Inland Empire has been restored by Janus Films and os currently touring in theatres, it's most likely getting added to the collection next year.




Arrow or Vinegar Syndrome are more likely to release the Room than Criterion.


Arrow/VS are more likely to release almost all of these. I want them on blu, but they’re not really up Criterion’s alley. Happiness maybe. And Desperate Living/Hairspray considering they have worked with Waters before.


Tommy is hard to negotiate with apparently, The Room has never had a UK home release despite being widely shown in midnight cinema screenings here and having played at least one a month at central London cinema the Prince Charles for about ten years.


i got a region-free blu ray directly through the Prince Charles Cinema's website years ago, i think they get stock in occasionally (not sure how often this happens now, but worth emailing and asking)


I'm pretty sure he sells region-free Blu-rays of it on his site.


Happiness was the first time I truly noticed Philip Seymour Hoffman. Definitely one of the bravest performances I’ve ever seen. Not sure how he had the cajones to take on a role like that and not be afraid of being typecast. RIP PSH.


He was too good to ever be typecast


Lol I fucking hate that movie


Haha totally hear you. I haven’t watched it since it came out. It really was the darkest of dark comedies from that era. Those Solondz movies aren’t really ones you want to revisit.


I watched The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover after Ari Aster kept mentioning it in interviews promoting Hereditary and I was not disappointed. I so wish Criterion would add it to the collection!!


It gets better every time I watch it. Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actresses, that can take on any role and make it memorable. From "Age of Consent" to "The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover" to "Red" to " The Hundred-Foot Journey" and everything in between, Helen Mirren rules! 😍


I feel like I’ve been hearing rumours about this one as a Criterion release for like half a decade or more


Out of that set, this is the one I’d love to see the most. It’s hard to find and is rarely streaming anywhere.


I saw it on Peacock! Not sure if it’s still there.




Still shocked to know the only Verhoeven film to make it into the collection was Robocop


Really wish for Total Recall with Arnold commentary


That'll probably never happen with a 4K 30th anniversary blu ray currently on the market. Most likely an earlier, lesser seen Verhoeven film has the best chance to get into the collection.


*hopeful The Fourth Man noises*


Yeah, and Soldier of Orange


Turkish Delight with Rutger Hauer!


Respect the love for Araki, would love to see his stuff in general just get Blu-ray period.


Would love to see just what a Complete Araki set might look like. Lewd probably, like Pasolini's Life Trilogy.


We NEED a Gregg Araki box set.


Showgirls supremacy gang rise up! Beautiful cinematography. It's almost as campy as a John Waters film. Aged well when you consider everything that's been going on in Hollywood in the past few years. Truly ahead of it's time.


The pool scene taught me how to have sex.


You focus on the pool sex, when this whole time you should have focused on the metaphorical aspects of Nomi making her way through a waterfall gateway towards Kyle's character, cementing her crossing into the dark world of mid 90s Las Vegas, as well as the dolphins spitting streams of water on Nomi's face. /s


“Thanks, I always liked having nice tits. I like having them in a nice dress or a tight top.”


Water is a common metaphorical tool symbolizing rebirth. So I concur. 👩🏻‍🔬


Ah yeah, I remember that movie! I'm now motivated to watch it again. For the social commentary of course!


You'd be surprised how good it actually is. On the surface it's "tits and ass" (to quote one of the characters). But it's a really good movie when you see it as yet *another* Verhoeven satire. Yes the script has some coke-provided what the fuck dialogue ("I'm on my period Al, you wouldn't want me to get blood all over the place. Would you?") but overall Showgirls is like this perfect mix of camp, comedy, satire, and melodrama. It's sharper than Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, but with this dark 90s energy kinda similar to straight David Lynch films. Not to say this is in league with his work, but it has this weird vibe that just works when you take a lot of the surface notoriety away. Elizabeth Berkeley did her best and Gina Rivera did a good job, but Gina Gershon really understood the assignment. It's like Kyle MacLachlan's Dale Cooper fell asleep while being stuck in The Lodge and had a nightmare disguised as a beautiful dream. And he's in it (just not as the main character). And again, a lot of the subject matter is very appropriate now that Hollywood has kind of stopped acting like that shit doesn't happen.


This is honestly a solid explanation of the movie. Thanks!




You know I was just saying that the film kids can sound very wrong. Oh I love kids! I was just watching kids! See how wrong it sounds?


It's blows my mind there isn't a Hairspray release.


Warner Brothers released it in the US and Canada.


I meant CC release. I'm very surprised they weren't on it years ago considering Waters has always had a really good relationship with CC and Janus.


Inland Empire is supposedly coming next year


I remember renting Slums of BH at least twice because in the early days of DVD, variety didn't exist yet. At least it's a good movie.


If you need some John Singleton representation, why not *Boyz n the Hood*?


Honestly you have a point!!! It does deserve to be in the collection over baby boy. Baby boy is just my fav so I’m biased.


Belly over Baby Boy but this list rips actually 👏


10000% Kids should be added. Bully from Larry Clark was incredible also


This post was inspired by u/mybodybuildscoffins Also I forgot to add Welcome to the Dollhouse 😓


You forgot Good Burger


Films that NEED to be in the Collection due to poor restorations: Happiness (1998), Todd Solondz. Werckmeister Harmonies (2000), Bela Tarr. Greed or Erich Von Stroheim Boxset (never gonna happen but I can dream.)


Respectfully, I disagree with Ken Park being in the collection. Not a good film imo


Yeah more of a shocker just to shock


I don’t get it, at first I thought these were jokes and then I saw a few great movies mixed in with garbage… I’m really confused


Lol I like “bad” movies, a lot of these are cult classics that are hard to find on blu ray which is why I put them on my list. But I get it lol


Bad movies that only have fandom as cult classics is in the wheelhouse of a few boutique distributors but criterion isn’t one of them


But “room” and “baby boy”. I mean why? I would love to see kids and happiness get releases although I think if we were gonna get happiness it would have happened by now




I’m here to say Baby Boy should be discussed with the likes of boyz in da hood and menace II society


Baby boy is not a good movie, and if you look at the past year there have been a lot of black movies added to the collection. But that doesn’t mean we need to add soul plane




Honestly, I’ll assume you’re making this argument in good faith. But to compare Boyz to baby boy, to me is just not something I can even consider. I mean ( to me) I know that they are both movies, and they both have black actors and directors, but it ends there.




I have seen it


Well the room is a movie a lot of people like even if it is technically bad, it’s also really hard to find. Baby Boy to me is a great movie, John Singleton is great, Taraji P.s and Tyreses performances are great as well.


I’ve never heard of anyone liking the room unironically


There's a blu ray for the room on Amazon


Tyrese has never had a good performance, but , to Each there own. However you can order the room right now from the directors website and he signs it


Yea we can agree to disagree on that. I will admit it’s the only time I like him in a movie. And cool thanks for the info!!


Baby Boy is actually an unsung masterwork. Very underrated.


How I feel about Possession 1981. Thst movie is very hard to find.


My partner actually got me the blu ray version for my birthday!! Idk where he got it but I’ll ask and post the link.


Thank you! That movie yeeted off the planet. I get excited when someone says they find the movie.


He said eBay! I looked and they have a lot of different blu rays on there.


Ken Park is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


Baby boi is a hood classic


I’ve always thought doing Hitchcock’s Psycho with Gus Van Sant’s Psycho as a bonus feature would be a really neat release.


Baby Boy rules, always happy to see it get brought up


Only 90s kids...


Happy cake day.


YAS Baby Boy! This scene (as mean as it is) always makes me chuckle. >Snoop: Hey, lil ni\*\*a, watchu buildin'? > >Kid: A fort. > >(Snoop kicks it down) > >Snoop: I hate a mutha-fuckin' fort! LOL, Snoop was such a dick. ALSO from Baby Boy: >Snoop: Aw, c'mon, baby! You know a ni\*\*a got nowhere else to go!


My partner and I quote this all the time lol


I saw 'Happiness' in an almost full theater when it came out. There was awkward laughter, and stunned silences.


Still amazes me that After Hours hasn’t been released by them yet


Hard agree on Baby Boy. Underlooked masterpiece.


It really is, it’s definitely my favorite hood movie. It’s endlessly quotable, Taraji literally kills it, she’s an amazing actress. Ving Rhames too, I love his performance. The message is also great, which is what makes a “real man” specifically a black man. The ending is also hella bleak, which makes it even more real. Originally John Singleton wanted Tupac to play the lead.


Showgirls PLEASE


Every time someone posts a movie that isn't already esteemed by nerds, the whole comments are "erm, do you even KNOW about Vinegar Syndrome?" man shut the fuck up Pink Flamingos and Armageddon are in here so anything is on the damn table. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie for the collection you fucking cowards


I’d prefer Bonjour, Diamond Jim.


Exactly lmao


Gay taste 💖


I’d also love to see Kids, Ken Park, happiness, Hairspray and desperate living in the collection!


Kids is one Ive wished for. Needs a release. It’s just kind of a lost movie atm.


I've kept the old DVD just in case it never gets re-released.


Vinegar Syndrome is most likely releasing a 4k of Showgirls in 2023. Not 100% because who can really be, but lets just say its going to be them to release it.


The room would kind of feel like a disrespectful inclusion. If i worked hard and poured my heart and soul making a great movie and the Room got in before mine i would feel a kind of way


I’d be so fucking pissed


I mean he arguably did, it just didn’t get the reaction he thought lol


I recently purchased Kids, should be here soon. I like these posts quite a bit because there’s a lot of film outside the collection I like to learn about.


I never need to see that again.


Revisiting this thread from two weeks ago but I wanted to ask you if you could clarify an issue with the German blu-ray release - the film played fine but the special features don’t work. Do you know if this is typical for German releases? Or do you know if the special features themselves are region locked? This may not be the version you have and you may not even own the film, but if you have any insight I’d appreciate it. As for the film itself - that’s an important one to watch and I’m glad I did, but yeah, I don’t think there’s any reason anyone would need to see that twice. The kids on the couch were smoking actual weed!


I have no idea. I haven't watched it since my friend bought it on DVD well over a decade ago.


Yeah, I picked up Bully also. I wanna see how bad humans can get in a youth context. Will likely resell Bully.


Did not know this was on blu-ray for US; I thought the rights were locked up with the Weinstein BS.


The German bluray is region-free.


The day I get a Criterion Happiness dvd is the day I can finally die happy


id love a gregg araki box set or something like that- mysterious skin, doom gen, smiley face, nowhere, etc


the whole teen apocalypse trilogy 🫠


Ughhhh yes!!!!!


I second Happiness and Desperate Living


I legitimately tried showgirls again after twenty years based on some of the comments on this board and through Adam Naymans thoughts but I can't do it... It's just awful through and through. Sorry.


It’s a masterpiece


Inland Empire is definitely coming to the collection so at least you have that to look forward to. I saw the restoration in theaters and understandably it still looked pretty rough but there’s not much you can do in that department. Still amazing tho. I’m assuming Desperate Living will get a Criterion Blu at some point if there’s a decent restoration of it.


saw this in the theater when i was 17. always encouraged the rental of it at every slumber party then after.




https://youtu.be/d43Gmxy5Xhs This video is a really good breakdown on why Showgirls is a masterpiece ✨


would also love a restauration of Solondz' other masterpiece, Palindromes. always breaks my heart I only got a shitty DVD when I watch it


I downloaded it from a p2p file share, it took days to dl, and I watched it once but it's really stuck with me.


Babyboy deserves


The Room?! Whyyyyyyy


KIDS would be great!


Elaborate on Baby Boy


My brother really wants hairspray in the collection.


THE COOOOK!!!! please I beg criterion in my heart of hearts. It’s already impossible to find anymore in the Us. I don’t want to buy some cheap bootleg copy online.


You definitely have a particular frame.


Kids was traumatizing to teenager me...


I’d love for anyone to do a Blu-ray release for 2001’s Bully.


Honestly I would love a criterion release of The Room, it’s one of the most singularly fascinating and quotable films ever made


Whats the appeal of Slums of Beverly Hills? Like, whats the *point* of it? I really wanted to like it more, but it kinda went over my head


Being a teenage girl without a mother.


Yeah no, I don't mean to sound ignorant about it - I just didn't *get* it when I watched it. So was just gauging other peoples opinions on it. I liked it movie, but didn't love it like I wanted to; so thanks for the clarification! I was just curious as to if it got lost in translation since I'm not from the U.S.


Yeah it's very much American as well haha. I think one of the reasons I love it too is the focus on being the second generation of the black sheep of the family.


Getting some serious Edgelord vibes from these picks…but I’m totally down for a lot of these to hit the collection.


Didn’t they already add Mommie Dearest to a certain future lineup? Regardless, I don’t like the film. The acting is bad across the board; everyone is either overacting or underacting.


It’s camp!!!


Ahhh yes, viciously beating a little girl in multiple scenes, now that’s the epitome of camp right there!


I mean Christina herself said it portrayed way worse than the abuse actually was. It doesn’t excuse it, but the absolute exaggeration of everything is camp to me.


IIRC isn't Showgirls a bad movie?


I doubt this one.


Happiness and Love Liza are tied for #1 picks i want. Anyone like Love Liza? https://youtu.be/b4XVWpxTJp0