Apart from ironic and dank memes on a practical note he didn't defame or said anything wrong about India. C'mon guys this is what's happening in India even though it is humiliating and hurting it's the truth of India Ha bhai gyan choda hu, India jaisa hai to hai. Loda koi politics nahi


Correct bhai and these so called dank pages getting offended by his 'comedy' and didn't even understand that it wasn't a comedy act, it was satire....


And they call themselves dank


Wahi jab kangana ne azadi bheek mein mili bola tab kaha gaya outrage?


Kya bol raha bhai, usko *Padma Shree Award* mila toh usne sahi hi bola hoga na. /s


Outrage is daily labour of these over entitled assholes


I was just about to say the same thing 😂


Chutiye hai bhai idhar sab, har koi instagram se uth kar aagya idhar dank ban ne ke liye


>it was satire This right here, this is what I was trying to tell everyone. He didn't defame India, he stated facts that day in satirical way. They are just tilted because he showed everyone mistakes of BJP and their supreme leader, and yet RW boys can't do anything about it.


Not just BJP, he screwed RAGA too by literally calling him mama's boy... He defamed general politics in india and mindset of general netas in india, irregardles of party


Even he pointed this out that others gonna ask where is the comedy. and that they don't realise there's a bigger joke and it's not funny.


Jab sabko is meme se problem hai to itne upvote mil kaise rahe hai is post ko


In all fairness, US be far worse than India lol


Can you please explain what satire means?


Google is your friend


I literally had to unsubscribe from some of these pages bcz i can't argue everyday... Whenever i open reddit it's always one group fighting another And it's annoying that people get offended so easily. It would be great if there is no politics involved in meme subs. Memes se politics hatao


>Memes se politics hatao pradhaanmantri memes se politics hatao yojna


We always have two face. One real and one to show off. This happens right in our homes. No matter how nikamma is the son but parents show how brilliant he is. Just extrapolate this to world level.


I used my free award. Fuck.


True these are the same people who post casteism jokes in the name of "dank" which I am totally okay with, agar dank k naam pe vo le sakte ho tho ye bhi lelo 😂😂😂😂


Bhai India ka sach to ye bhi hai ki hume 200 saal tak cattle se bhi gande dhang se treat kiya humare original culture ko kill kiya and mass social engineering of all communities in multiple stages to impart inferiority complex in us. The fact that you might have started to read this seriously since I started typing some serious english just further proves my point.


Aur problems hain to discuss karo, sirf problems pe focus karna just to get some laughs while undermining millions of honest workers, soldiers, farmers, doctors and others working hard to change the state this nation was left in, is just straight up hypocritical. Modern *woke* comedians have become: Hum criticism kare to vadiya, log hamari comedy ko criticise kare to bhakt, ancient, primitive.


Ye same cheeze politicians ko karne ki jarurat hai comedians ko nahi. Unhe to kuch nai kehte, ab mujhe libbu kahenge. Dono sides chutiya hai


Politicians kaam nahi karte hain ka tauba band karo. Uspe sabko baat karni chahiye no matter how boring or frustrating the conversation is. As, a citizen of India we all need to be aware of actions and the image we project of it on the world level.


2014 ke bad se bat hi kr re. Koi action li government? Hathras kand ke bad bhi aur kuch bolna pdega? Why blaming comedians its their profession to do satire. Aur tu India ki history bta ra ki 200 saal se ye wo. Bhai vo 200 saal hue 70+ sal hogye. Abhi kya hua? Nehru ki glti thi kya?


Too many long time actions unable to fit your small comprehensive scope of development Sticking to one incident while looking away from the decreased deaths of army men in hostile regions of Kashmir Their profession is to do satire and not to feed ego of westerners by downplaying the hardwork, smarts and powers of India. 70 saal se jyada hogaya hain but real long-term plans by the Vajpayee government and the current government are the only ones which are making some real change for India on world level. You know this isn't a continuous convo I can only reply to you once you post your comment so asking *ab kya hua?* is just dumb Nehru ki galti nahi bhai sirf Nehru ki nahi kuch aur logo ki galti hain kyuki the real winners of PM postion like Patel weren't given the seat due to influence by the note-wale babu . Mil gaya har sawal ka jawab . Aur bhai kaisi lagi?


Ek BJP ke bhakt se yhi sun skte hai. 1991 liberisation ke bad se economy bhut bdhi thi India ki. Lekin fir 2014 ke bad aisa kya hone lga ki india ka GDP gir gya glibal hunger index, gender gap index , press freedom index, rape cases, democracy index, per capita income index, etc. In sb me kyu piche rh gya dekh? Ab tu bolega corona ke karan to sirf India me aaya corona? Baki countries me ni? Ya fir shayad isliye kyuki yha tum jaise bhakt baithe ho jo ki apne bhgwan ke glt khne ko bhi shi prove kro.


Bhai dekh sensible dhang se discuss karna hain to kar agar tune mana hain ki mai BJP ka bhakt hun aur kuch bulana hain to proof hain ki main kitne bhi facts ikhate karlu tere viewpoint ki shape change nahi hogi aur naa to sune aaya hain tu bas sunane aaya hain . Fir ye saare stats ki baat kar raha hain to I would say study some mathematical statistics along with global economics and then, you would come to realize that never are the direct value of stats are compared rather their trends are. All these had severe slopes of increment or decrement in derogatory measures and those were turned into either neutral aur were flipped to trend towards a better developed future. . To fit this in your mind whenever you start cleaning a house which hasn't been cleaned for a while a lot of chaos happens and a lot of hidden dust, garbage and stuff resurfaces and it is a grueling process where everyone is shouting and yelling at each other but when everything is done, everyone agrees that whatever happened, happened for the better.


Ok logic hidden under high level english. Mtlb stats compare na kre. Mtlb ekdm end tk ka wait kre thik hone ka jiski koi guarantee ni hai. Jb petrol 200 hojaye LPG aur kidney ka rate same ho tb. Mera view point meko change ni krna. Tu krle proof ikatthe. Aur 7 saal me 1-2 ache kam mt ginwana. 1990 me india ki halat kaisi thi agr usko abhi 2021 se compare krega. Slope of increment ke nam pe to galat hai. Compare from last year tb dikhti hai improvement. Obvious hai time ke sath sath increment hoga hu. Tere purvaj bhi phle bina cement ke ghar me rhte the ab tere ghar me tiles bhi hai. Isko tarakki to ni bol skte na.


Demonization and Arnab left the chat


Valid point 📍


Someone sensible but can't expect that from others who already have fixed mibset before reading any comment or postb *facepalm*


Reddit is Twitter with sissier guys


Don't know what will happen if this type of satire is put against USA. World knows black lives matter. Rape part of his monologue was the stupidest thing One can say about India.


Exactly. That too to say in a country which has 4x rape rates per capita than India. And these morons are praising him lol.


Its different. He is representing india on an international stage and creating an image of all Indians as gang rapers in a country which has a rape rate 3 times that of India. Because of these shenanigans , india has an image of "rape capital" which is far from the truth. Have u seen any "comedians " from South africa , Italy , cuba, usa etc going to other countries and saying that we pray to mother mary yet we gangrape women at night. The issue is that it was not the right place or time to say such things esp when he is there for a comedy show . https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/rape-statistics-by-country https://scroll.in/article/654736/is-india-the-rape-capital-of-the-world-think-again https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.tbsnews.net/world/countries-highest-rape-incidents-144499%3famp


Do you know the rape rates in America ? :) 7 ,8 x the rates even with 1/3 population of India ..


Reported rapes*.


Do you think all rapes are reported in Us of A ..


> Do you think all rapes are reported in Us of A .. Laughable that you even ask. 100% of cases don't need to be reported to show that you are misrepresenting data. It's still more than India where [99% of sexual assault cases go unreported, Indian govt data shows.](https://www.livemint.com/Politics/AV3sIKoEBAGZozALMX8THK/99-cases-of-sexual-assaults-go-unreported-govt-data-shows.html) Even excluding marital rape, the gross under reporting us shameful for a country that thinks rape isn't a concern because sexual violence just doesn't get reported.


That asshole is setting a bad image of Indians. Rapes happen in every country and you cannot defame the whole population because of a minority of people.


Because he is indian. He lives in india. He will joke about india. He doesn't lives in brazil ki udhr ke crime pr report kare. Aur kaa india me hi hota ki ek taraf pooja kro Durga mata ki aur doosri tarah ram rajya UP me Dalit ladki ki lash ko police ne kerosene daal kr aag laga di. Kya Hindu dharam me chita ka yahi mahatva h? Ya dalit ladki ka yahi mahatva h. Pehle jaakr yeh sab rukvao fir logo ke muh band krwana.


First of all, an indian living in india talking about his country's issues to people not in india is truely a statement on how our country's truely is turning into a joke. And I support it, yaha krega toh log danga phasaad kareinge. And second of all, lmao dude rape happens in every country is your defence to it happening in india? What do you mean? "Bhai har country me rape hota hai ham kyu na kre?" Lmao dude har country me laws bhi hote hai (ex Dubai - where they literally public execute rapists and hang them for everyone to see) unlike india where a Rape victim can be raped - killed - given her last rites without family/stabbed in the uterus and thrown on the street to die/burnt alive without any repercussions. But no dawg, please don't talk or joke about it kyunki india kis asliyat se india ki baesti hoti hai. Accept it, work against it, walk together towards a better future. Peace.


Good comedy cancel karke jail mai ashirwad aata bana rahi hai


Dave Chapple bhi librandu hoga fir tum log ki hisab se. Comedy me sirf Kapil Sharma hi dekhe aadmi fir ? Although Kapil Sharma and other comedians are also good in thier respective genres but you cannot judge everyone and everything on the singular scale.


Exactly, salon ko samajh ni ata ki comedy ka ek element hi hai offence (athough vir's one was not a comedy but satire). Jab tak inke bare me bolo ki mere maa baap ese mere tau ji ese , sindhhi punjabi hahahaha, koi nayi cheez laane hi nahi dete studio jala denge todd fodd kar denge. Itna kya ho gya yaar bas kuchh shabd hi to nikale hain muh se.


Atleast for me Dave is fucking hilarious. This skit wasn't funny to me. If I am paying for a comedy show I want to have fun night. I am not at fucking UN, world economic forum.


End mai usne gyan diya hai pura show kaisa tha pata nahi.


Dank my foot sab normie bhare hai


I think reddit is going to be next instagram… not in terms of revenue … but aise chutiyo ki wajah se


r/indiandankmemes and r/dankinindia are laready worse than instagram. Op probably prays to modi and kangana every day for an hour.


Ab banao ek aur dank memes subreddit and make sure ki aise bane na aye


Kaise avoid karega un chutiyon ko, jo insta, fb me polarized hoke, yaha aake gaand mara rhe hai ?


Vahi tho bhai or jinhone yeh upvote kiya vo bhi chutiye


Imposter among us


NGL mods kinda sus tho


Can people stop posting this shit on subreddits which are specifically meant for dank memes. It's extremely annoying when I just want to watch something funny and all I see are snowflakes getting offended and politicising shit.


It's cause reddit is now slowly being filled with Normies. Most of them came here after Tamnay Bhatt reddit reviews


I know man, kya bakchodi hai. Reddit hi ek sahi jagah thi, ab yahan bhi gand macha rahe hain log


That was like everyone at vir das show. The irony


Actually Vir Das gathered and arranged bunch of facts and explained it's good and bad side. If you are proud of good side then you should also be ashamed of bad side. People who get offended by his video are ignoring the facts.


There was nothing good He basically connected a hindu mentality of worshipping woman with a heinous social crime like rape to display irony or non-existent hypocricy for purposefully targetting hindu identity just to be accepted by racist white americans


Bro, our country has 80.5% Hindu population (according to census of India 2001). Basically 8 out of 10 people are hindu, this is the main reason he reffered hindu god to be more relatable and another reason is there aren't many religions where goddess are worshipped. That's how most of the people can understand the darkness of out country. And about the crime it does have any religion.


Uhh crime can have religion if it has fundamental to commit against some particular people(IYKIM) Maal-e-ganimat, ghazwa, katl are crimes justified by religion for political purposes


Even if this is true still my dear friend for this argument Crime Like "Rape" this is irrelevant.


Bc tum logo se humour digest hota ni reddit pe kyu aagaye? Baccho ke piye insta hai vo chalao


Dark humour ke naam pe Jaan bujh khud ke country, culture ki insult karne ko acceptance dena just to show your open-mindedness is sign of pathetic community


Bhai tu normie hai tu insta pe ja. Agr terese dark humour digest ni hora to. Aur usne jo bola vo dark bhi ni tha bs truth tha. Aur pathetic communtiy?? Kuch bhi? Still bro samajh jao chatate rhoge to kuch ni hoga dekh ka. Smjh jao isse phle ki India ko hindu rastra ghoshit krde aur jaisa aaj hm islamic countries ko bolte hai vaisa puri duniya hame bole.


Bhakt if you can't digest some dark humour or dank memes go on insta. Aur usne hindu ko kaha se connect kiya? What he said is factually true. Average rapes per day is 80 this are reported ones, actuall number maybe higher than this. India me rape cases bdhe hai see the data.


Abe bhosadike worshipping woman refers to which community, no abrahmic faith worships woman Yahi joke Aisha aur popo pe karke dikhaye, 2 min me cancel kardiya jayega Even more joking about rape in itself is not funny, don't know how so called feminists are quiet when they cancel people requesting decency from woman calling misogynist and stereotypes


Sun be bhakt. If by saying those lines a hindu like you can get offended than you are a fool. Jaha pe deviyo ki puja ki jati hai vha daily basis pe hundreds of rapes ho rhe hai. Aur tu rapes ke liye kuch krna chod ke hindutva dikha ra hai. Agr sch me offend hua na to rapes or rapers ka kuch kro taki koi aisa joke mare hi na.


Expected from herd like you, rapists are people with sick mentality they are everywhere, did he joke about rapes happening in America,when they are promoting gender equality and feminism, did he joke about rapes happening in any Islamic country like Afghanistan and Syria, no he did it too Agar bhadve ko bhadva bolna makes me bhakt, then I am proud of it, bcoz I don't want to be dhimmis of left like you who will snort their fart as if it's oxygen, colonial slaves like you with low self-esteem will obey everything your western master says Rapist ke liye Hindu scriptures me hi sabse strict punishment hai padhle jaake


As If punishments ever did Jackshit. What we need is to somehow give people a way to express their repressed sexual tension to actually fix it. Yes, it will be there but it will be ALOT less that way.


Ok phle to punishment wali bat. Hathras kand ke bad kitni ko punishment mili? Aur sbse strict, xd. He lives in India usko yha ki situation ke bare me pta hai to yhi ke bare me bolega na. Terese koi puche ki tu kaunse country me rhta hai to tu ye thodi na bolega ki islamic peoples se to ni puchte merese kyu puch re. Logic ni bnta kuch. Aur ye kya oxygen snort apni kahaniya sbko na bta. Thoda news dekha kr zeenews, aajtak ye sb ni. Ndtv , the quint , aur digital newspapers like alt news


As expected from a leftist diversion of tactic Maine bola tha hindu scriptures me rape punishment, manusmriti me sexual harraser ko lavde par garam road marne ki punishment, guess that's enough to scare every guy who has rapist mentality Aisi punishment do jara kisi ko human rights waale aa jayenge IPC nahi uska to chhod do hopeless hai usme quick justice milna impossible hai Hathras ke criminals are under custody, ab court kab decision degi wo un par hai Na Zee news, na republic, na Aaj Tak koi godi media hai all are business oriented media having people from both sides to get viewership from both sides, anjana Om Kashyap ke bias ko dekha nahi hai kya kabhi? All the newspapers you mentioned are proven fake news peddlers discredited time and again last week hi ndtv ne ek athlete ke marne ki fake news failadi usko video release karna pada ki wo Zinda hai, Quint, print,wire jaise to dawn ki news chalate hai, ye wahi the na chabahar(Iran) aur Russia par fake news failane wale, dono countries ke ambassador tak ne gaali dedi inko RNdtv dekhne wale logic ki baate na kare, faulltnews the Lavde ka fact checker ke fact check padh tu zoo bear ke level ki hi iq hai tumhari 😂😂😂


No one can win from a half knowledged person like you. Jisko hr jagah fake news dikhta hai.


I gave examples of fake news yet you choose to believe your so called independent media then what can be done When I criticised the one you called godi media and accused me of watching them bcoz I know their reality, they are money hungry conglomerates with some agenda, Shaheen bagh ke time par hi sabki asliyat pata chal chuki thi Aur facts hi chahiye na tumhe to statista pe jaa aur dekh west aur India ke reported rape case, abhi check karke aaya hoon, 2020 Usa-126,430 only 9% persecuted,3% get punishment UK-61,158(40% of reported cases in Europe) In France in Germany, male are raped India-28,046


Dude now you're trying to read between the lines and deliberately wanting it to be a 'Hindu' agenda. Even Christians worship mother Mary and last I checked she was a woman. It's nothing related to Hindus, and it's true that in Indian culture people do worship women. Aur ye thode bola h kisi ne ke Hindus rape women ya aisa kuch? Stop creating drama unnecessarily.


Instagram ke chode. Reddit chod de.


So called denk pages licking modi’s boots


Ky dank aadmi hai re tum koi meme dalo to dank or dusra koi sach pe comedy kare to librandu gandu waah bc


Haan actual issues pe mat focus karna. Yahan delhi mein aqi 800 hai aur raat ko gang rape bhi chal rahe hain mast, but comedian ne bahar jake bol diya to uspe fir kar do. Wtf is wrong with people. Good comedy hai ya nahi subjective hai. But facts hain ye sahi hai. Insult nahi kiya hai usne reality hai ye.


In chutyo ko kon samjhaye...gale tak modi ka lund leke baithe h Jo asli issue h usko chodke inko ye sab p dhyaan dena h


There are no issues if no one talks about them !


Isko is sub se ban krwa do …ben stokes


bc kab tak isi baat pe rant krte rahoge


Reddit chod de chutiy… fb aur instagram wale isko bhi barbad kr rhe


Bhai ek meme kya tere pappa pe banaye tu toh offend ho gaya.


Dumb shit, don’t call yourself Dank then if you’re so sensitive. Shame!


You both are sensitive cause you are also offended coz of this meme.


I don't think he is offended, he showing op a mirror


First of all this post doesn't make sense, like vir das is not licking shoes of Americans by stating women are raped in India coz we all know India has lots of cases of rape. People are just wasting time and getting their blood boiled.


>People are just wasting time and getting their blood boiled. That's what op is doing, maybe you too. Even if virdas is licking Americans asses, how can you proove that ? Based on what he said in that satire ?, Just because it's bitter doesn't mean its wrong, doesn't means it's pro American, doesn't means it's anti-india... (Edit : ohh,I took your reply in a wrong sense, anyway, i'm leaving it because I don't want to delete) Anyway if you watched that video, you can see that audiences are brown people too.


Truth hurts, but don’t make it too obvious by your filthy memes. Have some shame asshole.


Modi ke chodu ke meme banayi sab dekho


There were otherways you could have told us you were a mindless clown


Satire me facts dal diye toh bura laga..


Bhai ek scheme sunno yar judge mat karna muje but Agar hum women ko worship karta hai subse aur raat ko rape karte hai toh hypocritically rape kar rha hai , toh agar hum women ki worshipping band karde toh abse rape equally right hone without hypocrisy jaise worldwide hota hai na Abki bar equally rape honge hypocritically nhi ! /S


MudiXi is that you?🥶


/S = /Sarkar , do maybe i am Nodi Ji 😎


Kya galat bola usne, sahi kaha tha and audience mai majority log Indian hi the to bc ye America ke gaand chatne ki baat kahan se aayi. Bas basad karni hai logo ko ki hamare desh ke baare mai koi ulta sidha kaise bol sakta hai, chahe vo such hi kyun na ho. Roj rape hote hai tab to koi nahi uthke aata bolne ki ye galat hai, aur jo bol raha hai usko librandu bol ke khush ho jaate hai. Aur vaise bhi uske pure set ka matlab hi ye tha ki I come from 2 India, ek jahan aachai bhi hai and second jahan chutiyaap bhi hai. Aur ye dono extremes har desh mai hote hai, India koi alag nahi. Comedian thoda satire maare sabki gaand jal jaati hai, khud se puch ke dekhna kabhi social media pe gaaliyaan dene ke alava bhi kuch kiya hai iss desh ke liye??


100%. In logon ka kuch nhi ho sakta.


Open your eyes He just revealed 2 sides of India, what's the problem with that.Is it because it's not DANK


Savarkar is that you??


Mostly Kangana Runout hogi.


This meme is as shitty as his future!


Maybe Google "**dank**" again OP.


Dank sub me aake offend ho, wah bc.


Vir bhai ko full sapport!!!


Well those pussies wondering what happened to good comedy can always tune in to REPUBLIC TV


mujhe laga meme hoga ye to tatti thi


Le, ek downvote lete ja.


Itna dank kam krke aya hai Vir Das ki dank meme page walo ke normiyo ki gaand fati hui hai kal se


I don't get it all he did was spoke the truth and the entire nation went against him. Why be ashamed? It is your reality and you are responsible for it believe it or not


Bruh the entire world knows that stuff about India, internet exists. He just said it live and you got offended lmao. "Ye dank banenge"


Yeah that stuff exists in india ...mgr international platform pe international audience k samne overexaggerate krke bolne se vo Indians ke khilaaf or stereotyping bdha rha h jisme mai or ap bhi aate h.


He didn’t defame or say anything wrong about india,it’s the truth ,I guess you want everything covered up if you can’t handle it and he’s “crossing “ a line ,it’s all true and if you can’t accept it that’s on you


Ye toh denk nahi hai🤡


"He Is DAnk YoU WOuLdnT gET iT"


What Vir Das said was overly generic and shit but still does have a point. He pointed out how petrol(Economic problem) is fucking up everyday life as well.




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There are no accidents Master Oogway


Are ye insta ke chode yaha pr kaha se aa gye


Meme isn't anti muslim so now iam butthurt.


Humour hurts more than direct insults. Vir Das just proved it right.


Shit's still a lot funny


Okay woke kids, gonna drop some knowledge. What he said in his act, WAS NOT COMEDY. You need to understand the tone. And even if it was comedy, he did not insult India. He just said what was happening in India. And ‘INDIA’ doesn’t have to be offended by that, Indians on the other hand, well.


Preaching to the choir.


He was actually just spitting fax but idk how ppl got offended 💀


I used to watch his shows and enjoy them too but imo this is crossing a line. A very broad generalization and very disrespecting to entire nation.


Agreed and don't worry you are quite right cause I can see a few people with fixed mindsets coming in fast. To downvote this.


Sadti hai toh reddit pe kyu hai?


Lmao,looks like I riled everyone up Don't worry ironic hai


Wtf did i even watch..when do these halfwits learn...i mean you dont get hurt when a girl gets raped every hour or so in India but we get hurt because some one is pointing out..fucking get hurt for real reasons .. politicians fuck up every fucking day and you dont give a shit...damn you fools.. fuck u ppl




Facts apni jaga, comedy apni


Dat wasn't even a comedy but more like a speech on which i have mixed opinion


Ummm... don't we..?


Yeh dank banenge


Sach bolo toh offend hojate hai. Mudi bhakts


Fck this propaganda . Is title


Oh look another Hindutva bootlicker trying to mask the actual issues Vir Das raised. Fuck Modi and yet another generation of stupid science denying religion loving idiots!


He isn’t wrong


He isn’t wrong , just stating facts


This is a strictly no offend zone go to r/chodi


Vir Das or as we say in English Brave Slave


. He Probably wanted to create awareness, but if I have a problem and you identify it , tell me why tell others unless if you want points on expense of me. His piece was in front of predominantly non Indian or NRI audience. I know we (India) have a problem that needs to be address but if you really wanted to help, you would do so not make things difficult for Indians al over the globe, now they want to put another label on Indians, "Rapist".


> now they want to put another label on Indians, "Rapist". That tag existed from a while, everyone has access to Internet.


Apne idhar ke cast leaders aur religious lwaders aur bussinessmen aur bhi dusre chutiyo ke tatte chaat ke vote maang ne se to achha hi hai


Why tf does reddit keeps pushing this page to me?


oh come on he didn't do a Savarkar.


Is dank india RW?


Sharm nahi aayi is sub me ye post krne se pehle


Title : हाथी के दांत दिखाने के और, खाने के और


How the actual fck did this post get so many upvotes …. Cherrypicked a seemingly insulting line and took it out of context to farm pseudo patriotic upvotes. Man these people.






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I come from India where people are going to watch this and say this isn’t funny, where’s the joke. And yet I come from an India that will watch this and know that there is a giagantic joke, it’s just not funny.


Librandus and Pappu ke chamche got offended with this post and they call themselves dank 🤣


Ek baar ko laga Instagram chalarha hu




Bc mood kharab kar diya


Yaar inn normies ko koi nekalo


Sad news wasn't comedy It was more of a Sonnet.


Gora licking boots = America bad , India Good?


Maybe he would be doing the set India if we weren't sending our comedians to jail and threatening to burn down their sets and houses.


This sub is becoming a Pro BJP day by day. Time to say goodbye to it.


irony to ye h ki us country me bol k aaya h jha india se jyada rape hote h😂😂😂😂


Oh No HoW dArE u InSuLt mY fAv KaMeDiAn. ThIS z nOt DaNk RaE


Literally 90% of the comments


A text-book "kyu? Sach bol diya to takleef ho gayi?" moment.


I think ppl are right when they ssy Indians don't get satire...


Are you sure? As far as I know, Indian comics DO NOT have a huge western audience or even audience outside India. He performed to an overwhelmingly Indian audience in a different country. So, quit getting offended and prove him wrong, snowflakes.


If speaking truth is an insult to india, then we should really think, desh me kuch to gadbad hai. Those who are opposing him, usne kuch jhoot bola kya?


>posts on dank meme page >gets offended by dank jokes


It's actually funny seeing the backlash from both sides 🤭


I love it how Vir knew this was going to happen and he already addressed people who are offended, when he said "they'll ask where's the comedy, unaware that there is a bigger joke and it's not funny" Keep sulking, you r offense means nothing if you can't counte argue with a valid point


First of all, an indian living in india talking about his country's issues to people not in india is truely a statement on how our country's truely is turning into a joke. And I support it, yaha krega toh log danga phasaad kareinge. And second of all, lmao dude rape happens in every country is your defence to it happening in india? What do you mean? "Bhai har country me rape hota hai ham kyu na kre?" Lmao dude har country me laws bhi hote hai (ex Dubai - where they literally public execute rapists and hang them for everyone to see) unlike india where a Rape victim can be raped - killed - given her last rites without family/stabbed in the uterus and thrown on the street to die/burnt alive, without any repercussions. But no dawg, please don't talk or joke about it kyunki india ki asliyat se india ki baesti hoti hai. Accept it, work against it, walk together towards a better future. Peace. Dank memes banao, agendas nhi.


This isn't comedy.... This is truth


Bkl is post se zyada dank to uska comedy hai... Kaun chutiya yaha pe in jokes se offend ho raha hai bc


Dude got a valid point rape has become a common issue in india.


Wese bola to sach hi tha usne :thinking:


Why the fuck is this subreddit named r/dankindia !?


Where dank?


Context matters, sadly nobody cares. Ghante ka 'DankIndia' - ironic humor palle nai padta.


Tell me u don't understand satire without actually telling me.


Do , char random video merge kar do ban gaye dank memer 😅😅🥲


When did getting offended by truth become dank?


"there's nothing offensive about the piece Vir Das did" Yeah well, there's something called image building, many nations are at it to build a narrative and image about India, and you're bolstering that narrative. Although India comes nowhere close to the western world in rape rates. BBC and many western press published many such articles, which resulted in massive losses in tourism sector. When you go to a western country, if you live their long enough, when they degrade you and call you derogatory slurs. When Biden says "you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent." Don't blame anyone, because you're self sabotaging yourself.


You guys are the ones who are pathetically moaning over a comedian's joke. Didn't like the joke? Cool - move on, he's just a f\*cking comedian, not a political leader. If you actually care about the country then, protest about, caste discrimination, unemployment, rapes, ridiculous pricing on fuels, communal violence, etc. Our country is becoming a big joke thanks to the jokers ruling it.