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Lol nationalism is idolatry


Not to mention it's d*mb as fuck and simps hard on simple minds


Simps fill religion with the funds they need to survive... Obvious payout. Could not agree with you more. Edit: love how you censored "dumb" but not "fuck" true person of the people.


Mom told me d*mb is a mean word and I shouldn't say it. She never mentioned the word fuck so it must be ok.


Why would you censor dumb and not fuck?


Because southpark. Fuck fuggedy fuck fuck fuck. Fuck doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. Calling them dumb on the other hand... I can call someone a fuggin moron, its not the fuck part that offends. Fuck is like doch in german, just a word used for emphasis


Here in India, if we love God more than our country we are treated like criminals. It escalated especially when one politician (don’t remember who. Could have been our prime minister Narendra Modi) said that every Indian must always put nation first and nothing else which didn’t sit right with Muslims and us Christians because of course God was our foremost importance. Nationalist and Hindu fanatic mobs intentionally went up to Muslims and Christians and asked them which came first in their hearts, India or God. Those who said God were beaten to death. That just goes to show how stupid Nationalism is. After all this I don’t give a damn about india, I have no pride as an Indian and I think that every human on earth is one of my own.


There's a fair number of zealots who don't think their country has room for those with different beliefs or practices. Hindus are just as capable of that kind of nonsense as Christians or Muslims or Jews.


I know this is satire but so much of Reddit thinks most Christians are exactly like this. It’s the exception, not the rule. A very unfortunate exception.


They are definitely the loudest.


The worst people of any group generally are. That's why groups hate each other.


Perhaps they just need to compensate for the tiny bells on their churches.


Maybe they feel self-conscious because their church is in a strip mall?


Or a Duggar living room…


I wonder if they're the loudest or they just get the most air time.




Loudest via others' mics


The loudest are inherently the exception.


It is not just the exception. Mens groups at churches all around rural Washington state are exactly like this.


Yeah unfortunately it’s a lot more then the exception. They’re an established faction that make every single other Christian look bad


And also make Christ look bad. People who should be drawing people to Christ are driving them away. And yet none of them seem to care.


If you've bought into the idea that Christ looks like a white, toxic masculine American, then that's just what Jesus is like, and you've gotta get on board or go to hell.


One of my favorite books is [My imaginary Jesus](https://www.amazon.com/Imaginary-Jesus-Spiritual-Adventures-Searching/dp/1414364733) by Matt Mikalatos. The name of the book was originally just "Imaginary Jesus" but too many people thought he was saying Jesus was imaginary. What he IS saying is that we make up whatever jesus makes us more comfortable. Among the characters in the book are "Traditional Jesus" (White dude, long hair, robe, sandals, sash). CEO Jesus. Bodybuilder Jesus. Perpetrually angry jesus, legalistic jesus, magic 8 ball Jesus, etc. It's funny, insightful, and the ending is actually powerful.


I am also a huge fan of that book, I laughed so many times when I read it. :)


My go to Jesus is the one from Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This.


Yeah, the idea of a “patriotic” Jesus seems a bit… disrespectful at best, and straight up sacrilegious at worst. Jesus pretty clearly saw any borders, governments, and ethnic divisions as being completely arbitrary. The people of Jerusalem were super racist toward the Samaritans, so He gave the parable of the Good Samaritan. Today, it’d probably be given as “the Good Afghani.”


Yeah, I’m agnostic and one of the only reasons I subscribe to this sub is to remind myself that there are decent, rational Christians still in America. Most of the ones I know in real life have gone off the deep end by now. They are “zealous,” in a way, but most have a superficial understanding of the Bible at best and use the label of “Christian” to justify things that seem antithetical to the actual words of Christ. I have a lot of sympathy for Christians who recognize that much of flock has gone astray in this country.


It's like this only in America. If I went to my local rural italian catholic priest with this image he'd ask what the fuck is wrong with me


in all fairness, if I went to my local rural american catholic priest with this image he’d ask what the fuck is wrong with me too.


Well there is a reason the image had the American flag and Donald trump. It’s American exceptionalism at its finest. Just exceptionally blasphemous, heretical, stupid, ignorant, etc.


America isn't the only place in the world. it most definitely is the exception


Nationalism is not limited to America


I think a little over half of Christians are conservative, but of that half, the percentage that obsesses over Trump and thinks he fulfills some batshit prophecy and didn't just reluctantly vote for him is about half. I think, anyway. Funny you mention rural WA -- I've been living in a Seattle suburb for 10 years and was shocked to learn how extreme Right wing the rest of the state is.


My neighborhood street has a crazy decked out Jesus truck next to a house with a bunch of signs like “hell is real”, a BLM house right next door, and someone with a full on Japanese garden that I think is owned by a couple who might be swingers. But I think my area of Seattle is still in the process of being taken over by tech bros so all this all might change.


All one has to do to see this shit is leave king county. Source: live in snohomish county


I’m a conservative (generally) and I agree with the sentiment of this meme. I swear there are a lot of Americans who see Christianity as synonymous with America. It’s like they completely gloss over history from the end of the 1st-century to 1776.


It reminds me a lot of the state religion of the Roman Empire. Sure, they don't worship Jupiter, but an important part of Roman belief was that if you were successful in life it meant the gods liked you, and if you were poor than you had angered the gods. So many evangelicals have this same belief, that wealth is a sign of God's favor, and that poor people are just sinful. I'd rather not see America become a modern day Rome, the empire wasn't a nice place to live, and we all know how it ended.


Religion For Breakfast has a few episodes on "American Civil Religion," i.e. the sacralizing of civil things: buildings, offices, protocol. And not to both sides this, but the Left is doing this with the Jan 6 hearings every time they refer to sacred spaces. Obviously the Right is far worse about it, and I think it's not out of line to consider the Jan 6 insurrection a violation of something sacred. Just kind of interesting how easily and often we sacralize without really thinking about it.


You say the left, but you actually mean liberal. What’s sacred to leftists is always people and never property.


I don't think anyone, once you get down to it is specifically upset about the fact that the insurrectionists attacked a specific piece of property. People are horrified and appalled about the attack because of what that location represents; Its the fact that an institution of liberty and national pride and American history was attacked.


It‘s called prosperity gospel and it‘s ingenious! Grifters like Kenneth Copeland make millions by telling people it‘s okay to look down on people slightly poorer than themselves. It‘s basically capitalism rebranded as religion.


I have some resources that were shared with me saved somewhere about the history of how corporate America infected Christianity with this mentality. I’ll have to dig for it and see if I can post it.


Not to mention that Jesus literally taught us how to be better than that. He despised everything this mentality meant. There's a reason why he only hung out with the poor and gave them a place in heaven. God loves everyone equally, no matter what you own, wear or come from.


History began on July 4, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake -Ron Swanson I laughed when I first heard it, but now it seems that some people actually believe it.


I mean I grew up in a pretty conservative/christian life and its just not the exception.... like its not even close to the exception. Its obviously anecdotal but I have met literally thousands of people over my life who are just this meme in human form. It would have been truly out of the ordinary to see somebody not just slapping their christian faith onto whatever political candidate the GOP nominated. ​ If you are counting liberals and lefties then sure maybe we can talk, but thats kind of just cherry picking at this point. If I think back to all the majorly conservative and christian people I have ever known, literally all of them are just this meme.


I was gonna say every Christian I've met is like this, but you know what, I'll amend that to nearly every white Christian I've met is like this. And I've met a lot. Now, sure, this is taking it to the extreme, but the sentiment really is usually there if you talk to them enough.


Reddit also likes to pretend these are the exception and not the rule where some of us are


Its a big big BIG HUGE GIGANTIC exception.


Lol where are you from that 99 percent of Christians aren't exactly like this


We have voting statistics though; This isn't just a fringe, there are tens of millions of people like this in the United States.


Rural PA resident here. Most Christians are exactly like this. It's definitely not just "the exception."


85% of white evangelicals voted for Trump. That's the rule, not the exception.


I was raised in the Church, and I'm from the South. I've been around Christians for five decades. Most of them, as in the VAST majority of them, are exactly like this. It's pretty much the "rule" everywhere I've been.


We’ve failed in calling them out. Their persistence is as much our fault as it is theirs


That this post explicitly points out Evangelicals is why it's accurate. It's not all Christians, but this isn't the exception among Evangelicals. From mainstream Evangelical leader James Dobson ahead of the last election: > There are also thousands of pastors who won’t allow voting registration tables in the lobbies of their churches. Don’t they know or care that America is on the ropes? Hordes of angry anarchists are salivating over the next election, hoping to push America over a cliff. There certainly hasn't been a significant backlash from other Evangelicals against stating in clear terms that "voting for Republicans is the most important thing a Christian can do". Why? Because they've elevated a political party (and the particular politician in the OP) to an idol, as important to them as Jesus. Important enough he advocates violence to protect it.


Nah it's not the exception. To suggest that is delusional at this point.


You must not live in Trump country


[About half of Evangelicals think Trump was ordained by God to win in the 2016 election.](https://religionnews.com/2019/11/25/how-many-americans-believe-trump-is-anointed-by-god/) [The majority of evangelicals (57%) believe their support of Trump in 2020 “showed moral courage to try and achieve policies and actions consistent with evangelical Christian values."](https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2021/november/trump-effects-evangelical-churches-witness-survey-election.html) From that same article in Christianity Today, "Among self-identified evangelicals, 30 percent say they are more likely to attend Sunday services as a result of how their pastors addressed Trump in the last election, 27 percent say they’re more likely to make donations to their church, and 33 percent are more likely to witness to friends." So Evangelicals believing Trump has backing from God are not rare, it's actually really common. And my message to you, the religious who actually follow their faith is: don't downplay this issue! We see the same issue with policemen who say, there's nothing systemic! Just a few bad apples. If you do not acknowledge the problem, you add to it.


Great take, thank you.


Also, I apologize. You ever re-read an old post you wrote and cringe a bit? I came off as aggressive. I failed to acknowledge that you sound like a good person, who is following their religion well and not hanging around people who are misusing their faith. We need more of you! Have a great day!


There's a lot I can say about this subject, but this is supposed to be a fun sub that reminds everyone that we're all human and that we can actually get along if we really try. Just don't check my post history.


All these Megachurches are just build on exceptions. It's not like christians have played a key role in witch hunts, the KKK or the satanic panic. Such a minority


Then clean house and call them out, loudly. If you don't, you support them. Noone cares if that last part is true, it is what will be seen.


And they run the show in the most powerful country on earth. Not surprising it makes people concerned.


In the States they are the norm, not the outlier.


Have you been to alabamA?


Well. Most Reddit "Christians" are exactly like that. R/Ask a Christian, or r/Catholicism are super conservative And often times idiotic. I assume cause the ordenary Christian doesn't go to specific Christian places on Reddit


I grew up in rural Texas. This image is 100% a fair representation of Christianity here


Really depends on where you are. I'm surrounded by Christians like this.


They have way too much political sway. We feel their BS the hardest. It's one of those bad apple situations.


Lol, dude come to Idaho.


I live in the Deep South. This is absolutely not the exception anywhere within 100 miles of here.


As a left leaning Canadian evangelical, I can assure you this isn't far off the mark for most people I've encountered from various Protestant denominations.


The issue isn’t that most Christians are like this, and neither does Reddit think most Christians are like as the picture portrays. It’s that the loudest, most influential, and richest Christians are exactly like this and the majority aren’t doing enough to change that or complain.


Most redditors don’t know anything about Christianity or it’s different branches.


As an agnostic individual myself, it really helps shine a light on the issue on a lot of religions. The issue isn't with the religion but rather the people who follow it.


…is that John Wayne?


When Mr. Wayne once said this in a 1971 Playboy interview: >I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don't believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people." and this about Native Americans >I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them, if that's what you're asking. Our so-called stealing of this country from them was just a matter of survival. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves. combined with his whole “traditionally rugged-but-still-straight-laced manly man vibe” are you really surprised this is the sort of person they look up to?


And he just loved hitting women.


And calling Vietnam draft dodgers cowards while he avoided service in WWII himself.


If anyone out there is a podcast type person, Behind the Bastards recently did a great series on him. I always knew he kind of sucked but I never appreciated just how far he sucked


Really just makes me like Unforgiven even more. Really sells the asshole trying to forget and lampshade his past as he moves into being elderly. Everyone in early Hollywood really was a shitebag huh?


I literally just subscribed to that podcast based only on the name


Oh it’s one of my favorites, in my last job I used to have to drive around all day and I’d just burn through podcasts. While it’s kind of different to the rest of the show the Action Park episode definitely hooked me


It’s almost like he’s….a dude that sucked


One man shot Liberty Valance, and if I was a betting man, my money’s on the guy who flew 20 combat missions in the middle of his very successful film career over Captain Cowboy. Fun fact: James Stewart made the very successful transition into westerns later on, in addition to becoming the highest-ranking actor in American military history as Brigadier-General.


He tried to beat up a Native American woman after she called out the misrepresentation of indigenous people in his crappy movies


You forgot the important part, it happened at the Oscars while she was on stage accepting the award. Marion was held back by 6 people to stop him from drunkenly rushing the stage to swing at her.


And fucking minors.


And sex with John Ford. (Probably) And not fighting in ww2. He didn't even make propaganda like Reagan did.


Americans and not acknowledging the genocide of the Natives. Name a more iconic duo


Americans and guns?


Actually he did acknowledge it. He framed it as a *good* thing.


[John Wayne was a Nazi ](https://youtu.be/SoyusTUFdl0)


About the only good quote I've seen from him was when John F. Kennedy was elected president where he said: >I didn't vote for him, but he's my president, and I hope he does a good job. This is a surprisingly sane response compared to how most conservatives act now when a democrat is elected president.


Literally: >”I didn’t vote for Biden, he’s not my president!” When for 4 years, they were saying Trump was our president whether we voted for him or not. Which is it, the President is the President or not?


Yeah, pilgrim…it is.


You know, a while back I got interested in watching westerns. Now, I've always hated westerns because I grew up sitting through John Wayne movie marathons with my dad. They were just damn boring. Never had any interest in the genre or anything resembling it. Well a friend of mine talked me into watching Good the Bad and the Ugly - pretty damn good movie, never thought I'd watch a western on purpose. And that's when I realized - I don't hate westerns, I've just only saw John Wayne movies and they all suck. How in the blue hell did he get so popular?


Bro John Wayne baffles me. My uncle is obsessed with John Wayne. He literally has a cardboard standee of him on the wall in his spare room. As far as I can tell he's the laziest actor I've ever seen. He's like the Steven Segal of Westerns. Shows up to set, puts on his outfit, says a couple lines, walks around a little, then goes home. If you want good western I'd recommend Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Outlaw Josey Wales. You also can't go wrong with the original Magnificent Seven but know that it's debatably a stolen/copyright infringed knockoff of a Kurosawa film (7 Samurai) with the setting altered to a western theme and the Kurosawa version might be the better of the two.


I've watched Joesy Wales but not Butch Cassidy, and I've watched Seven Samurai (a long time ago) but not Magnificent Seven. Only Kurosawa movie I've watched, might be interesting to compare those two. I'll put those on my radar next time I'm feeling like it. Josey Wales was pretty good. Very much a samurai story, the better westerns often have parallels to that. And you know, it's not like Eastwood is a particularly decent guy in real life. He's kind of a bastard, makes better movies though.


He basically bitched and moaned till he got the award, and then proceeds to try to attack a native American on stage speaking out about rights


310 to Yuma is also a banger




You know, I often find myself saying *"it's a good Marvel movie"* because I judge those differently, against each other and not against movies in general. Not that they're bad or I don't like them, just feels right to make that distinction.   As for watching a movie just because you agree with the (abhorrent) political views of the actor, I guess I just can't relate. Maybe that's what makes him an "amercian icon", because he's racist as fuck. Like, most of the time I'll still watch something controversial or includes a disgraceful figure. Some exceptions, I can't stand Tom Cruise enough to watch any of his movies. I barely knew who Amber Heard was and will probably watch movies she's in without even paying attention. And you'd have a hard time avoiding anything associated with Harvey Weinstein. But when it comes to public figures whom I rather agree with their political statements, that doesn't necessarily make their movies good. For example I really like Stephen Colbert, but damn he's never been in a good movie, he's a comedian and not an actor. As pertains to westerns, Clint Eastwood is kind of a bastard too and I've liked pretty much everything he's in. Not like Wayne - fuck that's racist, the klan might ask him to settle down. But Eastwood is not a great guy in real life either, made pretty good movies though.


There are so many good Eastwood westerns and I'd have to agree on the mediocrity of most of the Wayne westerns I've seen as well


A classic bastard


Here’s [Marion himself looking like a good ol soy boy rocking the murse and mooseknuckle](https://images.app.goo.gl/chNE2up33zCbUGnx7)


Wife beater and pedo.


It looks like Peyton Manning to me


“Is that you John Wayne? Is this me?”


"Who said that?"


I've been reading Jesus and John Wayne by Kristen Kobes du Mez. She pulls exactly 0 punches. She makes a solid point about why John Wayne would be included in false idols here.


Wayne interessiert's?


Can I ask: As a person of faith outside the US, I don't really see this IRL. It's always felt like a parody, like it couldn't possibly be real, and yet I know it is. How does this happen? How does a person genuinely believe that Jesus was American, or that He divinely inspired random political people this person adheres to? I just...don't get it. Does it happen because people try and do home Sunday School? Are there certain one-off sects that preach this stuff?


It isn’t so much that they believe Jesus was literally an American (except maybe some Mormons lol). It’s more that they believe an interpretation of history that America is this divinely-guided country.


Mormons don’t believe that he was American only that he ministered in the Americas after he was resurrected. Pulled from the intro page of the Book of Mormon. *“The crowning event recorded in the Book of Mormon is the personal ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ among the Nephites soon after His resurrection.”*


Mormon can confirm. FWIW I reckon He might have ministered to all nations to some degree, though I'll have to ask Him about the details once I pass away.


I’m interested in knowing how they arrived to that conclusion. There is no evidence that the historical Jesus, Yeshua Ben Yosef, preached anywhere outside of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. How would he have traveled to America when discovery of the New World was still over a thousand years away?


There's several good documentaries about this, I recommend this one to start: https://southpark.cc.com/video-clips/enc33g/south-park-joseph-smith-part-1


It was days after His resurrection, and he descends in glory from the clouds. Not via boat across the ocean. And the conclusion is right off the pages of the Book of Mormon, which is the journal of God's people in America.


It's believed that He visited the americas post-resurrection and descended from the clouds. Much easier than a boat so I don't blame Him.


Ah...yeah, I suppose all the "god bless America" stuff over the years doesn't help. And it's kinda funny you mention Mormons as I actually am one! FWIW I see Jesus as someone who doesn't value one nation over the others, and I don't think it's unlikely that He could have visited groups from every nation after His resurrection. But yeah, some of the Utah members are...peculiar, to say the least


It’s honestly a tough thing to answer because it’s not one factor that leads to this. It’s partially the culture of home churches. It’s partially a lack of education (which is its own can of worms). It’s partially the culture of interpretation of religion after the Four Great Awakenings. It’s partially the lack of exposure to other religions that causes echo chambers. It’s partially propaganda. It’s really hard to understand. I think what’s important to remember is that the people who believe this stuff aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re just a product of all of these factors. If you’re really interested in this, I recommend the book Jesus and John Wayne by Kristen Kobes Du Mez


>I think what’s important to remember is that the people who believe this stuff aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re just a product of all of these factors This is an important part of Christianity. It's difficult but very essential.


THANK YOU!! Yeah, I didn't mean for it to sound judgy or anything, just curious about it since the religious folk I've met here in Australia - Christian or not - are usually all nice and chill.


There are people believing Jesus was Sumerian or Hungarian here in Hungary. They're not evangelical though, it's more of a syncretistic-nationalistic-pseudoscience thing, basically trippy linguistic theories to support nationalism. The same people tend to believe the Hungarian language is the key to the secrets of the universe and Hungarians came from Sirius.


It must take a lot of mental gymnastics to argue that Jesus is Hungarian.


There are some Hindus who claim that Jesus was a Tamil Brahmin before he migrated to Israel.


Those people also tend to believe the "Heart Chakra" of planet Earth is located in one of Hungary's mountains. Watch this until the one minute mark for a good laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7zOw2diQlg


More reasonable than an American Jesus though


Especially since the ethnic groups that would come to form the Hungarian people didn’t settle the region until around 1000 AD


As an American with a super-Hungarian name, I find this fascinating. Like, my ancestors came over here 120 years ago, and I'm stuck with this SZ-thing, and know so little about where they came from.


I'm sure szome people find it cool and szexy. Maybe you could join r/hungarian, there are lots of people like you over there who want to reconnect to the culture and language a bit, it's a nice sub. There's also r/hungary but I doubt that would make any sense to a non-Hungarian.


It is not parody. If you want the pants scared off of you, watch the documentary - which is outdated but still relevant - called Jesus Camp. One of the reasons many non-Christian Americans enjoy this sub so much is because many of us were exposed to extremism wearing the face of religion very young. It's lovely to see people who actually try to embody their faith rather than wield it like a violent tool. I wish I could say it's one-off sects, but it's a persistent issue which has arisen in the wake of Falwell in the 70s. Before that, American Christians were far less stratified and non-political. Not to say *totally* non-political, but less for sure.


In the 1950s, Christianity was used to bolster nationalism during the Red Scare. That's when "In God We Trust" replaced "E Pluribus Unum" on money and "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. In the 1980s under Reagan, there was a heavy effort by conservatives to marry Christianity specifically to their party, using abortion as a wedge issue.


Didn't Jesus have a whole spiel about seperation of Church and State?


Kind of; he said "give to Caesar what is Caesar's" in reference to paying taxes and had similar sentiments on the laws of Earth vs the laws of God IIRC, but he also put forth the idea of eternal bliss and eternal suffering depending on someone's religious choices. When the consequences are infinite, you could argue that excuses literally anything done in the name of converting people because nothing on Earth could compare, and historically this has been the idea behind Christian nationalism.


There is an inability to differentiate religious beliefs from science and political beliefs. They have demonized science and underfunded/have a culture dislike of education that ends with many of them believing what they have been told by there preachers, instead of having the ability to look at discern what there church beliefs are with what there personal beliefs are. Then you add in peer pressure and the bullying/joking of anyone who disagrees with points or does actually desire to question things and it becomes somewhat cult like in its operations


It's because people use Jesus as a crutch for their stupid fucking opinions.


This is so wrong OP you’re off the mark on this one. No picture of Ronald Reagan so isn’t accuarate at all


Ronald Reagan is sometimes depicted in the same form as John Wayne, as they both occupy one-third of the holy trinity.


Then how is the final of the trinity trump?


Look mate I don't make the rules have a little faith.


Three legged stool, holy trinity, same thing


I believe he is depicted as Jesus here, as that is how they see him.


That’s disgusting, absolutely vile. How could you ever think Jesus would ever wear specific country’s flag and side with one party in the said country’s political spectrum? Whole thing about mister J is that love everyone and treat others with respect. This just made me sad, don’t justify your bad actions by hiding behind your “faith”. You clearly are not following the teachings of Christ at all. I don’t know why this annoyed me so much, but it still does.


There is a user on r/christianity who ends all of their posts with an American Flag emoji. They actually seem pretty well meaning and nice as far as I can tell but it seems…blasphemous? idk. Like you’re more proud of America then Christ. Have a cross there if you want some flair.


Let’s not forget Trump’s “America First” policy/slogan, which really does fly in the face of Christian ideals. It has been the name/inspiration of political rallies as recent as a couple months ago and did I forget to mention it was also widely used by the KKK in the 1920’s? Christian nationalism is far from Christian. [“America First”](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America_First_(policy)) What about God first?


>How could you ever think Jesus would ever wear specific country’s flag and side with one party in the said country’s political spectrum? ....Are you just completely unaware of all the random bible versus that really explicitly support different political ideologies? Whether you want to preach love or hate there will always be a bible passage that supports it. Want to support abortions? There is a bible passage for you. Want to support literally stoning gay people to death? Got one for that too. ​ The bible specifically is such a mishmash of random shit that you could use it to support basically anything you want so long as you cherry pick well enough. The idea that somebody doing something you don't like "isn't a real christian" is such blatant no true scotsman bullshit. The idea that there is one "correct" view of christianity where we only follow the good and none of the blatantly bad is also such trash.


How dare you depict our God negatively! Jesus is spot on though, great job. /s if it wasn't obvious.


So that is "American Jesus"?


He helped build the president's estate.






https://youtu.be/12kcpP-8jfM Not much has changed.


Why does Jesus have a thermal detonator?


To claim the bounty from Jabba the Hutt obviously


Is that Jesus? I thought it was Dom from Broscience.


The whole flag hugging episode is one of the most cringe things I’ve ever witnessed


Don't forget the photo op holding up a Bible upside down. Probably the only time he went to a church when he wasn't campaigning...


In his defense he never went inside that church. Just outside it to take a picture.


Oh yeah, the parishioners getting tear gassed off the property was fine in that case. Isn't Trump like a vampire, though? He can't enter a church building unless explicitly invited, otherwise he bursts into flame.


Seth Rollins taking these trolling costumes too far.


Seth "Frankncense" Rollins


Ok glad I’m not the only one


Who’s the fellow on the right? Asking for a friend


George Washington, one of America's Founding Fathers


Evangelicals don't like John Wayne, he converted to Catholicism.


Jesus and John Wayne is a recommended read if you're looking to understand American Evangelical Christianity


That book explains how it happened and just made me mad. Brian Zahnd’s “Postcards from Babylon” is a more inspiring take on just how anti-Christian it is. Yes, America is Babylon in the book. He also wrote a great book on the American military being worshiped as if it were Mars, the god of war. People literally put their faith in it.


American Christians really think America is "God's country".


Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;


Is that John "pretend soldier" Wayne?


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I have a question: Do accual people think that Jesus were American? Or is this just some meme I don't understand?


Based on some people I know, they think Jesus was historically Semitic, but also that the USA was founded as a Christian nation to be ... I don't know... A shining lamp stand? God's kingdom on earth? That part I'm not clear about, and I'm American. The implication here is that America is a stand in for Old Testament Israel, and that America will be judged in the way that they were


People *act* like they think Jesus was an American. Extremely few people literally intellectually think that-- they just don't think about anything they believe too closely and it all melds together.


Fucking John Wayne. They can't even find anyone actually cool to worship.


This is straight-up idolatry. What worries me is that so much of the American church doesn't seem to see it (of course, a lot do).


Do evangelicals even realize this photo is blasphemy


Trump still confuses me to this day. How did he become their idol? Thats like vegans choosing the guy from Kentucky fried chicken as their idol


nah jesus isnt white enough and his hair isnt blonde and his eyes dont seem to be blue in the american jesus


Why does Jesus look like Seth Rollins?


I thought I was on the Jojo sub for a minute


Is a role model an idol? Is a king an idol? What does it mean to "have" or "worship" something/someone? There is real Trump worship imo, but where's the line? Veneration of saints? Belief in a leader? Interest in an athlete or performer?


Trump's face is something else. Looks straight out of the DALL•E generator


... it's so depressing, my brethren and sistren in Christ. The Old Testament is plastered with lessons about how humans try to make idols out of kings, power, and even the law itself. The New Testament is plastered with lessons about the darkness and depravity of powers and principalities. And yet the largest so-called Christian movements in my country are all about making idols out of kings, power, the law, powers and principalities. Save us, Lord Jesus.


Two draft dodgers and a guy whose blood is literally wine https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2019/02/27/trumps-lawyer-no-basis-for-presidents-medical-deferment-from-vietnam/ https://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-avoided-the-military-draft-which-was-common-at-the-time-vietnam-war-2018-12 https://www.military.com/history/why-john-wayne-was-labeled-draft-dodger-during-world-war-ii.html


But sure tell me more about how I'm going to go to hell for not going to church anymore.


Jesus, Trump and John Wayne walk into a bar....


Ah yes the holy trinity. Jesus trump and John wayne


Why does Jesus looks like a Chad?