I Need help with these 2 damn levels

I Need help with these 2 damn levels


I hate these stages too. Though I managed to get the perfect relic for both after like 5 attempts. What I did was get to the Polar bear riding section. Didn't get the check point box during the ride. Then at the end of the level jump of the edge and kept on repeating until I got the hang of it and until I could get every single box. For the 4 stack boxes I find you have to aim for the middle. Or aim for the middle and wiggle the stick rapidly from left to right. Make sure you crash into this wall to slow you down as well [https://youtu.be/\_FrLWD7AEOE?t=309](https://youtu.be/_FrLWD7AEOE?t=309)


Definitely practice the ride sections until you feel like you're consistently getting all of the boxes. You'll come to find that these sections are mostly muscle memory. As for the groups of 4 boxes, my method was to start slightly on one side of the stack and move diagonally through the center of the 4 boxes. I've also seen other people wiggle their character when going through the center of the boxes. This method also works, and it's probably better than my method, it's just that I had already developed the habit of using my method by the time I discovered the other method. Hopefully this helps.