After many hours and suffering (through dancer of the boreal valley) my first sl1 run is fully done!

After many hours and suffering (through dancer of the boreal valley) my first sl1 run is fully done!


Congrats man. Now do SL1 without upgrading weapons and using a pair of tweezers as a controller lol


Time for dark souls on a potato


btw death count is 234(i believe 50-60 is dancer)


You did great, I had more deaths on Friede alone (and around 100 on dancer)


Funny! I did the dancer at the second attempt and after 5-6 glasses of wine. But now I'm stuck at the twin princes since weeks. Time to pull out the wine again I guess. Anyway good job!!


To defeat Lorian and Lothric I used blood infused bandits knife - great damage, and most importantly - quickstep


Congrats my guy!




I don't wanna be that overley suspicious guy but what are your stats for verification.


I'll post status bar in my profile Edit:all done


You’re just trying to cope because he beat you at SL1 lol


Man I am helplessly stuck on soul of cinder. I just have midir, Gael, soc, and maybe friede but I may have beaten her. All others down.


A good tip I found when fighting soul of cinder is to actually roll towards him a little bit to the left when he is doing the lance move. And i actually found the second faze easier as he doesn’t go Ninja mode but to each their own.


I got soul of cinder on my second try, I think it's because of my experience with cinders, I respawned bosses to farm souls , and it trained me for this run I think. Some advises : when it has a magic staff you can hug it, because only thing that is a threat is soul Spear, everything else can be avoided by rolling into it (on first try I inflicted almost 3000 damage just by hugging it), also in the second phase it's important to ember, because of the combo(you need to be able to roll first two hits to escape) and many lightning spears attack.


In first phase, he has 4 fighting styles. I just ran away from him until he switched to mage style as I find the moves easily dodgeable and you can get some punishment in when you dodge soul stream. ​ In phase 2, if you put enough distance between you and the boss, he will often take a running leap at you. Roll forward to dodge it. He then either takes no actions (enough time for two R1s) or 2 regular dodgeable attacks (enough time for a quick R1 and then dodge). I kept running like that until I killed him with my dagger.


The hardest thing about that fight for me at sl1 was that sometimes he delays the backswing and sometimes it comes super fast. This was during the coiled sword phase btw. I just rolled back whenever I saw that attack and kept walking back if it was delayed, so I would be able to dodge the fast or delayed one but miss a punish opportunity. Also in my opinion soul of cinder is the hardest boss in the game (although dancer gave me more trouble at sl1 since I did it pretty early) so a lot of it is practice. Also don't roll the soulmass, just keep strafing to one side as you may need to roll his other attacks. I like to run away from the curved sword phase but there are 2 attacks I'll punish. Its been a while but I'm pretty sure one was where he does the quickspin you can get a hit and the delayed spin you can roll in and get 2. Also compared to soul of cinder, midir and friede are not bad if you know how to handle them and gael isn't too bad either as long as you aren't greedy in the later phases. Good luck!


working on my first sl1 right now. dancer only took me three tries, but goddamn i cannot beat dragon slayer armor or champion gundyr


Hey man, if you are still on Dragonslayers armor - I beat it from my sixth run, but only because I got saved by the tears of denial. If you don't know how to cast them : you'll need priestess ring, dusk crown for less fp consumption and ring providing additional spell slot.


Dragonslayer armor gave me quite a bit of trouble as well for some reason, best advice I can give you is watch for the shield as a lot of attacks are really fast from the shield. Roll into and towards the axe to distance yourself from the shield. As for gundyr i just parried for damage. It took me quite a few attempts but if you know exactly how to parry most attacks it actually isn't bad. I ended up beating him with a +3 weapon only parrying without taking a hit.


i have +10 raw broadsword. i get him to second phase easily with parries but once there he just attacks so fast. are there any attacks from the champ that can’t be parried ?


I'm not 100% sure but the weird uppercut one seems unparryable, and obviously any attack that doesnt use the halberd cant be parried. The main second phase move you can parry is the one he opens with. You just have to run back as he charges you and parry the swing. I usually keep some distance during the second phase, not too much but just enough so that his charge won't reach me if i walk back. Also this is a good distance to be at because it manipulates his moveset into more moves from his first phase which are easy to parry, such as the poke or the one where he does a run jump and slams the halberd down.


Congrats! I just got to SoC so this is super inspiring! Praise \\T/


I don't play like a God like you and when I got to Gael, he killed me like a bug. I dropped the controller and walked away saying "nope". He's the only ds3 boss i never beat -_- maybe i should get back to it...


Oh man, firstly when I got to him I couldn't beat him for two whole weeks, just don't use slow weapons, I usually use a katana or in this case straight sword(s). On this run I spent 1.5 hours fighting him, but Gael is most fair boss in my opinion, when I die, I understand that it was my mistake.It takes a lot of practice, but eventually you will notice that you no hit phase 1.


GG man G fucking G, I'm doing it and I'm currently on Nameless King and Drangonslayer Armor and well it's gonna take a while (dancer was kind of hell on SL1)


congrats, i just did my second run, got to my third and even though each run feels a bit easier, each ending is just as rewarding


Yeah I had a build mostly heavy weapon oriented. I began something new last month with dual swords. I'm having a blast so far. Still use a shield for some enemies though. But yeah I can't wait to try Gael again :) he's just so fast I can't seem to be able to study him. He kills me too fast lol I'm not an OP player like others.


Ive beat gael my 1st time today and also praised the sun 🤣🤣