We had spectrum for years and they kept upping the prices. Then ATT Fiber showed up and now I have 300/300 for almost half the price. If something went funky with ATT, I'd rather try one of the 5G options before heading to spectrum ever again.


I had my fiber go out the other week that's when I discovered my address is not in the service area for any of those mobile internet offerings, and back to spectrum I went (temporarily cuz they couldn't get a tech out to fix the fiber for over a week)


Give it some time. My buddy 40 miles outside of Austin in the sticks just got the T-Mobile 5G so he could ditch his super crappy internet that would constantly go out. I didn't think he'd have coverage way out there but sure enough they just added some towers.


It was just weird to discover it wasn't available despite living in a major metro area. I just want to have more than 1 option for fiber so the only provider can't provide terrible turnaround times for service calls and know that people that want fiber have literally no other options. But that's just the ISP market on all levels in the US for the most part though.


What’s the speed on the T-Mobile?


I think he said he's been getting between 100-150 down most of the time. And he lives in the sticks. I'm talking the nearest sign of civilization means the gas station down the road that's got a liquor store attached to it and it's the only thing for miles.


Pretty good!


My area is not covered by their service areas too sadly. To get around this you can get a 4G modem off Amazon (Netgear makes some good ones) and pick up a prepay SIM card to the carrier of your choice, then have it set for failover mode and you have Internet if fiber goes out.


> We had spectrum for years and they kept upping the prices. Best way to avoid price increases is to buy your own your modem, and establish "new" service with another household member each time the promo rate expires. Since you don't have to return any equipment, the only downtime during the switch is the time it takes to call in under the "new" account and giving them the MAC address of your modem. We've been doing this for years to keep the promo rate indefinitely.


Same here and it helps that my wife and I have different last names. I even told them what I was doing this last time and they didn’t care. Got $40 a month as a new customer for 300MB/S


I hate spectrum…keep getting outages with them EVERY DAY!


300 up is obviously way better than you'll ever get with cable, but 300 down is just a scam on AT&T's part.


300/300 is a very reasonable plan if it’s low cost


Yes, that is a good point. If it's cheap enough, it could be a better value proposition than cable. Then again, AT&T is the same company that wants to charge $80 for 50mbps DSL in my neighborhood.


Eh even on WiFi on my iMac out in the garage I'm getting 300-320 down with various speed tests. This is a brand spanking new fiber node down the street from me and I literally was the first customer to use it.


300 down is triple the speed o get with cable. Apparently I have old lines in my neighborhood and there are no plans to upgrade them.


I have a "500" Mbps cable internet package. I'm not sure I ever hit that, but I very reliably exceed 300 Mbps.


Depends. If they really have a fiber line to your house, they even support 5 Gigabit each way, and I had someone confirm it worked for them (though it is quite expensive).


Yeah, I might have been unclear, but if it's actually fiber it should result support multiple gigabits pet second. It's sad that they even offer 300 Mbps.


There are reasons for a limited option. (Shared uplink being limited in the neighborhood, for example). But there are other ways to do this: throttling, quotas, etc. But those have bad fame.


Comcast has nothing to fear from T-Mobile in my area right now. I had the service for a year and it was a struggle. Constant connection drop outs, deprioritization, signal degradation. I gave up and went back to Comcast.


Same for Verizon. I tried out their 5G service for a couple months this summer, ran it side by side with Comcast, stayed with Comcast. My download speeds with Verizon ranged from 8-45 mbps, Comcast is 300 mbps. Also had terrible customer service experiences with Verizon and probably won't use them ever again.


Yes, tried it and went back. 5g service is good for grandma's use case but trying to work remote or stream for a family and it just didn't work reliably at all. I don't have a problem with Charters service even though all cablecos have a bad rep, has been consistently good for me.


Same here. My issue is just the cost. $70 a month for 200 down? I have to use BillShark every year to get it back down to $50, but still, that's way too much for what you get. Unfortunately, just like the rest, they're the only game in town Edit: thought I'd check my speeds after I posted this as I haven't done so in a few months. Looks like they bumped me up to 350 Mbps.


Not if you live in a rural area like ours. Of course, in our area, we also don't have either of the biggies.


Not in urban areas like ours either. Certain times of the day when everyone is at work or kids get out of school the network bandwidth comes to a screeching halt. They advertise up to 25 but we are getting about 0.5 during peak hours. Seems to come back to normal around 8pm which is not ideal.


Verizon's 5G^UW is consistently fast (125-150mbps) so long as you're within range. Problem is, the range drops out quickly. I get it upstairs at 4 bars, and nothing downstairs.


So install the Verizon router upstairs?


Maybe something like this would solve your problem. Sounds like your structure is getting in the way of your signal. https://www.amazon.com/Phonetone-Cellular-Repeater-Antennas-Approved/dp/B08GXDCK9S/ref=sr\_1\_3?keywords=antenna+booster+cell+phone&qid=1661871693&sr=8-3


Not in Washington DC, that’s for sure. When I had T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet, our apartment got repeatedly deprioritized without warning, kicking my wife off of her online-only graduate school classes. Plus our trash cans had to be replaced multiple times due to overheating! I also had colossal lag spikes while gaming and downloads on my Xbox Series X took forever, so that was the final straw. Xfinity is lazy and greedy for falsely advertising gigabit when most days I get between 300-600 mbps, and they took three weeks to install it and STILL do not let me sign into my Xfinity account due to an error on their end. Plus it’s annoying that FiOS is hard limited to 50mbps so I literally have no other options, but they haven’t crashed either except on service upgrade days or rare severe weather.


Why was your trash can overheating? What


[Beats me. 🤷‍♀️](https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobileisp/comments/qduu8t/gateway_is_stuck_at_this_screen_meaning_i_dont/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


> Plus it’s annoying that FiOS is hard limited to 50mbps so I literally have no other options I gave gigabit Fios in NYC for $80 a month. It's reliable and wonderful.


It’s a limitation of my building according to FiOS, not FiOS’s fault for not upgrading. Sorry for the confusion.


Well why would you need fast internet at the home of the national government? /s




RCN (Astound) is the move if you have access where you live. I was paying $20 for 100mbps, and they recently upgraded it to 250mbps.


They have been screwing over my mom. They recently raised her bill to $110 (with a land line) for 100Mbps. said she needed a new router and ould give her that for $40 and then lower her bill back to around $95. All bullshit. I recently got her Verizon home internet and she is getting 25-35Mbps for $25 a month. That should be enough for just her. We have 30 days to cancel it but I think we will cancel RCN.


Yikes. That's insane. If you're in DC there's so much competition to be paying that much! I call every year to get the intro price or as close to it as possible, and that's been effective for me. I'm sure they'll bring it down if you call, since they're literally doing 300mbps for $20 or something in DC (again, if you're in the area). But totally understand if y'all are turned off by that outrageous bill


Called and I could get it down to $75 for 100 Mbps but it's still rough. Not enough competition.


That's bull. Idk how much a landline is, but it shouldn't be that much to add it on to basic service. You're right to jump ship


I’ve heard good things about RCN and seen plenty of Metrobus ads for it. Unfortunately, FiOS and Xfinity are my only options in my apartment and I’m stuck in a two-year contract with Xfinity.


>Xfinity is lazy and greedy for falsely advertising gigabit when most days I get between 300-600 mbps You sure it's not your router limiting your speeds? Most average-priced wifi routers aren't capable of gigabit wireless speeds. And those speeds you mention are near the limit of many AC1200 wifi setups. Have you tried directly connecting via ethernet to your cable modem and testing the speed, bypassing the router?


I’m betting it’s an issue with the xFi modem actually.


I live pretty much in the middle of no where and was able to get the T-Mobile wireless internet so at least there is now some competition for the only crappy DSL service out there.


And the irony is, rural areas are the ONLY place this makes any sense. Have fun fighting over in-home bandwidth in an urban area with every other cell phone and 5G tablet user around you. Sounds like the dark days of cable when DSL was still valid because it didn't share bandwidth.


I live in cleveland ohio and we don't have it either.


Charter - Spectrum is pretty big in Northeast OH


https://calyxinstitute.org/membership/internet have you heard Calyx? I’ve used them for a few years until I was able to get T-Mo home internet, pretty decent speed and reliable.


Love Calyx. Use their hotspot to get my 95yo grandma something better than the 10kpbs DSL Verizon was selling as high speed.


my cousin lives in rural area outside of lawrence KS and they installed starlink


Competition at the local level is what we need. Unfortunately, many cities do everything they can to prevent it...probably because they're being lobbied hard by Comcast and others NOT to allow anyone else into their city. This happened to a city I lived in and due to a lack of competition, city residents were paying 40% more than surrounding areas with 4 or more competitors. It took making it a campaign issue and tossing out the city councilmembers that were blocking the competition before 3 more ISPs were allowed into the city. There is nothing free market about ISPs.


If even Google, arguably one of the largest internet telecoms on the planet, throws their hands up in the air and gives up on building out national fiber -- you know the laws are fucked and anti-competitive forces are just way too strong.


Or its less about the laws, than the problem of trying to run 30 different fiber or cable systems in a city. Treating a natural monopoly like it doesn't exist rarely works well for anyone except the monopoly.


Some localities we so desperate to have cable and internet franchises, they signed very long term exclusive franchise agreements. It sounded great in the '90s and '00's, but the unfortunate local government employees had no way to foresee the future of broadband. They were hoodwinked and small towns and counties that thought they were doing a good thing were played hard by comcast and cox and charter.


Is that why my 90s subdivision (suburb of big city), only has 1 main ISP + ATT DSL even though more are in the area?


The free market will always break down as long as corporate bribery via campaign donations is legal. All legal thanks to citizens United and the republican SCOTUS that delivered it.


I agree with the first part of your point wholeheartedly. However, the problem precedes the Citizen United decision. Lobbying is the issue and has been around much longer than that decision. So long as our reps can be bought and paid for, citizens have no say.


> Lobbying is the issue and has been around much longer than that decision. So long as our reps can be bought and paid for, citizens have no say. Lobbying and bribery are different things.


Some how my neighborhood has three fiber options. Google, AT&T, and a third one that I can never remember. I realize I am one of the lucky ones.


What city? I think I'll have to put my house on the market. I'd kill for fiber in my area. So jealous.


Kansas City. Once Google Fiber came to town some of the other companies really stepped up their offerings. It is not every part of town but most.


I hadn't realized how wonderful an ISP could be until a small telco ran Fiberoptic Internet in our town and gave us a second choice. Spectrum has higher prices than the telco, and I have been with our little local ISP for three years with no price hike and no issues with my Internet that a phone call didn't quickly solve. Spectrum sent mailers to my house every week and twice people to my door trying to get me back. They must have given up on me as a lost cause since I haven't heard anything from them in the past six months.


I want both of those companies to have to compete like everyone else. I think Comcast *MIGHT* survive, but I have my doubts. Charter on the other hand would get absolutely slaughtered. Good.


Our suburb is fortunate as of this year. Frontier came in and installed fiber in all our neighborhoods. Gigabit plan for $60/month, no data caps. I'm not sure what the other ISPs are doing in the area (personally dumped Comcast for it), and have had no issues with it. Speed has been constant (around 950mbps), only one day where it went down since switching back in March.


Some streaming services don't play well with T-Mobile home internet. I have Hulu w Live TV and I couldn't watch Live TV as it thought I wasn't at my home address.


I am in the Washington market and my Tmobile router thinks it is in Baltimore. Once every 3 months I need to update my location with my phone on Youtube TV. Or I get the Baltimore channels which I often don't even notice for a few days. All in all though this is a minor issue. I pay $50 a month for 300+ MBPS down connections with no contract or data limits. Reliability is as good as Comcast. Maybe it does not work in apartments all the time, but bottom line for many users when Tmobile or Verizon enter a market they are getting service that is better for a lower price. Service will also improve as they add nodes to the network. I am never going back to Comcast.


Ironically we had this issue with DirecTV Now and an ATT mobile hotspot. The best their support could come up with was "we only support providers with static ip addresses".




but is it truly unlimited? I've NEVER been harrassed by spectrum over usage


for now...but those services have limited capacity. as people flock to TMHI and similar offerings, already overloaded cellular networks will get worse. overall performance will continue to drop and the pendulum will begin to swing back towards cable and other wirelines.


Exactly. Unless technology can keep up with demand.


When I initially cut the cord, I had Charter. I called to cancel my cable, then asked them to match another ISP in my area's price, which was equivalent to their new customer price; I had only been at this location for a few months, and had previously been with the other ISP before that, so I figured this wouldn't be a big deal. Instead, they told me that my internet would now be nearly $100/month. I dropped them and now pay $45/month for slightly faster internet from the other ISP. AT&T Fiber should be in the area soon as well, giving me a third option, and I'm optimistic that T-Mobile will be in the near future as well.


I don't buy it. Scumcast and Verizon map out their service areas so that they either don't have to compete or agree to split it.


This is illegal and would be investigated immediately by the FCC


Nothing is illegal when your company has that much lobbying money. I wish we lived in the world where you were right because that's the way it's supposed to be. Did you think you could only get one internet provider and have to deal with them no matter what by coincidence? That's by design. Not to mention the government granted the cable companies monopolies back in the day because the companies offered to build the infrastructure. That was back when there were actually a decent number of companies as well, not the 4 or 5 we have now. The same FCC that ended Net Neutrality btw?


I lived in a Cox monopoly for years. Initially home internet was $40/mo. Year after year they would raise the rates. It got up to $84.99/mo (for 150 mbps) AND they implemented a 1tb monthly data cap. It was like $150 for a plan without a cap. I would call and ask/beg/yell for lower rates or deals, but they did not give a single shit about me because I literally had no alternative. Until 6 months ago when I found out I could get T-Mobile home internet for $50/mo FLAT, no data cap and guaranteed no price increases. The service is fine... sometimes I get crazy fast speeds like 600-700 mbps, sometimes it's a little laggy. But it's fine for my needs. Calling Cox and telling them I'm cancelling service was so unbelievably satisfying. And OF COURSE now Cox keeps sending me offers for $40/mo for five years guaranteed no rate increases. It's infuriating. If they would've given me that deal when I was still their customer, I would still be their customer.


"grim"? lmao


I have read that with YouTube tv there are not the same issues that I experience with Hulu Live


when I live west of chicago in the burbs they had a 1tb cap...once i dumped cable and got netflix few other streaming services we went over...yea fk those mfkers.


Waiting for T-mobile internet to be available at my house.


I had comcast and I was paying $80 for the standard wifi. I had completed my contract with them and I was still on the most basic plan they had for $80. It’s my fault for not paying attention but then again why would they tell me. I saw an ad for T-Mobile 5G for $50 a month and haven’t looked back since.


I would never trust wireless home internet for anything more than web browsing and video streaming. If you play video games online regularly its just not and never will be good enough.


I'd rather have Comcast over those 2. Garbage CGNat from both of them. I can at least setup my own router behind the modem I bought and use the IP address (albeit DHCP) but still useable for my setup. Have no need for over 100 mbps either.


Tried Verizon 5G. Didn’t work too well in our condo. If you have a window that faces in the correct direction and you don’t mind placing your Verizon box near that window, you’ll probably be fine. But meanwhile, spectrum upped our home speed to 300 (which means we realistically get 100).


I recently cancelled my service with frontier and they said that they were getting rid of their cable service anyway and only offer Internet real soon.


You know what. Screw it. This story finally got me to call T-Mo and do their home internet 2-week trial thing. Looks like the router they include is a lot better now than the pucks-with-no-Ethernet that they were slinging a year or two ago. TMo's coverage map has me in their highest-tier 5G. And Googling around, some people report speeds as high as 400/60 on it. 400/60 for $50/month seems better than the $80 100/10 I'm paying Comcast right now.




Currently paying Comcast $60/mo for 300 down, on an internet only plan I got from their website. The trick is to buy your own equipment, not rent anything, and most importantly, do *not* go through a person to order your service. They're trained to do everything they can do get you on a TV plan. Those TV boxes *are not* free, they're like $10-15/mo.


Comcast hit me with a data cap and I noped out of there. Awful company.


Wish I had a choice. It's either crap-tier AT&T DSL, or Comcast in my apartment complex. They've got a contract with Comcast to disallow any other internet utility. So looking forward to when TMobile / Verizon 5G really takes off. T-Mobile Home has the potential to really wreck this kind of exclusivity contract.


I have a cap too. As soon as I cancelled cable with comcast, they put the cap on. I pay $73/month for 300mbps because my kid games and it goes up every year since I cancelled cable 4 years ago. The cap makes me furious.


Not to mention all of the crazy fees for even basic TV service. Sure, they tell you adding TV will just be $20/month…then, you get the first bill and it’s $43 after all the fees


yup. Soon as they get you to sign up for any TV at all they have you. Because they can then charge the normal fees and taxes.


Xfinity/Comcast here has a base price for $60 as a promo that goes up to $90 if you aren't careful once the price lock ends. And plans here have a datacap unless you pay somewhere around $70 or $80 during a promo... which jumps to $100 later. By comparison T-Mobile has the same basic speed and is fixed at $50/mo with unlimited data. It's not perfect for every situation but it's a solid alternative to the comcast monopoly and price games that exists in many rural markets like mine. Now if only they'd open more T-Mobile Home Internet slots in my area again so I could sign up. Till then it's churning Comcast between multiple people in the house to stay on a promo rate.


See, Xfinity is $60 here but it does have a cap. I have to pay an extra $30/month for unlimited. But they don’t have competition here so I guess that’s how they get away with the cap.


Obviously you've never lived in an ISP monopoly area.


> Never understood where the myth that cable internet is some crazy price. Because like everything with internet, it's heavily dependent on location. I've always been able to get 100+Mbps from comcast for about $75/month where I have lived since college, but at my Mom's house the max is 30Mbps for the same price. I have ATT Gig FTTH where I am but about 3 blocks from here they don't and the best thing offered from ATT is 25Mbps (although comcast has their asym 1.2g speed there)


All Comcast/Charter have to do is weather the storm for a couple years while the "cheap" options increase their prices every 3-6 months for non new customers.


They won't do that though, they'll just keep raising the price as the userbase shrinks. This is the way of the cable companies. If they wanted to dominate long term they'd compete, remove datacaps, and price it reasonably.




is it in my area yet? No? okay. carry on.




I have Spectrum currently and their prices are high compared to the new Windstream fiber offerings. Spectrum has raised the download speed in an attempt to compete but I'm getting ready to possibly switch. I plan to have both services for awhile before making a decision.




Only alternative in my area is to suck Cox...Cable.


Awww so sorry for them.


More competition in this area is a great thing. Our Comcast deal expired a couple months ago, found out that both Verizon/Tmo offer home internet in our area. Comcast gave us a great retention deal to stay, which we took because of their higher speeds, but there's no way we would've gotten anywhere near as good of a deal normally. Now if only we could get fiber...


While very encouraging, could anyone actually read the article while all the [email protected]£€#¥ ads loaded?


More choice is better.


At&t started running fiber in my neighborhood that has been Comcast only for 23 years. Yay




Charter literally just knocked on my door and said they were starting fiber and if I joined as a beta tester I could get 3 months free and then $40 a month


In my city, Comcast and Verizon have to actually compete. I ditched Comcast as soon as I could. Fios is a night and day difference. When I had Comcast, I had to have a guy come out every 3 months, because my internet keeps going out. With Fios, I can count how many times my internet went out in half a decade on my hand. I still remember dealing with Comcast customer service, being told to reset my modem for a minute, which did fuck all. Also, back in like 2008 or 2009, Comcast actually tried to get my city to block Verizon from wiring for Fios, Comcast claimed the service would be worse if Verizon competed with them, what ever that meant. And Comcast succeeded, for a month, before it was struck down. Just shows how corrupt of a shit hole my city is. And yea, Comcast actually did block out competing cable companies from my city in the past.


I'd put in fiber instead of ethernet if you're wiring the house up.




Bullshit. How long is it going to take for people to recognize "get to know us" pricing? These companies just want to build a subscriber base before they start jacking up the prices.


Curious, are there data limits with the 5g plans?


Verizon isn't a giant?


Spectrum is the only option in my area. My consoles consistently measure about 320mbps. I rarely have a problem with service but it is $75 a month. Some competition would be nice.


I have Spectrum. It was $75 a month, but then they sent me an email telling me that the government had a program that would cut $30 a month off that for retirees like me. That's less than the $50 Verizon would cost, and my speed beats Verizon's. I give it a year. Things will sort out, and Spectrum will be down into Verizon's range.


What if we just allowed other cable companies to compete? Insane thought I know...


For the past 20 or so years I've been hopping back and forth between Comcast, at&t, and Wowway and they've all be just terrible. Made working from home a nightmare, weeks at a time of unusable service and users telling me that they could barely hear me or that my voice was garbled. About a year ago I switched to Verizon's 5G home internet and though I was skeptical I will never ever go back! 25 bucks a month, by far the most stable connection I've ever had, and 1.3 gigs down. They don't charge you to "rent" the proprietary equipment, and there's no other hidden bullshit A few weeks after getting it my parents switched from Comcast to Verizon 5G as well and they're experience is just as good as mine! Those cable companies just want us to be happy with their crumbling infrastructure and bs overpriced service. I will not be going back.


I have no love for Comcast but 300Mbps isn’t going to attract my away from my 1200Mbps plan (which tests out at more like 950Mbps)


That’s because that is the limit of gigabit…you need 2.5 or 10g connections to get all the speed they give you


I’m on a wired network at home


But are you using gear with 2.5 or 10g ports?


I see what you’re saying now. No. I’m just using a gigabit switch.


yeah, most ethernet ports are 100mbps or 1gbps. you'd need 2.5 or 10 gigabit ethernet (and the compatible modem, router, cables)