**Agnès Varda** The box set includes pretty much her entire filmography, shorts and all. There’s an incredible amount of content. Fellini will be the more popular choice, no doubt. Varda’s films, more importantly her very creative and distinct voice just struck a chord with me. You get the sense through her work that she’s so passionate about art and people. It’s really admirable.


They're both great for different reasons. Fellini's work is just filled with masterpieces. Varda is just so damn cute and quirky, I love her.


I have neither, but I think I'd slightly prefer the Varda set


Fellini. It’s easier to swallow.


Fellini, and it’s not even close


The absolute goat. There are a few directors out there who at times can give me pause (Tarkovsky the most of all of them) but for the time being he's the one for me.


I think the varda set is the better set just because it has everything from shorts to movies and it’s like a full portrait of her life. The Fellini is equally great but has less films but all of his films are amazing and plenty of great special features.


I don't have either box set, but have watched many films by each director, and I think Varda by far the better filmmaker.


I wish Criterion partnered with Arrow and others to make a Complete Fellini. Maybe they tried to do that but a deal couldn't be worked out? I'm most amazed by Fellini in color, and the set has only half of his color features (it also has his two color shorts). The set scoops up early and middle Fellini, but late Fellini, not so much. I love all of it and I'll get the set in time. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to find out about him. But the Varda set is complete, there's things I love here and things I haven't seen, and the idea of having access to everything and finishing it is more exciting for me.


Absolutely Varda but the Fellini set is also really great. Aside from the Bergman box I think Varda is essentially unbeatable


Definitely fellini, a lions share of his films are stylish and kick ass. Most varda films are just not intellectually stimulating or enjoyable to me. Buy a solo release of Cleo and you're good to go.


I have both the WKW and the Bergman box sets, as well as both the Jacques, and the BBS box set. In my 20’s I got a little burned out on Fellini (I learned a little Fellini goes a long way during that period of my life). So I am looking to revisit Fellini, or introduce myself to Agnes via the box (never seen a AV movie)


I prefer Wong Kar Wai