Ah right a "I beat ER couldn't understand DS" post. Anyone keeping count? Okay anyway, first of all, yes, this game is slow compared to ER, which also means the enemies also slower and very telegraphed. You claimed you roll slow. Did you heavy roll by any chance? Try not to overload yourself with heavy equipment. I recommend 25% or below for fastest roll. Ofc don't spam roll, sometimes you can simply position yourself away instead of relying on rolling Since this game is slow, did you try using shield? Even a medium shield one will help. Also since you mention Taurus Demon, did you see the tower where some archer shoot you? Yes, do the plunging attack


Around 8 so far


Makes me think that Dark Souls is in fact the hardest Souls game ever created XD


I only included the fact that I had played elden ring to show how little experience I had in playing these games and people would have a better time understanding what I meant by the initial question of am I missing something


You should be able to dodge signficantly faster than the Taurus Demon can attack. Yes Dark Souls is slower, but not so slow that the windup of his greataxe is faster than you lol. So first, try unequipping all your armor to see what a fast roll feels like. Maybe weight is your problem. But remember, you can't panic roll in Dark Souls 1. You should never need to spam roll, and enemies don't chain as many attacks, or as fast, as Elden Ring. A single well-timed roll will get you through almost any attack in the game, and give you a short moment to strike back. If you find enemies are catching you as you repeatedly hit roll, then you're just not used to how to play. You may be leaning too heavily on dodge-dodge-dodge, or you may be using too slow of equipment. You position yourself so that when the enemy attacks, you can roll once and then punish him for a moment. It's very reliable that way compared to later games, so something isn't being done right if you find enemies flattening you before you can recover from a roll.


> Is there something I am missing about the basics of the core gameplay? Yes, most likely. Unlike most Souls games, equip load in DS1 is more unforgiving as Poise works differently in this game. Rather than being able to fast roll at <70% load, it's <25% load. Without massive amounts of Endurance you'll likely only be able to fast roll while wearing light (cloth style) armor. There is a medium roll at <50% load that is somewhere in between the fast and slow rolls of the other games. The tradeoff is that when you do wear heavy armor, despite having a very clunky roll, you won't be staggered even when standing still. This makes it useful for users of slow weapons or situational in certain areas with fast attacking enemies. Also, importantly, shields are far more effective in Demon's Souls and DS1. Try using a shield against Taurus and he will seem like a joke, despite being able to rollcatch you incredibly often. You will have to figure out which enemy attacks can be stopped by shields and which can't, instead of DS3 and Elden Ring's logic where shields essentially are a cool looking trinket unless you have a greatshield. Also keep in mind that with greatswords and heavier, the focus is on stopping an enemy from attacking, rather than dodging their attack. You have to get the first hit and stagger them, rather than roll around looking for the right window. This makes clunky armor more viable. You can absolutely do this even against Taurus demon. Buy a Reinforced Club and get a few hit combo on him while 2 handing, he will get staggered out of his animation.


I'm not judging OP, lots of people do this. But this is a common attitude with these games that I rarely see with other games. "I'm not enjoying the first few hours of this, but I want to finish it". Like it's a college degree in From you're completing and has courses you dislike. It's unique to this community to treat developer products like achievements to be completed rather than as games to be enjoyed. As for OP. It's literally a different game. I'm not sure why you're surprised the controls are different. This is what normally happens between separate games in different engines. Stop trying to play the other game and learn how this game is telling you to play. You will need this attitude if you want the bachelor in From.


For me a large part of the enjoyment from these games comes from the sense of accomplishment after finally overcoming defeat. I mean come on, who actually likes repeating the same easy level a hundred times just to get stomped by the boss over and over and over again? That part sucks. What makes it worth it is beating the boss after desperate attempts for hours


youre not blocking enough.


Elden Ring is very user friendly You probably want to start with DS3.