And I think it's amazing there is people playing Dark Souls for the first time every day!


What would I give to have that experience for the first time.


Elden Ring's first time experience has been pretty similar to DS1 and DS3's first times for me. It's worth a shot even if you don't generally like open world games.


I am going to play elden ring! once I beat ds1 and 3 I swear I'll try to do it quickly


Thats where im at too! Just finished 1 today, 3 starts tomorrow. Then Elden Ring after. I honestly was blown away with 1, cant wait for more :D


You guys are skipping DS2 but Elden Ring has a bunch of DS2 DNA. It's a good game, and worth a playthrough, don't listen to the haters.


Ds2 is amazing listen to this guy


Why is everyone skipping ds2? Is this what bad influence from opinions of big-name youtubers does?


Pretty much


Am playing it for the first time!


same here. inspired by a friend who is also playing it for the first time


Just got it last week. Am currently being wrecked by Capra demon and his dogs


Poise my friend poise


That's me! I was petrified for blighttown but I actually love it and after playing wlden ring as my intro to the series It was a bit of a learning curve but I'm managing. The connections from all the different areas is next level, accidently going to catacombs was not fun but it's cool that it doesn't limit you persay. Stray demon sux tho fr.


That was me give or take 5 days ago and I've been hooked ever since. I literally could not stop playing and spent my whole spring break dedicated to beating the game. After so I'd say it's in my top 5 favorite games ever and my only wish is that I had played it sooner


Started this year. Love it


I started 3 days ago. Totally addicted


Currently on my first Dark Souls 3 playthrough :) Already finished Bloodborne, DS1 and DS2 (in that order). Loving all the games equally! Will get Elden Ring after I beat DS3


Me! I've been loving it way more than elden ring, I like how the world is way more vertical and unique.


Me still playing vanilla DS1.


Spending 30 min giving humanity to the sick bit- coff coff to unlock the fastest way to die to bed of chaos, good old times


“At last, I’ve found it. My very own Sun!” In all seriousness the Humanity dupe for infinite health was my favorite, because it had to be performed so specifically that you couldn’t really use it during boss fights so it was just there to bully weaker ads with. I’m glad I never got remastered. I don’t want shiny graphics and effects, I wanna abuse the broken game mechanics the way I’ve always done


I have both, and never really tried to glitch or dupe anything (don't know much). But basically my favorite bit about remastered is the 60fps




PS3 load times be damned—it's the only way to play DS1.


I want to play this since I never played vanilla. I want to see if the OG dragon butt story is true


That's only if you play it with no patches either. You also get no souls from skeletons or slimes, but you do get the bottomless box glitch.


If I buy just a physical copy of DS1 for PS3, that would work right?


Yes, either the OG or Prepare to Die... any PS3 version still has the dupe. It is significantly harder with female characters however


Same. I mean, I've got elden ring, too. But right now the only FromSoft games I have access to are DS1 and DS2 on Xbox 360 and Elden Ring on Xbox One


Same hahaha. Ps3.


Me still playing King's Field.


I game shared with my ex and lost my copy of DSR in the divorce. Still have DS1 so I'm in the middle of my second-ever solo play right now. It amazing to see how much I've grown since my first solo run.


I'm on my first ever playthrough Dark Souls. I bought an Xbox 360 version disc to play on my Xbox for pretty cheap. So much fun. Maybe in 6 years I'll care about Elden Ring


I dont even have bloodborne


Bloodborne is the best game in the FromSoft series. It's a true masterpiece.


Too bad its exclusive otherwise I woulda finished it.


Yup , same here. It's my favourite souls game , and I haven't even played it.




>barges in >Disagrees >Refuses to elaborate >leaves Giga chad


to be fair, the person who said BB is the best gave no reasons either


I have to say. I tried. Twice. I hate the combat compared to souls. I understand the parrying system with shooting and being more aggressive I just don't like it. I'll try again later down the line. Oh and the beginning where you can't level up because you have to trigger a boss first really put me off.


I love the game but I agree about the beginning, it's pretty punishing (and I had finished every other FS game by the time I played BB). Not being able to level before the first boss plus the blood vial mechanic can make the first couple hours of the game feel really unfair. The game is worth it though.


You can level before the Cleric Beast, all you need is one insight. But it's a tad tricky to find that one insight before the Cleric Beast, you have to search around a bit.


Bloodborne is so good.


Idk i didn’t like it as much as liked sekiro and draksouls series


It's prob either Bloodborne or DS1. DS1 had better RPG elements and a better variety of locations, Bloodborne only had a few viable builds and everything kinda looked the same. I know that's just the art direction for Bloodborne, but DS1 had you go from Darkroot to the Burg to Izalith to the Archives to Anor Londo to Painted World. Crazy variety that all fit the lore/art direction imo (besides Lava Dinos lol). I see ppl say Bloodborne has better combat, but I don't think it makes sense to call one combat system better than the other, it's more of a subjective thing. Bloodborne is just more aggressive and Dark Souls is more methodical. Bloodborne lore is unbeatable though, it always drags me down so many rabbitholes and has me coming up with crazy theories. I still need to play Demon's Souls bc I've heard there are a ton of connections to that world in BB. Dark Souls lore is still amazing, just less crazy, but it's really cool to connect areas across the trilogy(?). There's obv a lot more that could be said about both but... there is just something special about DS1 to me and it's easily my favorite.


Eh i prefer DS1, 3, and Sekiro over it but thats just me. Probably would like it more if it didnt run at 23 FPS


It is fantastic and a masterpiece but imo it’s the weakest game fromsoft has made


There is no rush to play a game as soon as it’s out. It wills still exist in the future. They’re patching some OP stuff out so you will probably even have a better experience. It its pretty great though. Doesn’t matter if it’s better or worse than DS1. We can love two things without shitting on one of them.


With the way mp works in souls games it absolutely is a big deal to play it when it's new. The first 2 weeks or so anyone you summon in is just as clueless as you.


every time I get summoned I am still confused. Best not to summon me.


I will absolutely summon you. I much prefer summoning goofballs to summoning tryhard melvins.


Heck yeah! If I summon strangers, it's to goof around. Gimme your off-meta build cluelessness!


I got summoned in sens. Fell of the bridge before my summoner did...




playing a game on release is one of the most fun things ever tho, nobody knows anything and everyone is fresh and new, it feels like you are exploring this whole brand new world together with the community.


i'd love to play Elden Ring but my GTX 1050ti doesnt want me to Edit: to everyone still giving me tips in the replies: thanks! I took a lot of them under consideration and the game now runs even more smoothly than DS remastered ever did


I'm playing just OK with a 1050ti.


its certainly possible, but playing a souls game with 20-30 fps isnt exactly ideal


I played bloodborne. I agree but using Riva tuner and half rate vsync makes a steady 30fps experience enjoyable 😉


Wasn’t the game originally 30FPS?


Yes it was


They all were until DS3 I'm pretty sure. DS1 was a PowerPoint presentation in Izalith and parts of Blighttown and I still put tons of time into that. These kids today are so spoiled. 30 FPS is perfectly fine IMO, and it's technically more than literally video game that was ever made before HDTVs with higher refresh rates became more widespread. Is it ideal? I guess not, but it's hardly unplayable. Action queuing in these games makes up for lower FPS well enough IMO.


Me out here wanting my 240fps from fps games in elden ring


It's fine to WANT 240 but there are plenty of people who can't access those frame rates and still do very well at the game. 60 is nice 120+ is great, but 30 is 100% playable.


Yeah. Mostly because my game is set at maximum settings 1080p and I just don't care about the 30fps since it looks amazing.


Aquire linux install run it with FSR at 720p There's always a way on PC


Love that


I overclock it just a bit with afterburner, only when playing ER, and everything to low. It still looks good at 1080p low and I only really get stuttering when it's raining or stuff like that, the bosses play OK, definitely above 40 fps, and indoors it's solid 60 fps regardless of what I'm fighting, pretty good so far for an outdated card like ours. Oh and if you don't mind dropping to 720p, I tested it and it runs smoothly with medium or high antialiasing. You can always test all that and refund if you don't like it ;)


My CPU is begging me to stop playing it. Yesterday my controller disconnected for a second because I bumped the cable against my desk and it crashed the game


You can ! I played it with an mx150. Trust me it works. Lower the quality a bit and mess with the settings. It still looks pretty great on low tbh.


I'm playing on a 3GB 1060. You'll be just fine


How though. My laptop spec 1060 runs it fine and only has 3gb of vram


I’d only ever played and completed Bloodborne. Picked up Elden Ring which is great but a week later picked up Demon Souls, Dark Souls Trilogy, + Sekiro and currently making my way through Sens Fortress!


Best of luck to you—remembee, don't trust *anything* in Sen's Funhouse. Not even the floor.


You managed to stop playing Elden Ring in just aweek? Das crazy dude


I'm to broke to buy elden ring so dsr it is


Wait for a 70% sale gang


checkin' in; I don't have enough souls either


My issue isnt that I cant afford the game. I cant afford to buy a console to play the game and i definitely cant afford to upgrade my pc.


I’d save a little each day if You can. It’s gonna be a good minute before this game goes on sale, but they’re probably just gonna re-release with a GOTY edition this holiday season.


A $40 or $50 sale price is a possibility, but I assume most people holding out want an even better deal.


I’m holding out on a deal or I’ll pay full price when i finish the Dark souls series and sekiro.


Enjoy it friend, DS1 is truly just as magical as ER. ER has made me feel the same way I felt when I first played DS1.


I bought a PS5 last year mainly to play Elden Ring but about a month ago my car broke down so I had to sell my PS5 to help pay to get it fixed but thankfully I still have my Switch so I decided on picking up the remaster a few days ago to hold me down until I get to play Elden Ring


I’m going to complete my second run of DS1 and then move onto DS3. After that, I’ll move onto ER


My man is so afraid of what dark souls will do to him, he thinks he’s gunna be in the emergency room after!


What about DS2?


I agree, DS2 is pretty good


Elden Ring is just better ds2 tho


Finally we have Dark Souls 2 2


It's just better than all their previous entries imo, no reason to not play them.


Honestly I don't think elden ring is as good as dark souls but that doesn't mean I don't like it, I do!


Curious to hear your reasoning on this? I've played through all of the Souls games, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring. I consider ER to be significantly better than all of them, even if it is not my personal favourite (DS1 > Sekiro > Bloodborne).


There are two reasons people could think this. 1. They don't like open world games 2. They prioritize feelings of nostalgia above everything else


i love elden ring, but i wish it was more linear like dark souls. not really an open world fan. that hasnt stopped me from playing through it 4 times though


That's a totally fair take. Even as an open world enjoyer I got pretty overwhelmed with just how *open* ER is. I do appreciate how dark souls-esque the main dungeons are though


This is the best way to get the most from your souls journey, and in proper escalating quality. I might also recommend getting DS2 and BB in there.


Sadly I don’t have a PlayStation


I just got platinum for DS:R and Elden Ring was good fun. Playing DS2: SotFS now, I like it so far.


Yep im working through them all until I get to Elden Ring. I’m up to DS2 now.


This is literally me. Bought the trilogy and plan on finishing that first


Switch owner here. DSR will be my only Soulsborne game for a very long time.


the thing is i will probably play dsr again like immediately after elden ring


I'd still be playing *Dark Souls* if the servers were still up.


Im desperately trying to complete the backlog of games I already have before I buy elden ring.


I'm trying to finish DS2... Fuck this game


I had a lot of fun with that game honestly


Finished ds1 a few weeks ago. Stuck on ds3


I needed a break from DS1 and decided to try DS3, I cannot consistently get past that Lothric knight past the first dragon in the first area. Then when I do get past him, that gooey snake thing keeps jumping out before I can kill the hollow it's inside of. That's as far as I've gotten.


I still prefer DS1 to ER, I don't know ER doesn't feel so costant. Strange difficult spikes


Yeah, the problem with open world games in general. You explore too much, you get your shit kicked in. You don't explore enough, you get your shit kicked in. You explore too too much, you trivialize the main sequence of content.


The new patch included balance tuning so hopefully those spikes are a bit smoother and flatter now


I finished Ds1 and Ds3. Now im buying Ds2. Then ill probably play Bloodbourne, demon soul and sekiro. See you in elden ring in 2024✌️


I took a pledge not to buy, play or watch anything related to Elden Ring until I've completed all the souls games that are sitting in my Steam inventory. Beat the four kings a couple of days ago, wish me luck on this quest!


I did something similar. Bought the trilogy and Bloodborne for PS4. Figure by the time I'm done with them all I should be able to lay hands on a PS5 and get Elden Ring.


Don't feel bad. I started my Souls journey at the beginning of this year. Started with Demon Souls Remastered, then finished Dark Souls Remastered, and now just started Dark Souls 3. Unless they release a next gen patch for Bloodborne before I finish DS3, I'll be moving to Elden Ring next.


Rip DS2


Damn bruh everyone be skipping ds2 thats rough


And then there’s the ds2 sub filled with posts like wtf everyone said this game was horrible so I haven’t played until now


For the longest time, DS1 (original or remastered) was my comfort game. So easy to jump in, pancake my way through some areas, and go about my business. I had to stop because I was literally buying new games and letting them sit for months, if not years.


I’m enjoying Elden Ring, but I think I’m going back for a playthrough of DSR because it’s my comfort game, too. I like how the game can be “solved”, and you’re basically untouchable once you figure it out. From got good at countering us figuring out the game and Elden Ring is very punishing of a lot of DS instincts.


You guys have remastered???


Me still playing kings field


Bruh, the isle of Melanat awaits.


Me,lol. I'm going to try and buy a refurbished ps4 this payday specifically just for elden ring and other souls games. Currently only have a switch and ds1 remastered. (Played demons souls and ds2 on ps3 years ago though) Difficult though when you live off a 700$ a month disability check lol


I only have a Switch and can't get a decent PC anytime soon. Excited about new Mario Kart maps coming soon tho...


Yo, can help me with four kings?


Once I get to that part I can try to lay down a summon sign, but no promises that it'll happen soon


im still playing ds1 (remastered) its the best game i have ever played ngl, and the elden ring hype just kind of makes me want to play even harder because one day i will play that too.


Homie im still playing ds1 ptde at 24 fps


Playing 3 until I beat gael and midir


I'm with ya guys. I would be more quite a bit more lenient and ask summon help to rush through it but the server are still down on pc.


Don’t be too down! You’re still playing a great game. Enjoy the ride, you have a whole lot to look forward to.


me, i convinced myself to beat DS1 before i buy Sekiro and… well it still applies lol


I'm yet to finish Demon and Dark Souls on the ps3. (yeah, the 2) One day will be Ds3 and Bloodborne. And then Elden Ring.


Not me, I'm balls deep in elden ring. I think there is a return event coming up soon, either Lothric or Yharnam, so will have a break for that, but I expect to playing elden ring for a while.


Don't rush it brave undead, avoid spoilers if you can and rest assured we will be waiting for your arrival so *git gud*.


I'm also playing DS1 waiting for the servers to be back


I have a potato laptop so no Elden Ring for me :(


Dark souls 1 is my favorite game of all time at the moment probably will stay there for the rest of my sad and lonely life.




I’m slowly but surely working my way through it. I’ve started each and every soulsborne game (except demon souls) and I haven’t finished a single one yet. I’ve really got into bloodborne recently so I’ll probably finish it as my first game to beat


I'm still playing the dark souls prepared to die Edition


Dark Souls 1 is also great but Elden Ring has a dedicated jump button


I was also in the middle of a DSR playthrough. There's just something about this game...


Imagine playing ds1 when you can just play the bosses reskins in elden ring in 2 fps pffft 😎


Now that my PC is dead, the only game I can play is ds remastered on switch. I've really enjoyed playing it, but I still wish I could play elden ring.


I just brought Dark Souls Remastered last week since Elden Ring was everywhere and I’m having a blast. 2nd Souls game, Bloodbourne was my cherry popper.


It's just so good


I just finished ds1r a month or so ago but gaming is seasonal for me so I have to wait til next winter for elden ring and forbidden west!


Not even remastered, I only got my ps3


Me. I never pay full price for video games.


Enjoying Elden Ring AND I finished replaying DSR last night. Best of all worlds!


Kinda true. Although elden ring is a great game it just didn't really hit it off with me. Could be the jarring frames that I have because of my minimum graphics card


Everyone: wow did you see that boss, and that area!? So cool! Me having only killed Godrick: nods head not knowing what they're going on about


I can't get Elden Ring until April, I know how you feel bud.


It'll be there when you're done with that, and ds2, 3, bloodborne, etc. Probably debugged and cheaper too.


I just killed the Bed of Chaos last night after about 4hrs of trying. That thing drove me fucking nuts, worst scumbag boss design ever.


Four hours is a bit much. Run left, kill target, die. Run right, kill target, die. Run straight, kill target. Par is 3 runs.


Yeah, i just finished DS1R. I have Sekiro and Nioh and I’m currently playing Hollow Knight, so who knows which Soulslike game is going to be my next one really. I do want to play Elden ring a lot though


It is great, but fuck is it harder than ever. So much more difficult than DS1


I dont have a current/next gen Xbox or playstation and I'm not even gonna try to bother running elden ring on my laptop. So I'm still playing dark souls, 490 hours in


Not me. I beat DSR it in 2018.


Nope I’m playing Elden ring


Till a few days ago


Ds1 is an absolute masterpiece that I will play many more times over the coming years, regardless of what else is out there


I’m in the same spot and l’m not sure if my GTX1050 will be able to handle it.


Currently bringing Witcher 3 to an end with blood and wine dlc. Wasn't really hyped that much for elden ring to take a break from an open world game for another open world game.


my system cant handle elden ring so i just play dark souls, ain't even a loss on my part


Lol yeah


As great as elden ring is, with all the QoL missing form the other games, spectacular graphics and design, Dark Souls 1 is still my favorite. Reason being I can beat the game in about 6 hours. 10 if I 100% it. It leaves a lot of room for new playstyles. I love devoting a single run to trying one or two weapons. Now that it clicks- Im an idiot for not writing down the facts and opinions on the weapons viability...


It's still an amazing game. They're all classics


Look I’ve played few hours of Elden Ring by now. I’ve played all the souls series as well. All of them are great games. Though, I don’t think anything will ever top DSR for me. It’s on a league of its own based on the emotions it gave me.


I'm doing both


Sadly l don't have the money, eventually be able to play it... (cries in not owning Sekiro yet)




Yeah but the 360 version not Remaster


I’ve bene playing dark souls 1 and it is my first dark souls game :)


Just finished the remaster for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was my first souls game and an awesome awesome experience. Started DS3 this week and am still getting used to it.


yeah, elden ring is good, but i prefer darksoul1👋


We just got a switch for the family and I went on the store and saw remastered, insta buy. Now I can die over and over on the beach in Mexico.


My son & I bought Elden Ring this past weekend. He’s going to start playing it this weekend, I’m finishing DS1 Remastered first … just started it 3 weeks ago and love it, even if it does piss me off at times. 😂


RN I’m playing darksouls 2 :(


Are you kidding? I'm still trapped in the PS3 era. I've only tasted the Prepare to Die Edition on PS3 and both New Londo Ruins and Blighttown always mess my framerate up so bad it's almost unplayable. However, I still love my DS1:PTDE and my good old PS3. I'm watching you guys' having fun from the distance.


all of the Nintendo users. if the switch can run doom eternal then it can run DS3. but fromsoft is very bad at porting their games. elden ring came out great a lot of consoles tho. i bought a used ps4 very cheap to play it


Got to this thread late so my comment will undoubtably go unnoticed. But I feel you bro. Came into a little bit of money last year so decided to start building an up to date PC. Even got hold of a graphics card during the shortages. And Elden ring was on the way. Everything seemed perfect. However the GPU I got is faulty and I’ve only just started to look into how to return it. I’ve been dodging Elden ring content since the network tests. So much pain.


Why buy a game on release when I can get it for 50-70% off in a few months?


I played the absolute shit out of Dark Souls 1, starting back in my sophomore year of college in 2012/2013. And I played plenty since then, especially when the freshness of the new installments wore off, and when friends of mine tried the game or wanted to do a new co-op playthrough. But I'm on the Elden Ring train now. It really feels like a culmination of the previous games. Playing the older Souls titles is great, but each has flaws. Dark Souls 1 is my favorite overall, it's a masterpiece, but my problem with it was that once I was familiar with it, it wasn't challenging. You can cheese DS1 really easily by backstabbing everything, or just having basic combat proficiency and adequately upgraded weapons. And, Dark Souls 1 feels pretty short when you are playing through it without struggling. Add co-op onto that, and Dark Souls 1 ends up feeling pretty trivial once you know it well. I find that the later Souls games and Elden Ring are much tougher, which makes co-op feel better because it's not so easy.


Absolutely, I have to get a PS5 still but I'm in no rush.


Sure elden ring is now but does it have Solaire


Who's gonna tell these people you can play more than one game


You're not alone on that one ​ I'm still waiting the servers


Can confirm


Even if i play ER rn, i always come back to dsr just to progress a lil bit more.


Still enjoying the trip througb Sen's Fortress. I've yet to play that game.


Me. I just started DS1 Remastered a few days ago. I hate the garden so much


Wait till you get to areas in late game that are a thousand times worse (not going to spoil them ofc)