Nameless king. He's too easy. As long as I don't ring the bell, he can't do shit.


You had me in the first half ngl


Happy cake day skeleton.


Lmao, im dead. I was like what and got the end and was like oh


I dont think the nameless king will be able to recover from this kind of burn


True, he is weak to fire damage.


He weak to dark too which seems kinda racist tbh.


He's literally hollow and has no skin color so he can't be racist. Checkmate.


Fair enough. Also if anyone was racist for real it would probably Gwyn & his ilk. NK is clearly like the liberal arts major who was the black sheep of the family & dated a couple black girls that made daddy cut off his trust fund.


Nah, Gwyn was xenophobic, he hated the pygmies




Underrated comment of the thread incredible


Currently the highest rated comment


I don’t think any of the bosses are disappointing tbh. Some are a lot easier than others but on my first play through all of them were pretty interesting


I feel mostly the same, I see a lot of people mentioning the Deacons and they were indeed easy - but swinging at a big group of respawning enemies like that is quite possibly the most satisfying feeling I got while playing the game, so I can't consider them a disappointment.


Their second phase where they summon the curse shroud or whatever is pretty cool, the issue is you always slaughter them before that happens


Ancient Wyvern is the exception


Ancient wyvern can be either the most disappointing or the most satisfying boss in the game because I spent 2 hours trying to widdle his health down by facing him head on death after death(disappointing)i looked up how to beat him and satisfaction was at hand and literally 3 minutes later my blade was in that wyverns skull


Yhorm...I love his fight but storm ruler ends it too fast, fighting him normally would take too long...


It at least might have been interesting if 1) fighting him without Storm Ruler were more interesting and/or 2) Profaned Capital were bigger and there was some kind of side quest to go find Storm Ruler elsewhere in the level, or possibly somewhere else in the game more generally. Then, at least, when we killed him with Storm Ruler we would have still done something cool to find the weapon to prepare for the fight. As it stands, he looks dope and is hyped up in the opening cinematic, then when you face him it's fucking stupid, and then you have to do a mid-battle weapon swap (so the main difficulty of the fight is the UI) and then... that's just it and he dies in a very easy and anticlimactic way. It's honestly much better if you do it with the Siegward questline, but if you don't then it's all just super lame. Like why the fuck are there two Storm Rulers and the second one is just *sitting right there?* At least make us go on some kind of quest for the second Storm Ruler...


The Profaned Capital is almost Lost Izalith-tier unfinished. I suspect they chose to cut a lot of it instead of leaving half-finished content to become the most hated part of the game.


Yeah, this fits with the Dks3/Dks1 comparison generally and in a way that reflects well on Dks 3. In Dks 1 when content was unfinished or sucked they just left it in the game, in Dks 3 they found a way to cauterize the wound by cutting content. In Dks 1 we would have gotten a criminally unfinished Profaned Capital, an absolutely sucky/unfininished bad boss design between Dungeon and Capital, and getting Stormruler for Yhorm would have been some bullshit that made no sense. in Dks 3, they cut down Profanced Capital, cut the boss between Dungeon and Capital and sprinkled its boss weapons in as loot in back corners of the Capital, and put the second Storm Ruler in a convenient place. Better to fight no boss and do a small zone with some cool--if not fully explored--ideas than fight a shit boss and then slog through a huge, unfinished zone.


It’s in the lore why the swords next to his throne. Profaned capitol lost their leader, had to beg a “filthy giant” to protect them but they hated him. He protected them well and then lost someone he cared about. He knew he would turn evil in the future so he gave a sword to siegward and a second sword for any of his people to be able to take him down when it happens. Might’ve mixed up order of some things but, long story short he wants u to kill him


10 minutes of fighting sounds like a lot but for some reason I always find myself looking forward to doing yhorm w/o stormruler


Convergence mod might be fun then. The fight is a lot more interesting


convergence mod looks fucking sick in general I watched prod play it


Yhorm with onion boy and your normal weapon it's all you need


I tried the Yhorm fight so many times and almost beat him normally before I broke down and looked up a guide online to use stormruler and summon Siegward.


wolnir :// not a fan of the catacombs as is, but a really cool boss would have made a kind of lacklustre better, but… you just hit three bracelets.


He reminded me more of that Zelda 64 boss in the cemetery dungeon rather than something that belongs in Dark Souls (just the videogame fight, I dig his lore)


Bongo Bongo is his name


Deacons of the Deep for the single reason the Cathedral is one of the most amazing areas in any DS game and it ends in that... maybe the Pontiff should have been there instead, or a giant Aldrich pet. Ancient Wyvern was also pretty lazy, as was High Lord Wolnir, who is scary as fuck when he appears but then just goes out so easily.


Aldrich was supposed to be in that arena! The big coffin in the middle is of course his and the fight involved turning around it, which explains the weird shape of their arena. A lot of bosses and their arenas , lore and even names got switched around in the end though.


Yeah, Pontyff was supposed to be the final boss and one of those “Fire Witches” you found through Irythill was meant to be the Irythill Boss. Lots of changes. I always felt that arena was waaaay to big for the fight as is. Not only because it got shifted but because the deacons all spawn in and around the same place. An easy way to fix that fight would be making them spawn all over the arena and forcing you to “hunt” them. Specially since their moveset favor long ranged attacks.


Not trying to argue, just genuinely curious where I could read this?


I’m not sure where you can read this stuff, but my sources are mostly either Zullie the Witch or Lance McDonald, both on YT. They’re both great dark souls modders/Hackers and use source files to drawn these sort of conclusions. For example, Zullie recently discovered that the fire witch was supposed to be a boss by digging into the games files and discovering that there was a boss enemy ID associated with them, and the arena they were associated with was somewhere around Irythill, so they were either supposed to guard the entrance for Irythill Dungeon or Anor Londo. Since we also know from other discoveries that Pontyff was supposed to be the final boss, makes sense that the Witches were supposed to be in his arena instead.


Oh wow, that's fascinating. Thanks for sharing!


[Here is Zullie the Witch's video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGndG3YCm7k) on the Fire Witch being the Irythill boss and Lance McDonald researched a lot of cut content ([article summarizing his findings](https://www.pcgamer.com/dark-souls-3-cut-content-suggests-pontiff-sulyvahn-was-once-the-final-boss/))


I'd have been happy with them spawning in 5 times the amount of deacons, and twice as fast, as long as they used and spawned over the entire arena.


And it inevitably leads to just kiting them around until you get the main guy to spawn.


If the Deacons were more spread out then IMHO they would actually be even easier. Right now they can be very annoying if you don't have a cleaving weapon and/or poise. Sorcerers, for example, can struggle with Deacons without finding some kind of cool tech for the fight, because the enemy is arcane-resistant on top of the fact that you struggle to cleave them and they stagger/interrupt you all the time. To "fix" the deacons would require more systematic changes than just spreading them out.


Deacons of the Deep definitely was underwhelming, I would've preferred one really Fat Deacon like Archdeacon McDonnell with a more unique moveset.


In the second phase, in theory you're fighting archdeacon Royce, but is completely missed if you don't read the archdeacon's set description. So I 100% agree with you, in my opinion they should have focused the fight towards him and make him the actual boss. Maybe it would be nice if they had left the first phase as it is to make the player confident thinking that is a free fight but make the second phase more of a 1v1 combat against the archdeacon.


I know you aren't fighting Archdeacon McDonnell but I wish Royce was fat like McDonnell, a huge part of the lore around the deacons is that they ate to be more like Aldrich which means that Royce being skinny didn't make sense from a lore perspective.


Watching Royce go full Father Gascoigne would have been pretty dope


Let's be honest here, if it was a actual boss they would've needed to put a bonfire close to them because it's a long way at least for first timers, especially with the giants and those 2 dagger guys that are really annoying


I think that if you explored enough even without Rosaria’s bonfire, there are plenty of shortcuts to get to the boss room with ease. Cathedral’s interconnectedness is exactly why it’s my favorite area of the game


I like the design of the levels and some bits are really fun, but there are some stretches of it that are full of some seriously annoying enemies. It depends a lot on what build you've done, but the from the first set of closed doors back to the bonfire is pretty annoying what with wardens, hunter charms and all the little assassins. Not hard enemies, but in an annoying layout. Not as annoying as the staircase to Pontiff, but painful enough without actually having any interesting fights. And I think the roof beams to Rosaria are just poorly designed. Fighting those knights is actually fun, but with the limited mobility you'll pretty much always cheese them or bypass them. I think that area could have been done better. The whole place just feels like it could be done better, though some of it is really awesome (the path down from the first entrance to the upper cathedral through to the boss is pretty excellent though if I never see another slow rolling poop area I'd be happier.


Fingers Bonfire is very close.


Most first timers miss it unless they take a detour or go exploring with no care of having 20 different guys after you


Wait, you mean you don't explore every inch of the map whenever you play a new souls game?


If that's a issue to you, GL playing DS1


Ds3 bonfires made people lazy.


If DS3 bonfires were lazy, whatcha gonna say about DS2? Half of them are right next to the boss foggate


They are? I'm mentally going through the checklist now and there aren't as many as you think.


If Ancient Wyvern didn't have a health bar displayed, I'm convinced no one would hate that section. It's a cool layout map wise, I personally think it's interesting to have a creature "hunt" you while you're playing a level, and the payoff is kinda sweet to jump onto a dragons head to kill it. It's just labelled a "boss" and gets crushed for it. If there were no fog walls there, and you could just walk to the next section through it's natural connection, I think people wouldn't mind it.


Yeah, i love that area **BECAUSE OF** Ancient Wyvern, running all the way trying not to get hit by its firebreath and avoiding enemies to get to its head and smack him with a dagger it's really epic and movie-esque. If it was a mini-boss like Havel or Sully Beasts, no one would hate it like they do


Maybe Wolnir is supposed to be a metaphor for us, that the things that seem the most terrifying in life aren't actually all that bad when we face them😂


yeah and if you try to run away from them you get instantly killed


Wolnir was a really tough and intimidating fight... on my first playthrough. Subsequent playthroughs he's just annoying.


That’s just all of dark souls


They might not be good, but as a fan of UGS they are very satisfying to smack.


I actually love the Deacons fight - not for the actual gameplay so much as just the sheer *atmosphere* factor, as well as the OST. I will say though, it is pretty satisfying to just baseball-bat like 8 of them at once lol


Yeah, they Deacons have a lot of problems but they do at least have some amazing atmosphere, especially when you enter the room and just see the swarm of red eyes


For real, the combination of them all turning around as you enter and the haunting organ in the OST really gives off that "wrong neighborhood" vibe


Deacons definitely punishes new players who had only been using pyromancy. Source: was a new player who had been only using pyromancy.


Deacons is definitely the answer for me as well. Every other boss you can manufacture your own difficulty. Like don’t use Siegward/Storm ruler on Yhorm, No plunging attacks on ancient wyvern, no phantoms on Judicator Argo etc. But deacons you can’t.. You just have to do it the way it was intended. And the way it was intended is not exactly satisfying.


I finally found ONE way that made Deacons a satisfying match.. full faith build, lightning clutch ring, just spam Lightning Storm.. lmao. It was fun af


Poison, Toxic and Pestilent Mist is also fun as foretold.


Wolnir is a fun puzzle boss, unfortunately like most puzzle bosses once you know the trick it’s easy


Would Aldrich be capable of having a pet? Wouldn't he just eat it?


He already had two lol. Those cursed beasts that drop his ruby and sapphire


>Ancient Wyvern was also pretty lazy I actually kind of like the wyvern fight just because it's a creative departure. I'm assuming it's a bit of homage to the Dragon King in Demon's Souls, which is the only other time where you need to make your way through a level avoiding a boss in order to get to the spot where you can kill it. It maybe would have been better if the wyvern had relocated a few times to present an obstacle to your progress, but overall I'd say they did what they wanted.


I know Wolnir was probably a rush job of a boss and he's certainly not difficult but OH MAN do I ***love*** the visual of his hulking skeletal body arising out of the abyss. It's just so menacing and one of the coolest moments of any of the Soulsborne games for me. And then I slap his wrists a few time and he dies. lol.


Curse rotted greatwood in that I’m just whacking a dudes balls with a sword until he’s ded


With a short weapon like a knife I spent a lot of time running in circles just being out of reach of those stupid balls you're supposed to hit.


Yeah I just started a playthrough as a Pyro and had been playing around with a knife, after the first try was just me being annoyed with being unable to hit shit with the knife and him somehow always dodging the fireballs, I just said fuck it, let him kill me and summoned some dual wielding sunbro to do it in less than a minute while me and the farmers had tea in the corner lol. If you aren't using something with reach It's just an annoyance.


Wait until you hit demon princes. You actually can't get close enough to hit them, you're physically blocked by their body, but their hitboxes are further in. Really pissed me off on my bandit knife build. Summons and a crossbow with splinter bolts did it for that character.


uh idk about that one, I was able to hit them just fine with a bleed dagger on sl1


That's kinda the whole Souls series in a nutshell. Hugging the back of some dude's leg, then smacking them in the groin when you see an opening.


Tbh, thats kinda realistic.


It’d probably be Yhorm. The intro cutscene and the area leading up to his fight was pretty cool but the fight itself just isn’t fun unlike almost all the other bosses in DS3.


The only reason I don't find Yhorm that disappointing is because it was the climax of the Siegward storyline and Storm Ruler was a callback to Demon's Souls. Compared to the other Lords of Cinder the fight was definitely a let down.


Don’t forget the sweet music and Siegward’s battle cry as the battle begins 🙂


When I first played I missed Siegward’s questline, but it’s definitely a badass fight if he’s involved. He wrecks Yhorm and the Strom Ruler effects look cool as hell.


Too bad the storm ruler is very meh otherwise.


as is tradition


Same. I just trusted his word on the elevator not working properly and figured I'd find a switch or something later, 20 hours of things happened, and he vanished forever


I didn't finish Siegward's questions until like my 7th playthrough, and it was a surprise to see a different intro cinematic when I walked in.


I really wished they should have made Siegward quest easier to complete on a blind run because the ideal way to fight Yhorm imo is fighting him with regular weapons and helping to give Siegward the opening to use Storm Ruler.


I think yhorm is such a great fight because it isn't a great fight. Yhorm at that point essentially has nothing to live for and wants it to be over with as he's gone insane. It makes perfect sense that he basically hands you the tool to kill him and I think it's one of my favorite fights because of the story portion of it. Same with Gwyn in DS1, all in all he's a pretty easy boss but the music fits so well with the pitiful sad former lord we meet and he's weak because he has dedicated his power to keeping the flame alive. Dark Souls does story fights really well imo


Yhorm became much more fun for me when I learned how to fight him without the Stormruler. Hit his unarmored hand (the one he holds his weapon with) a few times and he'll stagger, he takes massive damage to his head and you can riposte him for even more. It makes it much more like a typical Souls boss fight.


Yea it's actually a rule on legend runs in the challenge run community that you can't use the storm ruler for yhorm (legend runs are sl1 runs with an extra restriction, like +0 weapon, no roll, max Ng etc). Even then though it's still a pretty boring and repetitive fight. The optimal strat is profaned gs charged r2 to his head over and over til riposte, rinse and repeat. On a +0 run its about ten minutes of this over and over. Still more fun than the storm ruler, but not by much.


Wolnir i think could've been more interesting, his boss feels more like a wall between the catacombs and irithyll than a boss fight


Spear of the Church. Most epic looking church ever, you just saw Midir at the bridge, you're pumped up and excited. And *woooow* a tiny spammy overpowered NPC


I think they wanted to put a PVP bossfight somewhere and it just happend that it had to be put there


Being spear of the church is fun though!


Tbh should've been like Mirror Knight in DS2 where there's still a big boss who just summons Player minions


Problem with that is Mirror Knight usually dies around the same time as he summons


yeah but mirror knight was so much cooler.


The painted guardians are the real bosses. God damn do they go ham.


Depends on who you get, might be the most difficult and/or interesting boss if you're lucky. I've tried my best to make the fight fun for the player in my time as SOC :p


Trying to survive as a spear of the church against the host +3 sunbros is the most fun I had in DS3 (even though I suck at PvP and died most of the time)


I do everything in my power to throw a lot at the player, I load up on throwables, I make sure to have two weapons. I love the pressure of being a boss lol


Play online or buy the game, its the pvp bossfight from demon souls😅 Also that npc is not op at all


Demon's Souls has a PvP boss fight?


Yup. Old Monk


Sure I wish I didn’t have to pay for it but it’s Definitely NOT the wolf (or even the gravetender) : that music is straight 🔥 Let’s talk about Wolnir though


Since I didn't enjoy Catacombs of Carthus I wasn't disappointed in Wolnir, granted I do consider him one of the four worst bosses in DS3.


Probably Deacons. It's just an enemy npc you've dealth with before, except times 50. All of the other bosses, iirc, have unique designs and moves, aside from the dlc gladiator dude with the Troy jump stab who they could've at least given an armor set with. >_> Chain armor and darkwraith helmet...? Are you kidding me?


Yeah Gravetender and Great wolf are pretty sad lmao. I don't even know the guys moveset because I always kill him in like 12 seconds


My heart hurt when I killed this doggo


Killing Sif in DS1 was worse especially if you did the DLC first.


I didn't have to do the dlc for the Sif fight to wack me in the feels. Just crippling the poor thing makes me feel sorry for her. First time I did that, it took me an extra 5 minutes to finish her off just because I couldn't bring myself to do it The Old Demon King is another fight where the end of it makes me feel sorry for the thing. Watching him blow out all his energy in one last final attempt to kill you then being rendered so weak he is unable to even lift his hammer anymore. That's a fight where it's much easier to dps through that part without thinking cause backing off makes it hard to finish.


I take great pleasure in killing Old Demon King mostly because I stumbled into that area so under levelled that I died to him more times than any other base game boss in DS3 lmao. And me being stubborn I literally kept fighting him until I got gud and killed him as an under leveled hollow with a plus 3 longsword lmao.


Hell yea. A grudge match. I feel that.


Seeing doggos die is always painful


Not Bloodborne doggos


Not the irithyll one tho. It brings me great pleasure to murder them


until you crit them and they start praying... fucking sulyvahn man


Ancient wyvern


Disappointing boss, yes. But the soundtrack is one of the best IMO


Just fight him on the ground instead


Could do that, if you feel like fighting the ancient dragon from ds2 but easier (someone get the nail clippers)


I hate that stupid tree. I hate that stupid tree so fucking much. His attacks are easily dodged, his AoE attack is annoying and he won't MOVE IN A SPECIFIC WAY FOR ME TO BREAK HIS LAST SAC HOLY SHIT. The Curse Rotted Greatwood is my least favorite boss in the entirety of the souls franchise.


You cant say worst in the Souls franchise because Bed of Chaos exists.


Bed of Chaos is easy once you learn how to exploit its mechanics, the worst bosses in the franchise are Lud and Zallen mainly due to the terrible run to the arena


Blue Smelter Demon and Sir Alonne would like a word with you.


The thing is that Blue Smelter and Alonne are actually good bosses, the kitties are a copy-pasted version of Ava who was pretty mediocre already


Or (unpopular opinion incoming) Rom. Fuck that stupid spider and her exactly 3 different attacks, relying on a mass mob of obnoxious mini spiders to add any difficulty to the fight. Why does a tiny little swipe of one of those little spiders' legs do 3/4 of my HP and stagger me like I just got hit by a church giant axe?


And Capra Demon.


Aw i like Capra demon. I mean i hated it when i fight him, but after revisiting dark souls i think it's cool. I like the claustrophobic arena, the weird angle, and that the dogs keep you on your toes. It fits with the run to the boss too with the random enemies waiting to ambush you. Okay now that I've typed it out i hate it again actually. Fuck Capra demon.


I kinda liked the Capra Demon. Was a bit frustrating at first, but quickly became an adrenaline rush after seeing the stairs and cleverly figuring out how to lure the dogs to their demise. But Bed of Chaos. Yeah, fuck that.


i choose to fight capra demon over royal rat authority.


Capra Demon is at least somewhat good because it's arena is simply amazing. It's design might be humble but it forces players to act smart to defeat the boss.


You can’t be serious…


The arena gives you easy ways to deal with the boss even if at first glance it seems to work against you. The stairs not being very wide make killing the dogs way easier since they're forced to go in a row. You can fall down to make Capra Demon's trigger its falling animation and be vulnerable during a few seconds. I simply wish the dogs would become aggressive a second later after entering and not immediately. It would've been a better fight.


Why do you find it disappointing though? Did you expect it to be cool and were let down?


This is the fight that unlocks boss weapons. It's a cursed being whose life is torment. I had to get through a hail of arrows to get to this boss. And what do I get? The worst boss fight in the series. At least the ancient wyvern "battle" is one of attrition where you're making your way through a ruin fighting off a decent number of enemies to get that one blow to end the fight. Is it a good fight? No. Is better then the stupid angry tree? Yes.


I always found Curse-Rotted Greatwood really easy so I guess I just never considered it that bad.


Its not a hard fight, its a tedious one. It takes time to wait for the right attack where you can't do shit in the meantime. I like faster paced bosses. Lady Maria is my favorite souls fight of all time for contrast. Seeing that the bosses appear to be faster in Elden Ring has me really excited.


First, ignore all the hollows. They'll die anyways in phase 2 if the boss or you haven't killed them as collateral damage in phase 1. Then you gotta pick your targets carefully to do it fast. Hack the back first and hit the legs when you have opportunity to do so. That leaves the easiest part for last. The groin. It's when you try to do the back or limbs last that it gets tedious because then you are waiting until the area you are working on is in range of your weapon.


Honestly tho if ur proactive its really not a tedious fight. In repeat playthroughs i speed right through cursed rotted greatwood.


> I had to get through a hail of arrows to get to this boss. Just pick the white branch as your starting item, there really isn't a reason to pick anything else


wolnir, same wasted potential of a cool looking boss design like nito, i guess ancient wyvern too i dont mind gimmick boss, but if its executed well it is cool like divine dragon


Nito could've been so awesome but instead he was a really underwhelming fight.


> wasted potential of a cool looking boss design like nito Especially after showing Wolnir like [this](https://i.imgur.com/ChXeQ3i.png) in the preview trailer.


Ancient Wyvern. After the Sinh fight in DS2 I was pumped to see how they'd level up their dragon fights for DS3. What I ended up getting was "run past snek men and ride head like pogo stick." The disappointment roils still.


At least Midir made up for it by being the best dragon fight FromSoftware ever made.


God bless everyone who enjoyed Midir. That's a boss I honestly don't think I will ever play again. Even after I figured out his attack patterns I'd run out of steam chipping away at his massive HP bar.


Soul of cinder was cool but I wish he was stronger and faster and had an additional phase, where he turned into something more than a large humanoid figure.


I guess everyone who linked the flame in the past was humanoid, although it would've been cool if the first round was the same as it is in the base game, a new second round where he used the abilities of Yhorm, Abyss Watchers, Aldrich, Ludleth(whatever that would be), and Lothric and Lorian, and then the final phase being the same but a bit more powerful.


Exactly I would have loved some sort of nod to earlier bosses


Soul of cinder in ludleth form crawling towards you at 1mph Edit: in


For me it's Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf the fight itself isn't the reason I find it disappointing because there are clearly worse fights in the game but the fact that it was one of only two bosses in the first DLC and it was very underwhelming.


I like that fight for the sole reason of difficulty. The lady goes down in just a few hits and then the dog proceeds to tackle you instantly. At least for me and my friend the dogs second phase was always hard.


The fight itself is definitely okay, my issue solely stems from the fact that it was a letdown for as one of the two DLC boss battles, if it wasn't for how great the Sister Friede and Father Ariandel fight was I would've been very disappointed I'm Ashes of Ariandel.


That’s true, that fight would’ve been better elsewhere but it’s not good enough to share the spotlight with a fight like Friede’s.


I think the big issue was the DLC needed one more boss, maybe some sort of Corvion boss, or maybe turning Sir Vilhelm into a boss.


I don't lie this fight 'cause it reminds me of the worst DS2 fights. Like the Gank Squad, the big rat and the two tigers. Just an overall uninspired boss with no significance and it's one of only two bosses in the DLC, as well.


Honestly? None of them. I hold all the bosses near and dear to my heart. The first time I fought deacons was the first time I did a boss in my first try. BEST POSSIBLE FEELING. I carved those fat fucks up with my Hollowslayer greatsword and they fell like butter. So satisfying to do. Gravetender and Greatwolf? I only wish the fight was a bit longer and the bosses had a bit more health. Fighting the Gravetender feels like a proper proper dual between two swordsmen. The wolf is also really fun to fight, dodging out of the way of its fast dashes. Wolnir was great for spectacle. Can't go wrong with that. Yhorm? Easy as shit boss but Siegward's story.. It elevated that boss for me. It felt cool to beat up a motherfucking giant like he was nothing. Crystal Sage? Yeah. This one sucks a little. Tbh I forgot about this one until I went and looked through the bosses again. Eh. It's a miniboss on the way to Deacons and Abyss Watchers. I don't groan when I have to fight it. And finally Wyvern. Wyvern is an area encounter. I swear to god if there was never a fogwall and health bar, people would remember Ancient Wyvern as a fucking cool thing. But nooooo. There's a fogwall so now we have to judge it by mechanics and bosses and not what it is, a cool ass spectacle and fantastic open to Archdragon Peak.


Ancient Wyvern.


I wish they'd make you run the lap to instead dip your sword in "dragonslayer ashes" or whatever, do the plunge for 50% of its hp and then have the proper fight with all those moves he never gets to use


Yeah, Champion's Gravetender is quite fitting, considering he's only one of two bosses in AoA. The area itself is brilliant. Friede is an incredible fight. And that makes the Gravetender all the more disappointing, especially given how amazing his arena looks and how excellent his music theme is as well. The fight itself really just boils down to a regular NPC invader and a Sif x RRA crossover.


Cursed rotted greatwood. I feel disgusted attacking a trees balls


Halflight. Big ass door, cool intro, only for a copy pasted giant enemy and a pvp boss :/


The soul of cinder fight tbh I mean it's a great fight but kinda lacking for the FINAL boss of dark souls The gwyn theme in the end is great though but still fights not that hard


I think his moveset near the end is also similar to Gwyn’s no? I found that pretty neat. Also, none of the last bosses in the DS trilogy are spectacular, but I think From nailed them in Bloodborne and Sekiro


Either that one or abyss watchers, the abyss watchers is a wonderful fight but during my first playthrough it was nearly enough to just convince me to never play again, then I asked here for advice and was told I could do the cathedral first and so I did and after I did that I wiped the abyss watchers first attempt, it was at that point where I was like “I overhyped this, lets just enjoy the game for what it is as it’s own piece of art” like I did for ds2, the wolf knight bossfight was just lame since it’s just 2 normal enemies as a boss


Wolnir. Looks too cool to be a gimmick boss. ..I guess the same could be said about Yhorm but at least it gets the Stormruler bonus points.


Oceiros, both phases he just stands around too long without attacking


Really? I’ve actually never experienced a tame ociros. I’m usually in a full party, could that be why?


Phase 1 is just mist and a few wide swings and phase 2 is oceiros just running somewhere and staying there for 5-10 seconds and a tailswipe and then runs somewhwre again


Your lucky, my oceiros never fucking stops moving


His insta charge is one of the most bullshit moves in the series.


The moon presence. I know its a blood borne boss, but none of the ds3 bosses even come close. The moon presence has very interesting and unique mechanics not shown anywhere else in bloodborne or any souls game for that matter. But they gave him a pitiful amount of health. Most of the times he is dead before he shows any of the mechanics that make him so cool. It took me many kills before i actually realised what he does and what makes him so interesting and therefore so disappointing. Compared to this guy all bosses of ds3 are incredibly satisfying.


I have beaten Bloodborne many times and Moon Presence only ever killed me once because I used the move to get blood bullets at the same time it used Gaze of the Moon, it was definitely an underwhelming secret boss.


Moon Presence "killed" me after the "Gaze of the Moon" because i had an hp-draining gem equipped. Talk about underwhelming


I honestly think soul of cinder was way too easy, take sekiro as an example. That last boss of sekiro was so fun and much more skill expression, way more difficult than spamming roll when soul of cinder goes for that 5 combo volley that is unavoidable after getting hit.


I like this boss :’( that moth thing probably takes it for me.


Do you mean Moonlight Butterfly from DS1? I really should've specified DS3 in the title if that's the case.


Ah shit. I should’ve looked at the sub. It’s all a blur in my head, I thought this was sif, but now I see no sword. And yes! Moonlight butterfly is probs my least favorite in the series


I personally don't find Moonlight Butterfly to be disappointing since I went into that fight without any expectations, in DS1 the boss I found most disappointing was probably Nito or Seath since neither fight was that good despite how hyped up they were by the opening movie. P.S. Bed of Chaos is the worst boss but since I knew it was going to suck going in I wasn't disappointed.


Yhorm, because damn, a Giant, Lord of Cinder, sitting on his throne surrounded by his dead people he swore to protect and… swoosh swoosh he’s dead


Ancient Wyvern. as for everyone saying deacons, this isn't really surprising considering almost every fight based around this is just a shitty seal clubbing fest. same goes for Prowling Magus + Congregation, Pinwheel and Fool's Idol but in my opinion, having a stress free smackdown fight once in a while is nice going to deacons with a UGS and just smacking them all over the place is quite cathartic


Gael I am always dissapointed of myself when i fight him


unpopular pick, but i would have to go with the abyss watchers. don’t get me wrong, they are still in my top 3 bosses in this game, but at the stage in the game that you fight them, they should have a bit more HP than what they do. if you’ve built your character right you can end that fight in less than 2-5 minutes, even quicker if you’re participating in jolly cooperation. just a bit of a let down compared to bosses that you know are going to be mediocre like CRGW and Sage. for the watchers to be the first lord you fight, and for them to be as much of a pushover as they are… yeah.


I like them because they are similar to Lady Maria from Bloodborne.


Hard agree that they should have more hp, it feels like because they gank they should have less hp but you mostly just wait for the red guy to spawn anyway so the first phase burns quickly. Second phase feels almost flawless but also a little more hp wouldn't hurt. Maybe it's because I went into this with prior souls experience and I haven't fought them on ng in a while but idk.


Nameless King Look, It's the Firstborn of Gwyn, the God of War and inheritor of Lightning. He has a fucking dragon. It's a cool idea i admit But that camera in the first phase wasn't even funny bad, just bad.


Phase 2 was great though.


It was fan-fucking-tastic, but it didn't wash the taste of dragon-camera piss away that the first phase left in my mouth


dragon-camera piss that’s a new phrase


I can't explain my poetry


ah Champion'a Gravetender amazing OST ass boss


Most disappointing is definitely Yhorm, but he isn't the worst boss.


Oceiros, I don't get his fight, he is really tame, easy to dodge. And I must say I consider myself a shit player who dies very easily.


I’m jealous Oceiros goes batshit crazy on me every time I hit second phase. Can barely get a hit on him while he yeets around the room


Wolnir, specially with a STR build. 2/3 hits in every arm and he's just...gone.


At least the Gravetender fight felt kind of cool and has some interesting, albeit vague, lore around it. ​ CRG on the other hand, while the lore may be awesome, is a boss fight I, to this day, do not understand how it made it into the final game in the state it is in. It is such a boring, uninteresting fight in every way, shape, or form. Most people don't even realize they walked into a boss arena until the health bar and music show up. ​ What really makes it sail over the horizon into shitsville is the fact a lot of weapon types / builds can't properly damage the boss weakpoints, leading to an overly-long, drawn out test of patience as you end up forced to attack the hand.