They are legit. “Perry” is just their resident sales bot that will actually give you ~5% discount if you email them before placing your order. I’ve ordered several frames and wheelsets direct from their Chinese warehouse and was actually surprised at how quickly they arrived, usually less than a week. The US warehouse is even quicker. Only a 2 year warranty on most of their carbon products (vs lifetime from most of the major manufacturers) but quality has been really good, especially considering the price. Never thought I’d be able to recommend a Chinese carbon retailer, but so far all good experiences.


Thanks for the response -- it really does seem to good to be true, but the reviews on YT seem pretty solid. Have been looking at more mainstream brand frames for a while and can't bring myself to dole out 2000 - 3000 for a used frame. 765 for frame, fork, seat post, and handlebars is just a steal! Did you order directly from the website or through the method I've described above ? Thanks again


I'd wait a bit. Not sure if ICAN is having sales tomorrow but elitewheels and winspace are for sure.


I bought a fork from them through the ordering process you described and received it in the USA a few weeks later, just as expected. Happy with the price and the fork.


Thanks for your reply -- that helps.


They are legit. I've ordered wheels from their US warehouse and they were at my house in days.


Can't speak to ICAN but Winspace does the same thing. If you want to buy something from Winspace create an account and put it on a cart and leave it. Overnight you'll get an email from "Annie" saying she will give you a 10% discount for placing the order. I assume the same is true for ICAN.


I currently have an Ican frame. I really wasn’t pleased with a few surface finishes/fitment problems. Luckily due to my background I was able to fix them but very annoyed at having to do so. I emailed them and complained but never got a response (originally I wanted to return/swap out the frame). What kind of frame are you looking at, I really like the look of Carbonda mountain and gravel frames and I might give trifox a frame for my old qr/rim brake bike… seems not many people have options for qr dropouts anymore