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if I’m being 100% honest , the eyes are off centre and the nose and mouth look weird being so off centre from the magic circles opening


And it looks a bit like it has a hitler mustache.


yeah, the nose should be over the magic circle


Yeah but it is derpy and cute!!! And you made it!!!


Throwing in my edit too. Just adjusted the placement in Photoshop. https://preview.redd.it/c5myzz0ink0a1.jpeg?width=640&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=da3b255e6febafae55f904708b92d2b6cfcbc95d


I love this


This looks much more like the character


This looks perfect!!


This ^


Tbh no, but you can make adjustments so it looks more accurate and symmetrical. - move one of the cheeks closer to the mouth (each one should be the same distance from the mouth) - the eyes should be only a couple rows above the cheeks - the nose is upside down


His nose is upside down, and I agree the eyes should come down to almost cheek height. I think that would make it cute! You could also do a triangle of red inside the mouth to match the cartoon design when his mouth is open, if you want. I couldn't rotate the eyes freely on paint but make sure the pupils point the same way - they're a bit cross eyed here, maybe just rotate them outwards a tiny bit. https://preview.redd.it/836d31ck4g0a1.jpeg?width=881&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=d30be27242ee462e44f9b9a01e460659a1189be3


See his mouth has a red blep? :D https://preview.redd.it/0uhhkxs64g0a1.jpeg?width=478&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=58e86acccdd2dd9a22328ff0e9465cd1fa2977fd


I don’t want the original one, but this one with the lower eyes is adorable!


Those eyes are still way too close together


Because of the cheeks which would have to move too. Essentially some adjustments and it would be great


It looks good! My recommendation would be moving the eyes a little more level with the cheeks. I always have to fix the faces of my amigurumi, so im used to cutting my sewing and re-sewing on


https://preview.redd.it/jv7n3hsojf0a1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=ddd67857ee9290da14f75fab631220fc2423a431 Like this


Remind me to message you whenever I’m putting eyes on amigurumi!!!


That looks much better 🤣 ah!


Also maybe give him an open mouth with pink inside. Almost every picture of pikachu has his mouth open.


Yess!! I want a surprised Pikachu face pillow!! That would be so cute !!


bless you ❤️


I second this!


Third agree! I think the yellow center and the nose not being centered makes it look a little off but that adjust will be like 10/10


I’ve already closed up the pillow part and I’m afraid it’s too late to cut and try to resew… unless I cut the eyes off and do a whip stitch around the eyes to re-attach?? I don’t know how I can redo the face without opening the pillow part back up.


Yes! Just cut the eyes off, I almost always attach facial features after I closed up everything, which probably isn't the easiest, but its the only way I know what the face will look like stuffed


It looks like Pikachu's second cousin, Ron.


from the habsburg pokemon line 😥


Not commissioned, just a Christmas gift 🤣 sigh. Hmmm


My son would love this so much. He is 9 and would not care if the eyes are a bit off. I’m sure that Whoever you give it to will love it because you made it for them.


This is so cute - my family would go ape over it. It looks like you jazzed Pikachu up with a cool mustache!


So cute!


It's goofy as shit. If that makes it bad, it's bad--I think it's fun and a bit off, and very cute. If this is a commission that has to be perfect, maybe frog Otherwise, it's lovely and memorable


I don’t know how to post a photo and text. Sorry. I was making this as a Christmas gift and everything was going well, until it went lopsided. I’m now not feeling as confident gifting this as a present as I was before I sewed the mouth on, and I can’t undo the mouth now. Do you still think it would be appreciated or should I toss is?


If the person you are making it for loves you and likes pokémon then I think they would love it


I think it's all the more endearing. Something handmade can never be "perfect," but it's better than something churned out by a machine that seems flawless


Ugghh I struggle so much with making all my facial features symmetrical!! Sad to say those features are kinda wonky :/ Trust me, I'm an intermediate to advanced crocheter but I've been there and still do from time to time! What I try to do is pin a piece of yarn to the middle of the forehead and then pin it down straight to the chin, then I use them as guidelines. Maybe that could help? I'll add more if needed, like horizontally from cheek to cheek to line up lips and noses. I saw a revised image above of the eye placement that you also liked. I agree that's better, and I would also advise to make the mouth happier looking with a bigger smile. It's gonna look great and they will love it!!


Omg the pinned grid lines would’ve worked so much better! I was trying to count rows and stitches but also using the pillow form to get the face to look right once it was stuffed and it just all went wrong 😅


honestly if someone went through all the effort to make this for me, even if it was a bit wonky, i would love it forever. my mom handmade me my Pooh bear when i was a baby and he's kinda lopsided but i still adore him even now as an adult.


You don't have to undo the mouth, you can add a red spot and a black line under to look like the open mouth, if you want, but honestly I think the mouth is fine as-is. When you reattach the eyes, pin them in with straight pins or t-pins first. This way, you can move them as many times as you want until their placing looks just right, and they're held in place while you sew them on. Total game change for assembly for me. I hope it helps you, too! P.s. I think he's a great gift, don't doubt yourself ❤️


Faces are the worst. I always forget how awful they are until I'm in the middle of doing one. I think you've gotten good advice elsewhere in this thread. You've got a good foundation and it's going to be great


I wouldn't pay money for it. But if it came as a gift from someone I love who spent time and effort making it for me, I would absolutely adore it. I think all the best handmade gifts fit those two statements!




We match!


Ahh! That was the other one in this pattern set but I saw all those ends to weave in and said NOPE


It’s awesome other than the eyes. If I cover the eyes with my thumb it’s literally perfect. Possibly the ears could be a little closer together but I think it’s just the eyes making it a bit wonky. Maybe move them further apart and make the white circles smaller?


You just need to rearrange his face, his nose is more between his eyes so they should be a little further apart, the overall design is great






If it was a present from a friend, yes of course, I'd love it for the rest of my days. But I wouldn't pay for it, face features proportions are off (it's an easy fix) and ears need to be longer


No, since the mouth and nose isnt central, it is crossed eyes, nose is upside-down and it looks weird when the mc is right in the middle imo


Love how supportive and constructive this community is. I personally would say no, I find it creepy, but I was blown away by some of the other feedback on how to make it look more like a pikachu relatively easily. Also, other comments about how cute it is as is. Go rest of the world, and go you for creating!!


Read some more comments and looked at mock-ups. I kinda like the asymmetrical nose/mouth. Just moving the eyes would do it for me. Thank you for how much your project and this thread will help me in future similar projects!


Tbh no, but I also don’t really like Pokémon. But you’ve done some nice work.


Honestly yes I would love this because it's so amazingly unique! If you want to make it more close to the cartoon I like the suggestion of moving the eyes down and centering things. The one suggestion I haven't seen in the comments is to rotate the head so the magic circle is at the bottom/top of the head instead of the middle of the face. Keep at it you're doing great!


This happened to me with Pooh bear. Dude ended up getting a face lift. 😂






yes! i find him very cute and i would cherish him <3


Honestly I would love it just as it is. So much personality!


Yes I love it. That boi is perfect


If a friend made it for me? I would love it forever. If I was at a craft fair, I would remark that it’s cute, but pass it up for now. I like a lot of the other commenters who have provided solid reference images of how to potentially update to create a purchasable project. It’s very cute though. Good job!


I would love it. But not if I had to pay for it


Really I think if you lowered the eyes it’d be perfect! But you don’t really need to fix it, if you think its good that way then its good. And practice makes perfect so think of it like a stepping stone of progress :)


I personally would not. But some great suggestions here to fix him. After that, definitely.


If you're going to throw it out, please mail it to me. I'll pay postage (as long as you're in the states, lol). My boyfriend would LOVE this. I think it's damn adorable. I do agree with the comment that suggested you slide the eyes down some. But, even if you leave it as is, I love it and you should be mega proud of yourself! This lovely accomplishment and made for the right reasons. 😊


Yes yes yes!!!


He’s so derpy and wonderful!! He’s derp-tastic!!! I world love and cherish him!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ETA: ignore all the suggestions to change things!! He’s PERFECT AS IS!!! Imperfections make life beautiful!!! I wouldn’t like it as much of it were perfect. I could buy that on Amazon. I’d want derpy Pikachu, hands down, every time!!




I agree with a lot of the suggestions already offered. I’m hear to ask about that amazingly cute looking gaming chair he’s sitting on. 😍 Please tell me more!


The chair is fantastic quality! I use it as my work from home chair and it has great supports in all the right places, and reclines really far, although I never use that feature. They have all sorts of cute ones to choose from. I got mine online and put it together, but it was really easy to put together and was very nice quality parts. The brand is Techni Sport in the style Kawaii


https://preview.redd.it/v9lxqsgs5j0a1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=b90cea28e08c866b8681cf9567f319a9fd1674bb Hey, he's nearly there, just a few tweeks - I think move the nose and mouth up more central and I think the eyes are a bit close together. Mocked up a quick example! Great job though ☺️


Honestly, no, bitnit really just about the placement of the facial feautures I think!


Yes he’s so funky looken I love him


Yessss!!!! I've been meaning to make myself a similar one styled after the Pikachu pillow that Thinkgeek had several years ago. That was the best sleeping pillow ever.


Omg thinkgeek, I forgot about that site! Thanks for reminding me just in time for some Christmas shopping!


Bwahahahaha you're welcome 🥰🥰🥰


The basic premise is awesome, the execution is a little off. Follow the suggestions for the eyes, etc and you'll have yourself a winner.


You've done a great job on all the pieces, you just need to modify the assembly - don't give up! I've probably done 100 animals by now and assembly always takes me twice as long as I think it should. Your cheeks are pretty even with the ears. Adjust the eyes and it'll be 90% of the way there. His nose is close enough, you can redo his mouth so it's more centered if you want, but look at how cute it gets just re-sewing his eyes. https://preview.redd.it/tugs44ajzf0a1.png?width=1058&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=96ae7084e51a0ee5c84a42a25a8ae11d1fec7f10


I think this is the perfect placement for the eyes, then just move the mouth and nose up almost in between the cheeks to make him cuter


Is there a way to re-do the eyes without taking the pillow form out?


I'm not sure how you stitched it on, but I use the same yarn (for the eyes it would be black) and simple hand stitch. To take them off pull the eyes away from the body and carefully cut one of the stitches. Then pull off the thread yarn and the eye is free to stitch again.


Me? No. My partner who loves Pokémon? Heck yes.


Yes! It’s still cute, it’s charming and to know someone hand made it makes if even better!


This is cute! The goofiness gives it character.


Yes, yes I do want this. So freaking cute!!!


No lie, yeah I’d love that thing. I agree with others tho, eyes are just too high and mouth could be slightly different. But I like him as he is. 😊


I would absolutely love to get this! A handmade, thoughtful, cute gift? Sign me up!


i love him so much i would cry if i got this as a gift


Hey, your pillow looks good! I think you just misplaced your nose and mouth. If you move it up and center the nose about two inches between the eyes and put the mouth centered about an inch under the nose, you could get away with not moving the cheeks. If you did want to move the cheeks, I would move them about an inch up. You did a good job, and sometimes a project just needs another pair of eyes! https://preview.redd.it/8jpum5xudk0a1.jpeg?width=1125&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=fc638d2b7334817ea9b35401d2731e3854f8a9d6


Nephews would. Looks great.




How did you make him look this wonky? Weren’t you looking at a picture of pikachu? Have you ever seen him?


I was following the pattern! I did try to use a photo for reference too, but I think where I went wrong was using the pillow form to give it shape and then pulling on the eyes, and then taking the pillow form out and then during the sewing maybe they got moved a bit… haha it was a hot mess




Can you lower the eyes maybe make them a little bigger, and bring the left Shrek in towards the mouth a bit. It would look more like Pikachu then.


No. But I don't like Pokémon lol. It's supper cute though!


Without the eyes and mouth, so he just has the cheeks. Kind of ambiguous but it's nicer


I love him


My Pokémon obsessed son would love it


If I were a 5y/o I would love it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you put his nose and mouth right he is perfectly cute.