomes a red phantom if you stop playing with it for x amount of time. Your character would just be a random red wandering around in other players game.


Proximity chat would be awesome. Imagine saying hostile NPC voincelines after you kill the invader


Add the resummoning timer for password phantoms. They added one many patches ago for non-pw phantoms, but not password phantoms, which feels like an oversight to me.


Ds1 poise


I agree with proximity voice-chat. I've never seen an instance where it wouldn't be a good idea.