Omg noooooo. It's been my trusty friend for years. Gonna have to stock up. I did just (yesterday) buy living proof shampoo and conditioner; also bought the dry shampoo. I tried the dry shampoo last night, and it was hands down the greatest dry shampoo I've ever used. My hair didn't feel gunky and actually looked clean. Washed my hair this morning and it feels clean and light and looks fabulous. It's not cheap, but I'll spend a little more if it actually works. Obviously I don't have any long term use with this product to say too much, but so far I really like it.


I’m in the market for new dry shampoo, so I will have to check that one out! I’m the same; I will absolutely spend more if that means it makes my hair feel good!


Which living proof dry shampoo? There's 2 different ones I believe


Oh sorry! The perfect hair day. Light grey bottle.


That's a bummer! At a glance, the main ingredients overlap with a lot of drugstore shampoos so hopefully finding a replacement won't be too frustrating/expensive. The Dove men's shampoos have a lot of ingredient overlap, but might need to avoid those if you're sensitive to itchy M's. I'm not sure how your hair reacts to sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, but a lot of the clarifying/apple cider shampoos have that as an SLS alternative and tend to clean my hair really well. The Ion hard water shampoo is good for clarifying and chelating which is a bonus if you have trouble with hard water.


I had lived in an area know for hard water for 25 years. Then, moved to an area this past year known for soft water and it has thrown my hair for a loop!! I had to use the anti-residue shampoo more because I could not get the oiliness out of my hair with my regular shampoo (before I moved I only had two use the anti-residue once every week and a half or so). I have been looking up shampoos and came across the Ouai Detox Shampoo. I have a Sephora down the road, so easy to grab. It’s pricier but they offer a mini size, and it has apple cider vinegar in it. We’ll see how it goes!


I was hesitant to offer more expensive shampoo alternatives but curious to know how you like it! Sephora has a good return policy which helps. I’ve also heard good things about the bumble & bumble clarifying shampoo.


This explains why I couldn’t get it. I switched to the [Clarify and Shine](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KSLGXFH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_47A7XRJMA71V3JPD8H48?pldnSite=1) Neutrogena one and my hair actually seems to like it better!


I came to the comment section to say this. I use this, after being diagnosed with PCOS , which increases oil on the face, body, and especially scalp, this was one of the only shampoo/conditioner sets that genuinely helped my hair


It's my favorite :( I used it just yesterday and I've had the same bottle for over a year. It lasts a long time!! And I use it once a week or so. I'll probably have to give the Sunday clarifying shampoo a try or look into others... So disappointed


And here I am on my first bottle of the stuff. I thought I had found the holy grail for good.


This shampoo has cleared my scalp of painful eczema and I am beyond gutted they discontinued it after Herbal Essence discontinued my other clarifying shampoo the year before. I’m pissed and the new clarifying by neutrogena is gross and doesn’t work.


Same. This shampoo is the only thing that’s worked for painful eczema and acne cysts in my scalp. I’m a product hoarder, and o never hoarded this because I figured, “it’s so widely available, I’ll be able to get it forever.” Nope. I’m beyond pissed.


oh my god I've been looking for it everywhere since it disappeared from the cvs near me and just finally searched to see if it was discontinued and had my greatest fear confirmed :/ I've tried two different substitutes in the last month (one was a high end one for $54 rip) and my hair has been so greasy even right after washing! this shampoo was the only thing I've ever found that made my hair feel CLEAN


Me too. The new neutrogena grapefruit shampoo has silicone in it and makes hair feel dirty too


I am so upset about this. I've used this for years. I don't care to try the grapefruit


Dont. I alredy tried and It is horrible


No! I love this shampoo!


I just figured this out and I am FLOORED. I'll try the grapefruit, but... what in the wide world of sports, Neutrogena? This is a much beloved product!


How is the grapefruit one? I just figured out the clarifying one was discontinued and I’m so sad!


It has actually been working well for me, though I know everyone’s hair is different. Even my mother said my hair looked better, which is a big compliment.


I didnt like it. The ingredients has silicone it it and makes my hair feel filmly and not clean


Oh, no! That explains why I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I'm so bummed... I've been using this shampoo for decades. I can't believe they've discontinued this classic. Thanks to everyone who's providing suggestions for an alternative...


THANK YOU for making this thread! Incredibly helpful. I've been looking for weeks and weeks and thought maybe it was just unavailable locally. What a huge disappointment.


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I have a bottle I can send you if you’re willing to pay for shipping. Message me if interested. It’s unopened, still in plastic from Amazon.


I’m interested. How big a bottle?


what conditioner works best with this shampoo?


NOOOOO I found your post while googling why I can’t find it :( I’ve been using this for over 10 years!


4 months later.... same :'(


I’ve been using Ouai detox shampoo, and like it! I feel like it doesn’t give as good of a clean as neutrogenas, but I’m happy with it (: I’ve been using it for 3 months and have 2/3 the bottle left


Pert is a great replacement


I just got a bottle on Amazon. $22!


I paid $48. Goddamn shame


Manufacturers must have gotten orders to put new 'color & perfume' chemistries in products that didn't have any before. Will not buy or use shampoos with conditioners & colors. Goodbye Neutrogena!


Noooooo!!! Your post is the only reason I knew it was discontinued! I’d also like to know if anyone has any good replacement recommendations




I’m late to the party but just found out my favorite shampoo of all time has been discontinued. I have bought a bottle of this stuff ever 3 months for the last 15 yrs and used it once a week. I might need therapy to get over this breakup


Me too, just found out today. Gonna cry for a while lol


This is so sad!! I’ve found an “ok” replacement but it still doesn’t do the trick. Currently using Garner fructis 2in1 fresh and clean shampoo/condition. At least it’s currently on sale in my shoppers drug mart at 2.99$, but any other suggestions?


I created a petition to bring back this shampoo: https://chng.it/pMPB6BQxzF


I signed and sent it to my dad. He got me hooked on it and I've been using it for decades


Are you kidding me? I have been using this shampoo for 25+ years. What am I supposed to use now?


I've never seen this in stores only online (I buy from amazon), but Person & Covey DHS Clear shampoo is a great no frills clarifying shampoo! It's fairly affordable as well


Man I’m so hurt my last bottle last me about 3-4 months if I knew it was goin away I would have stocked up! This stuff cleans my loccs! Greatly might I add I’m so hurt @ neutrogena how could you !


I know this is an older post but I just spent a month trying to replace my beloved Neutrogena shampoo, a 2x a month staple since I was in HS 20+ yrs ago. I tried both drugstore and higher end brands and the winner is Olaplex 4C, their newest release. I don't like the classic Olaplex bond building treatment but I do love the regular shampoo and conditioner so I probably would have bought this new 4C Clarifying shampoo to try, even if Neutrogena hadn't decided to cruelly rip my Anti-Residue shampoo from my loving embrace. The 4C shampoo does a great job of removing any build up from dry shampoo, hair spray, texturing spray and more dry shampoo (I've been working from home since March 2020 so dry shampoo is my best friend). It also doesn't turn my hair to straw, which Neutrogena's did, so I can use my regular Olaplex conditioner or a hair mask like I did after using Neutrogena's. I only use it once a week. I have naturally very dark hair and I get it colored every 8 weeks to keep the red out and while I haven't noticed this stripping the color, I also use a green hair mask between salon visits so that could be helping. I'm really glad I found this because my search for a replacement wasn't going well and I was getting desperate. **I bought mine from Sephora and although Ulta also carries Olaplex, 4C hasn't arrived there yet.


This is v helpful, thanks! I’m going to grab some this week


You're welcome!


THANK YOU!!! I’m totally desperate and this is a solid lead. Ordering some now!


You're welcome!! I've also heard good things about the new K18 Detox clarifying shampoo but haven't tried it. One thing to note is that I have baby fine hair cut to my shoulders so those with longer and/or thicker hair may need to use more product. That said, the Neutrogena shampoo was about the same way. Good luck!


Damn it! I will take to the streets in protest. I will reclaim this shampoo for us all. Ratica! Ratica!


Sucks. This seems to happen eventually with every product I like. They keep the junk on the shelf and the good ones they discontinue.


Friiiiiiig 😩


I'm so sad about this!! There's a pink grapefruit.. I want clear shampoo...


Has anyone found a favorite replacement yet? I'm devastated.


Not as great as neutrogena but i am using living shampo phd ( perfect hair day


Seriously OMG. I'm late to the party. Just went to go buy a new bottle and discovered the news. I'm pretty sure, I've been using this for 30 years, since I was a teenager. :D The waves in my hair get so unruly when I have buildup. This shampoo has saved the day over and over. I'll be signing the petition. Not a lot of signers, how do we spread the word? I've looked for other build-up removing shampoos in the past and discovered this useful site. It lists product ingredients that cause buildup and also shampoo ingredients to look for that get rid of build-up: http://science-yhairblog.blogspot.com/2016/07/shampoos-which-remove-product-build-up.html


Amazon is where I buy mine.


When the manufacturer discontinues a product, eventually the product will not be available anywhere, even Amazon. Get some before the price jumps.


Price already jumped! I found a bottle for 75 bucks. 😩