Big titty mirage lol Probably mad he can't manipulate you into doing what he wants you to do which would be to prolong the age of fire


Just kick Latrec down there and become the >!Dark lord!<, Frampt will come running back... or whatever that serpent does to move


Already killed him :/ - guess I gotta do a NG+ *ohhhh welll, darn shoot*


Maybe Frampt is just pissed you’d rather listen to a big tittied illusion than him


What I’ve heard is that frampt is trying to manipulate you to the kiln by telling you you’re the chosen one. There really is no chosen undead, and you just got there first. The chosen undead could’ve been the crestfallen warrior, solaire, hell, even lautrec. Basically whoever got there first. He’s probably pissed because he cant manipulate you as effectively to beat up nyctophobia man and become either firewood or the lord of darkness.


Starting to agree with this take!


My theory is that he assumes you talked to Kaathe or someone else in service to the Abyss, otherwise how would you know that jumping down this hole takes you to the kiln?