He would of had a aneurysm

He would of had a aneurysm


He would be like : ok . I'm done with this shit . And leaves the fight


Obito is the most op character so far. His ability is just absolutely broken


facts, kamui is so OP


He would have won if it weren’t for him getting SO6P mode


Yeah, Kishi had to make it so that somehow he couldn't use Kamui while fighting as Juubito because there would be no winning otherwise.


Which then he lets Madara do the same thing.


Which is why he had to shoehorn kaguya in. Wrote himself into a corner with madara.


lmao kaguya was stronger than madara


Stronger but more vulnerable. They literally couldn’t do anything to madara.


I think that could be explained as “madara is strong enough to teleport with the ten tails”. Still doesn’t change he kinda pulled it out off his tho.


With Kakashis sharingan none the less. Man, the whole war arc really was a mess


Madara is simply built different


This has been mentioned many times in this sub. Additionally apparently Madara had an ult he never used because of 6P mode which is suspected to be time rewind. The implications of late war arc were nuts even by Ootsosuki standards.


Time rewind was his Mangekyo's unique ability, he was shown using it in one of the games https://youtu.be/bJKVZyTZ17A?t=189


He had bites the dust


> apparently Madara had an ult where that is even said?


Homeboy Kishi mentioned it in an interview. You can Google it.


Or you could prove what your stating beyond "Google it"


That's a pretty good point. Overall it was possible for me to prove it by looking it up but at the time I was nodding off for early nap trying to clear some alerts that I knew would prevent me from relaxing. Depending on which sub I'm in and how critical of a topic it is I take the extra step of providing a link when replying or really just let the thread die off. Sometimes in life we take shortcuts and regret it yet other times it helps us get on to more important tasks. It's times like this that I reflect on how many people I've upset, like yourself, here on r/dankruto for not providing a direct source. It's honestly embarrassing even having been called out once and likely many others have suffered in silence. Heading out for the night knowing I only had the time to reply to you and describe the depth of how much I care and aim to improve to meet your expectation of me. \*Commits soduko\*


Well my life goal is finally complete. *Also commits depoku*


It's in one of the videogames. It's his mangekyo ability


They would have done some more bs with Kakashis Kamui and won somehow. Anime plot armor is always stronger than the villains


lmao not after his mask broke.


his ability was really mostly broken with the conjunction of Hashirama Cells\^TM. If he didn't have those Cells, he wouldn't have been able to spam it as often as he did, and he would probably be on Nagato's level


Yep. If Kakashi didn't have one of the Kamui eyes there was no way he could be beat.


Any 6 paths character would fold Obito like a piece of clothing.


not as OP if kakashi and minato beat it


Kakashi was only able to beat him, because he got Obito's sharingan. Otherwise there was literally no offense against Obito ( except for Minato that guy is a god). If Obito wants it's a complete statemate against Minato and ninjas faster than Minato otherwise he stomps everyone just due to his ability itself.


Konan could've beat him without izanagi (or izanami? I always forget which is which). She had prep time, sure, but she figured the weakness to kamui out, so I'm sure the others would have. Especially with Minato there (I think Minato is probably the best when it comes to battle sense in the series). Kamui is super OP, for sure, but without Hashirama cells he would've been wrecked pretty quickly. Even with Hashi cells, he's "only" around Kakashi level. While he needed the seal to be broken, he was fighting all out against kakashi and lost in theory. Whether he didn't kill kakashi on purpose or he knew he couldn't, we don't really know.


Minato GOAT and Kakashi never beat him. Or I mean he did, when they were kids and Obito was fodder.


Technically kakashi did beat him in the kamui dimension. But if obito or kakashi had both sharingan for kamui it be over. For anyone.


Here we go again, I'm gonna say it dirt the 100th time. He wanted to lose to remove the seal Madara put on his heart, that why the whole fight started.


Nope, because Obito was holding back and he let Kakashi hit his hearth, in order to destroy the seal on it. ^^


Holding back yea fuckn right. He got shit on.


Rewatch the fight then.


Bro it was never stated the seal was In His heart lol


Yes it was by Madara himself! Lmao. When Obito became Juubito, Madara said it.


So someone linked the manga scan. And we were talking about two different seals. I thought we were Talking about Minatos lol


Yeah it is. https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Forbidden_Individual_Curse_Tag


no when him and naruto used kamui to unmask obito, and minato also beat him idc how many downvotes i get obitos kamui has weaknesses all over


The absolutely only reason they could touch him is because Kakashi had his other eye to counter him. Done. Nothing else. If Obito has 2 eyes, noone ever could touch him.


Exactly this


he did have 2eyes for a period of time, and kaguya killed him


Because Obito took the hit on purpose to save Naruto.He shielded Naruto from kaguya's attack.


Because he sacrificed himself??


And I fokin hate Obito. But it's a fact. Kamui is ridiculous and also Obito got ridiculously strong.


Why do you hate him tho, I always liked him


I think people hate him because of him being a simp.Obito's backstory was a such a waste.I think kishi could have handled it better. Still Obito is one of the best villains on Naruto.He literally fooled the whole shinobi world(and people too) twice,first by acting as a clown(tobi) and then by impersonating Madara Uchiha. For me,Obito is the most entertaining Uchiha.


Yeah, then Madara and Itachi, personally. I mean, his backstory was a little lame, but his character was awesome. Some people's backstories were good, like Hinata, but the character is terrible


Yep,You got it correct. Madara and Itachi are perfect as they both have good backstories and interesting personalities.In Hinata's case,she is nice but as a character she lacks much personality.It was nice to see a beautiful princess simping on the mc as the mc really deserved it but her whole character was based on her relation with the mc. She was one of those characters who were left unexplored.


Naruto did explore her (lenny face)


Kakashi literally beat him though, when they fought in kamui dimension I'm not saying kamui isn't OP, it's the most OP jutsu, but don't say things that are straight up wrong


Ahhh, do I have to tell everyone one by one that Obito was holding back and let Kakashi stab him in order to destroy the seal on his hearth? 🤦 That's what happened. Period. Rewatch the fight if you missed this.


"rematch the fight" jokes on you I rewatched it today already. Obito was fighting as well as he could inside the kamui dimension, and was outsmarted by Kakashi. He wasn't "holding back" any more than Madara was holding back in his final fight against Hashirama. Have you ever seen anyone say that Madara beat Hashirama in their last fight because he got the DNA he wanted? Objectively, he did win, but he undeniably lost the fight. Exact same scenario for Kakashi VS Obito. Kakashi defeated Obito, but this defeat worked just as well for Obito's plans anyway as his seal came undone. Imagine if Kakashi went for the head instead, game over.


Kiddo,Obito was so Op that he was using kakashi's hands to make hand sign for his jutsu.Those actions literally showed how obito was actually dominating the fight.He was as fast as Minato using flying Raijin/thunder god technique lvl 1.


so by your logic, in the final valley fight Sasuke >> Naruto because he used Naruto's hand to make a hand sign for fireball jutsu. Get out of here with that crap. Obito's speed was also never greater than Kakashi's speed, and there are more more enough feats to prove this. If you actually pay attention to the fight, it's clear to see its very near enough but Kakashi definitively won at the end. Even if you say "oh Kakashi didn't win because Obtio wanted to have a hand shoved through his chest" that is not equal to "Obito beat Kakashi". It is very far from it. You may as well be saying final valley Madara beat final valley Hashirama.


>so by your logic, in the final valley fight Sasuke >> Naruto because he used Naruto's hand to make a hand sign for fireball jutsu. Yes Sasuke was dominating at the start of the fight because it was Sasuke(Sharingan activated) vs Base Naruto.Sage Mode Naruto or any higher mode would have destroyed Sharingan activated Sasuke,but Naruto was more focused on creating shadow clones. >Get out of here with that crap. Obito's speed was also never greater than Kakashi's speed, and there are more more enough feats to prove this. Kiddo kakashi himself believed that Obito's teleportation exceeded Minato's when he met him during Itachi pursuit arc.Ofcourse Minato proved to be faster than Obito during their encounter(nine tails incident) but that obito was only 13-14 years old plus he was also cocky at that time.Obito improved later and was much faster than before.The fact that Kakashi was overwhelmed by Obito's speed proves how obito was leagues above kakashi in terms of speed.Obito was nearly as fast as Minato( arguably fastest guy on Naruto). >If you actually pay attention to the fight, it's clear to see its very near enough but Kakashi definitively won at the end. Huh,lately Kakashi-tards are getting a lot similar to Itachi-tards. Some people have already explained this in the comment section.Just look above. > Even if you say "oh Kakashi didn't win because Obtio wanted to have a hand shoved through his chest" that is not equal to "Obito beat Kakashi". It is very far from it. You may as well be saying final valley Madara beat final valley Hashirama. You are not making any sense bruh.Obito was holding back in his fight with kakashi.What more explanation do you want.


They believed that the kamui was equal to or greater than the flying raijin, that has nothing to do with Obito's actual speed, just the activation interval of his jutsu. Kakashi was not overwhelmed by Obito's speed, idk where you are getting that from. Watch the fight. Actually observe what they are doing. In what way is Obito holding back? Does he have some megazord hidden somewhere that he is deciding not to use? He clearly got outwitted. It was never said or even implied that Obito held back, so saying he did hold back is just headcanon. Whether you decide to think he is holding back or not, the point stands that Kakashi outdid him in that fight as a shinobi.


Not here to argue, but do remember that kakashi and obito had another duel in the kamui dimension as adults that kakashi did win, even though right after that fight obito became the ten tails boi. It still counts as a win for kakashi in my book though haha!


Obito let himself getting hit and destroy the seal on his hearth. He was holding back all along.


Minato is just a better ninja and has a brain unlike Obito, same with Kakashi not to forget he had the other MS of Obito


Not to mention obito was like 14 when he fought Minato lol


Still was given enough power to spam kamui at will with no EMS and control the fucking kyuubi, minato is just better


Exactlyyy, and if you throw in the experience he gained after his battle with Minato and during his death, I mean that guy was insane. He might not be able to defeat Madara or top teir characters like Isshki but on the other hand, I don't think they can kill him either. It's just Kamui is that OP


Obito wasn't insane, it's just his MS ability that happens to be the most broken thing in the entire series. He messed up with the world with a single one of the kamui eyes, when Kakashi had double MS he could fuck up with Kaguya


obito is way smarter than minato


What are his feats? Getting stomped on by Minato even though he had all the info advantage? I'm pretty sure someone who wants to burn the world for a chick is not anything else than a retard


Rin wasn't he's only reasoning to active infinite tsukiyomi tho. The whole shinboi world seemed dead to him. When a literal kid, without any hesitation, sacrifices herself by stepping on way of their teammates lethal attack to save the village, you fuxling know something is wrong with this shitty world. Obito lost the fight but won the battle. Minato have been forced to pretty much ruin he's son is future by sealing the nine tails into him, he and he's wife died preparing an potential counter to the future Obito


a 14 year old version of him???? dawg u payed no attention to the story if ur still one of those people that think obito started the war because of rin


Dude stop making these lame excuses to defend your favourite character, "he wanted a better world" my ass, he was so washed up he got a hallucination of Rin even at the very end to comfort himself


did u watch any of war arc? or did u read a summary of the show?


It wasn't hallucination wtf? Did you watch Naruto high bro?


If not for being a simp over a girl why do you think Obito want to attack konoha? Why did he want to kill Minato? Why did he want to kill all uchihas??


Under Boruto law, Obito would run out of chakra, or forget that he has kamui and instead jump in front of his attacks.


Just like Sasuke forgetting all his other fucking rinnegan abilities, if you look back, he used Planetary Devastation at least in another otsutsuki fight, there's still almighty push and all that shit


And he switches place with kawaki instead of switching with Isshiki itself since he is not planning on attacking Ishiki why bother switching with kawaki.


Or idk when the rods are coming toward boruto maybe just maybe switch ishiki with boruto


He can just switch his position with someone else. He can't switch places of people with one another my man


[Switches Boruto with someone else. ](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-90a471970a6698f93685f5d1fb52cad3) [teleports madara between him and Naruto's attacks. ](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-eb5841683204809b6b51cc6cae9a3d8d) [does it again to Kaguya. ](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-32d75ce904b35a9125acccb89b320a9e) Edit: [he can even switch ninjutsu with weapons and obviously vice versa. ](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-d65eb6bff47f4e29a15950a2e9f473c2)


He even does it to ninjutsu like the Chidori and kunai against Momoshiki. So Boruto sucks at following the rules it set up for Sasuke.


My God, I love this series


Sorry to be pendantic, but no their it's no need for something or someone for switching places of other. If you need proof, I will post it by tomorrow or just go look up kaguya vs Naruto and Sasuke in manga or anime.


Rip Isshiki soul out with the human path, endless chakra absorption with the preta path, and grow new arms with the ashura path.


Theyre only mechanical arms


With laser canons, yes you are correct.


Doesn't nagato use preta path absorption through ashura path arms?


Also universal pull so Naruto and Sasuke could jump and overpower isshiki.


true af bro


I'm thankful Obito wasn't alive to see Boruto. The amount of nerfs kamui would have had to be 'usable' in this show would be too painful too watch.


who knew Madara & Obito losing in Shippuden would actually be winning in the larger context lmao


Speaking the facts




Ishiki would’ve killed himself in anger


EXACTLY! People out here trashing on Kaguya when she wasn’t even trying to fight seriously or kill them, DMS Kakashi would make Isshiki want to kill himself lol


She literally used all killing ash bones against Naruto and Sasuke. To say she wasn’t trying to kill them is plain wrong


She flat out says that she doesn’t want to kill them, and wants to absorb them. Zetsu is the one who coaxes her into killing atleast one. That’s why by the final stages of the Fight she decides to use killing moves. Btw if she wanted to kill from the start she could’ve used Ash bones the first time she snuck up from behind them and had them in her hands. Or the second time when she pulled sasuke into the sand dimension, instead of pulling him in, why not ash bones his ass OR dump him into lava/ acid dimension instead to kill him.


Why does the terminator always throw the protagonist instead of squeezing for a debilitating injury and not letting go once he manages to touch them?


Lol the heroes need to win somehow right? In her case she was hesitating cause she saw her sons in them and all that jazz


First of all, plot. So she won’t just do this because that. Second of all, that doesn’t change the fact that she tried to kill them. And really ? Absorbing them results in their death anyways


You don’t see the difference between her trying to kill them from the start and her being convinced to kill one by later stages of the fight?


no he wouldn't


Power wise dms Kakashi is inferior but if DMs Kakashi was there along with rinnegan Sasuke and Naruto... lol I can see Isshiki kicking and screaming in annoyance. If they had the yin yang seal, they will seal him up too lol too bad they lost these cool powers after shippuden


Ishiki: *stabs obito. Obito: "Oh look! I've been impaled."


if he was in the same situation as naruto and sasuke, he would have outlasted isshiki for 3 days and killed him because obito's ability is very difficult to understand and kakashi was only able to understand it as HE HAD THE SAME ABILITY. obito would always activate kamui and use almighty push whenever isshiki comes nearby. the boxes will do nothing, the rods would do nothing, then isshiki would start crying if it is orange mask obito, he would use izanami and mess up isshiki rinnegan obito will use rinnegan powers six paths obito is probably the worst matchup lol DMS obito makes isshiki cry


But Konan, Foo, and Torune came close to figuring Kamui out


Rinnegan Obito didn't use a single Rinnegan ability for himself. It let him control the other jinchuriki with the chakra rods but other than that, just like Sasuke, didn't use any other of the 6 paths ability.


Its specifically stated he could use the abilities, but they take up hella chakra when it isn't your eyes, and everyone but B knew how to counter the abilities


That part was 100% lazy nerfing to me tbh, there were no good reason (such as his body being incompatible). I mean, with Kakashi not being able to use Sharingan effectively, it makes sense because he simply isn't an Uchiha, it'd be like having the wrong bloodtype I guess. But Madara awakened Rinnegan because he had Hashirama's cells. Obito was HALF Hashirama AND Zetsu (also had some kind of extra power from the Gedo Statue or something?). So there was no reason for him to be "incompatible" with Madara's Rinnegan. (It made sense with Nagato because he was neither an Uchiha nor a Senju, but managed due to being an Uzumaki. With Obito though, I think they were really just... grasping at straws because they needed him nerfed. That's why it was such a lame excuse like "oh they're Madara's eyes so they don't work as well on Obito", even though there's a contradictory rule where, if you're an Uchiha and get someone else's MS like Sasuke with Itachi's, you actually unlock a stronger evolution of the Sharingan, the EMS.) Anyway, sorry for the rant lol.


You do make really good points that I agree with. However, I will try not to think of them because I really don't need to add to the rage I have at Naruto's canon and reasonings. Just going to add my two cents in: I always thought the reason Obito didn't use all of the Rinnegan abilities was because he didn't have time to train with it. He just semi-recently obtained it so he couldn't use it as fluidly as Kamui.


Agreed, lol. Imagine just how much better the series could be if the industry didn't rush writers and all... sigh. And (just to put it out there lol) I had that thought too (Obito simply did not have experience), but I personally disagree because when Obito first approaches Nagato, he specifically says he will *TRAIN* Nagato to use the eyes and unlock their true power. So we know Madara awakened them at a pretty old age, and secretly implanted the eyes into Nagato, who doesn't know how to use it (even after training with Jiraiya; we never see him as powerful as he was later or using Six Paths of Pain with Jiraiya). Hence Madara probably taught Obito everything he knew about the Rinnegan (from Uchiha tablets etc), and then presumably Obito had to do his own research + go through trial-and-error in training with Pain. It was shown pretty clearly that around Yahiko's death, Pain couldn't do much with the eyes yet; BUT after meeting (and obviously training with) Obito, he was able to use the six Pains and overpower Hanzo & his entire forces (and even hunted down and annihilated all those who were loyal to Hanzo.) So we can conclude that Obito DEFINITELY was the one who *trained him and helped him unlock the Six Paths of Pain* etc. ...so, yeah, to me, the "inexperienced" excuse also makes no sense. :')


This could be awesome


Kamui alone is broken. Imagine him getting a Tomoe Rinnegan then getting abilities from it. It would be the most broken thing ever.


I imagine he could probably can make himself go to the limbo dimenson like madara's clones.




Don't forget that a 3 tomoe Sharingan was tracking Ishiki when he was in antman form....You add Kamui and Izanagi, Ishiki would just quit. To be fair, Obito is not winning, but he will annoy tf out of Ishiki


Lol rq gg


Who's ishiki now?


Dust particles left behind on another dimension.


Some stupid ass alien villain lol


Isshiki Otsutsuki was the latest antagonist in *Boruto*. As far as canon goes, he landed on “Earth” with Kaguya and then she betrayed him, which forced him into hiding up until a few years prior to the events occurring at present.


What was more intriguing to me is why Isshiki despised the Rinnegan so much. I hope we get some backstory/filler explaining this, because it’s never expounded upon. Why would an Otsutsuki hate an Otsutsuki ability so much?


I think you're overthinking. He just hated Sasuke's Rinnegan for it's teleportation ability.


I always looked at it this way. Otsutsuki hate other beings because they see the other beings as inferior. So seeing one of those beings use something that is supposed to belong to the "superior" being pisses them off.


Because Kaguya betrayed him and that’s how they ended up with that ability. He hates Kaguya and her lineage.


I don't know, Kamui seems to take a while, also I'm pretty sure Isshiki is fast enough to dodge it


He wouldn't need to kamui him. Just use the phasing kamui and wait for an opening


True true, trouble is finding an opening would be highly difficult


Granted, it would be very difficult given Ishikii's speed. But not impossible. And it I a battle of attrition given his health


Yeah but like if he can't really attack Isshiki then that's a major flaw lol


just outlast his lifespan with kamui


It would have been truly amazing to see both uses of kumai in one person.


And he couldn't even take it away for five minutes. After that He would go Kamui dimenson. And if Obito would have both eyes he could be just kill Ishhiki just by looking at him for dunjo 3 sec? Obito was killed cuz' he was too OP


Ay do yall think that teen narusasu would've done better than adult against jigen or isshiki


I dont think so


No. The scale of the fight is different and ,unlike Kaguya, they don’t have a soft spot for humanity.


I think ishiki is too fast, obito needs to actively use the jutsu (therefore react), the rods seem spawn out of thin air to the likes of naruto and sasuke, he wouldn’t even know he’s in danger before he’s dead


Lol y’all must’ve forgotten what the 4th did to this dude. Kamui is op af but still.


Minato had the only counter in a sense that he was able to defeat him but aside from that Kamui is a “get out of jail free card” and beyond broken


would have*


Honestly obito’s abilities are just disgustingly broken. There would have been no war had he had both his eyes. Just goes to show his heart wasn’t *100%* in it.


Obito and Minato teleporting around would be so cool to see.


I don't know who this Ishiki Kid is cuz I don't watch Boruto, but I know Obito would wreck this fool


"That damned Kamui"


Yeah but Ishikkis Dojutsu is damn near equivalent to Kamui. Except he has the power to also shrink himself and objects plus he has his own pocket dimension he can take objects or people out of. It makes since though since every jutsu on Naruto originated from the Otosuski clan.


Nah he could blitz him if he turns small and straight up stomps him obito wont be fast enough


"Would of" makes no sense.


The OP might of made a mistake


Kamui isn't as fast as sasuke's rinnegan ability


Oh it can be pretty fast as the user is. Boosted by the six path chakra Kakashi’s kamui was extremely fast enough to work on Kaguya’s faster amped up ash bones


It pretty much made obito invincible and the only reason they won against him was because kakashi was there


Obito's teleportation takes time unlike Sasuke's who's instantly activities on command (And we also have the switch places thing). Isshiki>>>> Jubidara and by alot alot. Jubidara was able to stop Obito from teleporting with his(Jubidara) incredible speed which out matched Obito's teleportation time. So if Isshiki and Obito were to fight then Obito would die before he can even use Kamui.


Funny that you say Isshiki >> Jubidara. Tell me how would Isshiki kill Jubidara? Jubidara had the ten tails and 2 rinnegans and the third eye, the rinesharingan with 9 tomoe. Madara also had access to the chakra of the whole world, although he didn't know in that moment. Jubidara wasn't on time limit with his life, he literally became immortal at that point. And Jubidara, same as Kaguya could only be sealed cause he couldn't die do to the amount of power he had from the ten tails and the divine tree. And if Jubidara continued to fight he would 100% realize that he can take chakra from the people caught in the infinite tsukiomy. Stop lowballing Madara because Naruto and Sasuke got nerfed in Boruto. Does Isshiki have a ten tails in him? No, he keeps a mini ten tails that gives him enough chakra to survive and keeps him ''strong''. From what I remember Isshiki had less than 24 hours to live, when did Madara or even Kaguya had this problem after getting the chakra fruit from the earth? Does Isshiki the guy who got tricked by a shadow clone of a kid ''Kawaki'' has enough abilities to overpower Jubidara who showed the most hax abilities in the whole show?


no one is completely immortal in naruto and its pretty obvious u only watched jigen vs naruto and sasuke and ishiki vs naruto and sasuke fights


How would Isshiki kill Juubidara? 16 years old kid Sasuke made Juubidara his bitch after Hagaromo touched him. 16 years old end shippuden kid Sasuke<<<<


madaras my second favorite and you guys wank the fuck outta him. Bruh he’s beating Madara lol


Isshiki had a time limit because he reincarnated in an imperfect vessel. Ten tails doesn't make Isshiki strong he simply took chakra from it for Jigen because Jigen's body was only that of a human so he needed extra chakra as Jigen to fight him. If he was Isshiki he doesn't even need that chakra. Madara and Kaguya had no time limit because they were alive not part dead like Isshiki. If Isshiki was alive he would live for Thousands of years just like Kaguya. The reason he fell for the shadow clone trick was because he had about 5 seconds left at most to live. Kaguya got desperate when Naruto and Sasuke were about to seal her at that moment when she was gonna summon the all killing ash bone she got hit in the head by Sakura which distracted her and she got sealed. Kaguya and Madara would have also had their life sucked if Naruto used Baryon mode on them and would have died if they were in the same situation as Isshiki. If Isshiki reincarnated in as perfect vessel he would have shit load of life and just like madara and Kaguya he couldn't have been killed, only way would be to seal him away. Idk how I am low balling Madara it's more like your in Denial. Try to understand New villains> old villains. That's how the show works it's not that Naruto and Sasuke got nerfed it's more that they can no longer keep up with the new villains most of their abilities are rendered useless against the villains so they can't utilise all of their abilities which checkmates them. It's simple try to understand it.


>Kaguya and Madara would have also had their life sucked if Naruto used Baryon mode on them and would have died if they were in the same situation as Isshiki Baryon mode only worked because Isshiki had 24 hours left to live dude. I don't even watch Boruto and I know more than you do. The manga is the main series, the anime adapts it. ''Try to understand New villains> old villains'' This is a very dumb statement. Isshiki can only punch, shrink him self and shrink other objects, but he needs to see the object in order to shrink them. This abilities he has are very weak, he can't even absorb chakra without a karma. The only reason Naruto and Sasuke got beaten up is because they were nerfed. I mean Kawaki managed to trick Isshiki with a shadow clone, while Naruto and Sasuke who are the strongest ninjas in the world right now couldn't trick him in any way? Its also very funny how Isshiki has not shown a single feat except beating the nerfed Naruto and Sasuke who didn't even use their full arsenal against him. Do you even know what feats Jubidara has? No you don't, so bye.


Bro are you actually good?? I think we can all agree that according to plot kaguya>juubidara, and the novel states that momoshiki>kaguya, the new naruto and sasuke destroyed momoshiki. Everything you said rn with naruto and sasuke being nerfed is pointless myths ppl make up cause they can't understand anything.


>nd the novel states that momoshiki>kaguya they never said that. Kaguya was preparing for the entire Otsutsuki clan, " armado said if isshiki get his original body we ( refering to naruto and sasuke ) cannot stop him. so no caught off guard or trick nothing else. yet kaguya managed to kill him. so armado implies kaguya> adult naruto sasuke >momo. ​ adults are rusty and lost six path https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E9gymgLXEAs7ajP?format=jpg&name=large [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/469192356017602609/888959277555933184/Screenshot\_20200702-062428\_YouTube.jpg](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/469192356017602609/888959277555933184/Screenshot_20200702-062428_YouTube.jpg) whats your discord insta gram twitter


kaguya is immortal and naruto has limit and no counter to infinite tsukuyomi. adults are rusty and lost six path https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E9gymgLXEAs7ajP?format=jpg&name=large https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/469192356017602609/888959277555933184/Screenshot\_20200702-062428\_YouTube.jpg


Isshiki can just put Madara in his miso pot and it’s game over. Madara can’t react to Isshiki’s rods and gets impaled a million times. Madara can’t open portals and gets completely outclassed in terma of taijutsu and raw power


Are you actually saying Madara is beating Isshiki? You must be retarded lol


>So if Isshiki and Obito were to fight then Obito would die before he can even use Kamui. this, people crying that obito can beat ishiki is even worse than itachitards crying that itachi can beat madara ffs....


Never seen such a wank before, Isshiki is **way** too fast for Obito, he's also not the jobber type either, he wouldn't let Obito do anything People fail to realize that the powercreep is *insane* like even if we only take the Hagoromo buff Sasuke went from getting one shotted by a alive Madara with a single eye without Juubi to being able to casually cut Juudara in half Even if we give the benefit of the doubt and say that Obito has the time to activate Kamui, Isshiki would simply attack him constantly during the 5 minutes and as soon as it's over it's game over for Obito


this just shows how retarded fanboys can be...


Why are people downvoting u? Isshiki is fast as fuck and even minato was able to counter his kamui


facts he was able to react to sasukes teleportation (which is instant) really easily in jigens body.


he would have been bitchslapped so hard and so quick he wouldnt have even been able to comprehend the thought of even using kamui.... and no kamui isnt as op as people make it out to be, even danzos subordinates and yamato figured kamui out on the spot, danzos subordinates were just to weak and irrelevant to the plot to do anything about it. im having hard time to believe theres even people in the comments that seriously think that obito could even scratch ishiki, i guess covid-19 hit harder than i thought.... Oh and i know ill be downvoted to oblivion, but those downvotes mean nothing to me.


Yeah but they couldn't do anything about it


well Isshiki can travel trough dimensions so he will just go to Obito's one (i bet he can figure his jutsu rather quick) and smack Obito to oblivion


rip...11 downvotes


well people cant accept the truth they think Obito is invincible xD meanwhile he almost shit himself when he was trying to travel to another dimension other than his own. Ōtsutsuki can travel with ez to the most far away dimensions and go to earth from their place like this is nothing even more they can track someone just by some chakra signature like Issihki did with Naruto and Kawaki buuut they still gonna think Isshiki not gonna track Obito with his one xD ohhh i see now is r/dankruto not really lore wise people in this sub just some pepegas


nah he will have more trouble then with sasuke but he will beat him when he figures out obito ability and he cant track obito to his dimension


He would be angry but let’s be real. Akatsuki Obito is not on the same scale as Adult Sasuke. Sasuke is much faster and stronger yet Isshiki still fondled him. Obito would get murdered


Sasuke in Boruto is only stronger on paper and in lore. I mean have you seen the show? Sasuke is absolute fodder in Boruto. Can’t dodge, can’t use basic rinne powers even Nagato could use. Comparing adult Sasuke from Boruto to Obito from Naruto is like comparing apples to tide pods


So by your logic, Adult Naruto can’t beat Obito since he couldn’t properly react to Isshiki. Don’t you see how stupid that sounds ? You are comparing two completely different entities- one of which is strong and the other is THE strongest of the Narutoverse. Obito couldn’t even defend himself from Kakashi, Guy and KCM2 Naruto. While Adult Sasuke murks every kage, excluding Naruto, on his own. If you genuinely believe Obito can beat Fused Momoshiki then you smoking some loud shit bro What’s so hard to comprehend ? Enemies get stronger as the shows go on. No wonder it’s harder for them to start dodging their opponents. Sasuke isn’t using basic rinnegan powers because they would be useless in the situation. Like what the hell is shinra tensei gonna do against the guy who beat both Naruto and Sasuke *in their prime*. The dude really kicked Sasuke out of a Perfect Six paths Susanoo and you think something like shinra tensei would affect him. Let’s be real here, Isshiki could literally solo all the allied shinobi at once. Even if everyone was in their prime.


Pretty much this. Obito is like a random scrawny teenager, Isshiki is prime Mike Tyson. An average adult not being able to defend themselves against Tyson doesn't mean they can't defend themselves from a teenager.


At least someone else gets it


I didn’t mention Naruto. Sasuke in Boruto performs way worse than Naruto does. They double nerfed Sasuke.


As if Naruto didn’t also get shit on by Isshiki. Sasuke’s rinnegan was a threat that’s why he was trashed. He actually performs better than Naruto (not baryon. But even in the manga Baryon mode is weaker than Isshiki) considering he’s the first to figure out how his dojutsu works and its principles


Isshiki is fast as fuck. The show didn’t animate his speed well (or anything else) but he’s literally a taijutsu god and can beat the shit out of any character in the series. The Boruto anime didn’t do Naruto, Sasuke, or Isshiki justice at all but lore wise, Naruto and Sasuke are the top 2 shinobi and Isshiki is levels above both of them. Isshiki strength wise is like a DBZ character but they animated him like a Naruto character. Just look at the speed Sasuke and Kinshiki fought at? That fight was competitive. Had they tried to power scale it accurately, Isshiki fights would be too expensive and time consuming to animate.


not sure about that bro, his phasing activate instantly, none of isshiki shrink rod would hit him, that if he was aware isshiki is about to make a move though, he could always activate his phasing though, but then, he would ran out of chakra


I just wanted to remember the fact that Obito has more than half of Hashirama Chackra reserve •-•


That literally doesn’t change the fact that he would get destroyed by Isshiki.


bro what??? Sasuke wasnt able to react to isshiki’s rods and you think Obito can? Lmao


These people are illogical


They hate Boruto so much and glorify Naruto characters


Nah he would smoke that Obito pack in seconds


Or kakashi.


Lol idk


Frilled Lizard Jutsu ftw


Ishikki could go in obitos dimension


He would get frustrated a lot as the only ways to counteract is having another one of his eyes, being in his dimension, or attacking when obito lands a blow


RIP to the goat only way they found to beat him was a eye he gave away


Hear me out: imagine him fighting Shisui.


Fuck Amaterasu, Kamui is wayyy betterrr


It depends on how fast Obito can react to Isshikis rods. Sharingon cant react to the speed of those things, because of how small they are, they have penetrated you before you have even noticed them. So if Obito is even daring to make a move, he’s toast. If Minato can beat Obito, Isshiki is completely destroying him.