Honestly, just eat nutrient dense foods and try to meet your protein goal everyday. Lean meat, vegetables, nut butters, cottage cheese, fruit, low fat yogurt (Oikos pro is bomb) KIND healthy grains to mix in, P3 packs, eggs, protein shakes, almond milk, chicken salads and the most important, OATMEAL. Mix in some stevia and cinnamon and you’re golden. Just keep it simple.


nori_plate on IG is a good example of what these meals look like


Why is oatmeal most important?


Whole grains, high fiber, low glycemic index, no gluten, delicious, very filling for a low calorie count. The less milled stuff is better, so I would go with steel cut (or my personal favorite, Scottish Cut from Bob's Red Mill) over quick and microwavable. Most of the fiber is in the outer hull, which is milled away for the thinner, quicker-to-cook varieties. My breakfast ritual is 2 servings of stove-cooked oatmeal with agave nectar and tahini, before my workout. Adds complexity to the flavor. Adds some (healthy) fats too, and makes it even more filling. I'm not hungry again for 4+ hrs.


I just wanted to add that the texture of less milled stuff is insanely good. I never had anything besides still cut oats until I was in my 30's and I was blown the fuck away when I had the other types. Takes slightly longer to cook but its so much tastier.


You either want to build muscle (calorie surplus) or lose weight (calorie deficit). Pick one and adjust as needed. Alcohol will be the major roadblock so unless you address it, you’ll be held back from results.


I've been using the RP Diet app for years; for me it's the easy button for cutting, massing, etc.


Second this! I love RP and so far it’s the only way I’ve found to drop weight while maintaining strength, sometimes hitting new PRs.


I can vouch for RP also. Their cut had me in the best shape of my life. Just make sure you save your templates. I had to beg them to send them back to me from a few years back. Definitely worth the money if you’re willing to do the work


What’s the cost?


I love their podcast there is so much high quality free content. No idea the cost of the app but definitely check out the podcast as a try before you buy.


I buy the yearly subscription when it goes on sale every year, which I think works out to like $9/month.


“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.”


The typical culty CrossFit paleo diet.


Someone had to say it


Haha this is the CrossFit sub and that was the official CrossFit answer. If OP went to a nutrition sub I’m sure he would get another answer but here it is the most correct.


If OP went to a nutrition site, he would get a answered based on what works. Here, people just spit out that common CrossFit phrase because that’s what’s been burned into their brain by their “BoX”. At the same time I say this, I’m not against a Paleolithic diet, but I know why it’s being said here.


Are you saying the official advice doesn’t work or just there is more optimal diets? Simplicity and elegance is a virtue in CrossFit. A one sentence answer to roughly improve most peoples diet is a good thing.


>nuts and seeds Be careful with these--they are addicting and calorically-dense.


What you seek is [Renaissance Periodization.](https://rpstrength.com/) This was recommended to me by a friend in special forces. It's used by professional athletes, body builders, operators, etc. It's legitimate. Their app is $20 a month and will change your life if your post is sincere that you're looking to build/develop.


I still have my cut template. Best shape I’ve ever been in naturally


Yes! This is a great company. They have an amazing app and their YouTube lectures are great.






Low carb and CrossFit don’t tend to mix so well and it’s pretty unnecessary. Carbs give you energy and help with recovery. I reccomend working with a nutrition coach. RP. WAG. BIN. There are so many to choose from. I’ve been with BIN for 2 years- pre baby, through a pregnancy, and now post partum. For reference I’m a 39yo mom, 150pounds 5’6 7m post partum, and I’m cutting at 2300c a day- 260C/70F/155P.






.......zone diet. 😅🙃


Cut out the alcohol. limit to a few drinks every once in awhile. For dinner and lunch I eat some type of protein: chicken, ground turkey, salmon, or steak and then a vegetable. Dinner I add a bit of rice or sweet potato. Everything is weighed out because I eat different amounts for breakfast/lunch. Protein shakes. No sugar or overly processed foods. 1 cheat meal a week, do not make it an entire cheat day. You need to be disciplined to see the results you want.


Here’s what you should do 1. Prioritize protein 2. Focus tonight strength /resistance training 3. Do less cardio 4. Do less crossfit 5. Have a slight caloric deficit


The best approach is to find a coach who can teach you l what really needs to be adjusted in your current habits and also help build out something that is sustainable so that regain doesn't happen. Everything I teach goes over food quality, amounts needed to Reach your goals and a period Of maintenance to Ensure we maintain it long term.