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Just a reminder about the rules/purpose of the sub. When something is posted here, we are discussing the disrespect of the message and the sender forcing themselves onto others. We are not discussing kinks or what consenting adults do with one another. If everyone is on board and no one is being harmed, then we are not here to talk about it. We also do not allow glorification of rape in any form. Thanks Everyone.


Just... the absolute fucking confidence that this message was going to be well received is astonishing.


They absolutely enjoy the shock value of sending messages like that. It’s not about the message being well received. They know the person who receives the message will be disgusted and that’s what gets them off either emotionally or physically.


That’s what frustrates me. It feels like there’s no winning. Ignore and block? They feel like they got a rise out of you enough to get blocked. Call them out? They got a rise out of you. Play along? They’d probably be fine with that too.


You could outweird them, send something even more cursed, like a link to genital mutilation


Or screenshot and post publicly if it’s an account that can be recognised. Men that do this need to be shamed.


Oh yeah, send a man's dick pic to their mom


Whose's though? And why?


Their mom. To shame them to potentially the only woman whose opinion they care about.


Theres this one thing ive seen people do, it says something like "The police are being contacted for harrasment, if this was a mistake text 'stop'" i forget what all it says, but it works everytime ive seen it


It's always hilarious because they usually start panicking. >stop >Stop >STOP >"STOP" >I was only kidding please don't call the cops >Stop!


Its their one weakness. Like the wicked witch of the west and water.


From over confident dirtbag to terrified cry baby with one message.


Exactly! They'll be creeps and then you pull this out like, *Its over weirdo, i have the high ground!*


Umm.....I'm curious, wouldn't this be illegal?




I'm even more confused now..... You can find child pornography with Google and that's definitely illegal in my country (Canada) so I'm not sure how searching google images for photos of mutated vaginas is acceptable.... Is it "for research purposes", like people who want info about breast cancer or breast enhancement surgery or breast reduction surgery can search for that material?


You can't find CP on Google and you would definitely be on a list if you tried. You can find horrible stuff but if you want genuinely illegal stuff to watch like snuff films or CP, you're gonna need Tor and a VPN at the absolute very least. Not that I'm advising you to try it but you should feel safe in knowing that you're not breaking any laws by stumbling on fucked up shit. People who want illegal stuff know where to look for it and it's not on the most popular web browser on Earth.


Phew! That makes me feel a lot better. I've never seen anything questionable (thankfully) but I haven't actually looked for it. Thanks! EDIT: for whomever questioned what I wrote, look at my comment history. I hang out in the abuse sub-reddits a lot and it was my understanding that CP was freely available on the internet via Google searches. I know PornHub got in trouble for having underage youth on it's site and FB is also under fire for having CP available. Surely Google must have had some issues as well.




I wouldn't. They may screen shot your comments and try blackmailing you. Besides, it sounds like that slippery slope thing.


Blackmailing me for sending liveleak videos ? How's that gonna work ?


I think he meant playing along


Going straight for the money emoji with a raw link to your anonymous bitcoin wallet combined with an instant ignoreblock is the Chaotic Good slam dunk. >Incoming DM: SUDDEN CREEPY COMMENT FROM ASSHOLE >Reply: "💸Total amount must end with numbers 989 for identification purposes [LINK HERE] 💸" >Instant Action: IGNOREBLOCK It's the close quarters combat double-barreled shotgun method. Fast, swift and no escape, no effort. It takes away any victory condition from the creep entirely and gives YOU several win conditions. No effort, instant-creep-gone, perhaps some $. The creep GAINS several ways of falling into "GAME OVER" hell. He either sends you money and loses or he has to internalize a response for why he can't or shouldn't send money (sour grapes), etc etc. You wont see any of his anger or confusion because you blocked him the first second anyway. The creep is left in the confusion alone, utterly disarmed by a copy paste response. **It goes without saying that under no circumstances should you reply after the initial $ ignoreblock no matter if he sends you a whole bitcoin or not.**


I just turned off my DMs and let them scream into the void. People like that usually can't stand being ignored.


The option you didn't list, is I guess the hardest... ignore without blocking until they move on / get bored. That way they don't get any rise or reaction. It's also likely whoever sent it is reading this having the time of his life. I learned that after posting about being griefed on a game (permadeath so I lost everything, hundreds of hours), the griefer showed up with a photo of all his previous victims, with me added.


idk i tried that with this one dude, just totally ignoring him, and he sent me occasional messages for over a year before i finally had to block. never once even read a msg let alone responded. it was almost kinda sad.


Outweird them. You get the satisfaction that you ruined their fantasy. They never contact you again.


Makes me want to just say "I charge $X for this", and if you can get them to pay, just take the money. What are they going to do, bring you to court? "Hello Judge, this is me here trying to RP incestuous pedophilic rape with strangers, which yes, sure, that's sexual harrassment, but then she tricked me out of twenty bucks". And if they don't pay it maybe gives off a bored and routine vibe that isn't what they're looking for. Probably wouldn't work but it would be funny if you could get it to.


If that's the case, the next time I receive something like this, I'm gonna call their bluff by "agreeing" with them and then flipping the script on them in the same manner. See how they like it.


Best thing you can do is ignore and block. They’re desperate for attention and validation. Messages like that just dare us to respond. By trying to school them, educate them, or make them empathise with us, you’re only giving them what they want. Tywin Lannister said it best - a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep. Someone has chosen to take the time to write out a disgusting message in the hopes of trying to make you feel shocked or repulsed enough to respond back. They’re like toddlers that learn bad behaviours because they know it’ll get the parents attention. The best revenge you can get is absolutely moving on with your life. Delete and block. /r/eyebleach is useful to visit if you need it.


This. The validation specifically. I knew someone who did this. He eventually got therapy and was very ashamed. But until he reached that point, he was just looking for interaction.


Give them llama facts and act you you don't see it. Offer no emotion. At all. Just state llama facts. Or shill. Shilling always works as well, like for Raid Shadow Legends, with thousands of unique champions there is a playstyle for everyone. OR, find the most revolting discord server link you can get, play along with them, and link em to the server and tell em to join you there. That's a easy way to fuck em up. Just don't show emotion and play it cool. And if you have the kind of friends that like fucking with idiots, join a VC and shoot the shit as you fuck with them. Turn it into the occasional sport to see how fast you can disgust them or make them block you instead. My favorite was sending a hairy man ass to someone after being heckled by someone and playing along, acting shy and all that. Then boom. Hairy man ass.


... the idea of responding to these creeps with a RAID: Shadow Legends plug is absolutely amazing. Especially if you do it in multiple messages instead of just a single, long, message.


That's the way to do it. Everytime they try to continue, just more raid. There will be never be enough Raid. And with my promocode, r/creepypms you can start with the legendary harvest jack, who is one scary skeleton.


I was actually thinking the only way it could be better would be if you had a promo code from the company to give the creeps, just for the absurdity of it.


If I ever become a YouTuber, and get sponsored by raid, I will take that sponsorship gladly and spread that promocode to everyone who needs to use raid to fend off creeps.


Agree. I think that’s why dick pics are so common. Men have got to understand few women are turned on by that. Maybe a couple but 90 percent of us don’t want to see you dick especially when we barely know you. It had to be that they get off on being a deviant.


You’re so right! It’s absolutely not about the message being well received. It’s not all that hard to find someone to receive that message well. This is from someone that wants to scandalize/traumatize someone. I understand why “daddy” sex stuff is super ick for a lot of people. It was for me as well. Until I met someone that was into it, and we had an amazingly good time that was, in reality, completely unrelated to any actual father daughter relationship. That’s all to say, someone that’s really into this, and isn’t an asshole, holds it back until they know someone well enough to reveal it and get back “I’m really sorry but that’s a turn off for me” at worst.


I think you mean "reckless indifference".


I think those two are different sides of the same coin much of the time.


Every now and then, I read shit that makes me ashamed of being a guy. This is one of those times. What in the actual Samuel Adams emporium of fuckery is wrong with that guy?!?!


Yeah this is super creepy


…i need to wash my hands now.


I need to scrub my BRAIN now and remove the memory of reading that🤮


Daddy can do that for you.


I’m just gonna go ahead and have a big laugh instead of cringing even harder🤣


Yeah no please don’t say that. /srs


Ew i can't even bring myself to finish reading that


I finished.


Finished reading it right? .... Finished READING it right?


*Anakin/Padme meme*


this whole exchange is not really in the spirit of this subreddit...


I'll fuck your face with a cactus and cum blood down your throat. Wait, it's supposed to be a PM? Darn it.


Oh no


I think my favorite part of it is the "it's not incest because daddy's not penetrating you" UM I THINK NOT


alabama logic


Roll tide


It's wrong but I laughed


Sorry to bug you, but could you maybe explain what "Roll Tide" means? I googled it and all I could really get is that it has something to do with Alabama and a song, but nothing concrete came up and I'm hella confused lmao. Edit: I'm Canadian and I have no earthly idea what this means, sorry eh.


Alabama is known for its college football team, and Roll Tide is the team’s rallying cry.


Alabama's football team is called the 'Crimson Tide', and a way to root the team in is to say 'roll Tide'. At least that is the way I understand it, I'm not from Abalama


Alabama is known for having one for the best college football teams in the country and their team is called the “Alabama crimson tide”. “Roll Tide” is a phase associated with the teams and used to reference them throughout the US to someone who knows about Alabama football. I grew up on the border of Mississippi and Alabama and my stepdad is from alabama.


It’s a bit depressing that I even know this, but that’s actually correct in a legal sense, at least in Canada. Incest, as a criminal offence, requires penetration or “sexual intercourse” to have occurred in order for someone to be charged. (For context, I work in a courthouse and have unfortunately heard this distinction made a few times). Doesn’t change how gross this message is, however.


Daddy belongs in prison 💕


Daddy needs castration 💕🧚‍♀️✨


I just can’t … can’t even. It takes a seriously depraved mind to come up with something as vile as this. 😱😱😱




great point. However they only have one comment in a ddlg sub and nothing else in public activity on this account. So you kind of overstated how much they were involved in these things


Their one comment *was* in the context of dming though, so there's that. I mean, it's not completely random.


putting a comment in that realm (especially with the name “desperate kitten” attached) is the equivalent of writing your phone number on a truck stop bathroom stall. somebody weird is going to reach you. it’s not surprising to find a comment there by OP, it doesn’t matter how much further involved they are, no reasonable person finds themselves writing their contact info on truck stop bathroom stalls if they don’t want that kind of attention; maybe over stated but stated nonetheless. It doesn’t welcome or justify the content of the message that was sent, but it provides a clear path to understanding “how” this could have possibly happened to this particular user, and if you want to avoid similar messages it’s quite easy to not post in BDSM subs


"Daddy" is VILE!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


Daddy needs to be in prison


Daddy needs to be castrated 🥰🥰😍😍💗💗


I agree!! If I was a cop, I would arrest him myself!!




I wish I was dyslexic and blind


I wish I was aborted in the first trimester so I never would’ve had to share the same air with this “person”.


Welp there goes my breakfast....


I... Unsee juice... I need unsee juice...




Thank you.


now i finally realize the purpose of that sub


This is definitely the worst I have ever read so far


This is extremely disturbing and disgusting


WOW that was 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 WTF


That needs reporting! 🤮🤮🤮












This subreddit as well as this post is making me realize that the human brain is a lot more dangerous than we think it is.


Clicked it read 3 words and immediately hit back blwauhhgh


Definitely hope that person doesn’t have kids


I’ve read creepy things, but I legit couldn’t get past the first sentence


That made me throw up a little. Wow, what a creep


Omg I need to take a walk in the sunshine and feed some baby ducks or something after reading that!!!


Wtf man I mean that did make me laugh, but that man has some mental fuckin illness. Who TF thinks this shit up? And further, who thinks it'll be *well recieved?*


This is some solid r/copypasta material right here.


Yes officer, this post right here.


Sometimes I feel like humanity was a mistake


I’m honestly at a loss for words wtf


I don't even understand how some men even think this would land them a chick.


we live in a society


God, if he took a shot for every time he wrote Daddy he’d be just as dead as I wish I was.


This one is worrisome. I don’t know anything about this but isn’t there a way to report him to the authorities, just to be safe?


As someone who's girlfriend was a victim of childhood abuse of varying degrees, this is just not okay to send a stranger.


Cool but please don't use your girlfriend's trauma for reddit clout.




This is one of the reasons i cant bring myself to call anyone "Daddy" 🤢🤢🤮🤮




organ failure


Even Satan is afraid of him🤢




holy f-ck this is disgusting i'm so sorry


this makes me want to kill myself


I really… really.. hope this person NEVER has children…


that guy needs a bullet, not therapy


This is terrible. One this “daddy” Character doesn’t even know you intimately or at all if ya were talking and developed feelings that’s different this mans a fucking predator


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the response is the most passive aggressive thing to ever exist


😂 I mean you're not wrong






jesus fuck


Use you ** ???? WTF??? I can’t begin to tell you how vile that is. I would report it, no matter what, because he’s clearly having fantasies. That is, of course, if he hasn’t “given in”.


Will rehab even help this person? Wtf


Therapy wont do anything. This guy needs to be put in a mental hospital


And kept there the rest of his life


What exactly constitutes incest can be extremely difficult to pin down, but not one definition I have ever seen required it to involve penetration.


Corona got y’all BOLD❗️




I actually would have preferred a NSFW flag on this one.


I did when posting! It must have gotten changed somehow, thanks for letting me know it was gone!


I am so sorry you had to receive that. eww.


Why is this happening


Okay...there's creepy..then there's disgusting....this, this is absolutely disturbing. Porn is one thing acting like this is fucked. Disgusting🤮🤮🤮🤮


Therapy? Chemical castration.


This one is actually terrifying.


Please, what do people gain from sending this? The sheer fantasy is enough to make you spew your breakfast, let alone have the madness to send it to a complete stranger.


r/eyebleach i think we all need it


✨it's not incest because daddy isn't penetrating you✨


I’ve never envied the blind, but this post made me for a fleeting moment.


"It's not incest because there's no penetration" yes, and soft drinks aren't drinks because there's more carbonation than H2O


wish i hadnt read that


I remember this one woman who attempted to trick me into sleeping with my dad. I did screenshot that and reported her ,idk if I still have those screenshots on amino . I know I sent it to a leader tho , but I don't remember on which account,the old one or the current one .She was like giving me instructions to do inappropriate things and whenever I pretended to refuse well I was pretending to follow her instructions while eating chips and doing absolutely nothing , she got aggressive and controlling when the things became too disgusting to read i just told her that I lied and she blocked me .I needed to get as much as evidence as possible so that's why I talked to her for a while .Hmm if I find those screenshots I might post them here on this subreddit .


This reminds me of something that happened not too long ago with a girl in a my little pony amino she dmed me outta nowhere I sent her a completely sfw selfie and she started talking about my boobs and incest and sent me nudes even though I said no to them and she said she fucked dogs I alerted the staff and she got banned




Fucking yucky!!


I hope he has no kids




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What the actual fuck is wrong with that person.


Why do people like this exist….


3rd person is godly


I love your reply


i think this is very sick iknow a girl who went threw this and she reported it this man dont need kids from drangonfly


I'm going to puke. 😭


How would a therapist even deal with this kind of degeneracy?


Hey that might actually be worse then the one that dm'd me recently. He said my cum stained tongue was repulsive as his opening line


I don't believe in God but *someone's* left us




I hate being reminded people like this are on the earth too. I've never wanted to hurt someone, but I could throw the switch on the electric chair on everyone of them.


I don't like it... I'm gonna go throw up now.


What a putrid joke. I'm sorry he decided to send this bullshit to you! This is so disgusting. It's one thing if this type of convo is with consent, but otherwise this is beyond unacceptable.


Should have said daddy should seek therapy


This needs a trigger warning


If I would have to take a shot every time he said daddy I would be drunk af


I only needed to read that title once I saw the image. My stomach was already churning.


What an ass clown 🤡


I'd reply with "Lol heres a therapist I highly recommend".


I miss the 10 seconds before I saw this message


The fact that he is referring to himself in the third person makes me want to yack. GTFO of here with your “daddy” bullshit...🤮


oh my god...wtf


I think daddy is Bob Dole.


Thats what happens when you start watching porn 24 hours every day And start thinking everything you see is true




I mean you're the one that joined this sub sounds like a you problem


Why do creeps think all women are into age regression or submissive?


This has to be a joke or sumn cuz I can’t believe this mf would just say that


Unfortunately i learned the hard way that there's am entire subreddit devoted to ppl that like incest


Bro wtf


Yeah I agree. Someone shared a link in the comments of a post here. Wish i never clicked it.


SOMEONE SHARED THE LINK? Dude that is fucked up. I am so sorry, man.


Unfortunately there's a lot of fake doms/daddys out there who instead of finding a partner who will consent to this go and harass innocent people


I wonder if anyone just replied to one of those like “yeah daddy fuck me” or sumn 😂


why am i erect :|