Ooof. I would’ve just left it lol


I normally would have, but it has 13 points on the mandala instead of 12, so when I got to the part of the pattern where it becomes a square… it wouldn’t become a square. Haha. Since this is part of a blanket ([Sophie’s Dream](https://lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/free-crochet-patterns/sophies-dream-pattern/)), I decided my only choice was to take it all out.


Major bummer!! Gorgeous pattern though. Please post back here when you finish!


What a pain! I made a doily that had nine patterns repeats instead of eight. I didn’t notice until the last row. Ughhh. I left it. lol


I made this same mistake when making my Sophie, and if my memory serves, was right about the same point when I realized, also. Solidarity and empathy.


I think I would have cried a little.


I think i wouldve just kept this one as a doily and a lesson learned. You started pretty much at the very begining anyways.


One of my Charlotte dream central flower motif only has 11 petals rather than 12. No one notices, I just fudged it.


I’ve never pulled so many rows of a project that I had to re-ball the skein like this. So that’s been fun.


I would've cried ribbiting all those precious rows, but! it's going to be beautiful when you're done <3


I frogged an entire shrug once, this is nothing! You got this! Rows 6-26 will be a breeze now that your base is fixed and you got your practice run out of the way. I'm somewhere in Part 6 right now, taking a break until cooler weather!


I usually just turn the yarn around and start from the other end


I hear you. I'm doing Sophie's Dream too. When it's done I think I'll have frogged at least two rows for every one I've kept. (Maybe 3)


Reminds me of the first dress pattern I tried to follow, found it on garnstudio and followed along until row 67 where I was trying to shape the upper chest and sleeve openings but found a mistake in the pattern. Asked in the forums if there was a fix for the mistake but no one ever responded so left it for 2 years, then finally pulled it all apart and let that sit for another 4 years. I finally reballed it a couple days ago, and it took hours after so long!


Ugh, been there so many times. It’s going to be worth it, though! 💪


You have my upvote and my sympathy


First time for everything! 😂


what kind of yarn? kinda reminds me of malabrigo


So i made this rainbow afghan. It started as stripes but got out of control so i frogged it. Then i started it over with a rainbow heart motif, got halfway through, hated it, frogged it again. Finally on attempt three i started making individual squares and wound up loving that result. So i sympathize 1000000%.


I've frogged the same cake 6 times with different variations of a bobble stitch afghan. Still hate the one currently 26 rows in and moved on to something else!


Doing the right thing! 💪


Thank you! It felt so so wrong as I did it, but I know you’re right.


Sympathy upvote! It's painful now but you'll be so glad when it's finished and for the few hours you spent rectifying it, you'll have many happy years of enjoying your blanket ahead


Hey, I'm doing the same pattern! Can I ask, since it looks like you're using the same yarn throughout (as am I), do you cut and weave ends when you have to start the next round in a different position? I HATE weaving in ends but I can't figure out how to change positions without it looking funny.


I’ve been fastening off/cutting when it changes starting position, but now I’m really regretting it because those cuts might prevent me from getting 3 full blocks out of the skein. I’m so sad. Looks like I might be making another scheepjes order! If you cut, make sure you haven’t made a fatal error beforehand. Haha :)


I did all 12 of these! I’d either work from where I was at with a little bit of thinking, or slip stitch to where I needed to be. I just didn’t want to weave ends 😂


I did this, too! I hate weaving in the ends!


I used mandala yarn for mine, and I mostly didn't cut. I slip stitched over to the starting point.


I've been alternating between slip stitching over or cutting and just working the tail in as I go, depending on the row I'm working. I have very few tails left to work in. Since I'm not changing colours, it's easy to just work it in as I go.


Can someone point out the problem... I am a noob


She accidentally put an extra point in the mandala without noticing, so when she got to the part where the pattern becomes a square, the extra point threw everything off. In the left picture you can see there are 13 leaf-shaped points instead of 12. This can happen when you’re in the groove and miscount your stitches.


Oh no. You poor thing. It will be an absolutely stunning blanket when you’re done though, I love that pattern.


Yep! Beautiful work tho! I hope it doesn’t take terribly long to catch back up to where you were. 🧶❤️


Thank you! 🥰 it’s been such a fun pattern until this setback.


Oh I feel for you!! I also thank you for sharing the pattern :3 what colour are you using? I see this and immediately want to make it monochromatic 😂


I love how the gradients in the original colorways in the pattern look, so I wanted to use the scheepjes whirls the pattern suggests, but I decided to [pick my own colors](https://imgur.com/gallery/7VyrOl0). They’re #784 Watermelon Hell Raiser, #754 Green Tea Tipple, #758 Lavenderlicious, and #751 Licorice Yumyum. I haven’t decided what color to use for the borders/joins yet though. I wanted to see what the blocks all look like first. :)


The green tea one is gorgeous!! I have some white-gray-charcoal cotton kings that's sitting in a corner - might use it to make some of these!! Hopefully I catch your future posts for this blanket (:


🐸🐸 Queen My BFF saw it and her immediate response was, “OMG that’s you!”


I just had to pull a whole skein out of a project a few days ago. It hurt 😊


Oh gosh I would have just left the mistake in it.


Sometimes a mistake of this size means you can’t continue with the project because the stitch count is so far off.


Yes I know. I probably would have given up. Sometimes my stitches get caught together when I frog I end up breaking the yarn. What a headache.




Ugh! This was me on one of my shawls - for the life of me, I couldnt find a pattern I would keep up with so I kept starting over lol


Oof I’m sorry. I would have done the same thing but it’s so painful.


We feel your pain… 🐸


Just happened to me with my first crochet project (a shawl.) Got through 3 color changes in my cake, got to row 21... Found out I made an error on row 7 that messed up all my counts and made one side longer than the other. Ripped back to the mistake on row 7, but then I didn't know how to count correctly (I was counting all the chains in the starting chain instead of counting them as 1st) and thus ended up ripping it all the way out. I'm back at row 15 now and got to my first color change, plus learned how to count it lol. I've been counting after each row to make sure it's correct.


You can count as you go! That's what I do, might be faster?


I try that but I stop several times in a long row and inevitably lose count lol. I found doing it all after each section is easier for me!


what mistake lol.. at that point it's artistic interpretation.. but I get for a pattern like what you are doing it does matter






Epic frog, I wish you recorded it.


Fuuuuuck that. I’ll just keep going. Let the chips fall where they may.


Mistake or no, your handiwork is beautiful


seeing this physically hurts me 😣 really beautiful work though!


I would have left it-


this has given me physical pain


I feel your pain! With small things I always try to talk myself into leaving them alone, telling myself I'm the only one who will notice, etc. Every time I've left it, it has haunted me. I always frog to fix it! Lol






This is the way


Ha! congrats on having the guts to fix it!


This happened to me recently with a leaf doily thing, though because it wasn't a circle, more of a pseudo maple leaf-ish shape I was able to say "ehhhh... fine." It has one less point, but shhhh. But before that I was doing a fiddly scarf for my mom and had to rip back a bunch, and ugh. I can never keep going right away after that I have to throw it down in disgust and come back tomorrow when I've recovered haha.


I’ve been there. Stunned at how I had made negative progress on a project after hours of work. Is it part of the fun and challenge? I’m never sure!


Ughhhh I hate when that happens. It’s so heartbreaking😂 I’m making a sweater and had to frog and start all over one whole side😭


Oh no 😭 That is the worst.


My heart!!!


Oh man, I can’t even bring myself to frog a round, if possible I’ll bodge it anyway I can create lol


I once had a similar issue on a giant mandala blanket, but it was a lot further in the pattern. I just did surgery on the project, but I feel your pain. You've just reminded me that I also have this blanket as a scrap WIP somewhere.... Might have to dig it out to finish this fall. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the rest of you project!


We need a flair that's the opposite of "Work in progress" for when this happens.


I've reballed my yarned probably as much as I've bought new skeins


This just happened to me with a hat and I was like NOPE IM ALMOST DONE and left it 🤣🤣


I would cry myself to sleep


I added an extra point at the beginning of the d'Histoire Naturelle blanket I started last month and had to frog nearly as many rows. This post makes me feel seen.


This is so freaky! I made the error on the same row and discovered on row 26 too 🤣 Frogged and back to 20 now… But yeah, it’s easier second time around


There are ways of repairing a missed stitch in kitting and crochet.. I recommend looking those up before pulling everything.. It's heartbreaking


What was the mistake? I would have left it if it was that far gone… I’ve made a few mistakes in my mandala madness but I am so far gone I’m not about to undo it. Too much work. Plus it shouldn’t interfere w. Your rows on if you have the right stitch count etc.


Pffft. Wait until you’re working with size 10 thread and you have to frog rows 68-73 and redo them.


I was audibly disappointed with you! Best of luck with this, it will be beautiful


good grief i have troubel with five and six pedals. ill back off this stuff for a few years


I would never


I feel you on this I've definitely done it. Lol now that I've been at it for a year, I've decided that the mistakes aren't usually noticable to anyone but me. I really had to look at it pretty closely, but I see it now. I don't think it would've made THAT big of a difference, would it?


I know what it's like to frog that much. I tore apart an ENTIRE king sized blanket because I decided I wanted to double strand it for more warmth as opposed to the single strand. That was my decision, though. I just added the second strand and used the old blanket as a skein of yarn, really. Lol. Just tore it apart as I made the new one.


My dearest condolences :(


I'd cry. Leave it as is, pretending it's a decoration and put it on a table with a pretty bowl or candle 😜