Nope. It’s not the products, it’s how they are used. IfIf a person never or almost never clarifies with a real shampoo and just uses low-poo or no poo cowashes, heavy conditioners and leave-Ins, given enough time, many people will suffer from clogged hair follicles, folliculitis( inflammation of the hair follicles) or fungal infections of the scalp. This is especially true if you plop wet hair and then airdry- product drips onto your scalp ( which is skin) and the scalp stays damp and coated with product for extensive periods of time. Fungus loves that! Chronic inflammation and or fungal infection can result in dry frizzy hair and hair loss. Let me take you back in time and tell you the story of Wen hair products. They were developed by a famous Hollywood stylist, Chaz Dean, and were essentially, cowashes and heavy conditioners. They were very heavily marketed, and sold like hotcakes!Initially, people raved about how good their hair looked! But over time, many people experienced: dry frizzy hair, itchy scalps, and devastating hair loss. Does this sound familiar? Like the DevaCurl products, investigators found no contamination of the products, and no harmful ingredients. They didn’t take into account that Wen devotees used these products exclusively, and didn’t really know the effects of continuing product build-up on the scalp from essentially, never effectively cleaning the product from the scalp. I like the DevaCurl curl cream and some of their gels and use them from time to time with no fear at all.


This!!! It really has to do with how they were being used, but I do think devacurl had a responsibility to educate their consumers. They knew that people were using their products exclusively and they knew the risk of only cowashing exclusively for months or years on end. If you use the products responsibly, you should be okay.


Idk the first time I used deva curl I noticed immediately that I lost a lot of hair. I was so confused and blamed it on “stress”. I would’ve never figured it was the shampoo since so many people talked greatly about it.


With so many options for hair care out there I'm not sure why you would knowingly pick one that has lawsuits against it for hair loss. But DevaCurl was never my holy grail; I never cared for the smell and didn't buy the whole line. I'd feel differently if I lost hair or maybe even if it was my HG. It's your hair though. Your choice to make.


I use a conditioner that’s being sued over hair loss and have used it all year without an issue. If you don’t have that issue and it’s working for you continue using it. On the other hand, I find my hair is a lot healthier with silicones (😱) than without. I really tried to use no silicones it just made my hair so stringy and gross. So yeah, if you’re using deva curl without any issue than continue. I think the hate is centered around people losing their hair. Don’t know why I’m getting downvoted but okay. Again, I’ve tried everything. At the end of the day everyone is made differently.


I’ve used the conditioner it for years with no issues.


I've used DevaCurl product exclusively for over 2 years (2017-2019), never experienced any issues. I am still using Decadence conditioner and ArcAngel occasionally, although I will not repurchase. I am in EU and the reformulated products aren't available here yet. I am kinda hesitant to buy what is offered, because I don't think those products are freshly manufactured (basically I think they are selling old US stock, because they wanted to completely change the appearance and formulas of products for US market, due to the "scandal"🤷🏻‍♀️). I actually don't think the new reformulations are worth it either tbh (judging solely by inci list), they just seem very generic and similar to what Henkel is already offering under their other brands. SO ... to answer your questions: yes, my curls looked freaking amazing when I was using Deva (but they also do now, when I am using other brands like Jessicurl, Curly Hair Solutions, Innersense,...), it has never caused any hair loss for me - but I do suspect something shady was going on in the US and certain batches of Deva were causing issues. I guess I was just lucky to never buy any products from those batches.