My heart is nervous but my head feels like we stomp their ass. We are better.


Exactly how I feel. Ftp


I hope we blow them out.


This should make you feel better: https://www.reddit.com/r/GreenBayPackers/comments/ys1a80/jesus/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb


Ha, yea I have been paying attention. Thursday they had quite a few of those guys back to at least limited participation, which means they are probably playing. They are still going to be thin at WR, LB, CB and their oline is iffy.


Rodgers wont even be playing in the 4th. Will be out of reach by then. I have a feeling McCarthy is going to stick it to them


I really have that feeling too. Trying to stay grounded though.


I’ll be there so I hope we win


Me too homie 🤞


Gonna be a cold day in Wisconsin. Perfect day for some whiskey


It's already a cold day in Wisconsin! What the hell is with this weather? Yesterday was nice and warm until it rained all day, today feels like it should have since early October. Anyhow, go Cowboys! I can't wait to see that first sack where Rodgers looks around for somebody to blame other than himself.


Any cowboys friendly tail gate you might know of?


I've heard most of the tailgates at Lambeau are friendly to other teams fans


Not yet but I’ll let you know if I hear about one


Dude the whole parking lot is one massive friendly tailgate. I hate the packers with a passion but the real cheeseheads in Green Bay will make you feel at home


Same, hope y’all packed your long johns!


Me 3


Me too!


Lambeau is a helluva experience. Have fun brotha


Even if Green Bay seemed average (which they don’t), I would worry about Aaron Rodgers being Aaron Rodgers to us again. I’m not that concerned about him this year, which probably means Dallas isn’t concerned about him, which means he’ll shred them. Hopefully Dallas shows up and doesn’t treat it like Denver last year.


You really think Mike McCarthy is going to let this team take _this_ game lightly? I wouldn’t be shocked if this goes the way of Quinn’s revenge game against Atlanta last year. McCarthy of all people is not going to take any form of Rodgers lightly, nor the game as a whole.


Quinn’s revenge against Atlanta lol. Bah Gawd King, did you see what they’re doing to Matt Ryan!!!! Somebody stop the damn match!!!


Yeah because MM is terrible


I'm sure Mike McCarthy forgot all about him...


He doesn’t have receivers or time in the pocket. He isn’t owning any team this year.


He’s definitely not gonna have any time with #11 chasing him down!


This has all the makings of a trap game. However, there is something off with Rodgers and this team. Go back and watch the Detroit game if you haven't seen it. They moved the ball effectively but they couldn't score. Factor in all the injuries and we will get the W.


> This has all the makings of a trap game. Why on earth would McCarthy let his team take _this_ game lightly like that?


Trap games are more like Philly and Houston on a short week.


Our team is built to dominate teams like this.. plus we coming off a bye. They suck at stopping the run and throw the ball a lot while only scoring 17 points a game.. our defense feasts on pass first teams. Parsons gonna be nice and fresh when he was banged up. Rodgers would have to have the game of his life.


We dominate. 35-10


We’re coming off of scoring a 49 point game vs the Chicago Bears. GB is coming off of a 9 point scoring loss vs Detroit Lions. I think we’ll beat em


If we still had Garrett as our head coach, nerves would be justified. But this team isn’t letting Mike lose to his old team.


Everyone here feels mostly the same We have a terrible history with this fucking chump. Dez caught it But for once I’ll try to not pessimistic and say we fucking stomp him so hard he decides to quit football


70-0 waffle stomp, Rodgers retires at halftime and moves to Antarctica


It will all depend on how we start. If we start strong and get a lead and pressure Rodgers / 3 & out them a couple times, then we're gonna crush. If we screw around and shoot ourselves in the foot with dumb penalties and let them get comfortable just running the ball and dinking and dunking on us, then we're gonna battle hard Either way though, I think we're gonna end up winning the game because GB is just so bad, but it will be very disappointing if we have to fight to get this win when it should be an absolute drubbing My prediction is that we start slower than preferable but come alive off defense pressure and spark a couple big plays on offense to get a nice lead by halftime. Cowboys win, 27-13


Guys like Brady and Rodgers still feel unbeatable to me, despite their losing records. I’m about 50/50 at this point.


Right? I hate that. If the playoffs started today, we’d play the Bucs and that scares the shit outta me even though they’ve been awful. May as well be Jerry Brady, because he owns us.


Gut feeling, we start slow. After half offense gets it together and we have the ball down by 2 and ball on Pack 40. Suddenly, we lose again on some controversial call.


Dallas 28, Groin Bay 13


Breen Gay


Green day


We put the nail in the Packers coffin for their season. 28-13 Boys.


Incoming 50 bomb. End with MM doing orange Justice on mid field


How many sacks do you think it'll take to get the Bad Man to retire?


We have a big time D. I think Dallas takes this game seriously and wants to bury GB for all their sins against us. I think Rogers is going to say this is the season for them (it’s not, they’re cooked) and will come out hot. Boys by 14.


We’ll win and then Rodgers will say we didn’t beat them, they just turned the ball over too many times or something like that next week


We need to humiliate them


We're gonna stomp em. Rodgers still has wet brain from all the DMT lol


Cowboys baby!! By at least 10 points


34-13 and it’s not that close.


We with win, or we are not a contender.


Hungry for a 40 burger


Everything I know about the packers this year I'm just saying I'll get drunk if they all have a breakout game and beat us. Sometimes voodoo happens against us but it better not this time.


Want us stomp the Packers. Feel like McCarthy will run it up on them. This win is for McCarthy


That the refs are gonna hate against us and help GB out , they’re their 13th player when playing at home


It's like almost every Cowboy's game, they play to the level of their opponents... that's why true fans have anxiety issues and heart problems haha


I think we smoke them - IF this team is really a good team. Coming off the bye, the Packers are at Rock Bottom, your coach is going back to the place he got fired (several of them, I think) and they seem to really like McCarthy. So they should do what good teams do and kill this inferior, hurt opponent. But Aaron Rogers is the boogy-man and I don’t want him to hurt me any more.


A crushing defeat of the Packers to put them out of their misery!


Aaron Rodgers has fucked us so many times, I feel like he can go for a monster game at any time, especially against us. Hope I'm wrong and our defense does what they're supposed to.


PTSD : This seems like a trap 🪤


It’s only because they’ve lost 5/6? games in a row is why I’m nervous. They are a cornered wounded animal, especially Rodgers, and that’s the scary wildcard even though everything says we should win convincingly.


Rodgers is our daddy. I don't care how good it looks for us on paper, I'm nervous as hell about this game.


Cowboys by 97.


If we didn’t have a good defense with a great pass rush I’d be concerned. However, we have an elite defense so I don’t think we have an issue here.


If you've actually watched the Packers you wouldn't be concerned




I think we all feel the same way. My head says Green Bay will struggle to do anything on offense against our defense and our offense will build off what they did against the Bears and we’ll win something like 31-17. However, deep down in my gut I have a feeling this will be an ugly, low scoring game similar to the Kansas City game last year where our offense sputters and Rodgers makes enough plays to beat us.


Put Micah in as tail back the first play of the game to let them know we really don't give shit to set the tone


I want to feel confident about this game, but the bad man has hurt me too many times to doubt him now. I know he’s washed and playing like ass, but he’s still Aaron Rodgers, the boogie man


Man who knows. The bad man owns us. It doesn’t matter how shitty that team is, I’m scared


I will never ever ever be confident against Aaron Rodgers. That man absolutely owns us. If we win I might have to check the score 100 times just to be sure that it’s over lol


Gut feeling is the Packers will find their mojo just in time to win that game and then resume their decline.


We take the L. Packers wake up and realize they can run the ball on us. Those guys in the backfield are no scrubs. And we are suspect with our run defense. It’s been an issue for a long time. Before Quinn. Not his problem. JS. The only good thing is they can’t stop the run for shit worse than us. We have a better offense. And rt now, we got at least something going on offense. Dak looks back to form. It’s just that GB has got to win at some point. So yeah, hopefully not this week.


Do they though? I've watched a team go the whole without a win and a team go two seasons with 1 win.....3 seasons with 4 wins if you want to give them a 3 season look.


Micah 2 sacks


If Aaron jones goes off..we shored up our Run D a lil bit is it enough? Not just this game but playoffs


Rodgers has literally no one to throw the ball to. Plus that ayahuasca fucked him up


Not true, Trevon will be out there


# 100-0 Cowboys gg


That Rogers is a hoe


I hope McCarthy and Quinn spent the off week on improving the run defense. That will make the defense elite. Also, we can’t have bad Dak in this game, we need good enough to very good Dak.


Watch the most recent Kurt Warner breakdown and let me know if you’re still worried. Aaron is being measured in his interviews but we all know he wants to call out the offense so bad. https://youtu.be/0z24xipRE_I


Spread is Dallas -4


We’re gonna harass Rodgers all day. Like in 2016. Need to shut the run game down early tho. If our DBs get beat by these trash WRs then they should feel bad. Their defense is still decent so it might be a struggle early


Anyone who has played football knows you warm up quick while on the field playing. The cold shouldn't be that big of a deal


Here ya go: https://www.reddit.com/r/GreenBayPackers/comments/ys1a80/jesus/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb


I’ve learned to just wait till we’ve hit the “there’s no way they can win” moment 🤡 We SHOULD win though


i think it's a loss




Feels almost like a trap game but then I remember how much this will mean to McCarthy so I'm feeling pretty good


We either drop a 40-50 bomb on them or Aaron Rodgers upsets us. I hate playing Aaron Rodgers so I don’t feel 100% confident in this game. Edit: we will never hear the end of a loss against them but they have upset us plenty. DEZ CAUGHT THE FUCKING BALL


Bad man scary but he doesn’t have shit to work with. so that eases my brain


Well the Mavs are pissing me off because they lost 2 games they should’ve won. Cowboys should be favored this game but… you know.


I think it goes similar to the Bears and Lions game. Start off slow and have difficulty containing them, then Dallas pulls away in the second half. Rodgers just doesn’t have the weapons he did when we played in 2014 and ‘16, and our defense is 100x better. That said, because it’s a rivalry game I expect him to play like it’s 2014 again.


Dallas set the all-time single game scoring and point differential winning 223 to 0


Dallas wins by 24


This. Year. Feels. Different. LFG


Im hoping for a win....got people coming over, cooking brisket, pork butt and some other stuff. There's just that nagging feeling in the back of my head that the bad man finds a way to take our lunch money again


Something tells me we win here and somehow blow it to the Vikings next week. Still Rodgers always makes me nervous..especially when NO ONE is picking him to win


Demons will be exercised tomorrow. 54-6 cowboys


Gonna Smoke the Packers!!


40 burger


I think we’ll start slow. The D will give up a stupid easy touchdown. Q will set their a$$es on fire and the next time out, the demolition will begin.


Aaron Rodgers always beats us, feels like a potential trap game.


Rodgers owns the Cowboys. He could be 50 and drop 400 yards + 5 TDs on Dallas. 35-31 Packers


My gut say we play down, don't put them away and FUCKING Rogers has a big second half. Boy win late 31-28. That's my gut. In reality, we should beat the shit out of them 42-17.


Feels like a trap game. Coming off a bye I expect us to be sluggish and Rodgers is obviously pissed because his roster is AIDS so he’ll probably go hard. I’m also worried about their run game.


45-7 Dallas.


I definitely won’t be betting on it but I will be watching


I see it similar to the Lions game. Slow start, ugly first half, we all get nervous AF. Defense rises in 2nd half forces turnovers and short fields. 23-13 Win.


Cowboys should win but this has been a wacky NFL season where there’s no sure things. If Dak is serviceable and the defence doesn’t make any dumb mistakes, I don’t see how Dallas doesn’t win. It shouldn’t take more than 24 points to beat Green Bay.


As a cowboys fan in cheesehead country, let me tell you the vibe was SOMBER today. They know that they’re not winning this one. They all know.


I'm going to the game first time Sunday. Any tips of secret good parking?


I wish I had better news for you, but….get comfy. Getting out of the parking lot is a long, frustrating journey. Have water, advil, and snacks in your car, maybe a pee bottle, cuz you will be a sitting duck for at least an hour after you leave. There is no flow to the traffic post game. But that being said…..have a wonderful time and just be prepared to wait. Maybe even use a shuttle service, the drivers are old pros on how to escape from lambeau in the fastest way possible.


I usually like to park far and walk in to any major event even if it's half a mile to a mile or more away. Beats the outgoing traffic usually lol


Definitely, might be a good practice for this time too :)


I want Rogers to pay for the pain he has caused us.


Gut? We lose. Rodgers just finds ways to finds ways to torture us Cowboys fans. Cowboys fan in me? Obviously we win, Rodgers just has himself on that offense to try rely on. Aaron Jones to but he will barely suffice for him. Hoping for the best. I will have us winning 24-10 but preparing myself mentally if we lose:(


Big W!


By any reasonable measure, the Cowboys should win. The Packers are injured all over, Rodgers kinda seems like he just doesn’t care at this point, all signs are pointing Cowboys. But I’m still kinda irrationally scared because of the recent history of this matchup.


Offense has three and outs because they keep handing the ball to still injured, slow Zeke. Rodgers does Rodgers things.


26-17 Rodgers give us a lil scare but we still win with comfort & they play hard for Mike revenge game


Cowboys play like ass in the cold. It’s gonna be a freezing game.


I’ll be there, high is 36! Won’t be so bad /s going to be cold as shit.


I can't wait for the green Bay packers that dress in white & black to somehow still fuck us out of this win.


Trap game. Been over 20 years since we went to an NFC championship game, for lost my life we have always fallen apart at some point. Or been robbed (2015 vs GB) It just feels like a curse to me at this point


If they give it to the best Aaron then there might be trouble.


i always go in with low expectations so i don’t get disappointed


Major trap game imo. GB on a 5 game skid and losing to the lions is rock bottom. Were coming off a bye so theres a rust factor. If we dont get on them early and let them hang around im not going to be happy.


Offense plays like shit and keeps GB in the game all the way until the point that AR12 has the chance to compute a game winning drive (20-14), but Micah shuts it down.


Trepidation. Rodgers and the Packers seem to always find a way to beat us. I know that they have looked bad, but I can still see them righting the ship.


Hope for the best, expect the worst. It's how I've managed to stay a fan for 25 years


I feel like in the past, Dallas has seemed to struggle to against rivals outside of the division and failed to rise to the occasion in big outer-division games. It would not surprise me to see this team do the same. Now that said, this defense is better than those were. So maybe.


I don’t know what trepidation means but I have that too


Aaron Rodgers is always a pain for the Cowboys. I’ll always be nervous playing him